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PLAY MY MUSIC - Ymir x fem reader


Y/n pov
"Why don't we walk back? I mean Hanges house isn't very far and I wanted to stop by at the music store." I say getting up from Ymirs lap, giving her a sweet smile.

The freckled girl nods and I'm assume that she teleported her things to the house since...they weren't there anymore.

"There's actually a new one right around the corner, come on I'll take you there."

We leave the arena and walk through the city. It was bigger than when I last saw it but it has been a little over 3 years.

In the corner of my eye I see a little girl being dragged away. She didn't look too happy about it either and it seemed like she was screaming for help. I walk over to her and someone snatches me away from the scene. I try and pry myself out of the persons grasp, not even thinking to use my powers, all I wanted to do was get back to Ymir.

I ended up in an alleyway and the person turns around to look at me. I didn't recognize them at all.

"Why are you such a slut?"

"What?" I raise my eyebrows.

The person punches me in the face but then I try to fight back they bind my hands together. I tried using mind control but it didn't seem to work. I tried again and again and again but I was still met with nothing.

I was defenseless.

I gave up on fighting back, letting them beat me to a pulp. It wasn't useful to use up my energy. Then I heard some metal clicking. It sounded like a gun. I opened my eyes and my body went stiff. I was right...it was a gun.
Ymir pov
I turn to my side and see that Y/n is no longer there. Panic fills my body as I run off to look for her. I see someone that looks familiar. Their short blonde hair was noticeable and I quickly made my way over to them.


I tap the tall woman on her shoulder and she looks at me startled. But eventually her face softens and she shoots me a confused look.

"I-I was taking Y/n to the music store and now I can't find her and-"


A loud noice comes from one of the alleyways. Me and Yelena look at each other before we make our way to where the sound came from. I see a person with a gun and...someone who looks a awful lot like Y/n. My heart drops as I hear the person speak...

"Stay away from Ymir. Bitch."

I can tell Yelena completely lost it when she charged at the unknown figure, tackling them to the ground. She threw a few punches before a soft voice spoke.


It was Y/n. I felt my body go limp as I walked over to her.

(Please tell me she wasn't shot...)

And just my luck, she was. There was a pool of red substance surrounding her.


I go into full panic mode as I pick up her fraile body. She looks at me and gives me a weak smile.

"Y'know you look really good right now, how about we get married?"

I let out a breathy laugh and turn back to Yelena. She was done beating up the person and had them aligned over her shoulder.

"I'm kinda tired....can I...take a nap?"

Both me and Yelenas eyes widened at her words.

"No, you can't close your eyes okay." I start speed walking out of the alley. A crowd of people look at us with weird looks, whispering. I started to run, Yelena doing the same. Heavy tears left my eyes as I assumed the worst about the situation. I couldn't let her die. She can't leave me again.

I knew exactly where her hospital was, Yelena follow closely behind me as we made out was there. I felt something soft touch my face. I look down and see Y/n, her eyes were half lidded and she still had a sweet smile plastered on her face.

"mir im tired...can I please take a nap."

I furiously shake my head. She laughs and her hand drops. I hear her start to hum and she nuzzled her face into my arm.

"I like you ymir...I like you a lot."

(She likes me?)

"Now isn't the time for that Y/n.." Yelena sounded like she was about to cry. This situation was serious. Very serious.

(I can't lose her again...)

I take myself out of my thoughts and see that we've reached the hospital. I kick open the door and people start to stare.


"Girlfriend...heh I like that..." Y/n's eyes start to close and I panic, blood rushing through my body.

Nurses rush over to us and take Y/n away. A lady comes up to Yelena and asks who the person on her shoulder is. She drops them and says....

"The person who shot her."

The figure had a hood on so I couldn't recognize their face but they spoke and the voice sounded awfully familiar.

"That slut deserved it."

I went berserk. Punching, kicking, kneeing, etc. They took Y/n from me. And I just got her back.

I feel strong arms pull me off of them. I look behind me and see Hange. I assume that Yelena had already called everyone else because Historia and Annie burst through the doors. Faces red from crying. The girl on the floor looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"Besa mi culo bitch." I say giving her one last kick to the face. Security took her away and I sat down. The realization hit me like a train.

"I lost her..."

Everyone looks at me with wide eyes as they know what's about to happen. I throw the chair I was sitting on and start to mess everything up. Nurses try to calm me down by saying that everything was going to be alright, I knew that was bullshit.

I felt someone hug me from behind. My vision was blurred from crying but I could tell who it was by their voice.

"Ymir stop it. Y/n will make it through this okay? I know she will." I slumped down in her arms, crying my eyes out. Sasha was too. Even Yelena was crying.

Sasha sat down with me and I drifted off to sleep.


It was already 9:30pm. We were still waiting on Y/n's results. Yelena took Pieck and Elena home but she ended up coming back.

"Is anyone here for...Ms.Y/n L/n?"

All of our eyes shot up. Faces sticky, eyes bloodshot red.

"Yes yes we are. How is she?" Hange says walking over to the doctor. We all followed close behind her as he started speaking again.

"Well we were able to take out the bullet...she's lucky the person only shot her in the side. Ms.Y/n will need to stay for about 2-3 days but she's awake, alive, and healthy. Only one of you will be allowed to stay with her in the room, so choose wisely. Once you are done, please let the front desk know so you all can take turns seeing her." He walks away after we thank him.

Everyone turns to look at me. Historia grabs my hand and looks me straight in the eye.

"Do you want to stay with her? You don't have to but-"


Hange nods before walking off.

"I'm going to go and get her some clothes."

Sasha follows after her.

"Wait I'll go with you!!"

Yelena comes up to me and puts her hand on my shoulder. She leans down to whisper something in my ear.

"Take care of her or I'll kill you. Got that?"

I shrug, mind still on the fact that I'm getting alone time with Y/n. The blonde hits me on the head and says...

"By the way, she meant what she said back there."

I give her a confused look and she smirks, sitting down in a chair. I walk over to the front desk and I hear someone follow me. I turn around and see Historia.

"You're going to visit Y/n right? I want to go with you." Her face was unreadable. Usually she had a smile on her face but today wasn't a good day so I'd understand why she doesn't.

"Hello how can I help you?" The lady at the front desk tucks a piece of hair behind her ear.

"Hi um...can we have Y/n L/n's room number please?"

The lady smiles at us before nodding. She types stuff into her computer before asking for our names.

"Historia Reiss and this is Ymir Fritz." I looked at the woman's name tag. It say 'Luz' she looked to be about our age.

"Alright Ms.Y/n's room number is 235. If you walk down the hall over here and turn right, then left, straight down, and make another left, her room should be the 3rd one you see on the left side of the hallway." She says pointing to the automatic blue doors.

"Thank you ma'am."

"Oh and I'm sorry but are either of you staying with her? I need to put your name in the system."

I raise my hand a little and Luz smiles. She starts typing again then looks at us.

"Alright you can go ahead and see her."

Historia bows and I thank her again. It didn't take us very long to reach Y/n's room. Although the hospital was big, my anxiousness made me end up speed walking.

"Ymir it's right here." The blonde behind me points at a room. I read the number and it said '235'.

(Breathe Ymir it's going to be fine.)

I take a deep breath before opening the door. And as always Y/n had her phone in her hand. She looked up at us and her face practically lit up the room.

"Ymir!!" She tried getting up but ended up hurting her side in the process. Historia peeps her head in and Y/n does grabby hands, signaling that she wants a hug. Historia ran over to her and gave her what she wanted, but not putting any pressure on the girls wound. I on the other hand, I stood there, taking in the fact that I hadn't lost the one thing I wanted in life. My body was paralyzed with relief. I was taken out of my thoughts when Historia came up to me.

"I'll leave you guys alone." A sly smirk appears on her face. She says bye to me and Y/n before exiting the room. Me and Y/n stare at each other in silence as my face starts to turn the lightest shade of red.

"Ymir come here..." The dark haired girl pats the spot beside her on the hospital bed. She presses the remote on her right and the top of the bed begins to move upwards. Soon enough she got into a comfortable position and I sat down.

"Y/n I-" the door opens before I could finish my sentence and Sasha, Yelena, Hange, and Annie come in. Sasha let's out a sigh of relief and walks over to us. They all stare at me so I move away from the bed, sitting down on a chair.

Eventually the girls left and as expected Hange and Sasha brought our clothes.

"Ymirrrr~" Y/n's voice rings in my ears. I looked at the girl with an eyebrow raised. The signals for me to sit down next to her and so I do.

"Your shirt...did I do that?"

I look at her confused before looking down at my shirt, my eyes widen as I see her blood all over it. I open my mouth to speak but nothing come out.

"Y/n...I-I'm sorry I couldn't protect you I-I should've been paying a-attention but I wasn't and-"

"Ymir it's okay. It's my fault for wandering off like that anyways." Tears filled my eyes as I tried not to let them fall. Hair covered my face as I bit my lip, fighting back the salty substance that was pleading to fall from my eyes. Y/n put her hand on my chin and lifted my head up. I couldn't stand seeing her like this, she was hurt and it's my fault.

"Hey. Don't blame yourself okay?" A look of sincerity fills her eyes. I nod my head and lay down on her chest.

"Y/n...did you mean what you said earlier? That you like me..." Y/n's body went stiff and she tried to say something but by the looks of it, her vocal cords weren't working.

"Because..." I put my hand on her cheek and lean in, giving her a kiss.

"I like you too."

(One way to be straightforward about it Ymir.)

She tried to move but winced at the pain coming from the side of her body. I take control and kiss her again, it lasts longer this time, it seems as though we're both getting what we want.

I pull away and examine every part of her. I could easily see her nipples poking out from the hospital gown they made her change into. She had a big bust size, she always did since we were kids and she was always talking shit about it. Her stomach was noticeable but I thought it was cute. My gaze traveled down to her thighs, they were THICK. For some reason Y/n was always complaining about those things while I thought it just made her even more perfect.

[sorry guys, there's just not enough chubby black Y/n's and nobody rlly talks abt the struggles of having a curvy yet not so curvy body so...ya]

She pulled the blanket over herself and whined. I shook my head to signal that I wasn't judging her. I got up from the bed and grabbed some of my clothes, heading to the bathroom.

"I'm gonna take a shower okay?"

Y/n nods and picks up her phone. I close the bathroom door and get in the shower, luckily the water was hot. I heard a loud thud and a yell following after it.


I panic and shut off the water, quickly wrapping the towel around me and walking out the bathroom. I scan the room and realize Y/n wasn't in her bed anymore. A few hisses and low curses could be heard from the other side. I scramble over and see Y/n laying on the floor, her phone beside her. I quickly help her up and lay her back on the bed. I pick up her phone as well and begin to scold her.

"Why are you trying to walk? Or even get up?? You could've hurt yourself."

She rolls her eyes and shoos me away.

"My sweet girlfriend is worried eme, whatever shall I do?" The tone in her voice screamed of sarcasm.

"Girlfriend?" I ask her with a smirk on my face.

"Yeah, girlfriend. Is there a problem?"

I shake my head and go back into the bathroom. This time I leave the door open just incase.

Few minutes later I get out in my pajamas. I wore a plain white shirt, no bra because why, plaid red and black pants, and black socks. I sit down in a chair and grab the TV remote.


I ignore her.


I ignore her again.


My head snaps in her direction as I raise an eyebrow.

"Can you get me a water from the mini fridge please?"


I get up and grab her a bottled water. I walk over to where she was and hand it to her but before I can walk away I'm pulled down onto her bed.

"Can you...lay with me?" I blush but let out a small 'yes'. Y/n scoots over and I lay next to her while trying to not hurt her or make her hurt herself. She snuggled up next to me and I put my arm around her shoulder. I watch as she scrolls on her social media and decide to tease her a bit.

I place soft kissed on her neck and jawline, her body trembles as she very obviously tries to not make any noise.


I stop and leave her a trembling mess.

"Just wait till you get out the hospital."

"Anddd to sleep I go-" the next thing I heard were soft snores coming from the girl below me. I smile at her cuteness and give her a kiss on the head.

"Goodnight sleepyhead." And with that I fall asleep as well.

A/N: well you guys can expect a smut in the next chapter or the one after that. All imma say is that both Y/n and Ymir have a size kink. That’s it.
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