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Mystreet Boys


Aphmau's twin sister has never really been a girl who cared or wasn't a very sensitive person, that until she started high school in an actual school. Willow becomes a quite, shy, and very sensitive girl. What will she do when most boys fall for her and her sister's looks and personality? I only own Willow everyone else belongs to Aphmau! Enjoy!

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Oc Info!

Name: Willow

Relatives: Aphmau(sister), Sylvana(mother), Zack(father ‘known later on’), Ein(half-brother ′Known later on)

Nicknames: Beautiful(By Laurence, Garroth, and Dante). Mija(by Sylvana). Potato(by Aaron, and Ivy). Will or Liv(by Sylvana or Aphmau or Zane) ‘Not alone buddy’( by Travis) Livy(by Kacey later on). Pup(by Gene and the shadow nights). Alpha’s sister(by werewolves)

Appearance: Identical twin to Aphmau, Hair is usually clipped by a bow in the back, in a high ponytail or loose. Season 1, 2, and Phoenix drop high graduation days she wears the two piece white and sky blue shirt and skirt. In FC University she wears a white crop top with black shorts and black thigh high wolf shoes. During the first season she wears a long sleeved black crop top with ripped jeans. In Love love paradise she wears a light violet two piece sparkly bikini that is know to be “too revealing” by Zane. In lovers lane she wears a white strapless crop top with black jean shorts and white thigh high heels. In Emerald secret she wears a Purple sweater with a pink scarf and black pants with violet boots and her hair in a pink bow. In Emerald secret 2 she wears a purple outfit similar to her Dreams of Estorra counterpart. She wears a purple tube top with purple arm warmers, a purple skirt with layers of frills, purple tights and white boots with purple ties. Her hair is in a braided half ponytail. She would have her knife hiding in a pocket that was given by Ein. In starlight she wears a light violet crop top and a matching skirt. After some time you can see her matching outfit with her purple top and skirt with a cardigan sweater.

Race: Werewolf(Unknown)

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Sexuality: Pansexual

Hair: Jet black waist length

Eyes: Light Brown

Interests: Music, Drawing(Digitally), Plushies, reading, writing, cosplaying, dogs, cats, one direction, Harry Potter, Anime( MHA or Haikyuu)

Willow’s room: Is a light shade of violet. She has a canopy bed right in front of her window with two side tables of the color white, with two Violet lamps. In the front left corner is her double door closet Willow’s closet contains two white drawers on each side. at the top she has two rails to hang clothes. Across from her bed she has a desk with a computer and some headphones.

As a werewolf: She has black ears with purple tips her stain is black with a purple Ombre( due to potion) When she is taught by Aaron to transform she is a white wolf with light red eyes.

A/N: Yay another story!

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