Love game Yumeko x black fem reader


Orgasm control~ When the dominant partner controls the sub's orgasms

In school from time to time you would always tease Yumeko. You loved the look on her face as you knew she couldn't do nothing to you since you were in unlicensed and you loved the look in anger as she had to hold back.

When you had to go to the dorms with her after school you would go straight to the shower then sleep so you wouldn't be able to do anything. Day six of the LOVE GAME was approaching and it seemed as if nothing happened and you began to get more prepared for it as the end of the game to finally be over.

You went to the room and got yourself ready for the next part of the bdsm game. You sat down in a corner and saw that Yumeko walked in with a smirk displayed on her face.

It looked as if it was an evil smirk and that she was looking as if she was craving revenge. You heard her say " You know today is, the last day and the kink is orgasm control."

Your eyes widened as you thought to yourself ohhh shit i fucked up. She grabbed you by your waist and began to kiss you.

You couldn't help but keep going because she activated your weakness and wrapped your arms around her and kissed her back as you both fell on the bed together. She stripped you of all your clothes then she took hers off as well.

She plopped herself onto you as she positioned herself so y'all could be in 69. As you proceeded to taste every bit of her an orgasm began to rush through your body.

As much as you were trying to hold back your moans so she wouldn't edge you but as soon as she felt you begin to part from eating her out she smirked and said.

"It's not easy holding back huh"

She stopped you from having an orgasm and said "We're done here."

You wanted more but since you teased her you had to wait. You won the gamble but you've grown to be in love with her, you asked her out after and she said yes.

The end <3
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