Love game Yumeko x black fem reader


Y/n and Yumeko are new students at this prestigious academy and they were suddenly selected to participate in a gamble called the Love Game. Yumeko x black y/n Published 2/15/2021

Romance / Drama
Dira Lee <3
5.0 1 review
Age Rating:


"Let's play a love game can you win love game."




You were enrolled into one of the most prestigious schools in Japan. You expected to focus on your studies.

You took a step into the school and everything was black you were new and your uniform was too tight for comfort. You went to class expecting it to be a normal day at school.

You could feel like something was sketchy about the school but you couldn't put your finger on it. Since you were new instead of standing in front of the class and doing introductions a girl with yellow blondish hair pulled out a stack of blocks.

Your competitor was also another new girl she had black hair and beautiful black eyes. She looked so sweet and she shook hands with you before the round began.

A coin was flipped and all eyes were on you and the other new girl to see what the block would reveal a dare or a truth. The coin landed on heads and she pulled a block that said truth.

The question that was asked was "If you could have sex with anyone in this room who would it be?"

As she stared at your her eyes glowed up and she said "Y/n"






"Lets have a Love game "


Mature content will be displayed, smoking and drinking as well, Mostly Smut
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