Love game Yumeko x black fem reader

Chapter 1

It was your first day at the academy you decided that after class you would go to your dorm to settle in. You opened the door to see the long haired girl with her beautiful red eyes turn around to see you.

She gasped and had a happy smile and grabbed your hands and brought them close to her chest and said, "You must be the beautiful y/n I was playing against in class today."

You nervously stuttered and said "Ye- yeah that's me."

You began to take out your clothes out of your luggage and place them in your drawers. Before you finished you turned around and said "I don't really know your name so what is it?"

She smiled and said "Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, well it's Yumeko!"

You responded "That's a pretty name, I love your hair it's so beautiful. Just to let you know before I come back from the shower I tend to walk around with only an oversized tee shirt and underwear."

She smirked and said "It's fine, don't worry I tend to sleep with jazz music on and I take hot showers."

You smiled at your interaction with her and couldn't forget that out of everyone to have sex with in the class that she chose you. You closed the bathroom door and slid down and sat on the floor as you were collecting your thoughts about the whole day.

You turned on the shower water and let the water run down your curves. You put soap on your body as you cleaned yourself and began to sing "My body by Ann Mare"

You got out the shower and noticed you didn't have a towel so you yelled "YUMEKOO! I NEED A TOWEL PLEASE!"

She responded "I GOT YOU Y/N!"

She knocked on the door but you couldn't hear her so she opened it to see your naked body and nervously ran out. She closed the bathroom door to see a note on the floor near the door it said on the back "From madam president."

She waited for you to get out the shower before she opened it. You walked out the shower smelling like peppermint and she said..

"So after this note appeared on the ground in front of our door it's from the president."

You said "Let's open it together."

She ripped the envelope open and it had said...

Dear Y/n and Yumeko,

Since you are new you have been both nominated to be in the Love Game. The love game is a game that takes part everyday starting tomorrow. You will participate in a series of 12 events that will test your kinks and your limits. Your partner will be your roommate and to win each round you either are able to hold back your arousal. You loose by get teased to the point that you won't be able to hold back and you will have to finish and have sex with your partner.

Madam president

You and Yumeko looked at each other and said in sync "LETS GET OUR GAMBLE FREAK ON!"
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