Love game Yumeko x black fem reader

Chapter 2

Day One~Bondage is when one partner restrains the other.

It was day one of the Love game you and Yumeko walked out of your dorm and held hands as you headed to madam president's office. You opened the door to see hand cuffs on the desk, Jam Jam quickly tucked them away and the president's secretary had looked at her clipboard and said...

"Welcome Y/n and Yumeko! Today in the love game we will be focused on bondage, one of the two will be handcuffed to the bed as the other sexually dominates the other. You will have until after classes to think of a plan on how you will display bondage. To pass this round you have to stimulate the other in less than an hour. There will be cleaned off toys and if you need any request on toys just ask jam jam and she will get them for you."

You and Yumeko left the office and attended your classes together and you sat at your seats in the cafeteria and began to talk about what would be going down at night. Yumeko asked you "Do you want to do this with me? If you don't we can drop out as long as your comfortable."

You replied "I'm more than comfortable,you've made me feel so happy to come to the school, also you have seen me naked so you know what your working with."

You said with a smirk and she said "Don't give me top energy when your a bottom n/n."

You slapped your hand on the top of your mouth as you knew she was telling the truth. As you got up with your lunch tray to dispose your trash she smacked your ass and gave you a smirk.

You jumped and looked around to hope no one saw but the blonde that was in your class earlier noticed and shook her head.You walked back to Yumeko and got your bag and you saw her on the phone and she was texting someone she looked at you and gave you a sweet smile and said "Don't worry y/n! I just made a request for a toy that's all."

It was finally time for the game you walked out in some all black sweats and crocs so you wouldn't get caught by anyone. You left by yourself because you didn't want any suspicion about the gamble that was going on.

You walked into the student counsel's office and it was a note that said follow the arrows to the door, you looked to see an arrow on the fish tank that was in the office and pulled the lever and a secret door opened. It was as if it was a bedroom and there was a huge king size bed with pillows and you looked over to see Yumeko in some black lingerie.

She looked at you with a smirk as you undressed yourself from the sweatsuit and your clothes dropped. You felt a tug on your hand after you finished and Yumeko pulled you into her and y'all locked lips.

You kissed her back and you laid on your back on the bed and she brought your hands up and cuffed them she moved down to kiss your neck and you saw a toy on her fingers it was a wrapped around her fingers and vibrated as she fingered you causing you to moan. The only person in the room with y'all was madam president she had the timer in place as Yumeko continued.

She started to suck on your neck giving you hickeys and the motions of her fingers going inside and out of you made you become wet. She felt your walls clench onto her fingers and she whispered in your ear "Cum for me n/n"

Your head went back as you orgasmed and released all over her fingers. She put her fingers in her mouth and licked each one of them and kissed you so you could taste yourself.

The president unhand cuffed you and she said "Y'all won this round get ready for your next note to know the kink or fetish for the next round."
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