Love game Yumeko x black fem reader

Chapter 3

Day 2~ Dominance- The dominant gains sexual arousal from taking control

It has been two weeks since your first round of the gamble, but the catch was you never knew what the winning prize would be. It was as if you were new and you just had to participate.

You went to class and you went to your seat and the blonde haired girl sat near you and kept giving you a side eyed look. You turned and caught her staring and said "Is there a problem."

She said "No nothing just your just like a presence and you don't talk to anyone really."

You responded "Well no one has made an effort to know me."

She lifted one eyebrow at you then put her and out for you to shake it. She said "My name is Mary by the way."

You smiled softly and said "I'm y/n."

The teacher had walked in and told everyone to go to there seats. As class began there was a sudden vibrate to your phone and a notification displayed across your screen.

It said "For Day 2 or round 2 of the love game the theme will be dominance. Since y/n was a bottom last round she will have to be the one in charge this round."

Your face began to heat up because you never were the dominant and to be in charge type. You didn't want to risk having them give you a life plan so you had to do some research.

You looked over to Mary and asked her "Ummm... I know this may sound weird but can you help me with being more you know dominant."

She laughed then responded "Sure but for who man or woman?"

You responded "Woman." As you said that a huge smirk appeared on her face.

She said "Walk with me to the library for research to get you ready and prepared."

After you turned in your assignments to the front of the class you proceeded to head out with Mary. As you arrived at the library you sat in a back room with Mary.

She handed you her phone and showed you videos on how to be more in control. You finished your "study session" with Mary and left to the counsel room for todays challenge.

You walked into the room and sat with the president as you waited for Yumeko to arrive. She finally arrived after 30 minutes in some sweats.

The president activated the timer and you began to move close to Yumeko and you pulled her in by her neck and kissed her lips. You started to massage her Brest in your hands as you could hear her moan. As you moved down from her lips your hands did as well you moved into her underwear and began to massage her clit.

Her body became weak as you sped up the pace and you looked as her eyes and face glowed red in pleasure. She rested her mouth on your shoulder an bit into it making a hickey as she climaxed all over your fingers.

You licked them and looked in her eyes as you won the challenge and said "Don't worry we'll finish this later."


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