Love game Yumeko x black fem reader

Chapter 4

Day 3 impact play~ arousal from being hit

You started to get comfortable with the LOVE GAME but it made you and Yumeko more closer. Mary noticed one day that you were tired and more exhausted than usual she walked over to you and asked "Y/n are you ok?"

You shook her off and said "It's nothing don't worry. " As you gave her a little smile and patted her back she asked you.

"Y/n you're new aren't you?"

You responded "Yep, just came last month."

She realized what you were going through and said "Your going through the LOVE GAME aren't you?"

Your eyes widened as you realized that she was going through the similar problems but it was different for her since she wasn't a transfer. You asked her "Mary have you been through the love game?"

She shook her head no and said "I think it's only for transfer students that come in pairs."

You haven't heard from the counsel in a while but you really did enjoy very moment of the game with Yumeko. You started to form a crush on her and it seemed as if she was as well.

You sat in class with your chin resting on your palm and started to doze off. You were awakened by Mary because it was the end of the class and Yumeko had a huge smile on her face as she waited for you out side the classroom door.

You skipped to her with a smile on your face she grabbed your hand and ran you into a empty storage room and picked you up by your legs and help you against the wall as you wrapped your arms around her neck. She began to break apart from the kiss and she whispered "Y/n your so fine, I couldn't hold myself back anymore."

You smiled and before you could go back into the kiss you were cut off by a notification that buzzed on Yumeko's phone. It said "Today's theme is Impact play we meet at 10 PM"

Your eyes widened because you knew the person going to be punished was you. Yumeko smirked at the phone screen and said “Don’t worry I’ll try to go soft on you.”

You knew she was lying this time you left with Yumeko out the dorms as you held her hand. As you arrived at the room it was different there wasn’t any toys or paddles.

You looked at her with an eyebrow raised and she said “SURPRISE! I’m using my hands.”

As you bent over to pull down your skirt she slapped your ass.You smirked at her but, the key to this round was for her to make something on you red or a bruise.

She turned you towards her and started to kiss you and had one hand move up and down your thighs. You really started to thin she was going soft on you as you began to start to moan she slapped your ass hard and said “Mommy didn’t tell you to moan.”

You gasped and it stung before the thirty minutes finished she turned you around to the camera and saw that it was a mark on your ass. You walked out with a little limp because your body stung before you left the office Yumeko swept you off your feet and carried you into the dorms and gave you ice.
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