Love game Yumeko x black fem reader


Masochism~ Deriving pleasure from pain

Every moment you got with Yumeko seemed to become better and better but in order to become an actual student you still had to participate. You noticed that the gamble you were participating in wasn't the only gamble going on.

You saw that everything could literally be a gamble as in cooking, eating contest and even performing. It kinda seemed crazy it was so many gambles but the thrill that went over you and Yumeko while gambling was Euphoric and as her eyes glowed red your glowed your f/c.

It was Day 5 of the gamble and it seemed as if it would every other week due to the fact that overstimulation could mess up the gamble. This time the topic was Masochism to get pleasure from pain, you over this one because it gave you a chance to get payback on Yumeko for the slap on your ass that stung.

It was time for you to go to the room and this time you switched your outfit to a latex body suit and you walked into the room with a huge smirk displayed on your face it was like a wave of confidence took over your body it was a different feeling. You wondered how you would be able to win this gamble but it felt like a make or break gamble.

You arrived at the room and Yumeko waited for you a sly look displayed on her face and it made you wonder is it worth it. You went to her ear and asked "Are you comfortable with this?"

She nodded and you proceeded to begin to degrade her and make her feel humiliated. Instead of being pleased by it she began to laugh and you began to joke with her about it because she knew it wasn't you and you couldn't risk loosing so she went along with it as you laughed about it.

You finally began to make her feel a bit aroused but this wasn't your field and you finished up your hour with her and left the room. You saw madam president outside the door and you asked her "So how did we do did we win?"

She said seriously "No you didn't win."

Your eyes widened until she said "Today's kink was just to see if you could actually do it, also I did it so I could laugh."

You took a deep breath as she said that and said "Thank god, because I even laughed too."
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