Love game Yumeko x black fem reader


Role play- a kink that involves being a different character outside of your normal type of work

Today was the day for role play but it was hard choosing a topic on your characters like would it be Boss and coworker. You also though that y'all could do student and professor.

You had put the two in the bag and which ever that got pulled would be the topic chosen and the one that was picked was student and professor.(The way I'm going to have so much fun with this is funny to me)

The setting was different since it was more re-enacting a Student and professor scenario. It was in one of the class rooms and the professors let the counsel use you were in your red and black uniform like always and Yumeko was in a lady suit with a fitted skirt.

They're were props in place in the class and the time was increased due to the scenario. The theme was office hours you sat in a desk and said...

"Umm... miss I need help with this problem." Yumeko came by your side and bet down in front of you and pointed out a problem on the paper.

She grabbed you by the bottom of your chin and looked you in the eye and said "It seems that you have an understanding so why am I here?"

You smirked and said "The only problem is that your lips aren't connected with mine."

She went along with the scenario and said "Y/n I can't your a student."

You said "Just this one night."

Your faces traveled closer to each other and eyes began to close and you began to kiss. Her hand traveled to your face and pulled you closer and closer and you got out of your desk and got on top as you placed your hand on her ass as you gripped it.

The kiss felt so sensual and everything felt illegal but the thought of being caught brought y'all together. She began to pick you up and place you on the teachers desk as your back is laid against the wooden desk.

Her hands traveled to your shit and took your tie off and proceeded to unbutton your shirt to reveal your chest and began to kiss admiring each part of them. This gamble was to see if you could stay in character, as she began to kiss on your boobs you pulled her face up and said "What if we get caught?"

She responded "I'll take the consequences over you."

She continued to kiss making your breathing get heavier and heavier she moved down and began to kiss your thighs. You began to whimper as this was your first time getting head.

You looked down to see her looking up at you as she began to eat you out like it was her last meal on death row. You began to moan out "Yume~" and your back began to arch knocking everything over on the desk.

You came all over her face with cream and a little bit of your juices. She slurped them up and before you could ask her if you could give her head in return.

You were interrupted by a kiss and it became wet and she said "Don't worry about you giving me anything in return, today was all about you love."
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