Love game Yumeko x black fem reader


Voyerism~Deriving sexual pleasure from watching others perform sexual acts

It seemed like something off was going on today but you couldn't put your finger on it. It felt weird having this feeling but you knew it would be something bad.

You put your uniform on and headed to class you noticed how weird the school really had no care about the students and what the teachers taught. It was always this one girl walking around with a gun in her hand an eye patch it was weird to you.

You began to stare at her analyzing her movements and it was like something was bad about her an aura you never liked. Yumeko came in the class and caught you staring at her she got a little jealous but it didn't bother her that much.

You looked at her and asked "Why does she have an eyepatch?"

She responded "That psychotic bitch took her eye out with a knife since she lost a gamble and drives after blood, she doesn't gamble for the thrill of winning or losing but for the thrill of dying."

Your eyes widened and opened your mouth in awe and said "So thats why she has the eye patch and gun by her side."

She nodded and said that she got the next topic for the Love game and it was voyerism. Your eyes widened because it was the bad feeling that you had in the beginning of the day.

A tear ran down your face as you said "So your going to have to watch me have sex with someone else?"

She nodded and looked over to the side and saw that a tear was about to run down her cheek but you grabbed her near you and wiped it and said...

"I don't want to hurt you."

She responded "Don't worry I'll be fine."

You nodded and asked the president did it have to be a guy with you performing the sexual act. She replied no it can just be you and you said ok and decided to surprise Yumeko instead of telling her.

She went to the back room and sat down and looked at the camera and said "Where is the other person that is supposed to be with y/n?"

She said "Just watch."

Yumeko looked at the cameras and saw you walk in the room and you sat down on the chair and pulled out a vibrator and began to masturbate. A smile was all over Yumeko's face as she realized you wouldn't want to do it with anyone but her.
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