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In A au where you and Shinsou have been friends since kids. When you both fulfill the dream of making a Clothing line together. How will living and working together change your perspective on each other. I dont own mha or you i only own the story and oc's

Romance / Drama
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Oc's and character careers

Armoni l/n (17)
Is you younger brother. He plays baseball. He is very cocky😀 he comes over to you and Shinsou's house a lot. And spends the night so he has his own room

Amoni lacy(28)and Omar lacy(29)
Is your older sister and Omar is her husband. she lives in Texas. Amoni has one kid Santana(4). Her family( Amoni, Omar, and Santana) have a Youtube chanel.

Ace Cantrel (22)
Is your girl Best friend. Yall have be friends since 8th grade. Yall met when she came to your school and yall clicked and have been cool since then. She goes to school for Cosmetology in Chicago.

Kenith (Ken) l/n (23)
Is your closet cousin. He is Bisexual. He goes to the fashion Institute of New york. Ken is you closest cousin. Yall talk to each other A LOT. He gives you the best advice.

Y/n l/n (22)
This is you😝. You go to Ucla major business. You own a clothing line called New Gen with your Boy best friend Shinsou. You have two nose piercings, two ear lobe piercings, one cartilage, and a industrial bar. And a tattoo behind you ear

Hitoshi Shinsou(22)
Is your Boy best friend. Yall have been two peas in a pod since 2nd grade. Co owner of New Gen. goes to Ucla major business. A nose piercing, regular ear piercing, and a industrial.

Hanata Sero (22)
Is a close friend. Yall met in high school through Shinsou. Tattoo artist. Owner of 4RT.

Kaminari Denki(22)
Is a close friend. Met through Sero. Tattoo artist. Co owner of 4RT.

Mina Ashido(22)
Is a close friend. Met in high school in dance. Tattoo artist. Works at 4RT and PINK. Goes to Ucla major fashion.

Tiana l/n(43)
Your mom. Doesn't play around with anybody. Wants you to Marry Shinsou😶. Like your Best friend. Hard working Business woman.

Daniel l/n(44)
Your dad. The fun parent. Owns a shop for cars and trucks. Spoils you. Will do anything for you and anything to get your brother out the house even if its and few minutes or hours.

I feel like im gonna have fun with this story I really hope yall like it.

There is two songs each chapter. Which one will be at the beginning of the chapter or at specific parts

The play list is in order by chapter though so you could listen to it like that.

Contains smut, angst, fluff, cussing, marijuana use, drinking, any kink that comes to my head, and etc. there will be warnings at the beginning of the chapter.

😝L O V E Y A B E B E S😝
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