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Electric vibes


Black reader x denki kaminari

Romance / Drama
Dira Lee <3
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I just came from America to Japan. I just moved into the dormitory and I'm running to get more of my boxes.

I'm wearing an all black hoodie and as I bump into a boy with yellow hair and a black stripe in his hair. I get nervous and run past him to finish moving in.

I decorated my room with lights all around and a huge bean bag in the corner. I get a knock on my door and I see it is Aizawa.

He ask for permission to come in and to help me since I just transferred in the middle of the school year. He tells me everyone's name and a picture to match there face.

I get another knock from a girl with smooth pink skin and nice fluffy pink curls. She ask to come in to introduce herself.

You instantly clique when she talks about the struggles of dealing with her hair texture and how no one knows how to do protective styles. You revealed your hair and she saw you your beautiful h/t (hair texture) and was shocked on how it was so maintained.

You giggle as you see her eyes light up. You hug her and pull out a box filled with black hair care you show her your favorite product it's Texture by Tracey Ellis Ross.

You tell her to bring a towel to clean her hair and you style it and give her some pink box braids. She runs to a red haired boy, and you hear her scream his name and it's Kirishima.
Kirishima walks to your dorm introducing himself and he shakes your head thanking you to make his girl look amazing. He tells you to have a good night and you get ready for your first day of school.
To be continued....
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