ushjima: the silent freak


you know ushjima wakatoshi, the quiet boy, the stoic boy, but would you ever guess that deep down he was just- a teenage boy.

Erotica / Romance
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part one

ushjima book part 1

As the bell rang everyone gathered into the 1st period history class. I hated history but there was one thing that made up for it. Ushijima Wakatoshi. Only like the most popular boy at school.

He was the ace of shiratorizawa after all. Who wouldn't think he was cool? But don't get me wrong I'm not a fan girl. He's not all powerful like everyone makes him out to be. Ushijima sits to my right at a table of three. To my left is my one and only best friend Janae.

Me and Janae are constantly passing notes about ushi as we like to call him. And some of them. Wellll they can get a little explicit. But today's note was something else. "I bet his dick is at least 7 inches" Janae wrote passing the letter under her arm that sat on the table.

When I opened the note my face turned red. We had never actually talked about his private parts before. Thank god ushijima is always so focused on his notes that he never looks over to read our scandalous messages about him. I looked at Janae. Her wide grin told 1000 stories. She wanted me to say something back.

I picked up my pen and wrote "I bet he smells nice" I didn't know why I wanted to change the topic. But there was truth in what I said. Everyday he smelled like cologne and the rubber smell of the court. Passing the note Janae was dissatisfied with my non sexual response.

She flicked the paper away with her finger and before I could grab it, the paper slid right in front of ushijima unfolded in all its glory. Our faces went white hoping he wouldn't pay attention to it and slide it back.

But we could tell the moment he looked up he noticed his name and read the couple lines on the paper. "Oh shit" I thought. Surely he was going to say something to us. Or ask the teacher to move. Which would be embarrassing and also sad to know he would leave my side. But what he did surprised me and Janae.

Ushijima was silent and folded the note up. Putting it in his pocket. Me and janae's faces stared in disbelief. This is it he's gonna show it to the teacher. We thought.

About a minute passed by of us waiting for ushijima to say something. Then the smallest of smiles came across his face. "You're correct" ushijima said. Me and Janae looked at each other wide eyed and I began to think I was inside some sort of dream. Janae being the crazy friend of our group responded. "About which thing"? She asked.

We both wanted to know what he would answer this time. "About both of your statements" he said calmly almost like it was normal. "Why did you take our note" Janae said. "To show to my volleyball team, I want to have a good laugh with them". "WHAT" Janae said so loud a few students turned around. "You can't do that" she said. "Don't flatter yourself" ushijima said "I'm not gonna bring up your names I'm just proving something to a few teammates". And with that he returned to his notes and me and Janae quietly bumped elbows almost telepathically connecting to say "wtf just happened omg".

Time skip
At lunch me and Janae talked about the incident from this morning and wondered what he meant by "showing his team. And proving something" I was worried but Janae didn't seem concerned at all. She said ushijima was so boring that even though he's so hot there's no way he'd actually say anything about us. Like gossip.

She was probably right. He's so straight forward. But I couldn't help but feel a little curious about why he informed us of his dick size. That seemed weird. What if he's not a Virgi- I snapped back when I realized Janae was staring at me. "We need to find a way to see what he does with our note" Janae said. I was taken back. "What do you mean" I asked. "Well don't you wanna know what he's planning on doing with our little letter" Janae questioned.

She had a point. I wondered if he would talk behind our backs. He didn't seem that way. But the quiet ones can always be the meanest. The bell for second period rang and me and Janae headed to class. We also had second together.
Second period
Out of our five periods in the day second period is my absolute favorite. Because not just ushijima is in this class. So is kageyama, hinata, oikawa, tsukishima, and tadashi.

They used to go to Karasuno and aobajohsai. But since the nation lost school funding. All three schools merged into one super school the size of a college campus. The volleyball teams however didn't merge but they added multiple gyms so that all the teams could practice. The classes were mixed though.

I was glad the school join happened. Because I'd always heard cute boys went to karasuno but the first day I saw kageyama I knew they weren't lying. Anyways. Second period math may be my favorite for the boys but as a class well math wasn't my strong suit. The only one of the boys I talked to was hinata he was so nice and energetic. He always gave me pointers on my math skills. All the volleyball boys sat together at a group of desks joined together and all the others scattered about.

The math teacher didn't care how we arranged our desk. So me and Janae sat together beside the group. The only reason we did was so I could talk to hinata. I could tell kageyama mocked him thinking he liked me. Me and Janae felt unsteady today thinking this was the moment ushijima would take the note out his pocket and pass it around the table.

Waiting for our doom we sat in silence as kageyama and hinata went on their average bickering. And tsukishima and tadashi laughed at them. Surprisingly ushijima hadn't taken the note out and he didn't look as though he planned to. "Maybe that's his version of revenge" Janae said "maybe it's long gone in the trash can by now" picking up on our convo hinata turned my way. "What's in the trash"? He asked. I blushed. "Not your business" Janae pitched in. "Need any help y/n" hinata asked about math. I looked up red. Only to notice the volleyball table was staring at me. Including ushijima. And he was..smiling?!

I couldn't believe it. He was taunting us. Smiling at me like that. He knew what he was doing. "Hey y/n you're turning red, don't tell me you've got a crush on one of the boys" tsukishima said. Great now the smartass was questioning us. Thank god I had Janae to back me up.

" Not on you that's for sure four eyes" she said. "Woah calm down girls if I was you I'd be more focused about math right now. Hey ushijima? Can you measure out seven inches for me on the ruler?" Me and Janae blanked. Oh shit they knew.

They definitely knew. What the fuck ushijima I thought. How long have they been making fun of us? I glanced at ushijima only to meet his gaze. I looked away. Me and Janae went back to our work as the table laughed for a bit and then eventually took their minds off it talking about volleyball practice later in the day. "Janae I'm gonna throw up" I said. "Girl chill he's being an asshole you know that's what he does, maybe it's a coincidence he said that?" We both looked at each other and laughed.

She couldn't even keep a straight face. We both knew it was no coincidence what had happened. Ushijima definitely told them about the note. Or better yet just showed them. But it didn't go in the trash. That's for sure.

10 minutes later
As class went on I realized we started on new material today meaning that the teacher assigned us to a partner to break down the work together. Me and Janae always paired up.

When the groups were set we started on the math problems together working them out on a single paper.
Then. The intercom bell chimed in. "This is the front office calling to take Janae Smith out of class she will not be returning this class period" what the-

I looked at Janae "oh crap girl I forgot to tell you. I have a dentist appointment today." We only had one other class together. 5th period "will you be back for fifth I asked desperate. I had no other friends in that class and I had to sit by nishinoya another volleyball player. "Nah my mom is pulling me out for the day" I watched as she walked out leaving me with 8 more questions to do on my own.

The teacher walked over my way. "You need to join another group or else you won't finish the work in time" I looked around. "Most of the class chose groups of three and four and five seems like too much to work with. The only group of two in the class is kageyama and hinata" He said walking away.

Great I thought. just great. "Hey hinata" I said sitting down across from hinata with kageyama next to him. I looked at kageyama. Why is he so hot? " hey y

" hinata responded. " we were on problem 10" kageyama said with a voice that made me almost turned on? What is it with these god damn karasuno boys and their charm? I woke up out of my thoughts. "Yeah I was too actually I say. Showing them my answers"

we began working and I noticed every so often when I looked up they would be smiling and mouthing words then spot me and resume their work. I got kind of sick of it. If they were gonna talk shit I'd rather have Janae here to step in but she wasn't this time. "What are you guys talking about. Is it me?" Hinata smiles even wider. "Of course" kageyama said.

I wasn't expecting such a direct answer and I didn't know what to say honestly. But to my surprise he kept talking. "Look I think you know we all saw your note talking about ushijima's dick." He chuckled " but that's not what we're laughing at. It's just" hinata looked at him quickly and then did a small point with his pinky finger I turned to notice ushijima across the room staring at us. Specifically at kageyama. "Never mind" kageyama said. "He will kill me if I say anything else" I blushed at seeing ushijima's face. And turned back around.

Anything else? I wondered. What is it that ushijima said about me? I wanted to cry. Were they all mocking me? I was trying to hold the tears swelling in my eyes. What did he say about me that's so bad? Just then the bell rang. I ran out the class.

Luckily Third and fourth period were pe, and art, and the only volleyball player in 5th period was nishinoya who I had to sit by. But at least I didn't have to deal with ushijima for the rest of the day.

Walking into 5th I saw nishinoya looking at me as I walked in to sit by Him. "I heard what happened" he said. Great I thought, already getting emotional again at the thought of the team making fun of me. I didn't know how to respond. "Ushijima was really sorry about it" he said.

I bursted out "he showed the stupid freaking note to embarrass me it's all his fault" " what no" nishinoya said "tsukishima saw him with it and took it. Then he sent a group screenshot to all the boys on the 3 teams, it was tsukki" I looked up with blurred vision. That JACKASS.

I hated tsukishima for this. "So it wasn't ushijima"? I asked. "No he was really upset that they were making fun of you belle". Wait what? Bell? Who the heck is bell? "You don't know my name nishinoya"? "Oh shoot" he said. "Never mind it's nothing" I pestered him. "Tell me now or I'm not giving you the answers to my science work like usual" "alright fine" he grudges. And sighed.

" whatever. Okay don't tell ushijima that I told you but.. all the boys on the team call you bell cause ushijima has had a crush on you for like forever and you're the beauty to that beast" he laughed. WHAT? Am I actually dreaming or what. Did he really just say THE ushijima wakatoshi has a crush on me. "Are you sure this isn't a prank" is all i could manage to say "why would I lie to such a pretty face" nishinoya said.

He was always such a flirt with the girls. Including me. But hearing that. I couldn't believe it. If all the things he was saying were true then why hasn't ushijima ever told me? I was confused and to be completely honest. A bit excited. But I also knew the boys always messed with each other and ushijima probably wanted nothing to do with me.

I sunk in my chair as the teacher continued talking about molecule structures. "By the way what's your number"? Nishinoya asked. "Oh ha ha noya you're such a tease" "it's not for me genius it's for ushijima" I verbally inhaled. Noya could see I was freaking out. "Don't worry. It's because you left your backpack in your second period. Ushijima picked it up for you and wants to give it to you after school today" wait my backpack? It's right her- I then realized I didn't have it.

I can't believe i didn't notice I forgot it. I had walked out so fast I wasn't even thinking. I didn't notice because pe class I had a locker with everything I needed for class. And in art class all the materials were provided.

I needed nothing out of my backpack for the rest of the day so atleast that was good. But at the same time. USHIJIMA wants to bring it to me. "Helllloo" nishinoya said. "Oh yeah" was all I could manage. I mean ushijima was trying to be nice and it's not like I could go without my backpack. I put my number into nishinoya's phone. "Just forward the contact" I said. The next 20 minutes of class were filled with anticipation and nervousness. Until I felt my phone ding in my pocket. I took it out to see the message from an unknown sender. It must have been ushijima.

Hi it's ushijima, I have your bag

I didn't know how to reply. So I played
It safe.
Ok thank you where do
You want to meet?

Ok so far so good. Nothing suspicious

I was thinking you could
Come to the gym after class

Oh great so I can get made fun
Of some more
yeah sounds good

I turned off my phone

Great going to the gym after class. I can't wait I thought in my head sarcastically. I was a car rider anyway. School got out at 4:30 and my mom normally didn't come until 5:15 leaving me with 45 minutes to wait everyday by myself since Janae rode the bus home most days. "Did he text you yet" nishinoya asked. "Yeah" I said flatly not really listening. I missed a lot of notes talking and now I needed to catch up. As I started writing I got another notification on my phone. It was ushijima.

Did noya tell you that it
Wasn't me ?

Yeah, sorry I blamed you

Are We good?


And with that I put my phone away and worked until the bell rang. Now I thought. Time to head to the gym... to meet ushijima. Never thought I would have to do that before. "Hey since you have to meet ushijima you can walk to the gym with me, we're in different areas but it's headed the same way" nishinoya said. "Ok" I said. we headed out the building.

oaktree- UGH i’m moving all my books here from wattpad so sorry if the chapter order is all mixed up. love you guys.
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