in which Y/N enters a chaotic life upon entering inarizaki (this isn't for people who want something serious lmao)

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You could give one less fuck about it. Things come and go, people come and go. Time is ineluctable, whatever happens, happens.

So, as you and your mother ran away from home, you didn’t complain one bit. Sure you were a bit scared, but you brushed that off quickly. In less than 2 days, you’d be moving to a whole new country and staying there, forever.

You rested your head flush against your bedroom door and listened to your parents arguing. It was much more intense than the usual arguments, which is what made you want to tune in. Usually, it was just a lot of bickering back and forth, but this one became physical. So much stuff thrown against the walls, so much shouting.

Most of the time, these altercations were caused by your father. You’d always come back from school to a crying mother and you didn’t know why until a recent venting session with her. He’d be out at clubs until 2 in the morning, and come home drunk. Alcohol turned your dad into a monster, not that he was any better sober.

Today (based on what you’ve eavesdropped on) he came home wasted. He said horrible things about you and your mom and even admitted to cheating multiple times. A slap was heard at one moment. You couldn’t see who slapped who, but a feminine cry was let out, which solved the clue.

Sighing, you walked over to your nightstand, grabbed your phone and headphones, then crawled into bed and placed the buds in your ears. You played your favorite song to block out the noise from outside. Staring at the ceiling, you stayed in the same position for about an hour, until a notification snapped you out of your thoughts.


i know you’re awake right now, sorry for the commotion. pack a bag of stuff before you sleep ok? love you ❤️️

From the past events and the text you got, you had a clue of what was going to happen soon. Being compliant, you got a duffle bag and packed it with a few of your favorite outfits, then snuck outside to the bathroom and brushed your teeth before packing the brush and toothpaste as well.

After that, you didn’t fall asleep. There were a few attempts, but you couldn’t. Insomnia? Nah. You actually didn’t know why.

“Hey Alexa, play Ivy by Frank Ocean,” you said quietly.

Alexa played the song, but on full volume.

“Alexa! Volume to 3,” you said to the device.

The volume changed, the song now sounding like a mere whisper. As much as you wanted to keep the masterpiece on full blast, there was a certain male in the room next to yours and you didn’t want to make his mood worse.


“Y/N?” you heard a whisper as someone shook your body.

Eyes slowly opening, you saw your mom kneeling next to you on the floor.

“Good, I thought you were dead,” she laughed softly. “And why did you sleep on the ground?”

You sat up and looked around.

Must’ve knocked out and fallen off my bed.

“Fix yourself up. And turn off this nasty song, you shouldn’t be listening to stuff about wet ass pussies.” your mother continued.

How the hell did it go from frank ocean to wap, you thought.

Mom left your room, and you started to fix your hair. You chose the quickest hairstyle you could pull off, [hairstyle of choice]. Taking a glance at your alarm clock, you saw that it was currently two in the morning.

Damn it’s early

Once you finished fixing yourself up, you got your duffle bag and crept downstairs. The front door was slightly ajar.

“Mom?” you called out quietly.

With that, your mom peeked her head through the door and smiled, then gestured you to come outside. You went and saw your mom with her own duffle bag and 2 Ziplocs of Nutella sandwiches.

“Sorry, didn’t have the time to make an actual meal,” she says closing the door and handing you your sandwich.

“It’s good, anyway, where are we even going?” you asked.

Mom sighed.

“To your aunts. Only for tonight though. I booked us a flight to Japan for the next morning, we’ll be staying with your grandparents.”

You froze.

“Is this cause of dad?” you asked.

“Yeah. I’m done with his bullshit, both you and I deserve a better life.”

Laughing together once again, you guys began on your way.

Your aunt didn’t live too far from your house, but you swore you just jogged a million miles.

“Are we there yet?” you asked under staggered breaths.

“Actually, yeah.” your mom answered the same way.

The two of you collapsed onto the front lawn.

“Why didn’t we take the car?”

“Your dad keeps the keys in his nightstand, too risky to grab.”

The both of you remained on the grass, regaining the strength in your legs. After the short break, you and your mom wobbled to the front door of your aunt’s residence. Pushing the doorbell, it took a minute for her to answer, but she did in the end.

“Y/N and Y/M/N! I’ve missed y’all!” your aunt says.

“You know we do live like 10 minutes away right? You could’ve just visited,” you scoffed.

Your aunt pats your shoulder.

“I don’t like that jackass dad of yours,” she whispers.

Nobody does at this point, you thought.

Walking you guys inside, she accommodates her guests with more food and beverages, then gives you the guest room where the two of you knock out in.

Tomorrow, you would be in a new setting.


New school, new friends. Your mom told you some key information during the jog, and from what you heard, It’s a lot different from where you lived currently.

What will this new life bring you? Oh, how excited you were to find out.

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