Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

The Question is: How..?

Yaoyorozu stopped before looking at the open gates of the university as she clutched a few notebooks to her chest. It had been a good few weeks since she had come here, her absence for good reason.

Her mind soon trailed to all the information she had obtained—the other things her mother had discussed as well as the multitude of things she had learned along with things she had yet to learn as well. As she did, she downcasted her eyes with knitted brows as her hold on her notebooks tightened.

She was unsure if she was ready to reface the world—to face her friends that she had left with little to no explanation. To face you more so . . .

She was sure everyone, even you (though you wouldn't be as pushy as the others), would question her about her whereabouts but they were well deserved considering she had just about dropped completely without warning whatsoever.

She soon turned her head to the side though her expression soon changed once they landed on an odd-looking dual haired male with half white and half crimson-colored hair while he looked at the university in front of him, hands in his pockets, as a weird feeling⁠—one she was very used to by now⁠—overtook her.

This feeling that she now knew to be one that was just her natural ability to sense when bad or just things, in general, would happen. But this one seemed a tad bit different from the usual though as the male seemingly noticed her and was beginning to turn to look over, she instantly looked back ahead of her with great hesitance. But unknown to her, she wasn't the cause of him looking over.

While she was seemingly in a daze, you began walking towards the front gates of the university, instantly stopping⁠—causing the ash blonde demon to also stop⁠—once you had spotted your friend who stood unmoving in front of the place.

Bakugou looked down at you before trailing where you were looking, soon seeing as to why you had stopped. He may not pay too much attention to most of your personal life, but that didn't mean he was completely in the dark about some things.

He knew your little friend—who had caught his interest (energy let out wise)⁠—hadn't been present as of late for the most part as well as he had been present behind or by you when you had been messaging in hopes you'd maybe get a damn reply back.

In a somewhat giddy manner, you began walking again towards her as the ash blonde soon followed behind you. Only stopping once you had made it directly beside her though she seemed not to notice.


This caused her to snap from her thoughts as she soon turned to see you with slightly wide eyes standing right beside her as another feeling bubbling inside her once she did, one that wasn't like the one from looking at the odd dual haired male. This one feeling much darker . . . bad, per se . . . this caused her to frown.

"(Last Name)-chan."

"Is everything ok..?" You gave her a worried look.

She nodded slowly in response as she looked to the side, "Yes. Everything is fine . . . but, uh, we better get to class. We wouldn't want to be late." She gave you a strained smile before soon walking off slowly towards the class you bother shared.

You couldn't put your finger on it, but something seemed a bit off with her though you didn't want to question her extensively, at least not yet or maybe never, so you just nodded in return.

"Yeah, you're right." You mumbled as you soon caught up to her and silently walked by her side.

Bakugou didn't follow for a moment as he eyed the girl. Something seemed a bit different about her. He couldn't exactly pinpoint the damn cause, but there was for sure something different about her and there seemed to be some other oddness in the air around him.

It was very subtle, but it was there. Though not really caring much unless it actually seemed to be a big problem, he shoved his hands in his pockets and soon began to follow behind the both of you . . .

Once you had, Yaoyorozu took one last glance behind her though the dual haired male she had spotted appeared to no longer be there. It was as if he had completely disappeared out of thin air. Then again, he probably had had enough time to walk off while you had been talking to her. Thinking this, she looked back ahead while the two of you made way to your history class.

However, this action didn't go unnoticed by Bakugou as he, too, looked back for a moment though he was greeted with nothing but the sight of random students walking to and from classes or into the university grounds for whatever reason. This caused him to furrow his brows though he turned around to continue walking.

However, he felt as if eyes were piercing into him from the back causing him to turn back around, but he was just greeted with the same sight as before with nothing out of the normal.

He knitted his brows together before turning back around though appeared right behind you right as you had entered the building. But not before giving the outside one last look over before following behind you to your class.

Contrary to what Bakugou had seen, there had, in fact, been something or . . . more so . . . someone watching the whole ordeal though upon seeing him, the person in question had made themself unsensible and unseeable to anyone present.

Todoroki frowned as he reinstated himself in the area he was at while watching the ash blonde follow you, soon glaring at the sight while he clenched his fists.

It was clear as to why this had caused such an uproar with them.

However, one thing was really getting to him. One thing that seemed to be getting to more than just him though in a less vocalized manner, especially given what he could deduce by having watched you for a few days.

It was rather impossible, at least to what he was sensing.

On another note, it had already been decided that Midoriya would be unable to handle the situation, not that Todoroki had thought otherwise. He had had a feeling that the green haired male would be unable to do so, at least not with his skill level he was currently at and that he could sense from him.

As well as even his master⁠, Yagi Toshinori more commonly known as All Might among them and all who knew of him, had said so. A man who looked rather sickly in Todoroki's opinion though after being around for a while handing down your legacy, probably did take a toll on one's body⁠ as it soon though slowly did begin to deteriorate to one's true state . . . or so he had heard at least. But on the same note, he was also under strict orders of them and of this world.

It was also obvious, from the already stated reasons, the original would be unable to do anything about the situation though he had said he wished he could do something more and not leave it to him and the green haired male though he'd be more happy to lead them into the correct path and be there if needs be.

However, All Might would be unable to fix the situation and they had to fully rely on their own powers to do so . . . or at least Todoroki would have to though Midoriya said he'd try his best—something Todoroki was unsure about entrusting such a beginner in the art to do.

Todoroki had no problem taking care of the situation, however. In reality, he had hoped he'd be able to fully take charge of it, especially now that he knew that a filthy demon scum was part of the problem.

The pure thought of such horrid creatures caused his fists to clench even tighter. It seemed his job had gotten harder than it appeared at first.

In reluctance, he began walking and back to the apartment he had been staying at for the past few days with Midoriya as he had nowhere else to really stay at, not here anyway . . . or . . . the place he did have, he much rather not as it had undesirable memories attached to it.

Though as he walked, he pondered more of the problem at hand. In hopes to see if he could figure things out as well as alleviate his mind from horrid thoughts of his past that threatened to overtake him.

It wasn't like he could do anything for the situation, or at least not for the moment. There were just too many people as well as it was, in ironic terms, too soon to do something. Mostly for the fact that he didn't know the reason or what type of summoning it was (he had a good idea which though). But the only way he'd figure it out for sure would be to question you. Which played into it being too soon to do so.

However, in this case, he'd almost think this wasn't of summoning nature as well as you didn't look like the type to summon such creature. But there was no way such a disgusting creature would just follow aimlessly in your shadow without having had tried something . . . at least something . . . especially with something so desireable so close.

There had to be more to it.

Todoroki could see that this specific problem needed to be solved and as quickly as possible or there could be more problems in the long run, especially for you. Though he knew he had to take this in a slow manner as any faster could make the entire situation even harder to deal with, which was in great reluctance on his part.


Most of the day had been silent aside from obvious professor lectures and the student to student chit chat in the halls and occasional free time that was before classes.

You had wandered with Yaoyorozu from the few classes you both shared throughout the day and did your normal things as if it were a normal day, which it had been. For the most part anyway. Besides for the fact she had opted to return home as quickly as she could after the last class having had said she needed to attend to some family matters.

In which you now sat in the library.

Alone . . .

Bakugou had oddly disappeared off somewhere though, of course, not without having had told you he'd be back during one of your class lectures. With those simple words, he instantly disappeared somewhere. Though as to where exactly, you were unsure.

Speaking of Bakugou . . . he wasn't that far from where you currently resided, not that you knew that. Searching for answers . . . searching on how his demon sigil had turned into seemingly easily accessible information. It was something he had planned on doing sooner though, admittedly, it had slipped his mind.

Currently, he had himself visible to all present, something he didn't enjoy but it had to be done. It was purely for the shitty fact that he was using a public lab. And a computer working on its own would be odd, for lack of a better term.

How he managed to do so in a nonsuspicious manner?

He could only thank the university for being quite fucking large for that as well as it didn't require the use of a student I.D. card, not that he'd have had a problem if it did since he had a few "tricks," per se, up his sleeve to deal with matters such as that.

The demon frowned as he continued to revise the words he used as he searched on one of the university computers though no matter what way he typed, he had yet to find what he desired, even while going through about half the pages that the wretched search engine presented him. And if he was being fucking honest . . . after about a few fucking hours, it had begun to piss him off.

He almost figured asking about in his own shitty home would do better than this... Then again, that came at a risk . . . or a few. One of them being him leaving your dumbass unattended completely⁠—given he was doing so now, but he was still technically in proximity to you⁠ so there really wasn't any problem in this arrangement—while another being him being found out much quicker.

Both in which were risky, one more so than the other, of course.

However, that also didn't limit him either. He knew there were older demons around on earth considering that as demons age, even if they don't look it (the way they look up to them, however), they do tend to pass down their positions to promising other demons who could carry the torch for thousands upon thousands of years to come (calculated by human years)...

Though on this topic, there were, of course, those who continued to remain in hell and, not bothering to leave as they weren't too keen on experiencing "permanent" Earth life considering they were no longer able to return for any reason as there was no need for them.

However, he didn't know where any one of them would be located. After all, once a demon descended from hell for those reasons, they usually took up normal day-to-day lives as well as their energy had resorted to basic unsensible levels since they hid it or from the reason that they no longer came back to hell and had no reason to make their presence noticeable.

Of course, if he was being completely honest . . . there was a certain couple of demons that he knew that could be of some assistance that resided here. Quite close actually if he was correct in the calculation of this area to that area. Demons that'd more than likely help him out, even just a little bit. Demons he hadn't seen in thousands of years. After a little moment of contemplating this option, he grimaced to himself.

Hell to the fucking no. There was no way he'd stoop as low to ask them, of all demons though he mainly had a problem with one more so than the other, for information or any help at that.

He'd never hear the end of it.


Slumping a bit in the swivel chair he was currently in, he frowned at the computer screen in front of him. Of course, there was also the shitty option to ask you though he knew you had gotten the information from your weird pink haired friend—the seemingly super annoying hyperactive atomic bomb.

Oh, how he was glad she wasn't the one to fucking summon him in the end.

But on that note . . . he knew you most likely didn't have any clue where it had come from, to his dismay; however, you, unlike him, would be able to fucking ask . . . or well . . . he could ask, but he much rather not considering it had much more added work and. The other obvious reason being he didn't really want to communicate with the other girl.

Though if he could get you to do it . . . was another matter at hand. He couldn't do the same things that he could do to others to you (which weren't bad things, per se, but a person most likely wouldn't want it to happen to them). It was just purely for the fact that it was against rules, and contrary to what he was. He was quite the stickler for rules as well as he didn't want to face the consequences that would occur if he didn't follow them.

But you were also an odd case as well. He was pretty sure some things that he could do to others just wouldn't work on you, even if it weren't for the case that you two were bound together by this shitty summon pact gone wrong.

However, in great fucking reluctance, he had to admit . . . being bound to you hadn't been as . . . bad as he has thought. Though if he could be free as he had been, that'd be even fucking better. But besides your hardheadedness and the small hiccups along the way these past few weeks, there hadn't been anything that really caused for it to be all that fucking bad.

In fact, if anything . . . you tried to do your own thing⁠—besides the occasional questions you'd spit out here and there⁠—as he . . . well . . . as he just lounged around doing absolutely nothing which he wasn't too big of a fan of, but it was honestly better than some of the things he'd have to occasionally go through if he weren't in this situation.

Blowing air from his nose, Bakugou shut the computer off, got up, and soon began on his way out of the almost empty computer lab. Once he had made it to the hallway after having made sure no one would see as it'd be rather odd for someone to just randomly disappear in thin air, he made himself unseeable to the others around him before going off to where he could sense you.

It didn't take him long to soon arrive in front of a large double door that had the words "Library" etched across one of them. It was obvious you were currently present on the other side. Not wasting much more time, he appeared on the other side of the door before scanning the area until his eyes landed on your form.

You appeared to be sitting at one of the tables while mindlessly gazing out in front of you, paying no heed to your surroundings, with your head resting on top of the palm of your hand. He had noticed you have been doing that a lot lately, mindlessly looking about and not paying attention. Then again, he honestly didn't know if this was a normal occurrence for you, nor did he fucking care once he thought about it.

Scrunching up his nose slightly, he began to walk towards you. But as he was about to do so, the library door had soon busted open as a certain excited pink haired female dashed in soon going right through the male as she ran over to you causing him to tense up and stop in his tracks as he placed a hand on his abdomen.

Oh, how Bakugou fucking hated when that shit happened. It always felt so fucking weird. It was honestly a feeling he couldn't even describe into propper words.

Looking ahead, he glared at the annoying pink haired girl as he made his way towards you as you now seemed to be in conversation with the girl. Though he'd admit . . . something felt awfully fucking odd. And it wasn't just for the fact that he had just been gone through by the pink haired idiot.

"(Last Name)-chan!~" Ashido basically yelled at you causing you to snap away from your thoughts as you looked over at her with wide eyes.


She began to look sround a little though soon frowned before looking back over at you, "Did Yao-Momo go home..?"

You nodded, "Yeah. She said she had to take care of something. I'm not exactly sure as to what though."

"That's a shame." Ashido looked down for a moment though soon looked back up at you with a suspicious look causing you to raise a brow, "Well. I was hoping she'd be able to join us since you usually never go out with us. But . . ." She paused, you didn't like where this was going.

"Since Yao-Momo isn't here anymore and we don't really want to bother her since it's obvious she has some personal issues to deal with." She smirked at you, "I was hoping that you'd . . . you know . . . maybe . . . go shopping with us?!" She clasped her hands to her chest as she leaned into you with her eyes sparkling.

You leaned back a bit as you looked to the side though stopped as your eyes caught onto Bakugou who was currently behind Ashido, "Uh, I don't–"

"Come on!~"

"You probably should keep you're voi–"

"It'll be fun!~" She put her hands in the air while you looked around at all the eyes and some glares as they looked at the overexcited girl as she tried to convince you to go with her and most likely Uraraka and Jirou out.


"Come on (Last Name)-chan!~"

Ashido came up to you and locked you in a tight hug as she rubbed her cheek on your own while repeating the words "please" over and over again in a rather loud manner that you were surprised you both hadn't been asked to leave yet.

You couldn't understand why she was being so pushy. It was rather . . . suspicious. Then again, Yaoyorozu wasn't here to ease some of it as well as the pinkette was, in general, a very pushy girl as well as very excitable. When she wanted to do something, it usually happened. And if she was excited . . . well, she was excited.

Looking over at the ash blonde, he just looked at the girl with a scowl. You were surprised he hadn't insisted you declined yet as you were pretty sure he didn't want to go "shopping" at all. In fact, you were hoping he'd be against it as it'd be much easier to decline . . . or you figured. In these instances, you usually had Yaoyorozu to help you out of them though this was obviously not the case this time.

Letting out a sigh, you looked at Ashido, "Ok. I'll go. Just . . . just be quiet until we get out of the library. People are staring."

"Yay!~" She jumped up, "Meet me at the front of the school in like five minutes!~" And with that, she dashed off and out of the library.

That wasn't being quiet.

Letting out another sigh, you looked at Bakugou who was now looking at where your friend had dashed off to though he didn't seem all that annoyed by your decision.

In reluctance, you got up from your spot as you gathered your things before walking off past him and soon hearing him trudging behind you as you exited out of the library to go to the front of the school.

However, unbeknownst to you though he was against going out in a way. Bakugou also figured this was a perfect time to get some answers. At least, that was if he could convince you to question the annoying friend you had.

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