Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

I Have My Answer; However, It Seems Something...

Full Title (cut off): I Have My Answer; However, It Seems Something is Afoot


Having had eventually made it to the front of the university, your eyes had laid upon the original group of, of course, Uraraka and Jirou along with an unfamiliar face.

Ashido had quickly introduced the girl as Asui Tsuyu who had then assisted you called her "Tsu" as you both bowed to each other. Ashido had then said she was somewhat of a new additional member to the group and thought it'd be nice to invite her along which no one seemed to have had minded, not even you.

In general, it hadn't taken you all very long to make it to the store that Ashido had wanted to shop at. It appeared to be . . .

"A dress shop..?" You blinked as you scanned the entire store after you all had entered, scanning racks upon racks of dresses—some that looked rather expensive.

Actually, all did if you were being honest.

Bakugou had followed behind you silently with a scowl and his hands in his pocket.This was not a place for a demon, a male, to be more exact. He already could guess what was about to ensue once all of you started walking around.

"Please tell me you told (Last Name)-chan that we were going here. And why." Jirou came in as she twirled the one earbud that was in her ear while looking over at the pink haired girl, "Or did you forcibly drag her along?"

"Ah! That totally slipped my mind!" Ashido rubbed the back of her neck as she nervously laughed.

This caused Jirou to sigh before looking over at you, "I'm pretty sure you usually don't keep up with things like this. But . . . U.A. usually has what they call a 'spring semester dance' which, probably obvious by its name, is a dance they host near each of the spring semester ends. The attire is, of course, formal like dresses and suits. All that good stuff."

"I-I hear it's really fun!" Uraraka quickly came in as she clenched a fist and held it up with a determined look on her face.

"Uh. Well . . ." You wandered over to one dress that wasn't too far from you and looked at the price tag as your eyes widened slightly before looking at a few that was beside it, "Ah..! Uhm, I can't . . . get any of these."

"Didn't you say you were getting a part-time job like at the beginning of the year? I was sure you'd have one by now." Jirou asked with a tilt of her head while the other girls looked at you as well.

That was right. Around the third time you met up with the group at the beginning of the semester, you had mentioned you were going to try and get a job. It had been part of your plans for a while as you were running low on money. But after the little summon incident, the thought had slipped from your mind.

"You know–"

However, your side glare caused Bakugou to stop his words as it was obvious you knew what he meant and because he already knew your answer making him look to the side with a strained smirk before you fully looked over at the three girls.

"Well. A lot of things came up. So I never got around to actually finding one."

Before you knew it, Ashido had whipped right beside you while placing a hand over your shoulder, "No worries! I'll cover it!~"

Your eyes widened as you removed yourself away from her, backing up slightly, and began to wave your hands in front of your face, "T-That . . . that won't be necessary–"

"But!" She pointed a finger in your face, "You have to go with us to the semester dance!~"

"I-I Don't thi–"

"Please, (Last Name)-chan! It'd make it thousands of times better! Plus, you get a free dress of your choice!~ How cool is that?!" Ashido smiled brightly at you.

"Well. I . . . I don't know." You looked to the side.

"It would be nice for all of us to go together." Uraraka meekly came in.

"It would be nice." Jirou admitted, "But it's up to you."

"I don't know you as well as they do, but it'd be nice." Tsuyu stated with a finger to her lips as she peered at you.

"Pleeeeeeaaaaaase?" Ashido begged with bright eyes.

Looking through all the girls, you eventually sighed, "I see why not." This caused them to smile a bit, "But you have to let me pay you back. When I can, at least." This at least gave you some motivation to start back on finding a job.

"Yay! Then it's settled! This is going to be so fun!~" Ashido began to jump up and down as she clapped happily.

You gave a strained smile. You had a feeling, however, that it'd be a pain to get her to take the money though. You began to eye the entire store as you tried to figure out where to begin while the other girls soon split up to go to different sections seemingly already have been here before or having had already known what they were looking for . . . that was besides a certain pink haired girl.

Seeing everyone else having had left, Ashido soon walked over towards you before tapping you on your shoulder causing you to look over at her, "Oh. Shouldn't you be looking for you a dress..?" You questioned.

"I should be asking you that, silly (Last Name)-chan!~"

"Oh." You gave her a strained smile, "I . . . I was just trying to see where I wanted to start first."

She gasped, "Let me help you (Last Name)-chan!~" Without warning, she instantly gripped your hand before dragging you along with her to a section.


"I think this one would look soooooo good on you, (Last Name)-chan! You're just so cute! It'd suit you so well!~" Ashido let go of your hand before grabbing a long lacy off-the-shoulder (favorite color) dress.

"Uh. Well, I–"

"Oooh, or this one!~" She placed the dress she had just grabbed back on the rack before dashing towards an even fancier dress⁠—⁠one that was also long though was a sleeveless and (favorite color) sequin embedded dress while having a slit that trailed up the leg—and grabbing it while putting it over her

"Oh. I don–"

"How about this one! Awww, it'd look so amazing! I can just imagine you in it!~" Ashido quickly placed the dress back on the rack before, once again, dashing off to another dress that had caught her eye for you while dragging it off the rack and coming back over towards you as she placed it over herself.

This time it was even more fancier, though it wasn't as gaudy, than the last dress. It was also long with, mermaid cut it seemed, being a long-sleeved and off-the-shoulder (favorite color). The sleeves were see-through as well and were randomly patterned while the top part was slightly ruffled. It was also a very tight fit given its intended design.

"Uh." Your eyes scanned it for a few moments before frantically looking around hoping to stop the slight madness, "I was thinking of something . . . more on the lines of . . ." You soon pointed to a knee-length plain (favorite color) dress that had hardly any design to it whatsoever.

This caused Ashido to lower the dress in hand as she looked over to where you had pointed to as well as Bakugou did, too. You were sure it was less expensive as well as it was more of your style in all honesty . . . or you supposed it was your style. You weren't really a dressy person.

Bakugou blew air from his nose in slight amusement, "You have absolutely no fucking fashion sense."

This caused you to glare a bit over at him though Ashido soon randomly laughed with a small smirk after a few moments which caused you to then look over at her as she had her hand over her mouth though upon seeing you she quickly composed herself.

"Hmm. I don't think that one would look as good on you like the ones I showed you." She stated, "How about you try the ones I showed you on? They'll look amazing! You'll look so adorable in them, too, I'm sure of it!~"

Sighing, you figured you wouldn't get out of it or could at least convince her otherwise. At least not today. She seemed pretty headstrong in all her actions.

Reluctantly, you began to follow her though before you could a hand gripped your shoulder causing you to turn while soon being greeted by the ash blonde.

"I need you to do a . . ." He paused for a moment, "A fucking favor for me." His words were a tad bit strained, no doubt he didn't want to have had asked them.

You looked around to make sure no one was around and seeing Ashido quite a bit of ways away, failing to see the smirk plastered on her face, and was headed to the changing room without you before raising a brow.

"A favor?"

"I need you to ask that stupid pink haired weirdo–"

"Ashido." You corrected.

"Yeah, whatever the fuck her shitty name is. I need you to fucking ask her where she found that shitty summoning ritual you did."

Your eyes widened a bit while you looked up at him as you processed what he had asked of you before looking down. You'd admit, you were a bit curious as well. You knew where she had gotten it from but you didn't exactly know the specifics.

Looking back up at him, you sighed, "Alright. I'll do it."

He seemed a bit surprised by you giving in so easily though soon looked to the side, "Alright."

Giving him one last glance, you turned back around to catch up with Ashido who was now right st the changing rooms, the ash blonde following behind you.

It didn't take long to reach her as the male soon cut away and just went to sit in one of the chairs that were out in front of the changing rooms with crossed arms.

"Oh, uh, Ashido? Can I⁠–"

Before you could finish, she had already shoved the last dress she had chosen in your arms and quickly began pushing you into one of the free changing rooms, "Ask me while you get changed!" She instantly closed the room door once you had entered.

"Uhh." You blinked at the closed door, "Ok. Well. As I was about to ask . . ." You started to strip from all your normal clothes, "I was cur–" You began to unzip the dress, "Curious as to where you had, uh, had found . . . you know . . . the summoning ritual you showed me, like, a few weeks ago." You started to pull the dress up.

Ashido smirked lightly as she stared in front of her while leaning on the side of the changing room, "The ritual?"


"Hmmm. I found it online on this site. The one I showed you though I looked a few days ago and the site's been totally removed!~ How crazy is that?!"


The pinkette laughed as she continued to look in front of her, "It's like it never existed!"


"Mhmm! Sorry to disappoint you. But if you still want the site address, I'd be happy to give it to you so you can see for yourself later."

"I'd . . . appreciate that." You replied as you tried to get the zipper but there was no way you could get it yourself.

As you said this, Bakugou frowned. This wasn't the answer he had been hoping for. A deleted site wouldn't help him; however, his question had been slightly answered.

"Uh. Can you zip this up for me once I get out..?" You called out.

"Oooh!~ Sure thing, (Last Name)-chan! Ooooh, I can't wait to see you! I'm sure you look so cute! Aaaaah!~"

While Ashido continued to swoon over this, you frowned. You had wanted to see yourself before you had gone out but there seemed to be no mirror in the room. Sighing, you had bo choice but to walk out without seeing yourself. You were sure this dress wasn't your style.

In reluctance, you headed towards the door⁠—it was a slight struggle to move about considering it was very tightly fitted⁠—before slowly opening it though before you had any chance, your hand was instantly grabbed as you were forcefully dragged out of the changing room almost causing you to trip, but you manage to keep your balance . . . somehow.

"EEEEEEEEE! YOU LOOK SO ADORABLE, (LAST NAME)-CHAN!" Ashido screeched as she placed both her hands on her cheek and looked at you in complete awe before instantly coming behind you and helping you zip the outfit up.


Hearing this annoying sound coming from the pink atomic bomb, Bakugou looked over though once his eyes landed on your form he had an odd surge feeling go throughout him as he took notice to how you looked, something that wasn't like if something bad had happened.

It was different . . . way different.

Something . . . something he had never felt before at least not in his 'initial' thousands of years⁠—according to the human world⁠—that he had been alive.

The way his heartbeat was slightly quickened as he remained frozen unable to make his gaze waver from. He couldn't explain it. While you seemed to not notice as the pink haired female continued to blabber on and on about how "cute" you were though he wasn't much able to focus on the words she said as his attention was completely on you.

"–AH!~ YOU'RE SO ADORABLE, (LAST NAME)-CHAN!~" Ashido continued to gush on you while taking a quick glance to the side before a smirk etched across her face, "So that's how it is. Who'd've thought." Her own words caused her smirk to grow even wider though she was mildly surprised about one thing, "I guess it's true with what they say–"


Your words snapped her from her thoughts, "Oooh, nothing!~" She said before looking back at you while placing both her hands on your shoulder as she forcefully pushed you towards a mirror so you could see yourself, "Look how cute you are, (Last Name)-chan! AAAAAAAH!~" She began to bounce in her spot while she looked at you in the mirror.

"Uhh. I don't know, Ashido." You mumbled as you looked in the mirror that was set a little bit of ways from the changing room, "It seems a bit . . . too much. And I don't think it really suits me..."

"Nonsense!~" She came in quickly while squeezing your shoulders even tighter, "I'm totally getting this one for you!~"

"Uh." Glancing around in the mirror, your eyes soon landed on the tag before you⁠—⁠as best as you could anyway—reached down to see it, your eyes soon widening a bit as you turned slightly though were mildly restricted by the dress, "No way. I can't let you get this for me!"

"It's no trouble at all, (Last Name)-chan, I insist!~ Besides . . ." She smiled, "You said you'd pay me back eventually, so no harm in it!~ Right?"

Now that you recall, you did say that. And you had absolutely no problem with that. But the dress's price was absolutely outrageous! You still couldn't allow Ashido to pay for something such as this, especially when she also had to buy her own dress on top of it all. So you couldn't allow her to do so . . .

You sighed as you held the bag with the dress you said you wouldn't allow for Ashido to buy for you as the entire group had already gone their separate ways besides you and Ashido⁠—who was currently talking on about one thing or another as you just gave her small smiles here and there as it didn't really require you to reply⁠ as well as you were sure there was no room for your own comments—as it had gotten close to dark and they all need to be home though the pink haired girl staying because she had an almost similar route as you, but you were unsure where exactly she resided.

You had remained firm throughout the whole ordeal that you wouldn't allow Ashido to buy you the dress. But, in the end, it, of course, came down to what she'd do. You had thought you had convinced her to just let you go without buying anything after talking it out with her as you got undressed.

Keyword: thought.

After changing out of the more fancier ones, Ashido had surprisingly come back to you with one that wasn't as fancy—but it was still a bit better than the one you had original set your sights on: a short (favorite color) v-neck laced top short sleeved dress.

As requested, you went back to try it on and had come out. Once you had come out, the other group of girls had come to the changing room area with their own dress choices, only to see you standing there in the dress and they soon began to gush over you themselves (Jirou and Tsuyu more reserved in the matter though it was obvious they were as much as in awe as the other two girls were in) saying how that was just your style.

This ended up with Ashido buying it and forcing it into your hands after all the girls convincing you and her that it looked amazing and you should get it . . . Or Ashido should for you. Hence why you were currently walking with the large bag that held the dress.

It'd be a lie to say you hadn't liked it just a little bit . . . Just a little bit. Though you still had slight doubts if it actually suited you or not and that if the group was just being nice about it. You couldn't read them as well as you could Yaoyorozu who you even couldn't read that well.

Sighing silently once more, you glanced to your side as your eyes caught on to the ash blonde demon beside you.

He hadn't said much, not that you expected any less though it seemed he was avoiding your gaze or even looking at you at all costs now which you hadn't noticed until when you had walked up to him after having changed back in your normal clothes.

Though before you could tell him it wouldn't be much longer until you both could leave as you knew this was obviously not where he wanted to be⁠—not that he wanted to be anywhere⁠—as well as you were mildly curious as to why he wanted to know the information you had gotten for him, he had quickly looked to the side while getting up while giving you a simple "yeah, yeah, I know" before you could even say a word as he instantly walked off towards the exit.

Your eyes had watched his back though had quickly been snapped from your thoughts as Ashido⁠—who had since gotten her own dress rather quickly while you changed back⁠—had called over to you so she could pay for the items.

"–(Last Name)-chan." Ashido finished causing you to look over at her and stop also causing the ash blonde to do so as well along with you.


"Oh, so you weren't paying attention, silly (Last Name,)-chan!~" She giggled as you both stopped, "I said this is where I go.~"

"Oh." You raised a brow as you looked behind her.

It seemed like an odd place. In fact, there appeared to be no homes as you both were still somewhat in the town area. The only thing present was an alleyway behind her. Though you could only assume that maybe there were some homes just past that alleyway. After all, you weren't really one to go out. So it didn't seem far out.

"Well. Bye-bye, (Last Name)-chan!~"

"Oh. Yeah. Goodbye, Ashido. Thanks for the dress." You gave her a strained look.

She turned around though not fully as she raised her hand to wave at you,"Bye-bye, (Last Name)-chan! Cya tomorrow!~"

With that, she completely turned around before skipping off with her own dress bag into the almost now dark alleyway⁠—given the sun was now setting⁠—as you let out a sigh before turning back around to face the direction you need to go to your own home, soon walking with Bakugou silently following you along as you both didn't bother to comment on the odd arrangement . . .

Ashido soon stopped skipping and started to slow down before coming to a complete stop in the middle of the dimly lit alleyway as she soon looked back behind her to make sure no one was present as she waited a some more until she knew that you had completely gone and were no longer anywhere near.

Confirming you were quite far, her body began to turn grey as it started to seemingly 'melt' away⁠—something that would shock the average person⁠—soon revealing a person that was obviously not Ashido but instead there was an ash blonde girl with striking cat-like golden eyes in her place.

"Aaaaah.~" The girl removed herself from the goopy grey pile of the slime-like substance as she placed her hands on her face while a blush spread across her face, "He failed to mention how adorable she was! AGH! I just want her soul . . . AND HER BLOOD!~" She licked her lips at the thought.

However, as she was gushing over you, she failed to notice her male companion walking from the shadows of the alley, a knocked out girl in tow on his shoulder, making his way towards her, "So? Did you find out anything?" He questioned.

This snapped the girl from her own freely spoken thoughts as his steps got louder and louder until the tall male with ebony hair stood in front of her with a bored expression before dropping the girl he was carrying down on the ground by the alleyway's wall without a care if it harmed her or not.

"You should have seen her, Dabi-kun! She was sooooooooo cuuuute!~"

Dabi rolled his eyes, "That's not what I asked, Toga."

"You're no fun." Toga complained to which he just ignored.

"You know how he gets when things aren't done. I don't want to have to deal with his shit more than I have to. Especially if things don't go his way." His brows furrowed as he said this, just imagining what'd happen if things didn't go as planned wasn't desirable.

He knew how he could be when things got out of his hands and didn't follow his plans exactly. After all, he was rather childish in his, and many other's, eyes. When things didn't go his way, he and all the others who followed him wouldn't hear the end of it. This also usually ended in a few casualties depending on how bad of a fuck up happened.

He could just hear him now. Just thinking about it gave him an undesired headache. Thankfully, he didn't have to deal with him a lot unless the situation was extreme, "Just answer my damn question."

"Yes, everything seems to be going according to the plan.~" The girl finally said, "Maybe even better!~"

Dabi raised a brow, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"You won't believe it!" Toga placed a hand on her cheek as her blush darkened from the pure thought, "Well, I guess it doesn't have to do with the job at hand, but it'll make it much more interesting and maybe a bit easier to deal with! So . . . I guess it does somewhat have to do with it, just a tad.~"

The male furrowed his brows, "Spit it out already."

"Oh. That's right. You aren't really a demon, so you don't have access to hell and only know a few things about us demons and are mostly just our link to the human world.~" She said with a smirk as she peered up at the male, "But what I mean . . . It seems that being in the human world for only these past few weeks has started to weaken him as well as . . . Change him."

"Who'd've thought . . . a demon like him would . . ." She giggled to herself without finishing the sentence while placing a hand to her mouth hiding her smirk.

She wondered if he even knew. Then again, the way he had been acting gave off the vibe he didn't even understand what was happening. But who would? If it was happening to her, she was sure she wouldn't figure it out herself until it was too late. Something she was sure would happen to him.

"I didn't know a demon like him could be weakened by just being in a deal."

The girl snapped from her thoughts as she nodded vigorously before removing her hand, "Mhm, mhm!~ It's actually quite common. We're naturally weaker when we're out of Hell naturally since we don't have the constant flow of energy. As well as the longer we stay out, the weaker we can get.~ While being in a deal, we can't go back into Hell until it's complete. Though . . ." She frowned, "You usually don't weaken to the extent he has, especially at his level."

Though she could only assume it was because of her fully unstated reason. She had heard rumors after all of some summons going "haywire" in a sense. Plus, this was an odd case, per se.

She already figured there would be some weird occurrences during her 'investigation' and interferences though there was also another reason she found it odd which could also go into play with the previous unstated reason as well.

"I'm sure he'd've sensed me still even though I was disguised. Mostly because I'm still using my power, so I do let off mild demonic energy once I transform into someone." She started to tap her cheek lightly, "It's like he's practically going 'sense' blind. Which is a bit odd since it hasn't been that long. Plus, he's one of them. So I didn't figure those rules applied to him. Which goes into why I think this'll be much easier than what we all thought and fun.~ "

"On that . . ." Dabi soon came in, "I'm sure they already heard something about this. I can sense one as we speak–"

"Oooh? I couldn't sense him." She hummed as she began to turn her head side-to-side trying to sense one though was unable to, "I guess it takes one to know one!~ Or . . . I guess you can't really be considered one anymore. Hmmm.~"

"Shut it, or I'll fry your demonic ass." Dabi instantly snarled as his hand lit up with a blue flame.

This caused Toga to pout, but she knew he could probably overpower her even though he wasn't a full demon like herself though he surely did look like he was one so he could easily pass as their kind. But, in reality, he was one of them, at least by half. He was naturally supposed to be stronger than her, his counterpart—halfway anyway.

Plus, he was also a special case. She could see why her "leader" wanted him around. He was powerful, she wouldn't deny that, as well as a good asset for their use since he could more freely stay and do things in the human world unlike themselves.

"So mean." She mumbled.

"I only sensed him because he wasn't hiding himself from others like him but he isn't here anymore. It was while you were in that damned university–"

"Takes one to know one.~" She sang once again causing his eye to twitch.

"But as I was saying . . . " He chose to ignore her end comment while he extinguished the blue flame in his hand, "I'm sure they've already heard about this or have sensed something's at least going on since they've sent him." He smirked a little bit near the end though it soon faltered, "They also seem to be in an alliance currently with the apprentice of The Balance Keeper. But from what I hear, he's still beyond inexperienced with it all–"

"Ooh, I heard about him.~" Toga smiled as a small blush made way to her cheeks, "I hear he's a big cutie! Though he's super inexperienced still. Oh, what I'd do just to get some of his blood and to be near him!~"

"So it probably still won't be as easy as you think, even with The Balance Keeper's inexperience." Dabi stated, "He, referring to the one that is one of them, isn't very 'merciful' from what I've seen and heard though . . . If he gets too much in the way, I'll handle him because it's obvious to why he's here and currently following them . . ." He paused as he went into thought for a moment.

". . . But I'm sure he won't continue just following them for long. There's no doubt that he'll end up handling the situation completely soon." He mumbled, "But maybe... We'll let him handle it. If what you were saying is true, then I've no doubt he can handle one of the harder parts for us."

Dabi smirked as he said this while looking out the alleyway while his eyes glistened a bit, his words causing Toga to smirk as well as she, too, looked out at the alleyway while the sky got darker and darker though her attention soon went to the pink haired girl that he had thrown carelessly to the side as she began to moan slightly as she started to stir lightly before eventually groggily sitting up.

"Where . . ." Ashido began to look around though her vision was slightly disoriented.

"Ooh, what are we going to do with her?" Toga asked as she looked over at the girl who soon snapped her head over towards her as her vision began to clear.

"W-Who are you..? Where am I?"

"We can't kill her, yet anyway. That'd be too suspicious at the moment." Dabi replied in which this caused Ashido's eyes to widen as she took notice of the ebony haired male who looked as if he had once been burnt alive at one point in his life as he soon made his way beside the ash blonde female as he peered down at her.

Realizing that they were most likely dangerous people and not wanting to stay here any longer, she quickly scrambled to her feet in an attempt to dash off; however, before she could even get a few centimeters away from them, the male instantly pushed her against the alley wall and trapped her so she couldn't escape at inhuman speed almost knocking the wind out of her as she let out a painful grunt.

"Now, now, princess . . . there's no need to leave so soon."

Tears welled up in her eyes, her usual confident and bubbly aurora replaced with that of complete fear as she knew these people were obviously stronger than her, "Please let me go. I-I . . . I won't tell anyone!" Her lips quivered as she waved her hands in front of her face, "I pro–"

Though her sentence didn't get finished as he placed his hand on her forehead as her eyes seemed to dull over before she began to slump down slightly until her eyes fully closed and she slid down the side, him not bothering to catch her from her fall as he moved away from the alley wall.

"Ooh, what'd you do?~" Toga asked as she looked down at the now passed out girl.

"I just erased her memories. She won't remember tonight. It'll be like nothing ever happened." Dabi glared down at the girl before quickly turning around to leave the alley.

"Soooo . . . you're just going to leave her here?" She blinked while still looking at the girl.

This caused him to stop as he glanced over to her, "For a demon, you sure worry a lot about these useless humans. Why don't you go tell our bastard leader the 'good' news?" Though not bothering to actually answer the question she had asked, he quickly turned back around and began on his way again as she watched him leave.

Once he had disappeared, Toga looked back down at the unconscious girl. It wasn't that she cared about these humans. It was more for the fact that it'd be slightly suspicious if she just woke up or was found here. Then again, he had said he had erased her memory. So this situation could easily be played off.

"Hmm.~" She hummed as she continued to peer down at her unmoving body.

It was like she was dead.

The thought made her smirk widely as a blush played on her cheeks before she looked in the direction she had first come in after she had parted ways with you, "I can't wait to play with you some more, (Last Name)-chan.~"

With that, Toga turned around to where Dabi had previously disappeared⁠—a smirk still plastered on her face⁠—and was most likely long gone by now before walking the same way though as she did so, her body began to slowly disappear, starting from her legs and going up, as she was going to her desired destination.


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