Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

I'm Starting to Feel Weird, and I Don't Like It

You frowned as you looked at the dress which you had gotten yesterday evening that was covered by one of the dress protector bags they all came with as you looked in your closet once again after having just gotten out of the shower only minutes ago.

Sighing, you soon closed the door of your closet as you then walked over to your dresser with intent to grab some clothes to change into and then start on a well-needed job hunt that had been planned for a while⁠ now—though had been forgotten given the events you had been through, thus far⁠—and one you would need if you wanted to pay Ashido back for the hefty purchase she pushed onto you.

Not wasting much time, you quickly changed into more comfortable 'house' attire before making way downstairs. Once you had made it downstairs, you glanced over at the living room, taking notice of Bakugou who was, per usual, sitting on the couch though not in his normal position. Instead, he had a hand over his chest as he seemed to be deep in thought about something . . . so deep, you were almost sure he probably hadn't even heard you come down.

Though now that you were thinking and upon seeing Bakugou sitting there, you realized he had practically been in that same position since last night after you had gotten home from the little shopping trip you got forced to go on as well as remembering you had forgotten to get the website that Ashido had gotten the summon from.

Though you suppose you could get it tomorrow or whenever you'd next see her or even message her for it since you had her contact information though it didn't seem that the ash blonde cared too much about it.

He hadn't even asked you about it or had urged you to get it after you all had left the store. Nor did he when you both had finally gone your separate ways from everyone in the group. So it obviously wasn't top priority to him it seemed. Then again, it was probably useless since the site had been removed as stated by the girl.

However, your thoughts were soon cut short upon hearing a "meow" like noise coming from your front door causing you to turn and look towards it though you didn't instantly head to the door as you waited a moment to make sure your ears hadn't been playing tricks on you.

A few seconds in, you heard yet another "meow." There was no doubt a cat was currently outside, and you had a good idea as to who exactly the cat was.

You walked over to your door before opening it and peaking outside, your eyes soon landing on a cat you knew all too well though she wasn't as well-groomed as she usually was, no doubt from being gone for so long.


You bent down as you outcasted your hand, the cat instantly walking over towards you and making contact with your hand as she rubbed her head on it. Allowing her to do this for a few more seconds, you eventually picked her up and brought her into the house before shutting the door.

You were sure Shinsou would be glad to hear she was ok though not too glad that she somewhat smelled and was by far not in her usually well-groomed state that he always kept her in.

As you walked in the living room, petting her lightly, you wondered where all she had gone and to why she had run off for so long. You were sure she wouldn't have been that spooked from coming across Bakugou that one time.

However, as you entered the living room thinking that and Yua caught sight of the male who was now looking over at you upon hearing the slight commotion from the creature in your arms, she instantly tensed up while she began to squirm in your arms trying to free herself from your grasp.

"Why the hell do you have a damn cat?" Bakugou scrunched up his nose as he eyed the dirty feline in your arms, "It's probably a bad fucking idea–"

This caused you to look up from Yua while you still struggled to maintain her though as soon as you had done that, she managed to get your arm with her claws lightly which instantly caused you to drop her while you grimaced from the pain. This also caused the male to stop his words as she hissed over at him before running off to God knows where like she had done when you found her in your house some weeks ago.

"–to bring that damn cat near me." Bakugou finished his sentence as he looked in the direction that the cat had run off to, "Animals tend to not fucking like supernatural entities and get agitated by them super fucking easily."

"You don't say . . ." Your voice had a sarcastic undertone to it.

Looking down at your arm, you frowned at the light scratch marks appearing while also somewhat bleeding though not too bad; however, you knew you should at least wipe it down with a wet towel as Yua hadn't been at her best and was somewhat dirty from being out for God knows how long.

Noticing you staring at your arm, Bakugou glanced as well, instantly taking notice of how you had been clawed though it was short-lived as you had then turned around to obviously go take care of the infliction caused by the cat. Without thinking much, he got up from the couch began to quietly follow you for some reason.

You seemed to not have picked up on him doing so as you made way into the kitchen before going towards one of the kitchen drawers, opening it, pulling out a small towel, and then making your way to the sink to wet it though as you went to press it on your arm after you had done so, you hesitated for a moment.

In all honesty, you weren't a big fan of pain, not that it was going to hurt that much, the most being just a small stinging sensation.

Then again, not many people were a fan of feeling pain, being one of those who tried to avoid it at all cost. But you knew you'd need to hurry and do so to avoid any infections as well as to limit the amount of blood that would get places as the amount was slightly increasing from not being attended to.

Taking in a deep breath, you quickly placed the towel over the rather large scratched area, grimacing as you did so from the horrid stinging sensation that came right after as you lightly began to pat it, mostly to get the blood so it wouldn't get everywhere; however, you still hadn't noticed the ash blonde currently behind you.

Bakugou subconsciously peeked over your shoulder as he watched as you lightly dabbed at your arm, small red dots forming through on the thin white and damp cloth as you did so.

His brows furrowed as an odd feeling seemed to come over him. He couldn't exactly pinpoint what it was, however . . . or . . . maybe he could.

It felt somewhat similar to when your energy had been taken from you, that almost angry feeling, per se. Though instead of another demon his anger was directed at, it was a damn cat.


Anger towards a fucking cat.

Creatures he usually paid no mind to whatsoever as they usually didn't bother him in the slightest or merely just hissed and went on their way. But he didn't know why he had felt that way.

It wasn't like he'd get a struck or even in trouble for something like this like he would if a demon or any other supernatural entity had harmed or had gone to the extreme as it was purely just a small animal and was a common thing that usually happened when one owned such annoying creatures.

He simply "tsked" himself silently as he was now looking to the side. Though that wasn't the only thing that mildly confused him. There was also this other fucking feeling . . . the feeling he had felt upon seeing you in the store you both had gone into the day before, one that was still mildly present as he stood here though it had, since then, diminished to a smaller version of it.

It was a feeling he had absolutely never felt before, one so foreign to him. After all, all he ever really felt on a daily basis was annoyance, anger, and the occasional feeling of "being content" with how things were. Which could go along the lines of being "happy" yet also not to that extent.

He had tried figuring it out as you and he had both started on your way home after the store the day before; however, that damned blabbering pink haired girl hadn't helped him think . . . so once you both had arrived at your home, he had instantly gone deep into thought upon entering the living room.

Which didn't fucking help him any either . . .

Deep in thought once again over the matter, Bakugou failed to now notice you looking at him weirdly after having finally finished wiping away the wound you had received⁠ since you hadn't noticed he had followed you in the kitchen or as to why he had in the first place since it really wasn't like him to hover over you inside your home.

It may have only been a few weeks, but you knew Bakugou wasn't really the hovering type unless he had to or if he saw it fit he had to, like after the little incident which had occurred some weeks ago. Though you were currently in your own house, so his hovering was basically useless in a sense as you were obviously in no danger in your own home. Then again, he had been acting rather odd since you both had left the dress store.

You continued to study his expression which seemed to be twisted in mild confusion. You were a bit curious as to what he was thinking, it was obvious that it was bugging him.

You two weren't close or anything and you had no idea why you were, in a sense, mildly 'worried,' for lack of a better term, though not for him in general, or you didn't think it was for him.

Perhaps it was because of everything he had told you, thus far. Things such as you were more susceptible to demons and such. Just little things like that. It made you wonder if he had sensed something such as that. You were sure he could sense other beings anyway given he knew exactly what had gotten to you. Then again, the nature of it was probably just pretty obvious to him.

Or . . . maybe he was still uptight about the fact Shinsou had seen him the day before; however, you honestly doubted that was the reason for his current behavior as he had gotten over the fact pretty quickly albeit in a few hours after having had gotten out of the initial shock it had caused him that day.

You were mild curious over that, but you had decided to steer clear of that topic at least for a few days. What or who exactly was Shinsou allowing him to be able to see Bakugou? There had to be something "special" about him you assumed. Of course, that was just an assumption.

One thing was certain though, you for sure couldn't even trust your own neighbor now, not that you interacted with him much as was. However, you'd remain more wary of Shinsou for the time being even though it seemed that he may not even be much of a threat given that Bakugou didn't do anything at that given moment.

You were sure if your indigo haired neighbor had been of any threat, the ash blonde would have at least done something considering if something was at stake, you, then he'd had done something to deal with the problem given if something were to happen to you⁠—⁠from what he had said to you in explaining some things a few weeks ago—he'd be in deep trouble, and you knew he didn't want that.

Or . . . maybe you were actually worried about him. The thought seemed pretty out there for the most part given you had only known him for a few weeks as well as life with him wasn't all that great, to say the least.

Surely not sunshine and rainbows . . .

But you were⁠—deep down though it'd go unadmitted by yourself⁠—a 'caring' person and easily felt bad for others no matter the case even if you never vocalized it.

You could say you sympathized with him in a way. In one way or another, you both were kind of in the same situation, give or take. This arrangement had to be hard on him as well. Maybe not as hard as it probably was for you, but hard nevertheless. After all, he was basically stuck "babysitting" you in a sense. Not a term you wanted to use, but it was true for the most part if you looked at it and was probably the best word for it.

Though, for now, while getting back on the initial topic . . . you were curious as to why he had followed you into the kitchen, "Uh, Bakugou?" You called out as you peered up at him.

Hearing his name, the male looked over as his eyes soon widened ever so slightly. Bakugou had long forgotten where he had been when he was lost in his own thoughts trying to figure out something that seemed quite pointless to even bother trying to do so.

Seeing as you had grabbed his attention, you continued as you tilted your head to the side while looking up at him, "Why did you follow me in here?"

In an attempt to make a quick comeback, Bakugou opened his mouth to say something though instantly closed his mouth realizing he had absolutely no excuse as to why he had even come into the damn kitchen with you. Just now realizing he had basically subconsciously followed you without any real motive behind the action.

Why exactly had he fucking followed you here?

He continued to look down at you with knitted brows unsure how to exactly answer the question as he just looked at your face while you just patiently waited for a response. Though as he continued to look down at you, he could feel his heart quickening. This feeling causing his face to slightly scrunch up.

The longer he looked at you, the more it increased which also began to make another feeling bubble up inside of him. One that wasn't all that good; however, it was at least one he knew quite well snd didn't need to try and figure out. But on that note, he couldn't help the same questions he had had just the day before beginning to take over his mind once again, ones he couldn't answer.

What the hell was this feeling?!

What the hell even is going on?!

Why the fuck did he feel this way, now of all times and during the day before?!

Question upon question continued to fill his mind⁠—mostly just the ones he had thought about since yesterday⁠ as well as some new ones coming to mind—though he was unable to answer any single fucking one of them.

How could he when he didn't even understand this bullshit?

Ah yes, that was exactly what it was!


Complete and utter bullshit, and it all started yesterday. That's one fucking question down. Now for the thousands of others that needed a fucking answer. Which was something he couldn't find. At least not yet.

Though in reality, he knew that wasn't the exact word for this feeling. But that was the only word his mind could come up with, a word he completely agreed with at this fucking moment given the situation. Mostly for the fact that it had basically just popped up out of fucking nowhere.

As he yet again went into another deep thinking moment, your patience was starting to thin as you didn't figure it'd take this long to garner a response from the male. After all, it was just a simple question. In fact, you'd be fine with him just simply giving you an "I don't know" as a response at this point even though that really wasn't what you wanted to hear.

"Uh, Bakugou..?" As you did this his brow twitched though he didn't respond even after you waited for a moment, so you tried again, "Bakugou?" Yet again, the only response you managed to receive was a small twitch of his brow, it seemed as if he was becoming slightly agitated, either by you or from his thoughts that he appeared to be lost in.

"Uh, Baku–"

"I DON'T FUCKING KNOW! WHY THE FUCK DO YOU ASK SO MANY DAMN QUESTIONS?!" He leaned in towards your face as he yelled this which caused you to step back as much as you could, given there was a counter behind you, from not expecting this.

However, Bakugou's eyes widen⁠—more noticeable than his previous times he had done so⁠—as he took notice to how your own had widened as you just blinked up at him multiple of times while silently just looking at him as he basically did the same to you.

Though your face, as well as your body, soon relaxed before letting out a closed eye sigh. It was obvious that whatever he was thinking had caused him to be agitated as well as he didn't seem to mean to do the action though that still didn't change the fact he had yelled at you which was a first and something you never would have expected in all honesty even from him as he seemed to be somewhat, sometimes, pretty level headed and in control of himself from what you had garnered.

Though, perhaps you were mistaken on that.


With that, you lightly pushed him to the side⁠, but not after lightly patting his arm a few times as a gesture and he seemed to tense up a bit at it⁠, soon making your way upstairs to your bathroom to finish taking care of the scratches you had received from Yua.

Bakugou's eyes followed your form as you went out of the kitchen and soon to go up the stairs before disappearing up them; however, from the glimpse of your face, you didn't seem mad or anything as well as that small gesture you had done which proved that you weren't also.

He ran a hand through his ash blonde locks his eyes soon trailing to where you had tapped him on his raised arm, the feeling still ever so present. His skin "burning" in the area as well, not in a bad way, however. In fact, it was far from that.

He just couldn't fucking understand.

He soon lowered his arm slightly before gripping it with his other hand rather tightly as he continued to examine it, his face twisted into an off expression. His heart, like earlier as well as the day before, beating mildly faster than the average rate one's heart usually beat at.

What the absolute fuck was wrong with him?

However, what Bakugou did know was that he didn't like this feeling, not one fucking bit. Whatever the fuck it was.

As the ash blonde was basically having a "mid-life crisis" in your kitchen unbeknownst to you, you had made it to the bathroom while now reaching into your cabinet above your bathroom sink to get the bandages to wrap around your arm to hide the scratch marks that would no doubt remain for quite some time.

You leaned against the bathroom counter as you began to lightly wrap the bandage around your arm, a slight stinging sensation once again appearing through after the minor "abuse" you had previously put it through, though it wasn't as bad.

It didn't take long until you had completely covered the marks to your liking before cutting the end part of the bandage and placing the rest of it back into the cabinet above the sink with a sigh, soon heading back towards your room to only then fall on your bed in an exaggerated manner on your back as you looked up at the ceiling, your initial reason for going downstairs long forgotten by this point.

You hadn't expected Bakugou to "lash" out like that in all honesty. You knew he got agitated easily just by the way he spoke and such. But it was obvious there was something deep inside getting at him though to what it was, you had no idea nor planned to question him about it.

For now at least. That was if it didn't become a problem in the long run between both of you as it was obvious you both were going to be spending a long while with each other if something didn't happen or, even a change of mind.

But on the other note, you wouldn't stand for him constantly yelling at you, to say the least. After all, you hadn't done anything in deserving of it as well as you weren't going to be the 'punching bag' for angry lash outs. You had already had enough of that in your childhood, you didn't need another round . . . though the cause of them, you loved dearly still.

Thinking about that, You knew they were going through a lot at the time and it wasn't like it ever got physical anyways, thankfully. But emotionally it had taken its toll (and was probably the reason for why you are the way you are now); however, you had no ill will for them and never will. Though if you never saw them again, it wouldn't really hurt you, if you were being completely honest.

It was not like they came around much nowadays anyway but maybe it was for the better. They did, however, send occasional messages as well as helped you mildly financially (something you figured was, in a way, to make up for things) but that was about it if anything.

On another note, you already took the name-calling from the male that he seemed to use with about everyone he met, so it didn't feel as harsh as him actually yelling at you; however, lashing out was going too far.

But you also saw it from his point of view, in a sense anyway. After all, you had been thinking about it before you both even had the "conversation," if you could even call it that which brought you back to the thought that he was obviously taking this whole arrangement as hard as you were and that it was beginning to take its toll on him.

With this thought, you soon subconsciously lifted your hand up⁠—the one that had tapped Bakugou a few times⁠—as you looked at it. The feeling of his skin underneath your fingertips was still present, almost as if you were still touching him as you spoke (or thought). That was why you had done it, to show him you weren't necessarily "mad" at him for his little outburst.

You didn't know if he even cared or not, he probably didn't. But you felt better doing so as you were sure you got your point across with the small and short-lived gesture that you had done. But you figured even demons needed some closure sometimes in some situations, and this seemed like one of them.

With that being said and on an entirely different note . . . you'd reluctantly admit you had thought about sealing a deal here and there, especially after the little incident you had had a few weeks ago. You could only imagine what'd be in store for you in the future of your demon bound life.

But you still couldn't bring yourself to do it nor voice the thought. After all, it went against everything for you. There was no reason you'd give your soul up to a demon for whatever reason they'd want such a thing. However, that thought got you a tad bit curious.

What was the purpose of taking a human's soul?

You always knew that was a 'thing' for demons and has always been depicted in movies and such as well as it could go along the lines of common knowledge among people... And it was obviously true in a sense given the small snippets you had heard from Bakugou somewhat explaining his world to you.

But why was that..?

Why a human's soul?

What was so amazing about the human soul that a demon wanted it so badly?

Though as multiple questions began to enter your mind to just remained unanswered for now until you gained the courage to question the ash blonde, you phone vibrated on your nightstand multiple of times which snapped you away from your thoughts.

Getting up, you soon reached over to the device and picked it up to see multiple messages you had seemingly missed from being downstairs either from Uraraka, Jirou, and a few from Yaoyorozu as well as there appeared to be missed calls from them.

Blinking, you began to scroll through the multiple messages, more from a certain brunette than anyone and her's also seemingly more urgent than the other's though they all were basically the same:

'(Last Name)-chan, please reply back fast!' multiple times all the way down though in different ways.

Jirou's being '(Last Name)-chan, please reply back soon.' along with 'It's urgent.' only once . . . it seemed pretty typical of her.

Then Yaoyorozu who's time frame of messaging you was quite a bit after their's⁠—⁠probably having just heard about whatever was going on between the group and was the last one asked in hopes to maybe actually get ahold of you—with: '(Last Name)-chan, this is important, so please reply or call back one of us soon whenever you can.'

You even went as far as to check if Ashido had sent you anything; however, it appeared the pinkette hadn't as a message dated a few days back was still present on the screen which surprised you as usually if one messaged you, everyone would follow behind . . . something that was a common occurrence during your time with them.

You frowned as you blinked down at your phone. It was obviously important and you should message or call one of them back. Deciding to message Uraraka as she seemed the most out of sorts in the matter than the rest of them, you sent her a small message of 'What is it?' before waiting a few minutes for her reply as you figured it probably wouldn't take her long.

As expected, not long after you had sent the message had your phone vibrated once more, the messaging popping on screen as you instantly read it. Your eyes soon widened from it as you quickly jumped up from your bed before heading towards your closet to change into some better clothes to go out in after having just thrown your phone on your bed.

After getting dressed in better clothes, you quickly dashed out of your room while leaving your phone on with the unreplied text message lying on your bed:

'We need you to come to the hospital.bIt's about Ashido. Please hurry.'

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