Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

There's no Denying That It's My Fault

The stares of many people could be felt on you as you continued to run from your house though you didn't care one bit. Besides, you had eventually started going into a less crowded area, soon realizing you had missed a metro stop that would have been faster, even a bus stop would be.

You hadn't been running long, however. Maybe just five minutes at most. In fact, you wondered even if that. But it didn't matter. You needed to get to the required destination mentioned by Uraraka asap. After all, you didn't know how bad it was and you didn't know how much time you had though you hoped time wasn't an issue.

But before long, you were instantly snapped from your worried adrenalin-filled rush to get where you needed to be as well as a mind full of worry. You failed to realize the sudden appearance of a certain ash blonde pop up as you bumped into him and instantly stumbling back slightly (thank goodness no one was present to see any longer); however, before you could fall on your rear, he had quickly gripped your hand, stopping you from doing so.

Your face lightly flushed from the odd contact though it quickly went away going unnoticed by the both of you as you just blinked up at the male while still breathing heavily, not uttering a word.

You hadn't expected him to appear, especially not after earlier, even if the situation hadn't been too bad. Then again, you also knew he still had a "job" to do no matter the situation or how he was feeling of you for that matter.

As you remained silent, Bakugou just looked down at you without so much as bothering to actually fixate you on your feet. He didn't know why, but the feeling he had finally managed to bubble down only seconds earlier before coming to you, had begun to rise once more while the hand that was making contact with your own started to burn with a weird sensation as it had earlier when you had lightly touched him.

Though not wanting a repeat of what had happened earlier, he quickly jerked you back up almost causing you to stumble forward this time though he stopped that as he pressed a hand on your shoulder to keep you from slamming into him as you had done only seconds prior before quickly removing both from you while he furrowed his brows.

No one spoke, however. Most likely for the fact that one of you were hoping for the other to start, but it seemed neither wanted to be the starter of a conversation while the both of you just looked at one another . . .

Waiting . . .

But you knew you probably didn't have time to be playing this "game." So in reluctance on your end, you began to say his name, "Baku–"

"Where the hell are you going off to?" He soon cut you off.

The strain in his words didn't go unnoticed by you though. It was obvious he was trying to control himself . . . to control himself from having another outburst. As odd as that may sound as well as it was obvious currently being in front of you at the moment was a huge struggle for him. Something he probably wouldn't even verbally admit.

"I . . ." Your eyes wandered to the ground as the text you had received flashed in your mind, lightly cringing before looking back up at him, "I'm going to the hospital." He raised a brow though you quickly came back in, "My friend, Ashido . . . she's in the hospital."

Bakugou's face went back to normal as you said this, almost in a relieved manner though this went unnoticed by you before you quickly started back up (though speed walking) towards the hospital; however, before you could make it very far, he, in great reluctance on his end, grabbed your arm which caused you to stop as you soon looked back at him.

Though before you could say anything, he quickly let go of your arm and spoke up, "Where the hell is the damn hospital?"

It wasn't like he hadn't been here before. Of course he had, but it had been quite a long time since he had been here. And a long fucking time it was. Plus, he didn't care too much about this world. After all, his home was Hell and he tended to focus more there than this shit hole.

Of course, the human world did have its perks, he'll admit. But not enough to make it as fully enjoyable as Hell was—if he could even say that it was enjoyable an enjoyable place anyway.

But he will say that the human world was less strenuous and more carefree, per se⁠ . . . or . . . as long as "jobs" needn't be done unlike that of being stuck here by a shitty pact summon gone wrong.

Hell had too many rules to be relaxing. A lot of the rules that were in place there went slack once in the human world. Aside from a few, of course.

With that saie, however. He had actually never really been in the human world for anything but a 'job' to carry out besides a few occasions so he never really bothered to get super familiar with certain locations. But the human world was always changing even if he did bother.

Who knew when he'd actually next visit the place in a casual way? There was no telling what new things would be in place of that of whatever the shitty humans came up with or what had been demolished or shut down. So there was no point in keeping everywhere in mind.

You blinked before hesitantly asking a question, "Where..?"

He clicked his tongue, "Just answer the damn question."

You looked at him for a moment. It'd probably be best to answer him, you didn't need to be held back much longer and needed to go to the hospital as soon as possible, "Well . . . it's actually quite far from here. Maybe a few hours from the school, so that'd be maybe . . ." You trailed off, "But on foot, it's way, way, way longer."

As you said this, you realized that maybe you should have taken the metro after all. Though, in your defense, you had been so worked up, your mind hadn't been working at its best capabilities.

Of course, you weren't too far from a metro station, but you were unsure what time it was as well as if there was even one ready to take off. However, the wait would still most likely be less than going on foot.

With a sigh, you knew the closest station was the obvious one you had passed only minutes ago. And with your luck, you knew a metro train wouldn't be conveniently waiting for your arrival and you'd most likely have to wait for a little while.

As you were in thought, Bakugou was also in thought. He didn't know why, but he oddly had a strange urge to help your sorry ass get to where you needed to go. The pure thought of the word "help" made him cringe as he wasn't really the type to be very helpful if it didn't benefit him in some damn way.

He was a fucking demon after all.

Demons weren't meant to be helpful creatures . . . to an extent.

Though He felt that he fucking owed you, at least for the little outburst he had had earlier in a way. Plus, the quicker you got there, the less time you'd be spending outside (which was quite risky) as well as the less time he had to follow you about and go back to just sitting on the couch.

Which was odd he even fucking wanted to do that.

If he was being completely honest, he really wasn't one to just lie around and do nothing like he had been doing. He liked being active, or at least not staying in one spot for extended periods of time. However, the time he had been stuck babysitting you, he had honestly felt mildly drained of his energy which was odd as well. In all of his time, he had never once felt as drained as he had since being here.

Raising his hand slightly, Bakugou looked down at it with furrowed brows. He knew that being in the human world for extended periods of time could weaken demons.

For an average demon anyway.

He furrowed his brows. This left the option that perhaps this summon had to do something with it. After all, the circumstances as well as how the summon played out was beyond what could be considered normal.

However, if he was correct on the fact that he was, by some off chance, being "drained," then this could end up becoming yet another problem to add onto the already extending list of ones popping up as the time went by these past few weeks as well as others that he probably didn't even fucking know about.

Squeezing his fist, he soon lowered his hand as he looked back at you who seemed to still be in deep thought. Probably about what you were planning to do. Though this was short-lived as you looked past him.

Making your decision after a little thought, you began speed walking back from where you had come from in hopes to hurry and that there was maybe a train there. Bakugou looked at you for a moment as you started to move away as he began to have an inside battle with himself to do or not to do what he had considered.

But with the pros versus the almost nonexistent cons of the action (the main one being him having to touch you which was something he didn't really want to do), it seemed the option to do it seemed more appealing in every means.

In great reluctance, Bakugou appeared in front of you causing you to almost bump into him once again though you managed to stop yourself before giving him a weird look; however, you didn't really even have time to do so as he instantly gripped your arm rather roughly.

Before you could even manage to say anything, the area around you had instantly changed into one you were mildly familiar with.

Just as it had, Bakugou instantly let go of your arm. You, however, remained frozen as you just continuously blinked in front of you though not really looking at him while he seemed to have somewhat backed away from you . . . though you soon began to look around while still rapidly blinking soon taken full notice at to where exactly you both were . . .

"The hospital..?"

"Where the fuck else?" Bakugou grumbled while crossing his arms as he looked to the side, "This is where you needed to fucking go, wasn't it?"

This caused you to stop and look at him with knitted brows, "... Well, yes. But . . . but how..?"

Though it soon clicked as to how he had, it wasn't like this was anything new. He had most definitely used his ability to appear anywhere he wanted to. After all, he had done this a multitude of times; however, this was your first time doing so with him (or so you thought, having no recollection of when he had done so when you had gotten your energy drained that day).

"You used your–"

Your words stopped once you heard the sound of a bottle of some kind drop as you looked in the direction of it as did he when he turned his head, soon taking notice of Uraraka standing there, "(Last Name)-chan?"

"Uraraka . . ."

Her eyes widened slightly as if she hadn't been expecting you even though she was the one to have asked you to hurry along though they soon reverted back to normal as she then quickly made her way over towards you, soon grabbing your shoulders.

"I'm so glad you made it!" She started though she soon tilted her head, "Wait . . . How did you get here so fast? Were you already in the area?"


It soon dawned on you that that was probably why she has given you a weird look. She did know you lived quite a bit of ways from Hosu City, two hours or so, so it would be odd for you to get here so quickly if you had been at your home.

"Yeah. I-I was nearby, doing some . . . some shopping." You gave her a strained smile in hopes she'd fall for the lie.

As you said this, Bakugou seemed to blow air from his nose in amusement. In all honesty, you didn't blame him for that. Why would you come all the way to Hosu to shop? It seemed rather inconvenient to take such a long trip when there were more convenient areas in Musutafu, some even better than here.

Perhaps you should have sade to visit relatives⁠—⁠you did have some from your mother's side here—or something at least a tad bit more believable. However, she seemed to ponder this for a moment, before nodding a little bit.

"Oh, ok . . ." Uraraka paused for a moment, her face soon drooping, "But, uh." She began to squirm about in her spot, not finishing her sentence.

After a few more seconds of silence, you decided to drop the question that has been running through your mind, "How's . . . how's Ashido..?"

Uraraka jumped a bit as she looked at you wide-eyed though she soon furrowed her brows as she clasped her hands together in front of her as she tried to choose her words carefully. Your question also seemed to grab Bakugou's attention.

It made much more sense now as to why you had wanted to come all the way over here to the damn hospital. It seemed something had happened to your annoying friend. Though this caused his own brows to furrow as he thought more on it. It did seem a bit odd.

After all, the girl seemed perfectly fine and, from what he could minorly sense from having been around her, she seemed perfectly healthy . . . or, well, he figured she had been at least. He couldn't sense her very clearly for some odd reason, not that he actually bothered to even try. She was no concern of his.

She already proved to be normal from the few times he had been around her. Though he'd admit she was a tad bit more annoying than she usually was as well as a bit more excitable, but that didn't raise any health concerns.

However, that did leave another option to be explored. After all, she was your fucking friend and around you quite a bit. Enough to become noticed.

"She was found late last night... Or maybe early this morning, in an alleyway knocked out cold." The mention of an alleyway made your eyes widen as you remembered that you had basically seen her off near one, "H-Her parents got worried because she didn't make it home at her usual time, and didn't get in touch with them saying she'd be late . . ." She paused for a moment.

". . . So they . . . so they called the cops. Thankfully she was found rather quickly as you can see." She squirmed a bit in her spot, "Yao-Momo was the one to tell us about it. Because, you know . . ."

It didn't surprise you Yaoyorozu would know. After all, her parents did work here, and you were sure they knew of Ashido and that she and Yaoyorozu were friends. So it didn't strike it as odd that Mrs. Or Mr. Yaoyorozu would mention it to her.

"I see. So she was found at the alleyway near her home..?"

"Huh?" Uraraka blinked a few times, "No, the alleyway was quite a bit of ways from where she lived. At least thirty minutes."

It was now your turn to become a bit shocked by this. You recalled Ashido mentioning that that was where she lived. You didn't know very much about her, so you didn't really question it more at the time and just took her word for it. Now it seemed you should have.

You felt mildly responsible for allowing her to go; however, she went on her own accord, so it really wasn't your fault you hadn't bothered to question her more on it. And you didn't figure her to be much of a liar, at least not for unnecessary things like that . . . not to you, even if you both weren't the closest of friends.

"I see." You mumbled while looking down, not bothering to voice your own thoughts as you felt it better not to, at least not now.

It remained silent for a moment before Uraraka decided to speak up, her tone a bit more lighthearted in hopes to lighten the mood, "Uh. B-But she's up now!"

This caused you to look up, "Really?"

She nodded, "But . . ." She paused for a second as she regained her previous facial expression, "She doesn't remember anything about yesterday. Or the day prior. But other than the small memory loss, she's . . . she's fine."

This caused you to frown as you knitted your brows together, there went your plan to question her or to at least do so soon. But you figured for the best. Something seemed odd about the situation, that much was certain.

"I'll take you to her!" Uraraka soon blurted as you were thinking this, no doubt seeing the facial expression you were making, before quickly coming behind you and starting to push you towards what you could assume to be Ashido's room.

Once she had pushed you a few feet in front of you and seeing as you were now walking on your own, she soon stopped and came beside you, "Her room is a little ways from here."

You didn't utter a word as you followed a few inches behind her as she led you down the hospital corridor with Bakugou following close behind yourself. It didn't take much longer for you three to arrive, as Uraraka soon stopped in front of a room.

The obvious excitable voice of Ashido could be heard coming from within along with a seemingly bored Jirou who just seemed to give a few "uh-huh's," sounding more like humming as it was hard to hear the exact things both were saying, here and there from what you could hear behind the door.

Uraraka soon opened the door the chatter⁠—⁠mostly from Ashido's end—inside didn't stop, however, as she soon entered though she stopped as she looked back at you in a way to tell you to come in, which you did slowly with Bakugou still following close behind you.

As you had entered, your eyes instantly landed on the pinkette who didn't seem to have noticed you yet. You let out a quiet sigh upon seeing she was just about perfectly fine physically besides a medium-sized bruise by the side of her face that didn't look too bad which was probably from falling from passing out from what you could guess.

Bakugou also looked over towards the girl as you did, him instantly frowning. There was something different about her compared to the day before, something about the aura she gave off as well as he could sense her a lot better.

As he had thought earlier, he hadn't thought much of the little change since, in all honesty, she wasn't of his concern, but it was obvious something was off of the situation... And he didn't like where it was beginning to point to.

"(Last Name)-chan." Jirou soon called upon taken notice of you who was still somewhat in front of the doorway, soon causing Ashido to look over as well.

"(Last Name)-chan!" Ashido said with somewhat wide eyes.


Her face soon reverted back to her normal happy expression, "Didn't expect to see you here, or well for you to come all the way. I know it's pretty far, like two hours."

You gave her a strained smile, "Yeah. I . . . I was in the area and Uraraka, Jirou, and Yaoyorozu messaged me that you were here. So . . . So I decided to come see you . . ." You paused for a second, "But I'd've come even if I hadn't been."

After you said this you looked around, soon taking notice that Yaoyorozu wasn't anywhere in the room considering she hadn't said a word or came beside you as she'd usually do when you came around to the group.

Ashido taking notice of this spoke, "Yao-Momo left some time ago. She said she had some business to take care of. Whatever that is." She soon went into a pout state, "She never hangs with us anymore like she used to."

"She probably has to study for a test even though I doubt she really needs to. But you know how she is with school." Jirou stated.

"Jirou-chan is probably right." Uraraka came in with a strained smile though she did find it odd about the change in her schedule as she wasn't really one to cut off meetings, even if she had big tests coming as well as it wasn't like her to be so 'out of touch' like she had been.

"Right she is.~" A familiar voice rang while whoever it was placed a hand on top of your head to ruffle your hair though they frowned as they did so but quickly returned to their happy demeanor.

This caused you to tense up a little at the sudden unexpected contact before turning and look behind you⁠—as did everyone else in the room⁠—and soon relax upon taking in the form of Mrs. Yaoyorozu.

"Yaoyorozu-san." You mumbled as you shrunk a bit.

"It's been quite a while hasn't it, (First Name)?" She looked down at you with a closed eye smile.

You hadn't seen Mrs. Yaoyorozu in a while, nor bothered to actually visit the Yaoyorozu estate even though you and Yaoyorozu were quite close friends though that wasn't odd. You had mainly only gone to their home when you were younger to get away from the craziness from your own home which they didn't seem to have minded in the slightest.

In fact, they had always welcomed you with open arms, allowing you to do as pleased and sometimes treating you as if you were one of their own; however, as you got older and time passed, you had started going over less and less until eventually you stopped altogether while keeping only minimum contact with them, mostly just Yaoyorozu for the fact you both went to school together.

This was more so for the fact that you had been creating a shell for yourself while blocking most of yourself off from everyone as well as you didn't want to continue relying on them as you felt it wrong to do so even if they always said it was no trouble at all to.

On another note, from being so worried about Ashido's current state, you had forgotten Mrs. Yaoyorozu worked here and that there was a big possibility you'd run into her.

"Yes. It has."

With one last smile, she soon removing her hand on top of your head and began walking over towards Ashido with her clipboard causing her to sit up straight in the bed with her hands clasping together, her demeanor changing to a more serious state, while everyone in the room eyed Mrs. Yaoyorozu, especially Bakugou after the small exchange the both of you and that woman had.

He could sense a familiarity from her and she looked similar to someone as well. Like your . . . this thought caused his eyes to widen slightly in realization and for him to soon glare at the woman. No wonder she did. It was obvious this woman had relations with your little friend which he could easily assume to being the mother given the uncanny resemblance in energy and looks.

This perfectly explained why she called you by your first name as well as the way your tone had changed compared to other people you usually communicate with as well as your odd use of honorifics.

It seemed you held her to some high regard for some damn reason or another⁠, a reason he wasn't going to question as it was none of his fucking business and he wasn't going to get too deep into your personal life even though some odd part of him did want to know this information.

Mrs. Yaoyorozu looked back at you all a frown coming but going as quickly as it came as she regained her neutral expression, "I'd usually have to say you all would have to leave the room, but you all seem pretty close so I'll allow you all to remain. I'm sure she wouldn't mind." She stated before looking back towards Ashido as she nodded back to her words and continued on, "Alright, Ashido."

She began to flip through the pages of the clipboard in hand before looking up at the pinkette, "Everything looks good physically wise besides that bruise on the side of your head, but that should go away with time. However, your memory loss, that's another story . . ." She frowned as she paused for a second.

"I'm sure you still have no recollection of the past few days?" This caused Ashido to shake her head while Mrs. Yayorozu sighed, "In that case, I'm unsure what caused it considering your scans came back fine and there appear to be no abnormalities present in any of them." She furrowed her brows for a second before regaining a smile and looking at the pink haired girl.

"I'd like to keep you for a few more days to continue running small tests. Nothing major." She started, "But once I see everything is perfectly fine, which I'm sure all is, you'll be free to go home to your . . ." She paused to look around, taking notice of the lack of Ashido's parents.

"Oh, they left earlier, work called them both in. They insisted on staying, but I pushed them to go." Ashido gave a big closed eyes smile.

Mrs. Yaoyorozu sighed before smiling back at the girl, "I see. Well, that's all I wanted to really discuss with you." With that, she started walking towards the door, soon stopping once she had made it back beside you, "I'll come back to check on you in about thirty minutes or so. Until then, sit tight, and don't do anything to overexert yourself."

Ashido raised her arm and gave her a salute while placing her other arm to her chest in a dramatic way, "Yes, ma'am!"

With that, the other girls in the room began to walk towards Ashido as she soon began to blabber about random things once more, seemingly not too upset with the news of her having to stay a little longer in the hospital nor worried about her still lost memories.

Mrs. Yayorozu sighed while shaking her head at the sight once walking a little bit of ways from wear the pinkette laid though soon stopped as she looked over towards you, or more so behind you, her smile falling. Feeling her stare, you soon looked over towards⁠ her—⁠Bakugou constantly having been trained on her form, however—as she soon regained a smile.

"You should come by some time. We'd love to have you." Her smiled remained as she said these words though her eyes didn't seem to be directly on you, but you didn't think too much on it though Bakugou sure did notice, "It'd be like old times. I sure Momo would love to have you over, too."

You tensed slightly, having not expected such an offer, "Uh. I . . ." Looking to the side, you began to fidget a bit in your spot though soon looked back towards her with a strained closed eyed smile, "I don't know."

"I see. Well, you know you're always welcome any time . . ." She paused as she appeared to take a quick glance at the clock on the room wall before frowning, "Well, I have to get going, I need to settle some paperwork as well as check in on other patients. It was nice seeing you, (First Name). Hopefully, we'll get to see each other sometime soon."

Glancing behind you once more, she soon smiled towards you before going on her way to do her job as you just mindlessly watched for a few seconds. You soon began to walk out the door yourself to follow her though soon stopped once you had walked a little ways out of the room.

Letting out a sigh, you soon turned but didn't move as you looked past the opened door of Ashido's room as she continued chatting away with the two other girls, an undesirable feeling making way in the pit of your stomach. Bakugou just standing beside you silently as well, seemingly lost in his own little thoughts.

Something felt off; however, you couldn't put your finger on it. Then again, almost everything felt off nowadays since you had summoned a demon, Bakugou, into your life by accident. It was honestly hard to fully know if something was actually off or not.

However, Ashido's situation felt wrong. The nature of it just didn't seem . . . Normal. Or at least to you it didn't. The more you thought about it, the more it was becoming painfully obvious that something had to be up.

That was when Bakugou's words near the beginning came flooding back into your mind of how just being around you, your friends were just a susceptible as you were to the supernatural demonic entity. You couldn't help but wonder, could this be the cause of Ashido's "harm?"

Your brows furrowed at the thought. It seemed like a plausible answer to the randomness of it all as well as the odd memory loss she was experiencing, or you could guess that could be part of the reason for that.

With the thought now brooding over in your mind, you couldn't help but start feeling mildly responsible for Ashido's condition. If you hadn't continued to hang around them⁠—even with the small efforts you had made to steer clear a bit more⁠ in hopes to avoid the possible outcome though it somewhat having had been forgotten along the way with so much happening and you unable to keep up—maybe she'd be alright.

Of course . . .

You glanced over at Bakugou who was still staring in the direction of where Mrs. Yaoyorozu had disappeared. There was always the option of you making a deal with him. However, you knew deep down you could never really go through with it, no matter how long you actually have had this thought.

Squeezing your fists, you soon turned towards the direction you had come from with Uraraka before soon walking back, not bothering to tell the three girls you were leaving as you saw for the best as well as you assumed they wouldn't miss you if you weren't there.

Hearing you start walking, Bakugou snapped from his own thoughts and instantly turned back to see you trudging along the hallway, no doubt making your way out of the hospital. He could tell by your body language that you had taken notice of the possibility that he, himself, had thought about.

Glancing back to where Mrs. Yaoyorozu had turned down the hall and disappeared, he gave a small glare before putting his hands in his pockets and reluctantly turning around himself as he soon began walking to catch up with you.

However, unbeknownst to the both of you, or at least you, Mrs. Yaoyorozu hadn't made way to her office. Instead, she had stopped once she had turned the corner. Sensing your presence get farther, she soon peeked from behind the corner, her eyes soon landing on what she had seen when she first walked into the room.

She couldn't exactly tell what it was as it was mostly a shadowy-like thing to her eyes; however, she knew it wasn't good as the level of power she could sense from it was far beyond what she had expected.

"Momo was right on her feeling of (First Name) it seems." She mumbled to herself as she continued to watch before you had soon turned a corner yourself as well as the shadowy figure following closely behind.

It wasn't that she had doubted her own daughter who had told her of all of this during their little training sessions together in hopes to hone her skills, but Momo was still new to her powers. So they couldn't always be one hundred percent reliable in the end.

But without knowing exactly what was⁠ (seemingly to her⁠) "leeching" off of you, there wasn't much she could really do since different things all had different means of getting rid of them. She frowned as she continued to stand in the same spot, not minding all the stares she got from workers who were confused though didn't bother to question her.

For now, all Mrs. Yaoyorozu could do was watch from the sidelines until she figured out what was exactly 'leeching' off of you so she could, in hopes, deal with the situation before something extremely bad happened to you. That was . . . if she would even be capable of doing so. Which she hoped she could.

Though she wasn't the only one hoping to hurridly deal with the problem. There was, of course, another person who desperately wanted to deal with, maybe even more so than her. But he was also limited to what he could do at the moment.

However, it was becoming apparent, he would be able to soon take action as it seemed his 'companion' was obviously not suited to take the full initiative of the job as he was.

Todoroki glared down at the city on top of the roof of a random building he currently was on top of as he clenched his gloved fists.

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