Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

When Midnight Strikes

The sound of water dripping from the dimly lit cave was met by the ears of Toga as she entered the area.

It had taken her a few days to get here because she had used up a lot of her power with the transformation of the pink haired girl when she had been on earth and couldn't use her teleportation ability just yet as she had yet to regain enough of her power to do so, something she wasn't too keen about. But it was her job to report back to her boss no matter what after all.

Though there was also the possibility he wasn't even here yet or maybe not even be. She had sent out a message to his second in command with the little bit of power she had left after arriving back in hell. But if he had gotten it and had given it to him, that part was up in the air. And with the chance he didn't receive it, then two days would have been wasted on her end.

However, she doubted that he wouldn't be here. After all, his second in command was a very orderly demon and liked to get things done properly. With a bored sigh, she continued walking in the cave that was their normal meeting place for "business matters" such as these.

It didn't take her long to soon spot a figure sitting on top of a random rock placed near the right wall of the cave while they seemed to be scratching their neck as well as it didn't take whoever long to take notice of her either while she walked towards them, "It took you long enough."

This caused Toga to glare lightly and stick out her bottom lip slightly at the obvious male voice that she knew all too well as she slowed her pace a bit at his words though soon another almost shadowy-like figure appeared, one that didn't have a defined shape; however, it was obvious another demon of sorts given this was hell after all and only demons resided here.

"Now, Shigaraki, you must understand that Toga here is more than likely drained from her extensive stay at the human world." The shadowy-like figure soon turned more person-shaped wearing a suit with a tie and a metal brace around his neck though remained slightly shadowrized, mainly his face and any of the peaking body parts, as he stepped forward slightly.

Shigaraki turned slightly to face Toga as she soon stopped once she was a few feet from him and examined her for a second before looking back in front of him as he scratched his neck a few more times while he seemed to ponder what the other male had said for a moment.

"I suppose you're right, Kurogiri." He didn't seem too thrilled as he agreed, but he knew not all demons were as suitable to long earth stays or able to last as some were, "So you have good news?"

Toga's annoyed expression changed as she smirked and raised clenched fists up in front of her, "Yes! In fact, better than good!~"


She took this as a cue to continue, "We found the source! Not that it was hard to do given the sudden surge as you know!~" Her face flushed as your image crossed her mind and started to hop from one foot to the other, "But you'll never believe what caused it!~"

Shigaraki raised a brow as he glanced over at her, the smirk that he had gained as she had said the first sentence disappeared, not really liking where she was going with this, "And what might that be?"

"Well." She started while ceasing her movements and lowering one hand down as she placed the finger of her other to her cheek, "It seems he is somewhat involved. I'm guessing a pact summon." This caused Shigaraki's eyes to momentarily widen though they soon went back to normal as he went into thought.

"A protection one maybe since he appears to be hovering around her." After she said this, she wrapped her arms around herself and began to hug herself as a blush, once again, made way to her cheeks, "And did I forget to mention the one we're after is a girl? She's soooooo cute.~"

The rest of Toga's words didn't make it to Shigaraki as he was lost in thought with a more important matter before soon looking over at the ash blonde girl and interrupting her doting on you, "And how is some of this considered good?"

This caused her to stop her little action as she smirked over towards him, "Well. Contrary to how it sounds, he should be no problem at all.~"

"And what makes you say that, Toga?" Kurogiri decided to finally come in after having been silent the whole time.

"Well." She began to smirk, "It seems being in the human world has weakened him significantly.~"

Her words appeared to pique Shigaraki's interest, "That doesn't sound possible." He started, "He's one of them. Being in the human world, even when having what happened to him happen, there's no way he'd be weak already or at all."

"Shigaraki's right." Kurogiri came in, "And even so, it should naturally take him years upon years to achieve a weakened state."

"Even I thought it was a little odd how weak he has gotten so weak." She started though was soon cut off.

"He was probably just keeping his energy level low so no one would sense him." Shigaraki began to scratch his neck, obviously getting frustrated with this useless 'argument.'

"No, no, no." Toga said in hopes to get the two to listen and believe her, "He appeared to not be able to sense me at all. I found it odd since my power still lets off just enough demonic energy when used to be sensed by others, especially someone of his standing. At first, I thought he was ignoring my presence until we got to a more secluded area. But even when we were all alone together as well as when being around each other for a long time, he didn't seem to notice me still. Nor seemed to be alarmed by my presence." She said this almost sadly while looking down but soon looked back up, "But after the way he looked at her⁠–"

"Her?" Shigaraki's words caused Toga to stick out her bottom lip at realizing he hadn't paid attention to her when she had mentioned it.

"Yes. It seems the one we are after is a female." Kurogiri stated, having listened to all of Toga's words.

This caused the other male's eyes to widen for a second before he smirked in mild amusement upon realizing what the ash blonde girl was insinuating through her words, "I see. So you're telling me . . ."

Toga began to nod vigorously as she picked up on his train of thought, "That's exactly what I'm telling you!~"

Poor Kurogiri, however, remained silent as he was a tad bit lost of what the two were getting at. He may have been an 'older' demon, but he wasn't really one to keep continuous tabs on certain things that weren't important to whatever Shigaraki was after since he basically only was involved or worried about things that dealt with the other male.

"Well, that is some news. Heh." Shigaraki stated as he looked ahead with a smirk still plastered on his face, "And here I thought it was just a rumor."

"I thought so, too!~" She smiled, "But after what I saw, it can't be anything else.~"

"Hmm." He pondered for a moment, "We should still consider it a rumor until we have no doubt it's actually true. But . . ." He paused, "Is that all you wanted to tell me?"

Toga nodded though soon stopped upon realizing something, "Well, actually. There's apparently one of them in the area."

"I figured as much." Shigaraki frowned but didn't seem too surprised by her words, "Though they shouldn't be too much of a problem, especially if it's just one of them. With that said . . ." He looked over at the girl, "I want you to keep a close eye on them. If what you're saying is true, it shouldn't be too hard to keep your cover if he can't sense you."

Her eyes widened slightly, "But my energy will–"

"You won't have to worry about that." He cut her off and looked over at the other male beside him, "Kurogiri."

"Yes, Shigaraki." The shadowy demon pulled a bag from practically out of nowhere before walking towards the ash blonde girl and handing it to here, soon going back to where he had been.

Toga blinked at it for a moment before opening it, her eyes widening as she took notice of what was inside, "This . . ."

"If you need more, you can contact the warlock, Sako Atsuhiro." Kurogiri stated.

She picked up the item, it was almost pure white and glowing though it did have a greyish tint-like look to it which soon, began to dull even more as she continued to hold it before it completely turned a dullish grey color and no longer glowed as it had before.

"Wait. A warlock?" She tilted her head as she looked up after having finished one of the objects that were in the bag having just processed his words, "Why does a warlock have these?"

"He owes me a favor." Shigaraki started, "So, as that favor, I asked that he keep some of them on hand in the human world for occasions like these and because I already had a plan in mind. His ability comes in handy for storing them and keeping them hidden. But that should last you a good while."

Toga shrugged as she closed the bag before looking back at the male, "Well, if that's all, I'll get going!~ I can't wait to see her again!~" With that along with a few more remarks of how you were so adorable and all that, she instantly spun around with her arms out to the sides of her before disappearing to continue and start the (new) job she was given.

With Toga gone, it left only Kurogiri and Shigaraki together as they remained in silence; however, the shadowy-like male soon looked over, curiosity having had taken over him from the conversation the two other demons had only minutes before.

"If I may inquire . . ." He started gaining the other male's attention, "What exactly were the two of you referring to earlier by the rumor?"

This caused Shigaraki to begin smirking again, "It's nothing to worry about, it's just a rumor after all." He frowned for a moment though his smirk soon returned, "But one I can have a little fun with if it does so happen to be true."


His smirk widened as he leaned quite far to the side, "I can watch him possibly 'crumble' at my very fingertips while achieving my goal. Two birds with one stone." With those words, he soon lifted himself off the rock he was on top of as he soon began walking into the darker area of the cave, "Come, Kurogiri, we shouldn't waste time." Shigraki's smirk widened even more (if that was possible at this point), "My plan is finally falling into place." With those words, he soon disappeared leaving the other male by himself.

Kurogiri just stared at the dark area for a moment before replying, "yes." With that, he, too, soon disappeared.

However, the little group had failed to notice that the apparently abandoned cave was not abandoned at all. In fact, a certain other demon had been watching some of the exchange, mostly the end part, after they had awoken from a nap⁠—not that demons needed them but some did like to indulge in human-like behavior here and there.

"It seems this is getting even more out of hand." They mumbled as they glared down at where the group had once been.

In most cases, the group probably would have noticed them. But they were far above the group's natural ranking in the demon system, so it was no surprise that they hadn't taken notice of them sleeping nearby. The demon lazily got up while pondering what action they should take.

They could be nice. After all, allowing the group to continue on with their plan would be bad for everyone in the end, especially if the group they had seen was the group that had been rumored about for quite some time. Though there was no doubt in their mind it was the group given that it was obvious what they were after.

They couldn't blame them, however. They had been after it, too, in a sense at least. But had decided to steer clear given the circumstances that could arise if they had been successful in the end.

"What to do, what to do. Hmm." They crossed their arms as they stood in thought.

They could easily intervene and this should sufficiently keep the group at bay for a little while though they also didn't know who was all apart of the group. They may be of higher ranking, but that didn't mean they were completely invincible to their power. Of course, that did give them an upper hand to the group.

Or . . .

Then there was the option to not even bother getting involved in the mess that was starting to sprout up. It seemed the most ideal option now since they had little to go on. But in the long run, would it be?

Thinking more about it, it soon became apparent that doing nothing in the situation had more cons than pros and would be the lesser of the two options they had in front of them.

However, there was still the problem that they didn't want to directly get involved. After all, they didn't gain anything from it and demons weren't really considered the nice type (though in the end when it came down to it, that didn't matter to them much).

"Hmm." They tapped their chin before their eyes widened before returning back to normal and they licked their lips with a small smirk, "Yes, that could do. Yes . . . I suppose I could do that. I'm sure he wouldn't mind, not that he wouldn't do it anyway."

Without much more thought, they soon disappeared before reappearing to a more open area, one they knew quite well given it was their designated assigned area in hell. They looked around for a moment, their eyes soon landing on exactly what, more so who, they were after.

They wasted no time in appearing closer to where the sound asleep blonde haired demon laid, "Get up." They commanded though were greeted with silence and stillness causing them to frown, "Get up." Though they were greeted with the same response or lack thereof.

Glaring down at the sleeping male, they soon lifted their leg up to only quickly bring it down on the other demon with extreme force, "I said get up!" The heel of their shoe pierced the demon's back as this did successfully awaken them with a jolt and grunt of pain.

"I'M UP! I'M UP!" The male yelled out in hopes to finally get whoever was stepping on him to get off.

Hearing this, they reluctantly remove their foot from the back of the male who instantly stood up rubbing his back in pain, "Took you long enough."

"Why the he–" Though upon taking notice of who the demon that had done this to him was, he instantly stopped the crude sentence and gulped as a small blush made way to his cheeks as he looked at the voluptuous woman in front of him, "U-Uh, Midnight. Heh . . . I didn't know you were–"

"I need you to do something for me, Kaminari." Midnight plainly stated as she cut the male off, a smirk making way to her face, "A job . . . and you're the only incubus for the job."

This caused Kaminari's eyes to widen at her words, the blush on his face disappearing, "The only . . . a job..?"

It wasn't every day he got asked to do something, especially from the top leader of the succubi and incubi demon group. Mainly for the fact he wasn't trusted to deal with many things given his track record with jobs over the many centuries he had been alive. So this was something new.

Somewhat excited of this, he instantly stood up and saluted, "And what is this job?"

She looked to the side as she placed a hand to her cheek, "Well, I'm unsure if you can handle it, in all honesty. It involves being in the human world, so–"

"I can handle anything!" The blonde haired incubus quickly shouted, "Even in the human world!"

This caused her smirk to widen as she turned to face Kaminari, "Well . . . what I need you to do is quite simple But I need you to listen carefully to every detail I say."

As Midnight said this, she could only hope with what she was about to tell this somewhat idiotic incubus of hers, that he wouldn't mess it up and cause even more trouble to arise. But this was a simple task, so there was no way he'd mess this up.

Or so she hoped at least.

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