Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

Who Are You?!

About a few weeks had passed and "a lot" had happened during that time frame . . . at least many life-altering changes to your way of going about life that you set for yourself.

One of them being the resignment of your history professor, Miss Kayama. It had been quite sudden. But almost somewhat expected given she hadn't even bothered to show in the history class and the work through online had begun to slow until it became nonexistent altogether.

The news had been received quite hard on mainly the male students of the class for obvious reasons. Most of the other students, however, didn't seem too bothered by the fact, nor did you given the awkward situation you had to go through.

With this, one of the board members had sent an email for all history students in her class to rejoin in classroom sessions to discuss further involvement in the class through the end of the semester.

For now, one of the administrators of the history section would be giving out assignments and tests until a proper replacement came to take over the class—someone you hoped wouldn't be as unsettling as Miss Kayama.

To add to all of this, you had made it your ultimatum to steer as clear from your friends as you could, at least in a way that wouldn't raise much suspicion.

Slowly throughout the past few weeks, you had begun to visit the café less and less as well as doing your best to not bump into any of the girls in the hallway, even brushing Yaoyorozu off after the history class "remainder of the semester discussion" when she had tried to start conversation after.

It wasn't like you wanted to do this. No . . . In fact, you didn't want to do this at all. But if being around your friends right now would cause such incidents as to what had happened to Ashido happen, you didn't want to risk it.

Hence why you were now currently looking online on your laptop in your room through multiple job listings on a website (a highly rated one, of course). You figured this situation gave you more motivation to job hunt as well as for the fact that having a job would most likely decrease your availability which gave you the perfect excuse to avoid any meetups and such that you could get.

Though this wasn't your first time using the website throughout the week. Every single day for the past few weeks that had past by you had been using the site and had applied to many jobs already, ones you had a mild interest in or ones that seemed like they could work with your college schedule well which put in some that weren't of great interest to you.

Sadly, so far none of the jobs you had applied for had called you back yet or had given you a message saying you weren't the right fit; however, you knew these things would take time though you hoped you'd get one soon.

The sooner the better.

You did need the money as well even if you did get a decent monthly allowance considering what you got now was just enough to get you through, not that you were unhappy to be getting at least something.

Sighing, you soon closed your laptop after having sent in one last simple online resume before placing it on the floor and plopping down on your back on the bed. Maybe you'd hear back from at least one of them. Until then, you'd have to do the waiting game as you put in more here and there throughout the upcoming weeks.

Your mind soon traveled to Ashido. She had gotten out of the hospital two days after you had visited her like Mrs. Yaoyorozu said. She was in apparent perfect health upon leaving as they didn't find anything odd⁠—⁠besides the weird memory loss though it wasn't life-threatening in any way and a weird puncture mark on her neck—so she had been cleared to continue on as if nothing was wrong.

Any other time you'd be fine knowing everything was "okay," but in reality . . . you knew everything was far from ok. To add on to everything, your suspicions had been somewhat confirmed after you had left Ashido's room and had made way to a more deserted area.

In great reluctance, you had confronted Bakugou of your thoughts in which he confirmed was possibly the reason and that he had thought of it, too. However, hearing it directly from him had still been hard to take in even when you believed it was also the reason.

You had stopped once your hand had reached the doorknob of your home, squeezing it tightly as you furrowed your brows, "Is it..?"

You were unsure as to Bakugou's facial and body reaction to your vague words though you had assumed it to be that of a little bit of confusion, not that you would have blamed him for any of that.

"Elaborate, girly." His words had oddly not seemed as harsh as they usually had been up until this point.

"Was it because of . . ." You paused for a moment, not wanting to utter the words though knew you had to eventually, "Me?" With that, you turned to face him, an almost sad expression having had made way to your face causing him to tense up momentarily.

He didn't instantly replied as he just stayed silent. You weren't sure if it were to spare you something or just to give you a silent heads-up that it had been what you were thinking.

Either way, the thought instantly swept away as you knew him to be a blunt person and didn't care much for other's feelings though . . . maybe in this case, he didn't want to deal with whatever your reaction would be in the moment considering he would have to deal with it, too.

Though the silenced had to be broken eventually. After some more time passed he opened his mouth after having had studied your face for a few more moments, "Most likely."

Though the reply had been expected, that didn't stopped your face from falling even more than it was at this point, "I see."

With that, the conversation came to a stop and silenced took the both of you as you continued on inside your home without any more to say to the ash blonde before heading right up to your room without so much as a glance back to the demon behind you.

You were surprised he hadn't slipped in the deal argument he was so intent on getting from you after the conversation had ended. In all honesty, you were kind of glad he hadn't as you were sure you would have almost agreed to the offer out of the thought of something similar happening to your other friends⁠—⁠as well as anything else happening to Ashido—hence your newly founded ultimatum.

Of course, keyword: almost.

You weren't at that breaking point . . . yet.

You still had your principles, and one of those was not giving up your soul to a demon⁠ for something in return—in reality, that was something you had just proposed upon being offered this choice as you never thought you would ever be given this option.

But that didn't matter.

Thankfully, other than those "small" (an odd word to use, really) inconveniences, nothing else had happened to arise suspicion. Then again, that in itself was minorly suspicious . . . or at least to Bakugou who had not spoken any word of it to you and you remained oblivious to the fact of that.

On a random note, through it all, you had taken notice of the way he usually interacted with you, the fact that it had drastically changed. Perhaps that had to do with the apparent tolerance to each other the two of you were achieving, so, of course, something would change.

You and Bakugou had gotten, for lack of a better term, more "tolerant" of each other through the passing weeks. That, in itself, was something you hated to admit and could even be considered funny given the circumstance though it was mildly understandable since he had been your only communication throughout the whole time after you had decided on removing yourself from your friends.

He appeared to play along with it though, but you figured he was just humoring you since there wasn't much he could do to avoid you and considering his constant annoyed looks. But even those seemed to slowly start fading as time went by (not that you had really noticed it).

Letting out another sigh, you grabbed a small pillow present on your bed as you squeezed it tightly to your chest as you let out a small groan before soon looking over at the clock on your nightstand and taking notice that it had gotten somewhat late.

Frowning, you figured it was probably about time you headed in for the night, you could do more job hunting tomorrow and maybe, if lucky, one of them will call you eventually. But, for now, you'd stop. After all, you were exhausted from all you were going through in your life. It was like you never had a break anymore.

Staring at the wall for a few seconds, you soon lifted yourself up slightly before reaching over to your lamp and shutting it off.

While you were falling asleep, and had already done so from exhaustion, there was still one awake—not that he seemed to ever sleep to you, down in the living room.

Bakugou mindlessly watched the t.v. while he laid on his back as it played some random t.v. show that he didn't bother to figure the name out as it didn't interest him one bit. He wasn't much of a t.v. person anyway, he much rather be out and about, so it was mainly used for background noise; however, he couldn't be out much considering he had to be near you at all times.

However, what he hated to admit (and he never would) was that he didn't mind the arrangement as much as he had at the start though perhaps that was for the fact that the two of you had gotten more tolerant of each other, something else he hated to even acknowledge.

He grimaced as he thought this before rolling more on his side to face the t.v., his arms crossed over his chest, as it continued to play whatever was playing.

His eyes trailed to the floor, a frown present on his face while he recalled the passing weeks while the weird feeling he was starting to get used to made an unwelcomed appearance.

Glaring at the t.v., he scrunched up his nose. He still couldn't pinpoint what exactly the feeling was. But he knew it usually occurred when he thought of you though the odd part about it was that it wasn't even a bad feeling, but he didn't know exactly how to categorize it.

In all honesty, all he could say was:

It wasn't bad but it was just . . . odd.

However, even if it wasn't bad, it still wasn't very pleasant given it always occurred when he was near or saw you and it had just gotten worse as the days went by, especially with you and him more around each other because you were so set on staying as far from your friends as possible given what had happened the day prior.

With everything so far, Bakugou couldn't blame you for doing so. In fact, he was even the one who had suggested it in the first place upon first setting eyes on your group. Only because he knew the nature of his side of things.

But he had failed to realize that this would, in turn, cause you to subconsciously seek a "connection" of sorts with him . . . or whatever humans wanted to call it.

. . . Friendship..?

The pure thought of the damned word disgusted him.

In most cases, he wouldn't humor one with conversation or attention, let alone bother considering a "companionship" with a mere human as the likes of you. However, here he was, doing just that with you . . .

He was forming a bond.

A bond . . .

That wasn't a good thing. Just the thought of this caused him to tense up.

Bonds weren't uncommon between a demon and a human or whatever had summoned them when it involved being with them for long periods of time. By this, he meant years and years; however, at the rate you both were going . . .

It was basically a fancier word for friendship, but one would never actually hear the world slip from a demon's mouth . . . or at least when in reference to a lower being . . . like humans, so the word bond⁠, though not any better, was used in place; however, this word was also used in place of another . . .

"Fuck." Bakugou groaned as he rubbed his eyes before rolled a little more on his side as he peered through his hands at the t.v., a frown still present on his face as he tried to stop thinking on the matter.

He soon grabbed for the remote on the coffee table before turning the t.v. off, the room soon being filled with silence as the room darkened from the lack of any light on, soon placing the remote back on the table before reclaiming his position on the couch.

With his own thought process of "odd" things in mind, he had been feeling quite drained as of late, tired in other words. It was almost as if he hardly had any fucking energy which was odd.

He had never felt like this in thousands of years and the only time he has was when he used up his energy and that was pretty rare as he knew his own limit.

On that note, he had taken notice of an increase in this sluggish feeling. And since being here it had only increased while he hadn't used up much of his energy he had stored up at all hence why it was so odd.

Though the only way he knew to get rid of this feeling, at least while he was stuck in the human world, would be to "sleep" as human's called it, something demons usually didn't need to do and if they did do it, it was just on their own accord or for show depending on where they resided at the time.

Bakugou furrowed his brows as he pondered for a moment. He knew if he didn't give in eventually that. The thought caused his frown to deepen. Besides, he was sure he wouldn't need to for long, an hour would suffice maybe not even that. It wasn't like it was an unbearable feeling. But it was better to refrain from going up to the point of being unable to do anything.

Making up his mind, he decided to close his eyes for a moment as he sunk in the couch that felt comfier than it usually did. That should do the trick, at least he hoped it fucking would.

Though unexpectantly, once he had closed his eyes, he instantly started to drift off into a deeper form of sleep before soon completely succumbing to the feeling.

However, before Bakugou had succumbed to it, he had failed to take notice of something or someone lurking nearby, something he seemed to be doing a lot lately and something that would become a problem as the days went by.

Kaminari swooped down in front of the house door, finally having made it to the destination he was meant to be at—only knowing this by the aura surrounding the area as he made his wings disappear. He had had many hiccups along the way, failing for weeks trying to actually appear in the area. But he had finally managed to make it.

If he hadn't messed up the coordinates as well as remember the wrong area said to him by his "boss," Midnight, he would have been in the area much sooner.

He may be a demon, but he wasn't the brightest when it all came down to it though he would say otherwise as he had a lot of confidence in himself.

Too much one could say.

Cocking his head to the side, he studied the house's door in front of him for a moment as he sensed two energy sources, one being rather familiar to him that sent a shiver through his body and another not so familiar though had vaguely heard about going around the demon realm⁠—or Hell as it was most commonly referred to as.

However, there was something else he was sensing . . .

"So it was true, he actually did." Kaminari muttered to himself while trying to be as quiet as he could as he recalled the "conversation" he and Midnight had had before he set off . . . or lack thereof.

"I'm going to say this as simply as I can." Midnight had started as she looked down at Kaminari, "I need you to go to the human world and go to Musutafu, Japan⁠–"

Honestly, after that, Kaminari had stopped paying attention as his mind was on another asset set in front of him so, in turn, he had to figure most of it out on his own while vaguely remembering some key details that he had managed to gather from the conversation that did manage to get to him through slowly made an appearance through his memories.

He had mainly only recalled the mention of Musutafu, Japan and hearing a few important names that he had some knowledge of who they were as well as an "odd" case that involved a girl which was now apparent of what it exactly was.

Though the key thing he had to do was tell him what he needed to tell him then leave.

It was simple, really, even a three year old could do it. But what exactly he needed to say was a bit fuzzy in his mind; however, his mind trailed to how a girl was involved. A smug look made way to his face as he pondered for a moment . . .

A girl.

That was one of the parts Midnight had mentioned which had caught his interest through the conversation and had had him listen a little before his mind was clouded with thoughts.

It had been a while since Kaminari had been in the human world. This was mainly due to the fact he was an incompetent incubus and caused more trouble than should be caused though he would never see it like that. This, in turn, had pretty much kept him in hell for the most part as he wasn't really trusted to be in the human world without guidance from another⁠—and no one wanted to do that.

However, he knew if he tried anything in the human world⁠, especially in this situation⁠, he would be in big trouble as he started to recall a bit of his fuzzy memory.

Midnight had specifically told him that the girl was off-limits to be near and that his business relied strictly on sending the message to the demon that was present to which he knew now was someone he knew quite well.

Though what he was sensing was hard to pass up.

How could any demon?

This was something many longed to grasp, to just even get near . . . to take.

It wouldn't hurt to just see, to just see who exactly this is.

Only for a few seconds . . .

Just one peek through the window, nothing more . . .

With this in mind, it appeared he hadn't been sensed yet or he was sure he would have been confronted by now which was odd, but he didn't think too much on it as his mind was on something else.

Stepping back out from the porch to examine the entire house, he figured the best bet would be to go through a window on the too floor, exactly where he was sensing the energy. It wouldn't look suspicious given no one could see him at the moment unless he allowed which he wasn't (the only thing he could do right).

Curiosity killing him, Kaminari allowed his wings to appear back as he soon flew up to the second-story window, the energy he sensed getting even stronger than it was. His plan was just to take a peek; however, the window curtains were, of course, in the way.

Just his luck.

Though still overtaken by full-blown curiosity, he decided to do the next "best" thing . . .

Without much thought, he instantly appeared on the other side of the window that was blocking his sight soon scanning the room before landing on the sleeping form of you.

Your back was turned to him so he was unable to see much besides your (short/long) (hair color) hair that wasn't fully covered by the covers that you were in as you silently slept away, oblivious to what was in your room.

Not waiting any longer, Kaminari soon appeared to where he could get a better view of your face, his eyes widening slightly once he finally got a good view of it, taking in all your facial features of your current sleeping face as you breathed softly through your slumber.

He had to admit, you looked way more appealing than he had thought. Though your face wasn't the only appeal to him. In fact, that was just a bonus to it all . . .

The "sweet" sensation of your energy that filled the room was quite a feeling. He had felt its pull a mile away, but being so close, it was much stronger than he had anticipated.

One thing began to fill his mind:

He wanted it.

Kaminari could only imagine what he could do with it. He could only think how other demons in the area must feel and how none had tried anything. Then again, you were with him after all . . . or it seemed from what he could sense.

Perhaps he should keep that in mind, he wasn't someone to mess with; however, his mind was clouded with what was right in front of him, you, as well as it seemed he was in the clear.

He wasn't coming it appeared. He didn't even seem to sense him. Perhaps Kaminari was getting better at the mastery of his powers, that would be a plausible explanation. At least to him.

Subconsciously, he began to reach out towards you. Besides, taking some wouldn't hurt. No one would notice, not with just a sliver of energy taken, not even you.

Though down below as all this was taking place, Bakugou's eyes soon snapped open, an odd feeling overtaking him at the moment though he couldn't pinpoint exactly why.

He looked around for a moment before blowing air out of his nose as he saw nothing out of the ordinary nor seemed to sense anything either, but the feeling remained.

As the ash blonde pondered this feeling, Kaminari's hand was getting closer and closer towards your face. Seemingly sensing something in your sleep, you moved a little bit before slowly opening your eyes causing the male to instantly stop and freeze, broken from the spell-like feeling he was under.

You groggily stared at whoever was in front of you for a moment⁠—mainly figuring it was the ash blonde demon, so not feeling too alarmed by the sight just yet. Allowing your eyes to adjust as you squinted ahead, you lifted yourself up on your arm slightly.

"Hmm." You hummed as your eyes began to fully focus.

You stared at the now clear figure for a moment⁠—taking in the features of the male who obviously wasn't Bakugou⁠—blinking a few times, then blinking a few more times as you took in the obvious nonhuman features this male possessed: from the horns (a bit thicker than that of Bakugou's) on his head and the wings on his back that almost resembled a bat-like appearance but were a tad different, not by much though.

Realizing the situation at hand instantly, your eyes slowly began to widen while the male just stood there frozen, obviously having not expected you to awaken.

In a frenzy upon the realization, you let out a yelp as you scrambled out of the bed, falling off of it in the process. This didn't go unheard down below as it instantly grabbed the attention of Bakugou as he appeared outside your bedroom.

"W-Who..?" You muttered as you quickly got up from the ground and went towards your bedroom door.


Though before Kaminari (the random demon to you) could say anymore, you quickly opened your door though instantly clashed into who you could only assume to be Bakugou before you both fell given the impact.

"What the hell!" Bakugou growled.

"Bakugou." You mumble in an almost relieved tone, looking up at him as he just gave you a weird look as he looked down while both of you ignore the weird position you were in, mostly confused by the almost terrified look you had.

A fucking nightmare maybe?

He lightly glared at you before looking up, his face instantly changing as his eyes widened a little before reverting into an even sharper glare towards the obvious other demon who seemed almost as terrified as you, maybe even more so but for a different reason entirely to yourself.

"Fucking dunce face?"

Your eyes trailed from Bakugou's face to the other demon's face as Bakugou continued to glare at him and he just stood there in what appeared to be pure shock. You repeated the back and forth motion as you tried to evaluate the situation before you, the terrified feeling starting to leave you as a question arisen inside your mind.

Dunce face..?

Did these two know each other? Given the way Bakugou referred to him, it seemed plausible that they would, you honestly wouldn't doubt each demon had some knowledge of others.

Though you had a feeling you were about to find out . . .

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