Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

A Warning

It felt like hours as Bakugou and the other blonde demon male stared at each other⁠ in oure silence—the ash blonde more aggressive in his look as the other looked almost horrified⁠—though, in reality, it had only been a few minutes.

However, all silence must come to an end eventually . . . especially when a rowdy ash blonde demon (when seemingly provoked) is involved.

With little notice, Bakugou jumped up while, of course, bringing you up with him given the position before pushing you lightly to the side while you looked at the scene about to ensue before you.

"What the hell are you fucking doing here, dunce face?!"

This caused the blonde haired male to stiffen even more as a strained smile appeared on his face as well as beads of sweat, "Uh . . ." It seemed no words were able to come out or he couldn't come up with the correct ones to use.

Glancing over at the two males⁠, Bakugou who was now trying to get the other demon to answer him though not paying attention to what was being said, you soon came to the realization of the position you both had been in before he had jumped up.

This caused your eyes to widen as a light blush made way to your face, getting darker as you thought on it more and the scene that was ensuing which consisted of Bakugou going after the other demon in your home while he tried the best to explain the situation though not succeeding in the slightest.

Ignoring the situation happening now, your face continued to heat up more as your mind remained on the position you had been on though that was quickly changed when you heard something fall, and your head snapped back up to see as you disregarded the thoughts you had though perhaps that was for the best given that was the least of your worries at the moment.

"I SWEAR! I DIDN'T DO ANYTHI⁠–" Before the blonde demon could finish, Bakugou came after him, again it seemed, but missed as he jumped out of the way.

In the process, however, Bakugou ended up hitting one of your shelves almost compeltely destroying it—his palms looking as if they were sparking. Though, at the moment, that was the least of your concerns⁠ as well. Being your attention back to your poor shelf and to your surprise, it hadn't been destroyed fully but it was no longer in any shape to be used in the future. Thankfully, it was nothing of upmost importance to you and could easily be replaced.

However, they continued and this made your eyes widen slightly as they did. Though both appeared oblivious to the fact they would end up destroying your home sooner or later if they kept this up, especially Bakugou given whatever he was doing with what you could only assume be part of his powers, something you'd have to question him a bit after once everything calmed down . . . if it ever did . . .

It didn't take long for Bakugou once again to go after the other male. But again, the other male dodged him causing yet another piece of your furniture to meet the same fate as the previous one. You tense up as you saw your room starting to turn into shambles with your very own eyes.

This continued on multiple times for a few minutes, with Bakugou going after the other demon only to miss and destroy another piece of furniture that could never be used again.

In turn, they both failed to realize this was starting to make you rather angry as you continued to remain frozen in your spot and watch in absolute horror at the scene unfolding.

Though who could blame you?

They were, or Bakugou mainly was, destroying your room after all. Piece by piece.

However, you had to wonder what had him so riled up. You never had seen him this angry before, at least not when you were around. You knew he was naturally an angry guy, but this was kind of new to you. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that this other male was obviously another demon.

"Come on bro! Hear me out!" Kaminari pleaded with raised hands as he was now backed into one of the walls from his previous dodge attempts, "I wasn't tryin' nothin'! Come on! I ca–"

"Tch. Shut the hell up!" Bakugou growled out as he took a step forward.

"H-Hey now! Listen!" Kaminari started once more, knowing if he didn't play his cards right he'd be a goner at this rate, "And if it's any consolation, I didn't even touch her!" These words seemed to further anger the ash blonde as he glared sharply at him.

"You expect me to believe that shit?!" With that, Bakugou lunged forward, his palms sparking as he went for the other male's face.

Having expected a different outcome, Kaminari had not planned to dodge this one as he figured he would be able to get through to the ash blonde, so he remained in his spot as he expected the incoming attack with little enthusiasm as he closed his eyes awaiting the hit to just get over with.

In most cases, he could usually appear in a different spot; however, not having had an energy source⁠ to gain energy from, considering the one (you) that he was getting being unsuccessful since you had awoken before he could manage to get anything, he couldn't really do so as he had already done it earlier upon entering your room that way.

Though, if he had managed to stall for a few more seconds (the outcome was inevitable), he would have been able to since the wait time to use this ability would be over with his current energy supply. But, of course, his luck was not that great when it came to these sorts of things.

Taking notice of the more valuable items on that side of the room behind and beside the other demon that had remained untouched until this point (most likely) that you would much rather have all in one piece, you had had enough at this point. At this rate, you'd no longer have a room.

Clenching your fists, you looked directly at the two males with a glare, "Stop!"

This caused the random demon to look over at you though he seemed to close the eye on the side that Bakugou was planning to go after, still expecting it it seemed, as the ash blonde though appeared to stop midway from punching him in the face as if he had been frozen in his spot.

Taking notice of the lack of fist-to-face contact that was supposedly supposed to happen, Kaminari opened his eye and glanced over at the ash blonde who seemed to no longer be focused on him anymore and instead, was more focused on his inability to now not be able to move much aside from a few jerks here and there while he tried to still aim at the male in front of him.

With that, Kaminari began to relax a bit seeing as there should be no harm to come to him for now. Though his eyes widen just a smidge as the situation fully processed . . . so that was the kind it was. But he knew he shouldn't mention it, at least to his "friend" unless he wanted a repeat of the seconds earlier.

With that thought, he soon focused his gaze back onto you who looked mildly surprised by the ash blonde's sudden compliance, not that he could blame you.

He knew how hard the other demon could be to deal with as well as it was likely you didn't understand the situation fully, nor did it seem the ash blonde did either . . . or perhaps he was fooling himself he didn't.

Who knew?

Though upon further inspection, Kaminari could tell you were actually quite pretty with the lighting now present. Of course, that wasn't saying very much as most women to him could be considered as such. Though there was something different about you. Aside from the most obvious, of course . . .

But him being him, didn't want the opportunity to let a moment to speak to a woman pass him by, especially now that he was caught red-handed in your home.

Might as well make the best of it, right? Plus, with the ash blonde's current predicament and distraction, he had some time to do so.

Without much more thought and using his ability to appear behind you now that it had become usable again—just to be put back on a timer for another few minutes⁠—he towered over you somewhat as he looked down at you who now seemed confused by his disappearance having failed to realize he was now behind you.

However, this didn't go unnoticed by Bakugou who stopped what he was doing to glare over at the blonde demon behind you, "Huh? What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Seeing Bakugou look behind you caused you to soon tilt your head upwards as you blinked multiple times, soon meeting the gaze of the other demon who has broken into your home.

This caused you to stiffen as you continued to look up at the demon who was . . . smiling sown at you..? This thought caused a small bead a sweat to appear on your cheek as you continued to look up.


"Answer me damnit!" Bakugou growled though seemed to still be unable to move from his spot as he looked down in a way to urge his body to actually move so he could beat the living shit out of the blonde demon, "What the hell?!"

Though you, as well as Kaminari, ignored him while you continued to study the blonde haired demon you didn't know. Now that you had calmed down from your earlier fright, he didn't seem that scary. In fact, Bakugou felt scarier than he did though that probably wasn't saying much.

Further inspection indicated that maybe he and Bakugou were different types of demons? Or perhaps different ranks? You could only assume to that for the fact that his horns were much thicker and larger than the Bakugou's—when the ash blonde showed them anyway—as well as he possessed a set of black wings which the ash blonde seemed to not have when you had first met him.

You had recalled Bakugou going into some different types when you and he had first met. Well, at least one . . . it seemed possible, especially from what you had heard and read (unintentionally) throughout your years.

Though, on another note, there was something compelling about him . . . something you couldn't exactly really explain. It wasn't that you were attracted to him, not in the slightest though he wasn't half bad you had to admit. But as you continued to study his face, it was just a weird feeling of compulsion–


"Huh..?" You blinked a few times only catching one word from what the demon had been saying to you as you hadn't really been paying attention to anything besides his face and the mildly weird feeling.

He seemed to smirk at that, "I said you really saved my ass there!"

With those words, he took a glance at Bakugou who had since stopped struggling in his spot as he had finally figured it was useless to do so while he watched the scene in front of him before looking back down towards you.

"The names Kaminari Denki. What's yours?"

Bakugou glared at the both of you, mainly the other demon. He had since calmed down a bit, mainly because, for so damn reason, he couldn't move much from his spot. It was obvious that the blonde haired idiot meant no "harm" in his arrival; however, he didn't like his it one bit.

He knew he wouldn't have come down here if it weren't for good reason, especially when he was doing a "job." Then again, he was a complete fool, so he could still see it just being him to check things out since Bakugou was sure word had gotten out by now about the situation as well as for the fact that the idiot had deliberately entered through your room it seemed. However, he knew how curious he could be at times, so that wasn't really surprising either.

Bakugou's nose scrunched up as he saw how close you two were to each other. He blamed that on the fact for his current predicament as he still couldn't move and, because of that, he couldn't do anything if that idiot were to try something though that reasoning still didn't feel like the right reasoning for the feeling. But that was what he'd tell himself.

"My name . . ." You muttered the words.

This made Bakugou cringe slightly and glare even harder as he crossed his arms (him being able to move just ever so slightly now though couldn't remove himself from where he stood).

It seemed you were dazed. Not surprising. He always knew that idiot had a strong compellment about himself. After all, most of his kind usually did. Again, if it weren't for his current problem, he would be forcing the blonde to get to the point by force but, for now, he'd have to rely on just his words.

"(Last Na–"

"Just get to the damn point, dunce face."

Bakugou's interruption seemed to have snapped you from your little dazed state as you blinked a few times before glancing over at the annoyed looking ash blonde as his arms were now crossed then looking back over to where his glare was directed at. You stiffened up a bit and quickly moved away until you had made it closer to Bakugou, soon placing yourself slightly behind him.

Kaminari didn't seem too pleased by this action and gave a dejected look, "Man, I almost had her name, too."

"Tsk. Just tell me why you're fucking here and then fucking leave."

"Rude as ever." Kaminari sighed, "Well . . ." He paused; however, he didn't continue as he seemed to ponder.

After a minute, Bakugou's eye twitched while you just looked at the other demon, "Well?"

"Uhhh." Kaminari thought a little more, everything he was supposed to say having left him, "About that, uh . . . it's about her." He pointed at you.

This made you blink, "Me..?"

"Yes, but . . . Uh." He looked back at Bakugou who was obviously getting impatient the more he had to wait, "Isortofkindofforgot . . . Aha." He sped through.

"The fuck did you say?" As Bakugou said this, he stepped forward.

It seemed whatever had been holding him, had finally begun to wear off. This caused him to smirk a bit, uncrossing his arms, as looked at the other male who was now beginning to form a sweat drop knowing his soon to come fate was near.

Kaminari let out a nervous laugh, "I . . . I kind of forgot what exactly I was supposed to, uhm, tell you . . . Aha." He repeated and began to rub the back of his neck awkwardly as he nervously looked at the ash blonde before him who was not pleased at all by his response as he began to slowly creep towards him.

Taking notice that this could result in a possible repeat of the events that happened minutes before, you quickly reached out and grabbed Bakugou's arm, resulting in him stopping while tensing up slightly from his probably soon-to-be assault on the other demon.

"U-Uh. Wait a minute." You started, "I'm sure if we give him some time, he'll remember."

You glanced over at Kaminari who was focused on Bakugou. You gave Bakugou a pleading look which, in turn, had an odd expression plastered on his face as he looked back down at you.

Bakugou's nosed soon scrunched up as he processed your words, "Huh?"

Bakugou's eye twitched as he glared over at the idiot who was sitting on the couch in front of him as if he owned the damn place.

So why was the dunce face currently still in your house?

The answer was simple: you had allowed the idiot to stay.

Why in the world would you do such a thing?

The answer was also fucking simple: in hopes he'd finally fucking remember what he apparently came to tell⁠ you both—you had become quite curious upon hearing it was about you⁠, if that was even fucking true to begin with.

In all honesty, this wasn't what he had in mind when you had said to give him time to recall what the idiot had wanted to say. If it were up to him, he'd have pounded this idiot's face in by now; however, he couldn't really go much against you as much as he hated to admit it.

In pacts, the summoner had full say so in most situations, especially given both your guys' current predicament, and as long as you weren't in any life risking danger, well . . . there wasn't much he could do to go against what you wanted.

However, with that in mind, the memory of earlier came flooding back. He recalled when you simply yelled 'stop' which had caused him to almost completely freeze in place. They usually don't have that much say. However, he knew this situation as a whole wasn't normal at all, and things that shouldn't be . . .

Well . . .

Fucking were . . .

At least he didn't think that should even be possible, the fact a mere human⁠—even if you did summon a demon⁠—had that much power over him, to cause him just to freeze by just a simple word.

Not him.

Then again . . . He had never fucking done this before. This was his first time being a summon demon as this wasn't really his specialty, nor did he bother to ever pay attention to demons who were this low as he was now. The thought almost made him actually scoff though he refrained.

As he was deep in thought about this, trying to understand and convince himself that this was maybe normal and he just maybe didn't understand (even if he hated to admit that), Kaminari soon looked over at him.

Never in his own thousands of years would Kaminari have thought he'd see his "friend" succumb to such a "job." However, he guessed that was what happens when . . . he frowned, still . . . who'd have thought? Though his thoughts soon went back to you.

Man. You were an odd case, that was for sure . . . and quite the looker may he add. He couldn't help feel a tad bit jealous of the ash blonde who got to spend his days being near you. What a lucky guy.

Perhaps that was his demon and incubus talking, however. You were a female after all as well as the energy you let off was everything a demon desired to get their hands on. Though he was sure even if all that wasn't an effect to him, he'd still be 'attracted' to you. Anyone would be.

These thoughts soon caused him to remember exactly what he was sent here for . . . to warn the ash blonde about something, something he actually still couldn't remember fully though he had the gist of it.

However, part of him didn't want to tell it right away. That meant leaving as quickly as he came, considering he knew Bakugou wouldn't allow him to stay and neither would you for much longer. But he was more of the problem in the matter.

Silently sighing, he sunk into the couch. As he scanned the room, looking at every picture and everything the room had to offer which wasn't much. His eyes stopped on something for a split second before looking back at Bakugou. He had to admit, quietness was not something he enjoyed.

"Sooo." Kaminari started, trying to start small talk and grabbing the ash blonde's attention as he began to glare again though didn't say anything, "That's the girl everyone in hell has been raving about, huh?" He propped his feet on the coffee table while the ash blonde didn't reply, "Uh . . ." He paused for a moment, "How've you been, bro? It's been years."

Nothing aside from Bakugou just glaring at him silently.

This caused him to form a bead of sweat on his cheek, "Cool, cool. Uh . . ."


"Uhm. Tour situation . . . it's quite the talk around hell, ya know..?" He started.

Bakugou's palms started to lightly spark which caused the other male to stop what he was saying though Bakugou remained silent as his palms stopped.

"I mean. She . . . She is quite the talk around hell. I-I can see why they're talking now. Aha. This is quite something." He glanced over at Bakugou who was still just glaring at him before looking to the side, a small smirk playing at his lips with his next words as he was hoping for a reaction that at least wasn't going to kill him but rile up the other male, "Well. She's quite the looker though, isn–"

"Just get to the damn point."

This caused Kaminari to frown as he looked back at the other male with a strained smile appearing back on his face, "What do you mean?" He finally asked after a few seconds.

This made Bakugou give him a strained smirk, "You know you fucking remember what you came here for."

Kaminari frowned once more before rubbing the back of his neck, "You've always been very perceptive . . . I was hoping to squeeze in a few days."

With those words, Bakugou soon got out of his spot before making his way over to the other demon, grabbing the color of his shirt and pulling him slightly up, "Spill, fucking dunce face, before I beat it out of you."

"Now, now, bro." Kaminari grunted out as the ash blonde's grip tightened as he continues to strain a smile, "You know (Last Name) said . . . said no fighting in her home." He managed to strain out (having finally gotten your name after you had been so nice to allow him to stay).

This caused Bakugou's grip to tighten even more though he soon swung Kaminari back into his spot rather roughly before backing a little ways away and clenching his fists tightly, "Tsk."

Kaminari began to fix his shirt and after, a serious aurora soon surrounded him, "Midnight wanted me to warn you . . ." He looked up at Bakugou who remained silent, "Basically, something about they're starting to move in."

"They're?" Bakugou scrunched up his nose, "Who the fuck are they're?"

"Yeah, but, uh . . . about that." Kaminari looked to the side awkwardly for a moment before back at the other male, "That's a very, uh, good question. I kind of stopped following what Midnight had been saying after she mentioned our fellow little (Last Name) here, aha. So . . ." He rubbed the back of his neck.

Bakugou clenched his fists as his eye twitched, "Of all the fucking idiots she brought to me it was you."

"I know that if Midnight asked me to warn you, it's obvious what they're after though. And they're not one's to play it seems."

Kaminari's expression went back serious while he said this as well as he looked somewhat in the direction of upstairs before looking back at the other male, "I know I didn't give you much to go off of, but be warned. Midnight seemed to be very serious about this."

"Uh, well . . ." He looked from side to side awkwardly before, "I think it's time I take my leave." Without allowing Bakugou to say anything, Kaminari had used his ability to appear right outside the window of the living room, soon waving at the ash blonde and giving him a thumbs-up, "Good luck!"

Bakugou opened his mouth in a motion to yell back something such as 'get your ass back here;' however, he stopped himself as Kaminari soon started flying off before he could no longer see him as well as he didn't want you coming down as he was sure him yelling would probably cause you to do so.

Bakugou just awkwardly stood in the living room as he allowed the words that the idiot had left him with repeat in his head. It seemed it was nearing that time. A time he figured would eventually come sooner or later.

As Bakugou was deep in thought yet once again, Kaminari had gotten a decent length from your home before stopping in front of a large campus ground as he then turned to look directly at the place.

The place seemed to have the symbols "UA" just about everywhere, exactly as one of your little charms on your school bag had that had been sitting in the living room he had stayed in as well as looked exactly as Midnight had described when she had mentioned it a few times.

"So this is U.A., huh?" Kaminari smirked as he said this, his eyes still scanning the large campus ground while taking every single detail that he could in.

This was going to be fun.

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