Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

A New Friend and a New Enemy?

"Huh?" You blinked at the practically empty living room aside from your own demon "companion" currently residing in it.

"I said he left, idiot." Bakugou grumbled the words once again as he looked to the side with his arms behind his head while sitting on the couch.

"Huh. But I . . . I thought he had something important to tell us." You frowned.

This was not what you had expected. Well . . . neither was another demon coming into your home late at night either, but you had wanted to hear what this "Kaminari" had wanted to tell you guys. Mainly because it seemed to revolve around you from what he had said the night before.

Instead, you were just greeted with an almost empty living room like as if another demon hadn't just broken into your home and as if it were just any normal day . . . or as normal as it could get with your current situation.

"He already told me what he wanted to say." Bakugou finally muttered, "And techinicslly, he only fucking came to tell me."

This snapped you from your thoughts as curiosity overtook you, "What did he say then?" You asked, ignoring the end of his previous words.

Bakugou looked over at you, studying you for a second, before he scrunched up his nose, "Tsk." He looked back to the side, "None of your fucking business, girly."

You didn't like that reply.

Walking over towards him, you stopped directly in front of him as you crossed your arms and glared, "It is my business if it was about me."

This caused him to look over at you with an unamused look though didn't say anything right away as he glanced to the side for a split second, almost going unnoticed by you, then back to you before finally speaking, "It wasn't."

From the time you had spent with him as well as the time you both had been getting "closer," you had started to pick up some of his actions and what they meant.

Admittedly, you were never good at actually knowing how a person truly felt or what actions they did meant what. Perhaps that was for the fact you never cared to delve too deeply into other people's emotional states and actions.

However, you were pretty sure you had begun to understand some of the meanings behind some of Bakugou's actions that he'd occasionally do. Such as now.

He may not be the most expressive person, aside from when it came to anger, but there were times he did let some things "slip," per se. And you were starting to understand exactly what they meant.

And right now . . . he was most definitely lying to you.

There was really no doubt about it.

The other demon most definitely said it revolved around you. Then again, he was a demon. You shouldn't trust every demon you meet, or any at all for that matter. But you had a feeling he wasn't lying and "your" own fellow demon in front of you currently was.

You opened your mouth to reply though closed it as you two continued to stare at each other. You knew that even if you had caught him "lying," there wasn't much you could do besides calling him out on it, even then, you probably still wouldn't even be able to get anything out of him.

You continued to open and close your mouth⁠—practically looking like a fish as you kept trying to form a proper sentence⁠—but couldn't really think of what exactly to say in hopes to convince the ash blonde for an answer or to at least tell you the truth of the matter.

"Nevermind." You finally muttered out with a sigh after and uncrossing your arms as you looked to the clock on the wall.

It was almost time for you to be heading to one of your classes. You knew you shouldn't miss that. You didn't need to fall behind. Plus, you were already falling behind even if you were going, especially in math...

"I have class today."

With that, you began to walk over to your bag you had left in the living room, grabbing it, and swinging it over your shoulder before heading towards the front door, soon exiting while Bakugou just watched until you closed the door . . . or kind of slammed it, give or take.

Knowing he shouldn't leave you on your own for long, he soon got up from the couch before appearing in front of you (unwillingly), causing you to instantly bump into him as you had no time to react.

Grunting, you looked up before glaring, "Could you stop doing that?"

Bakugou just looked at you while you continued to glare up at him. He could tell you were mad at his reply from earlier. That much was obvious. He could feel it just radiating from you. And he of all people, or demons, should know.

If he was being honest, however, you didn't seem like the type to get mad. After all, throughout this whole time he had been stuck with you, you had shown him you were quite the laid back individual. You had your spurs of emotions, yes, but were not very expressive when it all came down to it.

One thing was for certain though: anger didn't suit you as it did him.

As he was thinking this, you took the liberty to continue on your way to the university though it didn't take him long to notice this, of course, as he proceeded to follow along a little ways behind you, only to soon catch up before he looked down at you while you both continued to walk.

You hadn't ignored this, but you weren't in the best of moods anymore. To be honest, you couldn't understand why it bothered you so much that Bakugou hadn't told you the truth. In fact, you didn't even care if it had been about you that Kaminari wanted to talk about.

Plus, he was a demon. You should expect lies to spew from his mouth almost all the time; however, that wasn't what you had really gotten . . . until earlier that was.

He had been quite truthful for the most part throughout the time you both had been together as funny as that sounded. It was obvious demons weren't all like they were made out to be in stories and words passed among people if they do so happened to come into a conversation.

Even then, he was still one. And you shouldn't have expected any less to eventually happen. Deep down, you knew it was bound to eventually have happened. Though you knew this was only small and shouldn't be made out as a big deal; however, you couldn't help but get a little worked up about it. You didn't take to lies well. Plus, it was coming from another demon . . .

Who knew what it could have been about?

You wondered if you had fought for it more if he would have eventually told you. No. He most definitely wouldn't have. You knew him well enough to get that.

At the same time, you hoped he hadn't noticed that you were mad. It'd be quite embarrassing. With that said, you knew you'd be over it soon. In fact, you actually had started to bubble down from the small out burst.

"You know . . ." Bakugou started.

Speak of the devil.

This was too soon. You still didn't want to talk to him just yet. However, instead of anger though, it was more of an annoyed feeling that started to surface upon yourself. Just his voice annoyed you at the moment.

"Being angry isn't going to solve anything."

Well shit.

Your face lightly flushed upon hearing that he had, indeed, noticed your current state though it quickly disappeared as your annoyance overpowered your embarrassment just a smidge.

"I'm . . ." You paused for a moment, "Not mad." You mumbled, "And why don't you take your own advice?"

Bakugou's eye twitched at your words as he strained a smirk. As much as he hated to admit it, you kind of got him there, but he would, of course, not tell you that, "What'd ya say?"

Soon stopping right in front of the college, you turned and faced the ash blonde who also did to glare at you with a strained smirk as you glared back, thankfully the college seemed to be relatively dead at this moment and no one was around.

"Oh, you heard me."

"If i weren't in a fucking pact with you, I'd beat your ass to the ground."

"You know . . . being angry isn't going to solve anything." You mocked his previous words, making a face as you did.

His eye twitched as he slightly leaned in towards you. He had to admit though, seeing you this eay was rather funny. But again, he'd never admit that verbally.

"You little–"

"HEY GUYS!" A familiar voice interrupted causing you both to stop and turn your heads in the direction, your eyes slightly widening upon who you saw.

There was no way . . . oh, but there was . . .


Coming up from the opposite side you had come from, was Kaminari. You were almost uncertain given in his current state he appeared to not have his horns or wings present, similar to how Bakugou seemed to "remove" his. So you were unsure for a moment, but there was no doubt.

That was him.

The demon who "broke" into your home.

He looked almost . . . Normal. If you hadn't seen him the night before, you'd most definitely figure he was a normal person. However, you did and you knew he was by far not normal.

With better lighting as well as you were in a clearer state of mind, you were able to make out his appearance way more. You were able to see the obvious tattoos⁠—similar to how Bakugou's were yet different designs and not in the same places, being much harder to see⁠ (you could only wonder what they were for)—as well as the obvious black lightning bolt that was present in his blonde hair.

But what really irked you was the fact that he was here.

You clearly remembered Bakugou stating Kaminari had left though as you glanced at the ash blonde's face to see his reaction, it seemed he was just as surprised to see Kaminari as you were. So maybe he didn't lie about that, too, which caused you to calm down a bit.

"Yep, that's my name!" Kaminari said breaking you away from your thoughts, "It's an honor to have you remember it.~"

You blinked at him a few times, "What are yo–"

"You didn't seem like the teasing type, Bakugou." Kaminari turned his attention to the ash blonde, not letting you finish.

"What the hell are you doing here, dunce face?!" Bakugou spat as he quickly leaned back away from you and glared at the other male, his palms lightly sparking (you had to ask him about that later, along with the tattoos, when you weren't mad at him anymore at least).

As he began to make his way slowly to the blonde, Kaminari put one finger up while moving it side-to-side, "Now, now. We can't do this here. There are too many people near the area. Plus . . ." He glanced over at you and then back, "I don't think (Last Name) would appreciate you causing a scene."

Bakugou gritted his teeth together before also giving you a split second glance though unnoticed by you as your attention was still on Kaminari as he squeezed his fist together before backing away one step and back to being beside you.

As much as he hated to admit it, Kaminari was right. Fighting here wouldn't be a good idea—at least if there was no reason for it. Plus, he knew you'd probably end up stopping him anyway like the night before as well as. He knew you also probably wouldn't want him to, in general. And he knew he'd have to follow it, even if he didn't like it.

"Answer the fucking question." Bakugou urged, running out of patience, "You said you were fucking leaving. So what the hell are you still doing here?"

"I just got to thinking, ya know?" Kaminari started, "I don't want to leave the human world just yet. There's so much I still haven't seen or . . ." He looked over at you, "Have gotten to know. Plus, I'm actually quite curious how things will play out, especially . . ." He trailed off, not daring to finish the sentence,

"So . . ." Kaminari paused as he was now suddenly in between you and Bakugou, "Starting today, I'll be your guys' new classmate!" With that, he swung his arm around both you and Bakugou's shoulder while pulling you both into him, "Isn't that great?!"

"Huh?" Bakugou's shock couldn't be contained at all as the blonde said this, "Our fucking what?!"

"W-What..?" A bead of sweat appeared on your cheek.

"Classmate!" Kaminari stated again, "Isn't that wonderful?"

"H-How did yo–"

"How did i manage to 'transfer' in the middle of the semester?" He finished for you, "Simple! I used my charm to get them to allow me to enter!"

"C-Charm..?" You blinked a few times at him before turning your attention to Bakugou who looked like he was about to explode at any moment.

But part of you knew he wasn't going to do anything. As much as you knew he wanted to beat the 'living shit' (as he would probably say) out of the other male. It was just too risky, even if he didn't have you to stop him. Though you were a bit surprised by how he was still allowing him to keep hold of him.

"You know I'm an incubus, right?" Kaminari looked at you while finally letting go of both of you, "I'm sure Bakugou here has mentioned it at some point, you seem like the curious type, too, so I'm sure you've asked before."

"I . . . I figured something like that, yes."

"Well, at least I don't have to explain then!"

In response, you gave a nervous laugh and a strained smile though as you did this you got in your head to check your phone time, only for your eyes to suddenly widen. If you didn't hurry to class, you'd end up being late. And you for sure didn't need that.

"Uh, I . . . I have to go or I'll be late."

"Oh, yeah. I should probably head to class too. Uh, ya know. Blend in?" Kaminari laughed.

"Uh, Aha . . . yeah." You strained a smile before turning around quickly to head to class without bothering to look back or to see if your own demon was following.

You could honestly only hope he wouldn't actually be a 'classmate' in any of your classes. It wasn't that he was off-putting or scary (at least not now). But you didn't have a good feeling about being surrounded by a demon or . . . at least another one.

You already had Bakugou doing that, and he had to do it.

However, you found it a bit odd that he allowed Kaminari to be so . . . friendly. Such as making physical contact, especially since he was an incubus and from what you could guess,
and had experienced from your own encounter some time ago⁠, they could take energy from physical contact.

Then again, Bakugou was right there. So if Kaminari had decided to do something like that, you were sure he'd have been quick to stop him. After all, you were under Bakugou's 'protection' and if something were to happen to you. Well, it was on him, and you knew he wouldn't want that.

Sighing, you continued on your way to your first class though you had failed to take notice of a certain brown haired girl who had seen most of the scene that had ensued. Albeit she didn't catch anything that was said nor managed to see one of the members, but it was shocking to her, to say the least, especially with what had been going on as of late.

Seeing as your figure finally disappeared into the building. The girl saw it time for her to do the same. With one last glance over at the odd blonde character in front of the university gate, she soon took her own leave.

Kaminari watched as you continued up to the U.A. building without a single glance, failing to realize the ash blonde that edged behind him glaring daggers into the back of his head—both ignorant to the fact they, or at least the blonde, had been watched for a small amount of time.

If he wanted to, Bakugou could take him right now. However, there was, of course, something stopping him. Well, many things, in fact. There was nothing he could really do unless you were in actual danger or he, himself, was actually threatened.

Rules were rules.

And he was a stickler for rules, contrary to what he was and how he acted.

He didn't know what this idiot was fucking planning, but whatever it was . . . it wasn't going to fucking happen. Without any words, he soon shoved passed the other male, causing him to stumble slightly, and went on his way to follow you with his hands shoved into his pants pockets.

However, contrary to what Bakugou had been thinking, Kaminari wasn't really planning anything. In fact, most of what he said was the truth. Of course, he left out some parts. Mainly for his own 'safety.'

He knew to finish that sentence, at least to his 'friend,' would result in something he wasn't keen on dealing with. He was an idiot, but he wasn't that dumb though many could still argue that. But he knew what reaction he'd most likely get by saying it.

However, with that said, he had picked up on something while he had been in your home and hadn't fully understood it until he was on his little 'journey' to the university and had time to think about it a bit. Perhaps it was because of the type of demon he was and he could easily sense it, even if he didn't quite understand it. But it was obvious there was something else.

It was an odd thing. It was generally unheard of. But it did happen . . . sometimes at least. Very rarely though. However, what the oddest thing was, was the fact of who it was and what they were. It really shouldn't have happened in this case. But it seemed it had.

He had to admit though. It did explain a lot. At least from the rare occurrences that he had heard about.

"Who'd've thou–"

As the words left his mouth, he was unable to finish the sentence as before he knew it, someone had run into him, causing him and said person to fall and a multitude of papers to begin scattering about both of them once they had hit the ground.

"Uh." An obviously feminine voice started though didn't bother to finish as they became more focused on picking up the scattered papers.

"Wha–" However, Kaminari stopped his words as his eyes laid on the female in front of him.

She had short purple hair in an odd slanted bangs cut (very suiting for her, if he did say). She was rather petite in every aspect. Honestly, nothing to really look at. Her face obviously flushed from mild embarrassment upon running into him. It seemed she hadn't even bothered to look at him as she instantly started picking up the papers that had scattered across the sidewalk.

They looked like music sheets if his eyes didn't deceive him.

Leaving his little stupor, he instantly started to also grab some of the sheets. Might as well make a good impression, right? Especially for a lady. As he did this, he realized he had been right and they were, indeed, music sheets of assorted pieces though for the same instrument it seemed.

"Uh. Here." Kaminari outcasted his hand with the sheets of music as the girl finally looked down at the papers placed in front of her once they both had finished gathering all the pieces.

"I'm sorry." The purple haired girl stated still not looking up at him as she put the pieces of sheet music back in her bag, "Uh, I was in a hurry . . . music class is starting soon, and I can't be late . . . or well . . . I rather not be late."


After she finished stuffing them back in, she began to twist the one earbud that was currently in her ear (a habit it seemed) before looking up at him. Though as she did so and they locked eyes, they both practically froze as they continued to just look at each other.

After a few seconds though, Kaminari finally snapped out of it and cleared his throat, "Uh, the name's Kaminari Denki." He gave her a sly smile, "Nice to meet ya."

"Huh..?" The purple haired girl blinked a few times before looking to the side, a light blush on her cheeks, "O-Oh. I'm . . . I'm Jirou Kyouka." As she said this, she looked down at her watch, "Uh, I have to go. It was, uh, nice meeting you, Kaminari-kun."

With that, Jirou gave a small wave before quickly starting back on her way to her music class though her mind was still on the blonde she had accidentally run into as she continued on her way.

She had never seen this 'Kaminari' before. However, she was still relatively new to U.A. and didn't know everyone. Perhaps he was someone she had yet to encounter with her schedule.

That seemed plausible.

Plus, she was always so up in her music that she hardly paid attention to anything set around her unless she was on her "free time" such as when in the café or not bothering with music (which was quite rare).

As much as she hated to admit it, she found him rather . . . attractive, oddly. Even if they did just meet. She was never like that with guys. It usually took a while to even form some form of attraction to them. But him. She, for some reason, just couldn't deny that fact.

Jirou placed her hand on her cheek as she finally slowed a bit and fully stopping once having made it in front of the music room's door, "Kaminari-kun, huh..?"

Shaking her head, she shouldn't bother with such an encounter. She doubted she'd ever see the odd blonde male again given she never had til now. Sighing, she quickly entered the music room.

Unbeknownst to her, Kaminari had remained standing in the same spot staring at her until she had gone and became no more once entering the building.

In most cases, he'd find this moment strange. But he was an incubus after all. Naturally, he had a 'charm' and 'attraction' about him. So it wasn't uncommon for girls and women to be awestruck by him. As well as it wasn't uncommon for him to have his own little attraction to most women either.

He was a "sex-driven" demon after all and got most energy from that means . . . or at least should. That was until he was pretty much stuck being in Hell though not like he hadn't had some "fun" with other female demons while there. But it wasn't the same as with a human.


He'd have to remember that face . . . and name.

Perhaps he could have a little fun while here . . .

Though, on another note, that did remind him that he shouldn't be staying in the human world. It was technically going against orders... Eh. Oh, well. He'd deal with the repercussions when the time came.

Right now, he'd enjoy some 'freedom' as he'd call it.

Live a little.

Let loose.

Enjoy the 'show.'

He felt it'd be well worth whatever punishment came his way.

It'd be a lie to say that he wasn't interested in all that'd eventually go down, especially one thing in particular. Of course, if support was needed, he wouldn't hesitate to help. That was his "friend" after all, even if they were demons.

Not all demons were cold-hearted and followed all the basic tropes known to man.

Honestly, there were some demons who could even rival what humans consider angels in good deeds, funnily enough. However, per nature, it still was more common to see the basic personality associated with demons.

Sighing, Kaminari knew he should at least make some effort to head to some of the randomly selected classes he had managed to get through his little ability. With that, he quickly started to the first class he had managed to get: English.

However, he and even the rest of you had failed to notice another pair of peeping eyes of a certain dual haired male who looked at the scene in total disgust.

Todoroki couldn't believe how carefree you were around such . . . creatures. It was almost as if being around demons didn't bother you one bit.

No, he was certain it had to at least bother you a little bit. No sane person would enjoy being flocked around by a bunch of disgusting creatures. You must just be fooling yourself, trying to cope with your situation.

If it weren't for the fact he was in specific orders to keep this as orderly and less known as possible, he'd have destroyed these creatures already. But, alas, he was and didn't want to cause a scene in such a soon-to-be crowded place.

In a secluded place, however. Well, the answer was pretty obvious then. With that thought, he began to play with his gloved hand as he continued to eye the spot you and the other two demons had been only minutes before.

It was nearing time to soon make his appearance known even though he was sure it somewhat already was.


Before you knew it, classes for the day had finally ended.

Thankfully, none of the classes you had gone in possessed a certain blonde haired demon that you somewhat wanted to avoid; however, it still had possessed one.

As you began walking out of the university, you glanced over at Bakugou who seemed to not be in the greatest of moods, not like he ever really was though. But you had seen better days.

He was oddly silent most of today. Well . . . it wasn't like he was the most talkative person or demon, there was. Nor was it like he ever talked while you were in class⁠—he seemed to always be considerate during those times.

However, you could just feel there was something . . . something not right about his silence today. Admittedly, you were a bit worried, for lack of a better term. Even if you were still a bit mad at him (though have since calmed down a tad bit), it was still, for some reason, a bit worrying to you.

You could only wonder if it was because of Kaminari's presence . . . or . . . maybe . . . what was said to him the night before. That thought only made your anger resurface.

Now that you think about it, you wondered if you could get it out of Kaminari though you kind of figured that'd be hard, especially with Bakugou always with you (and you doubted he leave you alone with him, especially given what type of demon he was).

You were sure he wouldn't allow the blonde to discuss it with you either or to stop any means of him telling you about it as it seemed he, for some odd reason, didn't want you to know.

Though . . . why didn't he want you to know?

Was he just trying to save form explaining?

You knew he hated explaining things, but he still did it anyway when you asked most of the time. There had to be something more to it . . .

And . . . there was.

It wasn't the fact Bakugou hated explaining. He did, yes, but that wasn't quite the reason. He felt it'd all go smoother if only he really knew. Well... Aside from the apparent whole demon population that was taking notice of the entire situation unfolding in the human world. But . . . you didn't know that.

What you didn't know wouldn't hurt you . . .


You were in way more danger than what he had even been letting on or even explaining. In reality, you shouldn't even be in such a dangerous position because in most cases, pact summons wouldn't cause for such hardcore surveillance. But this one had been way different from the get-go.

When he had been summoned, he instantly knew something was off and different aside from the fact you were apparently not meaning to summon him at all.

It was frustrating, to say the least. This wasn't what he had signed up for, not like he even signed up for it anyway. This whole summon had become a mess. And in more ways than one–

"WOW!" An annoyingly familiar voice spoke up, causing Bakugou's eye to twitch, "I'M BEAT!"

"Huh–" But before you could finish, Kaminari already swung his arms around you and the ash blonde while coming in between the two of you which earned a glare from the male as you all just continued walking passed the gates of the university and on the path to your home.

"Who knew learning could be such hard work?" Kaminari sighed in an exaggerated manner.


"Get your fucking hands off of me." Bakugou growled.

"Come on, bro! Lighten up a little!"

"I am, now get the fuck off me."

"Doesn't sound like it to me!~"

"I said. Get the fuck off me before I fry your ass." With these words, Bakugou's palms began to spark lightly though even as this went on, you all still continued to walk towards your home albeit kind of slower but still getting there.

"Why do your palms spark?" You decided to finally ask.

This caused you all to stop, "He didn't tell you?" Kaminari looked over at you as you just shook your head.

"Why the hell should I? She never fucking asked nor was it important?" Bakugou came in, "It's ju–"

"It's just his special ability." Kaminari interrupted him.

This caused Bakugou's eye to twitch but he glanced over at you, "Did I not fucking tell you about that?"

"Uh . . . I can't remember." You admitted.

"Idiot." He frowned, "But some demons have them. Depending on how powerful you are in general, the better they can fucking be."

"Oh." You blinked as you took it all in—it made sense, "That's inter–"

"Absolutely disgusting." An unfamiliar voice mumbled interrupting your own words, causing you all to look over from where it came from.

Both Kaminari and Bakugou seemed to tense up a bit⁠—the ash blonde less so—as they both glared at the person who stood in front of you all who didn't seem all too bothered by their reaction, almost as if it was expected.

You continued to study the male, confused. He was a relatively tall man with dual hair of crimson on his left and white on his right that appeared to be evenly parted in the middle as it was slightly slicked back though not fully to reveal more of the white side while wearing a pretty dressy outfit⁠—at least it was a bit dressy looking to you.

Upon further inspection, he also had a scar that was on his left side over his eye. You could only wonder where he had received that from. But honestly, you were beginning to get an odd feeling from him, to say the least. And it seemed you weren't the only one given how the other two males beside you were eyeing him.

"(Last Name) (First Name)." The strange male said as he brought his attention to you.

This caused your eyes to widen, "Huh? Who . . . how do you–"

"I am . . . Todoroki Shouto."

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