Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

It's Obvious What This Means Now . . .

Kaminari looked at the male before the three of you in a frightened manner. He had a feeling this wasn't going to end well, and he didn't want to be apart of it, especially not with him of all people . . .

Really not with him . . .

He may have said he'd help if needs be (to himself), but that was before he knew they were starting to become involved. But he should have known they would eventually given the situation it was revolved around.

"Uh. Ya know . . . aha." Kaminari slowly began to let go of you and Bakugou as he began to back away a little bit before stopping with a small bead of sweat on his cheek, "Uh. I'm kind of busy, so, uh. I think Imma go now. I'll . . . uh . . . leave you guys alone, ahaha. Uh, cya later guys!"

With those words, the blonde gave a strained smile before soon seemingly disappearing⁠—no doubt using the basic demon ability that most demons appeared to possess⁠—while you just had your own bead of sweat on your cheek as he did so.

Kaminari hoped it'd end well for the both of you. But he for sure was not going to stay to find out.

Todoroki frowned. He had not planned to see you hanging around yet another one of those disgusting creatures so . . . carefreely. Then again, when there was one present, there was usually more. And given the situation, this wasn't at all surprising to him.

Bakugou glared over at where Kaminari had disappeared. What a fucking coward. No wonder he was still ranked low in the incubi and succubi sector of Hell, aside from the fact he was a complete fucking idiot.

However, he, too, had a slightly uncomfortable feeling about the male in front of them. Looking back st him, it was hard to exactly pinpoint why he did though as he couldn't sense anything from him, oddly . . . well, not oddly. He had been having the sensing problem for a while now.

But there was also an air of familiarity about this half-and-half male though not one of "I've seen him before" but more of the "I've heard of someone similar, but can't quite remember if I actually have" kind.

"That fucking–"

"Well, he really wasn't any of my concern, so I'll let him go . . . for now." Todoroki stated more to himself interrupting Bakugou and regaining your attention, "(Last Name). I've come to help you with your . . . your . . ." He paused for a moment before glancing over at the ash blonde with a glare soon returning it to you, softening his gaze, "Predicament."

You gave him a weird look as you stepped back once and moved a bit closer to Bakugou, any anger you had felt earlier towards him leaving you now though this didn't sit too well with the male in front of you, "My predicament..?"

Did he know something?

He had to have.

Everything about this situation was already strange. In all honesty, you wouldn't be surprised if he was just another demon in full disguise as a human. That thought alone put you on high alert though you were still unsure.

"Yes." He spoke up, snapping you from your thoughts, "You have a Creature 'clinging' to you it seems." As he said the word "creature," you could just hear the utter disgust that left his mouth.

Your eyes widened, "You mean . . ." You glanced over to the ash blonde who was glaring daggers into the dual haired male before looking back at the other male.

It seemed Todoroki could see Bakugou which obviously meant . . . You knew something was off about him when you laid your eyes on him, especially with how the other two males had acted beforehand.

Now you were certain there was more to him than met the eye though the thought of him being another demon soon left given the way he had referred to Bakugou. You were pretty sure he wouldn't act that way towards his own kind . . . or at least you thought so.

But what was he then?

It was obvious Bakugou didn't fully recognize him or even seemed to find him very much of a threat (at the moment anyway). You were sure there would be a little more conversation going on between them and even some clashing as he had done with Kaminari if that were the case.

Though on the thought of Kaminari, you found it strange how upon making contact with this dual haired male that he up and left as quickly as he had. It was obvious that he must have recognized him . . . or something of the sort. But it seemed your fellow ash blonde demon didn't seem to have the same recognition as he had.

"Who the hell are you calling a creature?!" Bakugou spat glaring still.

"Someone such as yourself shouldn't be around someone such as . . . Himself." Todoroki stated, ignoring the ash blonde as if he wasn't worth a second of his time.

And as far as he was concerned, he wasn't.

There were a few things the ash blonde didn't take lightly which could easily place a person on his bad side, and one of them was being ignored and treated as if he didn't exist at all.

Oh, how that irked him.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!"

"Hmm." Todoroki hummed though didn't respond as he studied the male giving him an odd look, finally giving him the attention he apparently wanted.

He found it odd how this demon didn't recognize him. He thought he had himself on full display, at least enough to prove his point and reasoning of being here. On the same note, he had also stated his name. That should have at least put some more recognition on himself as was.

It seemed to have worked on the other disgusting creature who had left minutes prior. Then again, he felt as if he wasn't the type to bother with other things that didn't concern him.

With that said, another reason Todoroki found it rather odd was because of who he was. He had heard of him before prior to all the events that had taken place concerning you and knew many things about the situation upon arriving in this area of Japan just for this mission.

However, upon further inspection, he didn't seem at all as Todoroki had heard and thought that he would be like aside from the description that was given.

"I'd appreciate it if you didn't interrupt my conversation with (Last Name). It's rude. But I guess I wouldn't expect anything less from a creature such as yourself." Todoroki said after the deep silence.

This earned a growl from Bakugou. This bastard, whoever the fuck he was, was really getting on his last damn nerve, not that it took much to do that, but still. Who the hell did he think he fucking was acting all high and mighty?

Turning his attention back to you, Todoroki seemed to appear less aggressive as he did whenever referring to and noticing the ash blonde, "As I was saying, (Last Name) . . . I've come here to help you."

You blinked a few times, "Help me?"

"Yes. You're in a situation you don't want to be in, correct?" He looked at you waiting for your response; however, all you gave him was an open and close of your mouth, so he continued, "I can help you become pure again."

"What do you mean . . . pure..?"

As this went on, Bakugou scrunched up his nose before soon glancing over to you. It was obvious you wanted to hear whatever this strange dual haired male had to say and as long as you weren't in any current danger.

Who was he to deny you from hearing whatever this bastard had to say even if he didn't personally like it or appreciate how he was being referred to?

Even if he did have an off feeling and whatever conversation he was trying to have with you sounded rather sketchy, he didn't seem too dangerous. He looked like your basic rich kid who could barely lift a fork for his own damn self.

The thought made him almost crack a smirk to himself. He was sure he could handle him if he so happened to try anything. After all, he wasn't just your average run-of-the-mill demon himself. And if anything, this dude looked like nothing, it wouldn't and shouldn't be too hard to handle him if he did so happen to try something.

With that thought, Bakugou wasn't far off from how you felt. You did want to hear what this strange man had to say to you, at least part of you did though another part of you was a little bit scared of whoever he was.

You mean . . .

Who wouldn't be?

A strange man you didn't even know and had never seen before knew your name and had addressed you as such to then proceed to talk about your "situation" that he seemed to have a vague idea about. That was kind of scary.

Though because of your personal nature, you didn't show it quite well. In fact, the only time you had ever really shown an actual straightforward fear (at least in the presence of others) was the time Kaminari had showed up in your home.

However, with that said, there was a third part of you that felt as if you could trust this strange person . . . this Todoroki. It was just the vibe he appeared to naturally give off that was oddly comforting, in a way.

"–Well. You're still rather pure so that isn't really the issue. But, with that said . . ." He glanced over at the ash blonde, "I can get rid of your little problem."

Glancing over at Bakugou who looked as if he was starting to get even more agitated than he already was though appeared to be taking most of what was thrown at him quite well, you frowned, "What do you . . ." You slowly looked back at Todoroki, "Mean..?"

"I can void you of your contract." He paused for a moment as he looked down at the dark band around your wrist before back up to you, "I can set you free."

Void you of your contract.

Though the word you truly heard from that was:


A word you never thought you'd hear or feel ever again.

That was what you had wanted since you had met Bakugou and learned you were basically stuck with him until you made a deal that would take your soul in the end . . . or were lying on your death bed which most likely would be in your old age (if you survived the dangers that'd come your way during this time).

Freedom from all the trouble that this whole summon was causing you . . . freedom to go back to your normal life and to continue on as if nothing happened.

However . . .

You weren't stupid either.

It sounded almost too good to be true . . .

And, well, it probably was.

You looked down at the tattoo-like band around your wrist that had formed and was basically a pure black band now, being way darker than when it had first appeared.

You had heard the two options that would set you free and you refused to do either of them. You honestly doubted this man, this very strange man⁠, could really set you free. But your curiosity was piqued, and you wanted to hear him out and at least see what other options he would advise to you.

Though . . . There was also another part of you that . . . well . . . Didn't want to hear it. You couldn't understand why that was, but it was there. It was like there was something deep inside of you dreading to hear of another option that'd be simple and not as impactful to your life as the ones you had heard thus far.

An option that could get rid of your demon once and for all . . .

Again, freedom.

Why was that?

Wasn't it what you had been longing for?

But . . . why did part of you not want that..?

Deciding to ignore this feeling and going about this carefully, you went to question him as you looked back up at him, "How could you do tha–"

"I had enough of listening to your bullshit." Bakugou finally came in after surprisingly being silent for as long as he had been.

"Huh?" You looked over at the ash blonde who was glaring at the dual haired male who seemed unamused by him, a bead of sweat appearing on your cheek as you were a bit shocked to finally hear him chime in.

"You think you can just waltz in here and say shit like that?!" Bakugou growled.

"Hmm." Todoroki just looked at him as he continued.

"Who the hell do you even think you are with all that pure talk and crap?! What are you, a priest or some shit?"

Choosing to ignore him, Todoroki looked back at you, "If you could keep your little pet contained for now, that'd be very much appreciated. What I have to discuss with you is way more important than anything this thing can and has to say."

"Uh." You glanced over at Bakugou and could already tell this wasn't going to end well now.

Todoroki had done it now. That was the last straw the dual haired male had to pull to fully piss the ash blonde off who had been relatively calm up until this point, at least for him.

"Huh? What'd you just say?!" Bakugou scrunched up his nose.

"Uh." You watched the scene, unsure of what to exactly do now and were sure nothing could save the situation anymore.

"You heard me." Todoroki simply said, not phased by this.


"See. You heard me." The dual haired male calmly stated, "That's all you are in your current state, a pet is it not? Besides . . ." He paused for a moment, "This could be of great benefit to you as well . . . Sadly." He stated, "And I doubt you want to spend much of your own time remaining in the hu–"

"Why don't you just shut the hell up?"

"That's quite the mouth you have on you, not that I'm surprised. Though it's hard to believe (Last Name) has lasted this long."

Not wanting to fool with him anymore and having much more important things to do and discuss, Todoroki turned back towards you which didn't vibe too well with the ash blonde who was obviously already in an agitated state.

"(Last Name)–"

"Hey, I wasn't fucking finished talking to you!" Bakugou went straight up towards the dual haired male who didn't seem to like the closeness one bit as he stepped back one step with a disgusted look on his face as he eyed the ash blonde who was now too close for comfort for him.

"I don't know who or what you fucking are and what you do or do not fucking know but it's best if you just shut the hell up and go on your fucking way–"

"Is that all you know how to say?"

"Huh?" Bakugou scrunched up his nose.

You didn't like how this was beginning to play out. You knew if this kept up, there likely was going to be a going out. One you were starting to wonder what the outcome would be as it was obvious Todoroki was not just a normal person though you were unsure of what exactly he was if not that.

However, what you were sure of, was that it was obvious he was no demon like Bakugou. But you had a feeling you were soon to find out what this Todoroki was, and not in a way you would approve of...

"You've repeated basically the same line as well as your limited use of different vocabulary, so each was just the same sentence stated." Todoroki stated as he put a decent distance between him and the other male while raising one hand and messing with one of his gloves, a habit it seemed.

"I guess it just goes to show how uneducated you creatures truly are... But, again, I guess that doesn't come as a surprise to me." He sighed, "It's not common to come across one of you with much, if any, sense to speak of. Though I'd appreciate it if we could cut this pointless conversation short since, as I stated before, I have way more important matters to discuss with (Last Name) here." He glanced over at you, "And I'm sure I've piqued her interest."

He looked back at Bakugou, "You're just wasting precious time with your remarks."

"Why you!" With that, Bakugou lunged towards him, his palms sparking like they had when he had laid eyes on Kaminari⁠—maybe much more than that time⁠.

"H-Hey!" You yelled out though knew it was in vain and would just be ignored like most things when said when he was in this state.

Thankfully (you guess for now), Todoroki had seen it coming as he instantly dodged the assault in an almost inhuman speed, causing Bakugou to miss which only fueled his anger even more.

Looking around, thankfully there were no people around to see the scene . . . well, that was if they could see the scene. You knew Bakugou couldn't be seen unless he wanted to, but you doubt that went along with the damage that could occur with certain actions.

In Todoroki's case, you were unsure about him, but you could only guess he probably maybe has a similar ability though were unsure though, even so, could guess it still also didn't account for the possible damage that could occur as well.

Todoroki sighed, "I didn't come here to dirty my hands or waste my time with you. My only concern is that with (Last Name). I'd like to keep this as simple and get this over with as quickly as possi–"

"Dirty your hands." Bakugou scoffed in interruption as he looked over to where the dual haired male had dodged over to with an annoyed smirk, "You'll dirty your hands al-fucking-right!" With that, he went after him once again.

As the ash blonde charged over towards him once again, Todoroki sighed. This wasn't what he had really signed up for. Then again, taking care of this in a peaceful manner wasn't ideal either, but he knew it'd be easier on you if it was taken that way as well as it was an order to do so from them.

Sighing once again, he began to remove the glove off one of his hands. If this was how it was going to be, he wasn't fully against it. They had said if it came to it, he was allowed to use his own means of force and self-protection.

Of course, he still had to be wary of you and if it didn't fully come to it, to also not bring full harm to the ash blonde. As much as he disliked that last part, he wouldn't go against his orders.

As this was happening, you wanted to yell stop but remembered the last time that occurred just the night before. You were unsure if this was officially your place to say anything and by the looks of it, the other male was making an attempt to come back at him.

Contrary to how you current felt towards the ash blonde demon from this morning and as much as you wanted to hear the other male out, you didn't want to really see him (neither of them, really) get hurt either from you deciding to chime in to get⁠—what you figured to be useless⁠—fight to stop.

With great reluctance, you decided to keep quiet and hope for the best and that this would quickly push over after a few back and forth moments between the two of them. But that was only hopeful thinking, in the end . . . you knew that.

As Bakugou closed in, Todoroki quickly stepped to the side just enough once the ash blonde's fist was about to make contact with his face before outcasting his own hand, soon making contact with the other male's arm.

"Huh?" Bakugou gave a weird look as nothing really happened while you watched in slight confusion as well as it seemed this hadn't really done anything from your view either.

After a few seconds once contact had been made, however, Bakugou's eyes soon widened as a burning sensation instantly started to appear causing him to instantly grab his arm as he hissed in pain while gritting his teeth, "What the hell?!"

"Do you know what I am now?" Todoroki glared over at the other male, "Who I am?"

Still gripping his arm tightly as the burning sensation continued⁠—only getting worse as time went on—Bakugou glared up at the male, an obvious expression of pain evident on his face mixed with realization, "You–"

Though before he could say anything more, a small whimper of pain snapped both the male's away from each other as the looked over towards where you currently were now gripping your own arm in obvious pain.

And that was exactly what you were in at the moment.

Excruciating pain.

Your arm was on fire, almost literally, at least that was what it felt like. In fact, it was starting to look like it had been burned, too, at least from what you could tell from what you weren't covering.

No longer focused on his own "injury," Bakugou's grip on his arm tightened while ignoring the pain that came with it as he looked over at you with a weird expression⁠—one mixed with shock, confusion, and many more emotions bundled into one.

Though he wasn't the only one.

Todoroki also had a similar look on him as well, but shock showed more than anything, as a bead of sweat appeared on his cheek.

Knitting his brows together, Bakugou soon snapped from his state, somewhat before glancing over at the dual haired male beside him. It seemed if he wanted to get away, now would be the time to do so.

It wasn't that he wanted to do that, but in his current state and the situation as well as who he now knew what he was up against, it seemed it was the best thing to do at the moment. And so he would take this opportunity.

Not wasting anymore time and with very great reluctance, he quickly managed to bring himself up⁠, even through the pain his arm was giving him⁠ which was slowly, but surely, beginning to settle down, before appearing behind you.

He placed his hand on your shoulder. This caused you to glance up with a slight jolt though any fear quickly passed away once you realized who it was as you kept the grip you had on your arm.

Without a single word to you or the dual haired male, Bakugou quickly used his ability to "teleport" the both of you away as Todoroki just watched the scene, still in a state of shock, not bothering to stop you guys.

Todoroki remained unmoving as he stared at the spot the both of you had been in. If he was being honest, he had not expected any of this to occur, "I see." He mumbled, "So that's how it is."

"Todoroki-kun!" A familiar voice soon yelled out snapping the dual haired male from his thoughts.

Todoroki turned around to instantly be greeted by his temporary green haired "companion," "Midoriya."

"Ah . . . ah." Midoriya stopped in front of Todoroki as he bent over slightly and place his hands on his knees panting, "I was, ah . . . w-worried . . . ah, you never showed up. Ah . . . at the place w-we agreed, ah . . . so–" As he looked up, he stopped his words upon seeing the expression on the other male's face.

"D-Did something . . . happen..?" He asked as a bead of sweat appeared on his cheek.

"It seems the situation is far worse than I thought." Todoroki muttered after a few seconds of silence, turning his back to the green haired male while eyeing the area the two of you had disappeared from.

"Huh..?" Midoriya followed the male's gaze only to be greeted with nothing.

It seemed Todoroki had a lot of explaining to do . . .

As this was happening, Bakugou and you had instantly appeared in your house right at your front door. If on cue, Kaminari, hearing as well as sensing this, popped out from your living room.

"Woah, guys! You made it! Thank hell, I was starting to get wor–" Though Kaminari instantly stopped once he saw the state you both were in as his eyes widened, especially upon taken notice of your arm, "What . . . what happened to–"

"I should ask the fucking same about you, dunce face?!" Bakugou growled as he removed his hand from your shoulder while raising his arms slightly, his palms sparking as he walked in front of you to get to the other male, "You fucking co–"


A bead of sweat appeared on his cheek as glanced over at you who had finally gotten up, still gripping your arm tightly, before you soon closed your eyes and sighed, "Not in my house . . . please."

Reluctantly, he listened as his palms stopped sparking and he lowered his arms to his side without a single word as he soon appeared to go into thought as he looked to the side.

As he did this, Kaminari took notice of the other male's arm that seemed to have a similar mark on it on the same side as yours did, his eyes widening momentarily as he was beginning to realize what exactly had happened, not that he was super surprised, but it proved his previous thoughts he had had at the start.

"Thank you." You mumbled.

"No." Kaminari came in, "He has a right to be angry, aha . . . I did kinda just leave without saying very much." He looked to the side as he rubbed the back of his neck, "But . . ." He looked over at your arm before up at you, "You should probably take care of that. And then get, uh, some rest. I'm sure after that encounter, you're . . . minds probably racing."

Your eyes widened a bit as you remembered the burn like print on your arm, the pain you had forgotten soon coming back though not as much as it had been when it first appeared.

"Oh, but–"

"Don't worry, we'll answer all your questions tomorrow." He glanced over st the ash blonde who didn't seem to be paying attention anymore before back at you with his signature smile, "Promise."

You opened your mouth to say something else but sighed, "Alright."

Looking down at your arm, you began making your way upstairs. It didn't take long for you to eventually make it to your room to deal with the "burn" on your arm.

Seeing as you were gone and out of earshot to hear anything else, Kaminari looked back at Bakugou with a serious expression on his face, "You know what that means, don't you?" He questioned, "And I'm not talking about them coming into the picture." He added.

Hearing him, Bakugou clenched his fists tightly though refused to look at the other male or even reply back. He knew what he meant⁠—and he hated that he knew what he meant⁠—but everything finally made sense, however.

Absolutely perfect fucking sense . . .

And he hated it.

"It's not uncommon you know?" Kaminari came in, "Well, it is. But you aren't the only one. I'm, uh, sure. I mean, I personally don't blame you, uh . . . I'm going to just shut up now."

"Tsk." With that, Bakugou made, or shoved, his way passed him and into the living room without a glance at the other male while he frowned as he watched.

Deciding it was best not to comment any further on the subject, Kaminari glanced over at your now closed bedroom door, the lights off from what he could tell.

Kaminari had a feeling things were about to get interesting now that one member of the party knew though he could only wonder if the other member was going to find out and if sooner or later, but he figured that was inevitable.

After all, it wasn't a one-way street . . .

It went both ways.

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