Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)


Content Warning: alluding to non-consensual acts of another through conversation. Nothing graphic, but thought I'd warn anyway.


A sigh escaped your lips as you glanced at your arm in the mirror before actually looking down at it.

It looked about the same as it had the day before, maybe a little darker and more obvious. It was a burn mark that was in somewhat of a shape of a handprint though not fully defined, but it was easy to guess that that was what it was.

Thankfully, it didn't hurt as bad as it had⁠—mainly only hurting when you applied any sort of pressure on it—nor was it really bothersome, and you were sure it wouldn't get in the way too much through your daily routines.

However, this was the last thing on your mind. You were mainly curious about this Todoroki guy.

Who was he?

What was he?

Remembering what Kaminari had said (and hoped was true), you were ready to go down and pry some answers from the two males who you were sure were in your living room, at least you were sure of your own personal demon.

If Kaminari wasn't there, well. You'd just have to hope Bakugou would be willing to give up some answers. If not, you were determined to not let this go as you had with whatever the blonde had said to him.

Deciding it best to wrap your newly acquired wound, you grabbed some fresh bandages and did just that before heading downstairs to start questioning the, you assumed, two males down below.

As you had hoped and expected once you made it downstairs, both demons were in the living room. Kaminari was lying longways on one of the couches twirling what appeared to be a pencil boredly in his hands while Bakugou was, well . . .

He appeared to be lying face down on the other couch. It almost looked as if he was sulking. But surely he wasn't. It didn't seem of his nature to do so.

But, indeed, he was—sulking.

Bakugou couldn't believe how stupid he had been. He should have figured it all out when he looked at him, the half-and-half bastard.

His dual hair.

The eyes.

The scar.

There was no doubt in his mind . . .

If only he had been just a little more observant and not had let his anger control him—a bad habit he was sure he'd never fully get away from because of his nature.

After all, it was a part of him.

It was who he was.

Maybe, just maybe, he would have been able to avoid the situation . . . to avoid getting you hurt.
This thought caused his brows to furrow, his face still smothered on top of the pillow. In most instances, he'd ask why he felt annoyed when you got hurt.

But he knew.

Oh boy, did he know.

He had known.

It was slow at first. Oh so very slow. But it was there. And there it'd most likely remain.

But was this what happened when this happened?

Was this the answer he had been looking for for all the rising questions?

Did this explain everything that had been happening up until this point?

"Soooo . . . Whatcha gonna do about this?" Kaminari suddenly said as he sideway glanced over at the other male.

It didn't seem like either of them had noticed you yet surprisingly. But mildly curious and knowing that this conversation would probably end once they did, you decided to stay in your spot right at the last part of the stairs that you could remain unnoticed as you listened in.

You weren't usually the type to eavesdrop, you usually stayed clear from other people's business and went on your merry way. But you felt this to be an exception to most cases.

A low growl could be heard as Bakugou lifted his head up slightly as he sideway glared at Kaminari, not pleased to be removed from his thoughts, "What the hell do you mean, 'whatcha gonna do about this'?"

"You know what I mean."

It wasn't that Bakugou didn't know what Kaminari was talking about, he did. He knew exactly what he meant and where this conversation was heading. But if he was being honest, he really didn't want to talk about it, especially not with this idiot. He was also slightly surprised at how long it took for him to finally actually question him about it.

Bakugou knew Kaminari knew something was up this whole time. He was a damned incubis after all. Of course he had.

With that said, Kaminari wasn't a complete idiot, at least when it came to his 'friend' here. He knew to ask when it first occurred and came known that it'd be a bad idea.

Seeing as the ash blonde had somewhat appeared to have 'calmed' down, at least with the shock factor, he found it the time to start 'pestering' the other male about it.

After all, he knew the ash blonde had never been in a situation like this before. And in all honestly, he was surprised he had fell victim to it. It wasn't like him. Then again, he also couldn't blame him. Though with that thought, it also lead to another question to appear.

"Tsk. I don't know, but it's none of your damn business." Bakugou spat while not choosing his words carefully, turning his head the other way as his expression changed though of course went unseen.

"Hmm." Kaminari snapped from his thoughts as he sat upright on the couch while peering at him before sighing, "Wait." He blinked a few times before a smirk soon played at his lips, "So you're telling me you don't know what you're gonna do? So . . ." His smirk grew, "You're actually conflicted?"

Bakugou just gave him a sideways glare.

Kaminari sighed, "Fine. Don't answer."

"Never planned on it."

With that, it went silent again. You waited a little bit, but the silence continued between the two as they went back into their previous positions—Kaminari twirling the pencil and Bakugou appearing to "sulk."

Eventually, you walked out of your spot, making your presence known. Kaminari perked up once he caught glimpse of your appearance, "(Last Name)-chan."

The sound of your name caused Bakugou to lift his head up from the pillow watching as you made way to the couch he was residing on. It didn't take him long to realize what you were doing. He readjusted his position, changing to laying on his side but to where his legs weren't hogging all of the end.

"Who was that Todoroki guy?" You sat down right in front of his legs at the edge and instantly got into it, "Was he another demon..?"

Kaminari blinked at you a few times, "You mean you haven't figured it out already?"


"That wasn't a fucking demon." Bakugou came in.

As he said this, he seemed extremely annoyed though you couldn't pinpoint if it were for the fact of the encounter or if the thought of whatever this Todoroki was was an anger causing reason. You figured the latter though.

"Then what is he?"

It was silent for a moment until Bakugou grumbled out the answer, "Angel."

You slowly process his words before speaking, "An angel?"

"Technically . . ." Kaminari came in, "A half-angel."

"So, like, angel and human?"

"Half-angel and half-demon." Kaminari corrected, "The irony, am I right?"

"Wait." You furrowed your brows, thinking back to one of your and Bakugou's first conversation, "I . . . I thought demons couldn't, uhm, reproduce?"

"I said . . ." Bakugou started, his voice still laced with annoyance, "They fucking can't in most cases if it isn't with their own species, it's rare."

"Oh." You scanned your mind for his exact words, "Yeah. I guess you did."

"Demons and angels usually don't 'mingle.' But it does happen." Kaminari stated.

"It's just fucking hearsay." Bakugou came in before Kaminari could say anything more.

"You can't deny it's something he'd do though." Kaminari insisted but saw your confused expression, "The demon who's said to be Todoroki's father, Endeavor." He clarified before looking back at Bakugou, "Plus, you got to admit, they do look alike. You can tell by their eyes. You can't deny that either"

Bakugou clicked his tongue with a pause before speaking, "I fucking guess."

"Though . . . if I recall from the 'rumors' going around, it was not a consensual act, and he's not the only one made from it." Kaminari stated.

You swallowed as the feeling of disgust washed over you, "Do you mean..?"

"That's exactly what he means." Bakugou blew air from his nose, knowing what you were insinuating.

Kaminari nodded, "I wouldn't doubt that's how it went down. He's the type who'd do anything to get what he wants, especially power-wise . . . that is if the rumors are true."

"How would that get him power?"

"Just think about it like this." Kaminari started, "Powers of both a demon and angel? Well, that is if you can get the perfect combination. You're looking at something powerful there." He slouched in his seat, "I heard things about that Todoroki guy. The way other demons talk . . ." he trailed off.

"But . . . how would that give, uh, this Endeavor the power?"

"Hmm. Oh." Kaminari started twirling the pencil again, "Control them. If they worked under him, that's power enough even if he isn't the one with the physical aspects of it."

"I see."

"Even though all this is just apparently a rumor, it's actually why Hell has so many rules nowadays." He stated.

"Such as dealing with the shitty human world and such. Damned angels." Bakugou grumbled.

"Angels made Hell's rules?" You blinked at Bakugou's words.

"Angels are stronger than most demons." Kaminari stated, "Aside from maybe the demon council . . ." he glanced over at Bakugou for a split second, going unnoticed by you, "And the seven. But even then, that's still a pretty close call in the power scales."

"Tsk." You felt Bakugou squirm a bit, his leg accidentally brushing against you.

"But, uh, enough about that." Kaminari said, "How's the, uh, arm?"

"Oh." You looked down at your bandaged arm, having forgotten about it for the moment, "It hurts a little when touched. Other than that, it's ok. But . . ." You furrowed your brows as you recalled the incident, "I still don't understand how it happened."

"Uh." Kaminari paused for a moment, "It was probably Todoroki's 'angel' powers." He did some weird hand motion.

Unnoticed to you, Bakugou gave him a look which Kaminari returned giving a silent answer.


Kaminari continued and cut you off, "He probably just accidentally got you, too, when his initial target was just Bakugou."

Something seemed off about his explanation but you accepted it, "Oh, I see." You looked at Bakugou who just appeared to awkwardly cross his arms and look away before looking back at Kaminari.

"It should fully go away in a few weeks just like a normal burn." Kaminari said before getting up, "Uh, well, I should . . . get going." He sounded a bit antsy now.

"Where are you going?" You asked.

"To my place."

"You have a place?"

Now that was surprising.

"He probably seduced some stupid girl tenant to let him freeload." Bakugou muttered.

Kaminari raised his hands in a defensive position, "No!" But he soon looked to the side, "Well . . . ok. Maybe."

"That . . . kind of doesn't surprise me." You admitted.

"(Last Name)-chan, I'm hurt you would put me as low as that!" Kaminari said dramatically.

"Just get your stupid ass out of here before I drag your ass out." Bakugou threatened, "I'm sick of seeing your stupid face."

"Fine, fine. I'm out." Kaminari started out of the living room, "See ya later, (Last Name)-chan." He gave a wink and a wave before opening the door and heading out.

After the sound of the door closing, you looked down at your hands in your lap, your mind trailing back to the conversation, "So angels."

"Are you really that surprised?" Bakugou looked at you.

"Well. A little." You admitted, "But I guess it isn't too hard to believe." You stated, "But if he is half-demon also, why does he hate demons so much?"

"Probably in spite of his old man." He muttered though his eyes somewhat widened, "I mean if the rumors are fucking true." He quickly came in with the last part.

You raised a brow, "Do you believe the rumors?"

Bakugou appeared to tense, "Uh . . ."


"Does it really fucking matter? It's none of my damn concern if they are or not."

"I guess." You shrugged and looked down at your arm, "So this is like a normal burn?"

Bakugou didn't reply instantly, "Yeah."

"That's good to know." You got up off the couch and started out of the living room. Bakugou watched as you walked out though his sight was only on your bandaged arm until you disappeared to wherever you were headed.

He ran his hands down his face and let out a sigh. He didn't know how much longer it'd be until the real reason came out. He looked up at the ceiling.

While Bakugou was deep in thought, you had made your way in the kitchen, having poured a glass of (favorite drink). Though instead of drinking it, you just stared at the half-filled glass in front of you.

Your life was becoming more and more hectic as time passed. You were beginning to wonder if not making a deal was the right thing to do. Maybe you should strike a deal with the ash blonde . . .


You refused.

You couldn't.

You wouldn't . . .

Looking down at your bandaged arm, you pressed your other hand on top of it and winced a bit. Hopefully Kaminari was right and it'd eventually heal in a few weeks.

Letting out a sigh, you grabbed your glass and just dumped it in the sink before going out of the kitchen then heading up to your room.


Todoroki continued to look at his ungloved hand as his mind repeated the incident from the day prior.

He had explained to Midoriya of the events when they got back. The green haired male also had been shocked by the revelation, but Todoroki was sure Midoriya still didn't understand what this meant.

He let out a sigh. He knew he needed to handle this quickly. However, using force was no longer an option. That was . . . unless he wanted to risk hurting you it seemed. But he was running out of time.

Midoriya was no help still. Well, he could minorly be helpful, but Todoroki didn't really want to risk a screw-up that he'd have to clean up and explain to his superiors.

However, Todoroki was unsure of what to exactly do. He never dealt with this before. He heard of it, of course, and he knew of those who had as well.

Todoroki eyed the phone on the desk before eventually getting up and slowly heading towards it, picking it up, and then dial a number.

After a few rings, a voice sounded on the other end, "Hello? Who is this?"

"This is Shouto." He paused for a moment, "I would like to meet up to discuss something with you."

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