Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

How to Break an Unbreakable Bond

You began scribbling away at a math problem as you sat silently on the couch with Bakugou on the other end, glancing to the side in your direction.

Suddenly, your phone began to vibrate beside you. Dropping your pencil, you grabbed it, and looked at the caller I.D.; however, it was a number you didn't quite recognize.

Furrowing your brows, you answered it, "Hello?"

"Hello. Yes. Is this (Last Name) (First Name)?" A female voice asked on the other end.


"This is Midoriya Inko. I'm calling in regards to your application to 'Books and More'. Are you free to meet in a couple of hours for an interview? If not, we can meet tomorrow or a day you're free."

"Uh . . ." You glanced at the clock on the wall and then to your unfinished math problem, "Yeah. I-I can meet you then."

"Great! See you in an hour then!" With that, she ended the call.

You looked down at your phone for a second before sighing and putting it in your pocket. It seemed you were finally getting that interview you had been hoping for.

"Books and More, how creative." Bakugou mumbled, but it was more to himself.

"Stop listening in on my convos." You rolled your eyes but your words had an almost playful hint to them.

"Can't fucking help it." He muttered.

Tilting your head, you looked at him. Ever since yesterday, he had been a bit . . . what was the word..? Out of it? You didn't know what exactly to call it but you knew something was up. But you figured it had to do with the incident between him and Todoroki. It seemed like the likely cause.

Shrugging, you got up and placed your stuff on the coffee table and began to smooth out your outfit, "Well, I guess since you were listening in on my conversation, you know I have to go to the book store . . . I'm guessing you're coming with me?"

Bakugou stared at you for a moment before reluctantly getting up but didn't bother to say anything. You raised a brow at him but didn't break the silence as you turned around and started out of the house with the ash blonde following behind you.

It took about ten minutes on the subway to get near the store and another five for you to walk to the initial location. It remained silent between you and Bakugou, but that was pretty normal when it came to you both being in public.

"You probably could have waited a bit." Bakugou finally mumbled once you took out your phone to check the time as you waited in front of the little book store.

"Yeah. I guess so" You frowned as you put it back in your pocket, ". . . Is something wrong?"

Bakugou tensed, "What?"

"Uh!" Your eyes widened and your face flushed a bit upon realizing you had spoken your thoughts—you hadn't meant to let that slip, "N-Nothing."

He frowned. He hadn't expected you to notice. Then again, you probably had gotten to where you were able to tell if something was off with him. After all, it had been a couple of months since you had summoned him.

"I'm going to go in. Maybe she'll start the interview early or I can sit inside . . . or something." You practically whispered out before heading inside the book store.

Bakugou watched you for a moment before he, too, followed behind you, entering just as the door was about to close on him. As he had expected (mainly by the store name), there were books scattered everywhere. If he was being honest, this looked exactly like a place you'd like to work at. Quiet and simple.

Fiddling with your hands, you scanned the store, your eyes soon landing on a dark green haired larger framed lady at the front. Figuring that was the owner or maybe a regular worker, you headed towards her.

The woman took notice of you and smiled once you had made it in front of her, "May I help you?"

"Uh. I got a call about an interview–"

"Oh! You must be (Last Name) (First Name)!" Her smile widened.

"Gross." Bakugou mumbled as he scrunched up his nose.

You ignored his little commentary, "Yes."

"You're quite a bit early. But since it's not busy, we can start the interview now if you want."

"Uh, sure."

"Great!" She grabbed a piece of paper before ushering you to sit down at a table.

As you sat down, Mrs. Midoriya didn't waste any time to begin questioning, "So you're a college student, correct?"

You nodded, "Yes."

"What times are you able to work so I don't class with your schedule?"

"Uh . . . I can work mornings or whenever time every day besides on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. But I can work afternoons on those days."

"So you're basically free to work every day?"


"What time in the afternoons are ok with your schedule?"

"Uh . . . maybe twelve..?"

Bakugou boredly watched as the two of you went back and forth of schedules and all that until the woman eventually called an end to it.

"So you can start Monday of next week?" Mrs. Midoriya finally asked as she got up.

You nodded and got up as well, "Yeah. That works."

"Great!" She smiled as she started to walk you towards the exit, "I look forward to working with you."

Stopping in front of the door, you gave her a small smile, "Yeah. Me, too."

Mrs. Midoriya gave a small bow before she turned back around and headed back to her place behind the counter. Exiting the store, you let out a sigh. Talking to people was exhausting, even more so than usual lately . . .

"Well, that was easy." You said while you both walked towards the subway.

"Yeah." Bakugou absentmindedly replied.

It was obvious he wasn't in a chatty mood, so you didn't bother to say anything else as you both soon made it to the subway and patiently waited for it to eventually arrive.


Todoroki frowned as he edged closer to the small house in the middle of nowhere. It had been a while since he last came here.

Once he made it to the door of the small house, he slowly raised his arm. But he didn't knock just yet as he stood there and stared at the white door.

It'd be a lie to say he wasn't nervous. He hadn't come here in years, something he somewhat regretted, but he just couldn't face the person who lived here—not after what they had done to him.

He held no ill will though and understood why they had done it. He probably would have done it, too, if he had been in their place.

Taking in a deep breath, he went to knock; however, the door opened causing him to stop his action as he was greeted by a familiar and tired-looking face of a woman.

"Shouto . . ." The woman's frail sounding voice came in, a hint of remorse laced it as she stared at the male in front of her, more so his scar that covered his left eye.

Todoroki lowered his arm, "Mother."

They stared at each other for a long while before Todoroki Rei spoke up, "Uhm. C-Come in." She moved away from the door to allow him to enter.

Todoroki gave her a nod before he slowly entered the small house, and she shut the door. Rei soon ushered him towards the kitchen and he followed.

As he followed her, he took notice of how there were little to no furniture or wall hangings aside from the little rocking chair outside and a few seating areas in the house. That was to be expected, however—she had no need for any of the other things after all.

"Would . . . would you like some tea?" Rei offered as they both sat down across from each other.

"No. I have no need for that."

"I-I know." She gave him a weak smile, "Well . . . what is it that you needed to discuss?"

"I've been sent by them to deal with a summoning."

"A summoning? So . . . so demons..?" She appeared to get a bit antsy by the word 'demon.'

Todoroki sighed, he knew this was a bit of a touchy subject to bring up, "Yes."

"They usually don't involve themselves in those." Rei muttered, looking to the side.

He frowned, "I'm guessing you can't sense it?"

She looked back at him, "I'm afraid not. I've long become numb to my abilities."

"I see." Todoroki mumbled but continued with where he was going with the conversation, "The summoner's soul is one of those strange cases–"

"Where it remains pure."


"So that's why they're involved. They want to 'save' it and they want the one with the soul to . . ." Rei trailed off.

"Yes. That is their plan, in the end. But saving comes first." Todoroki stated, "But, you see, I seem to have run into a predicament when dealing with it."

Rei tilted her head, "What's the problem?"

"It seems . . ." Todoroki's face scrunched up in disgust, "I can't deal with the creature without harming the girl."

Rei's eyes widened. She had heard of this before. After all, she had lived quite a long time, even if half of her life had been in seclusion after . . . the incident. But either way, she knew what her son was referring to.

"It's what happens when a demon and their summoner . . ." Rei started to mumble her thoughts aloud.

"So you know what I'm talking about?"

"Huh?" She looked up from having accidentally drifted her gaze downward while being in thought, "Oh . . . yes. I've seen it a few times."

"How would I go about it?"

"You'd have to break their bond."

"But I can't do that. The only way to do that is to kill the creature. I can't or it'd kill her."

"There is another way."

"What is it?"

"A witch or warlock."

"A witch or warlock..?" Todoroki raised a brow.

Rei nodded, "Yes. A witch or warlock."

"How would–"

"They can break a demon bond without repercussions to either side. . ." She paused for a moment, "It'd have to be a certain witch or warlock bloodline, however. One of the more powerful ones. It can't just be any one of them."

"I see." Todoroki went deep into thought as he processed his mother's words.

Rei watched her son, taking in every small facial movement he made as he dug deep into his mind, mostly remaining focused on the scar that set over his left eye which caused her face to fall.

It had been quite a while since she had seen her son. Mainly because he never bothered to seek her out. But she didn't blame him for never visiting until now, however, especially after what she had done. She would never forgive herself for her actions. No matter her reasoning–

"I should get going." Todoroki suddenly mumbled as he got up.

"Oh." Rei got up as well while her son soon started towards the front door.

Once Todoroki made it to the door, he placed his hand on the knob but stopped before turning around to face his mom, "Uh . . ." He cleared his throat, "Thank you."

She opened her mouth to say something but quickly closed it as she simply gave him a small nod before he turned around, opened the door, and walked out. She remained at the doorway, watching as he walked down the little trail that lead away from the house before he soon disappeared from her sights.

She had wanted to apologize, but it seemed she'd have to wait for another opportunity, that is if there would be another one . . .

Once Todoroki had gotten out of sight, he stopped and let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding. Part of him wanted to turn back around and talk more to his mother—to clarify some things of the past—but he knew he had more important things to do at the moment . . . so that could wait a little longer.

With that said, he was unsure where he'd find a witch or warlock, more so one that would be powerful enough to break a summoner's bond since he could find one anytime walking down the street; however, the ones he had passed by on some occasions down here weren't the strongest from what he was able to sense.

While he scanned his mind, he stopped as he recollected the first time he has visited the U.A. University that you attended . . . and the girl he had sensed but didn't pay too much attention to her since, at the time, he was more focused on you and that . . . creature.

However, it was undeniable the potential he had felt radiating from her form for the little amount of time he took notice of her. But he soon frowned. She was quite young and was no doubt inexperienced.

Todoroki put his hand over his mouth. He wasn't well rounded with the witch or warlock community. After all, his main focus had always been tracking down demons and ridding the world of their filth.

But the problem arose if she wasn't the one he needed. But, at the same time, there was no telling if he'd find someone else with such a high potential anytime soon and he knew he was risking time if he didn't find one soon.

Even if she wasn't the one he needed, he knew that inexperienced witches and warlocks had stronger powers at their earlier stages that could rival even the greater bloodlines. Perhaps finding the girl was a risk worth taking.

Todoroki sighed, "It seems I have no other choice . . ."

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