Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

Drunken Confessions and Realizations

You glanced over at Bakugou who was in an empty seat beside you in one of your classes, looking down at the top of it as he played with the edge of it absentmindedly.

He had been like this since after Todoroki had confronted you both which had happened only two days ago. If you had thought something was wrong with him a few days prior after it and even yesterday, you most definitely were now. You were starting to get, for lack of a better term, worried.

He had been a bit more distant—not that you guys were the bestest of friends or were the closest of buddies in any shape or form but compared to what you were used to, he most definitely had been.

Even Kaminari—when he would visit randomly in the past couple of days and seen around the university—had noticed by how Bakugou just seemed to "sulk" around, as the blonde would give you occasional glances, silently communicating this to you.

Sighing, you looked back up front, but you never did fully focus on what the professor was saying . . .


Kaminari frowned as he sat through a boring English lecture. Only one of the two he had attended thus far.

Who knew college could be so boring?

Not him, for sure.

Of course with his luck, he had to get stuck with an old lady professor whose voice was far from being enjoyable to listen to. Perhaps he should have looked more into classes before choosing his schedule.

After a couple of days of this, he was beginning to wonder if it was even worth it. He didn't even get a class with you for crying out loud! After all, that had been his whole reason for even bothering to join U.A. University.

However . . .

He glanced over at a certain purple haired girl who sat across from him in the room. She was the only reason he hadn't ditched the class already.

After bumping into her that day, he had had a strange feeling incircle himself. But he had an idea what it was though. Resting his head on his palms, he stared at her through the entire class period.

After class ended, and everyone began to shuffle quickly out of the classroom, Kaminari wasted no time to catch up to the petite girl as she started down the hallway, holding a piece of paper in her hands while she looked down at it.

Making sure no one was taking much notice of him, he quickly appeared in front of the girl using his little "perk" he possessed, and she instantly bumped into him and let out a small gasp.

"Why . . . hello there.~" Kaminari placed his hand on the wall and gave one of his signature smiles, "Jirou-chan, right?"

Jirou blinked multiple times, her face lightly flushing as she did, "Uh . . . y-yes. Kaminari-kun, right?"

"Correct! I'm glad you remembered!"

"Uh, y-yeah." Jirou began to twist her earbuds nervously while she glanced to the side, the blush still present on her pale cheeks.


"Jirou-chan!" An unfamiliar voice to him, and a familiar one to Jirou, called out and interrupted him.

This caused Jirou to turn around as her eyes laid on an all too familiar pink haired friend as she gave her a large waved before stopping beside her.

"Ashido-chan . . ."

"Me, Uraraka, and Tsu-chan are heading to the café–" However, Ashido stopped midsentence upon notice the blonde haired boy in front of her friend before giving a sly smirk, causing Jirou's face to redden more, "–when you're done, you can come. Anyway, see ya then." She wiggled her brows before skipping off.

Kaminari watched the girl skip off before turning back to Jirou, "Any–"

"I-I, uhm, have to go." Jirou quickly cut him off.

"Oh. Alright."

She gave him a small smile, "It . . . it was nice talking to you . . . Kaminari-kun." She waved before dashing off to catch up with Ashido.

Once she had made it to walking beside her, Ashido looked over at her and leaned in as they continued to walk, a smirk plastered onto her lips, "So who's that?"

"Uh!" Jirou somewhat secluded into herself, "J-Just . . ."

"Aww, my little Jirou-chan's growing up!" Ashido exclaimed, not letting the girl finish her sentence, and placed her hands on her cheek, "Wait until I tell Uraraka and Tsu-chan!"

This caused Jirou to stop, knowing what she was insinuating, "W-Wha . . ." She watched as her friend quickened up her skipping pace, "WAIT!" She quickly ran after her.

Kaminari watched the whole ordeal, hearing everything that had been said. He placed his hand on the back of his neck.

Maybe next time.

Letting out a sigh, Kaminari turned back around, his eyes instantly catching your and Bakugou's form as you both headed down the other end of the hall, no doubt leaving.

It appeared his little friend was still sulking. He couldn't blame him, however—a lot was going on after all. Admittedly, he was starting to get a bit worried. This wasn't like the ash blonde at all.

Cupping his chin, he went into thought for a moment before his eyes widened and he snapped his fingers as he got an idea.

Kaminari began to smirk at his thoughts. This would be perfect. If his idea worked, maybe he would be able to get the ash blonde to get some things off his chest . . .


Todoroki slowly walked up to the mansion gates with the "Yaoyorozu" last name kanji engraved onto one of the bricks that formed the gate's structure.

It was obvious this girl was rich.

It had taken him a few days to find the girl's residence, but he finally had managed to do so upon sensing her.

On another note though, their last name sounded . . . rather familiar. Perhaps he wasn't wasting his time after all if the last name was embedded deep in his mind from some other place or conversation.

Sighing, he passed the opened gate and headed towards the large house, stopping once he had made it to the front door. Readjusting one of his gloved hands, he soon knocked lightly and waited patiently.

It didn't take long for the door to open, revealing an old butler, "May I help you, sir?"

"Yes . . . I need to talk to one of the Yaoyorozu's." Todoroki started, "it's for . . . business."

The man studied him for a moment before speaking, "May I ask your name?"

"Todoroki Shouto."

The butler looked him over once more, ". . . One moment, sir." With that, he shut the door—leaving Todoroki on his own to wait outside—and headed into the living room where Mrs. Yaoyorozu sat looking at some papers.


Mrs. Yaoyorozu looked up, "Yes?"

"There seems to be someone at the door who wants to discuss some business with you . . . a . . . Todoroki Shouto "

Her eyes widened slightly by the name before furrowing her brows before placing the paper down on the table beside her, ". . . Let him in."

"Yes, ma'am" The butler quickly headed back to the door and opened it, the dual haired male still patiently waiting, "Mrs. Yaoyorozu will see you." He stepped aside to allow for entrance.

Todoroki nodded, as he entered the home. The butler shut the door behind him, and then began to usher the dual haired male to the living room before giving a small bow to Mrs. Yaoyorozu then proceeded to leave the two alone.

Todoroki's eyes landed on a dark haired woman sitting on the couch, patiently waiting for him. He could sense power radiating from the woman; however, there wasn't anything special about it—at least not like the girl he was here for.

"You must be Todoroki Shouto." Mrs. Yaoyorozu started.


"I'm Yaoyorozu. I've heard many things about you. More so back in the days than now but all the same."

"Yaoyorozu." Todoroki started, ignoring her words, "I have an important matter to discuss with you."

She studied the male for a moment, "And what might that be?"

He made his way in front her, "It's about your daughter."

She gave him a perplexed look, "Momo?"

"That's her name . . . Yes, that would b–"

"What about me?" Yaoyorozu soon popped up, her hands clasped to her chest as she entered the living room and this caused the two to turn and direct their attention to the girl as she made her way beside her mother.

Yaoyorozu stared directly at the dual haired male, suddenly recalling about seeing him some time ago at the university, "You're . . . you're the male I saw . . ."

Todoroki could feel the power radiating from the girl, this Yaoyorozu Momo, even more so than the women in front of him. It was obvious, actually being able to be near it, that she had undeniable power.

Mrs. Yaoyorozu looked between him and her daughter a few times before speaking, "What is it you needed to discuss?"

"Yes." Todoroki started, "What I wanted to discuss . . ."


Kaminari slammed a bottle in front of the ash blonde, but making sure not to do it too hard so it wouldn't break.

Bakugou raised a brow at the large bottle set in front of him, "The fuck's this?"

"Obviously alcohol." Kaminari grinned.

After having left the college, Kaminari had gone to the nearest store that sold alcoholic beverages and "buying" one of the bigger bottles he could find albeit he didn't necessarily buy it . . . the more correct way to phrase it would be to say "take," but that was another conversation for another time.

Bakugou blinked at the bottle before scrunching up his nose and looking up at him, "Why the hell did you bring alcohol?"

"I was thinking we could drink, ya know? Have some fun. Let loose."

"I'll pass."

"Come on, man."


"Come on."


"Come oooon!"

"No. Stop fucking asking me."

Kaminari frowned, going into thought for a moment before speaking, "Are you scared because you have a low tolerance?"

"Huh?" Bakugou glared at him and sitting up a bit straighter on the couch, "I don't."

This caused Kaminari to smirk. He knew how the ash blonde could get when or if challenged in some way or accused of not being able to do something.

He also knew that Bakugou did, in fact, have a weak tolerance—thanks to a few conversations with a certain red haired demon in the past that they were both "friends" with.

"I don't know, man. That's what it's sounding like to me." Kaminari grabbed the bottle, opened it, and started swirling it around.

This made one of Bakugou's eye twitch and his gaze turned to the bottle then back towards the blonde idiot. He continued to study the male's face for a few more seconds.

"Give me that." He swiped the bottle from the other male's hands before starting to chug the entire bottle down.

"Didn't mean the whole thing . . ." Kaminari sighed but thankfully he had bought another one.

It hadn't taken long for the two males to get through both the bottles of alcohol Kaminari had bought . . . or, well, taken.

Kaminari glanced at his friend and took notice of Bakugou's slouched position on the couch, his face somewhat flushed, as he held a now practically empty glass in his right hand (which Kaminari had gotten from the kitchen for both of them) as his arm rested on the armrest of the couch.

It was obvious he was to the point of being completely drunk. At least to the point of ability hindrance if anything.

Unlike the ash blonde, however, Kaminari wasn't as intoxicated. Tipsy, maybe, but not anything that could be hindering to himself—he knew his limit.

He was surprised that Bakugou hadn't said anything the entire time. He had been expecting the ash blonde to be a pretty verbal guy when drunk. In fact, he had been hoping the other male would start talking—to get things off his mind and chest since it was obvious he had a lot to relieve himself of. But it seemed that wasn't going to happen.

"I wonder if (Last Name)-chan drinks . . . nah, she doesn't look like the type."

Kaminari started to whirl the glass in his hand, watching as the small amount of liquid left in it moved around, and recalled how you were most likely in your room—not knowing about him currently being in your home. But he figured you wouldn't mind, as long as he didn't mess with anything.

He glanced back over at Bakugou who was in the same position prior, unmoved. He placed the glass on the table in front of him and continued to stare over at his friend, evaluating the situation.

He figured it was probably time he should head out. He wasn't getting much out of this as he had hoped he would, so there was no point in staying.

"Hey, I think I'm gonna go." He got up.

This gained Bakugou's attention as he glanced over at the other male, it took him a moment to process his "friend's" words, "Whatever . . . dunce face." He shifted awkwardly in his spot.

Kaminari grabbed the now empty bottles on the table and his glass then headed into the kitchen, disposed of the bottles (hiding the evidence), placed his glass in the sink then headed back into the living room.

He soon made his way in front of the ash blonde and grabbed the glass that was in his hand, "Don't go doing anything to make (Last Name)-chan mad."

Kaminari smirked as Bakugou just gave him a weird look—not fully grasping much in his current state—before he headed back into your kitchen and places the glass in the sink beside his.

Sighing, he headed towards the front door, his eyes turning back over the living room as he began to pass it; however, he let out a grunt once he had bumped into something . . . or more so someone.

"Kaminari?" You blinked at the male, "How long have you been here?"

"(L-Last Name)-chan!" Kaminari's eyes somewhat widened as he looked in your direction, "Uh, I-I was just leaving. Just . . . just wanted to talk to Bakugou. T-That's all." His tone sounded nervous.

You raised a brow, "Uh . . . ok then."

"Well, uh, see ya." He quickly dashed to the front door and left.

While you and Kaminari were talking, Bakugou was still trying to process the words the other male had said to him but was only able to get one thing from it in his current state.

"(Last Name) . . ." Bakugou repeated your name in a delay. He stayed quiet for a moment before speaking to himself again, "What an idiot . . . summoning a damn demon because her fucking friends wanted her to. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. But . . ."

He trailed off as he ran his hand through his hair, keeping it there while he looked straight ahead, his head tilting to the left. His face felt warm while his mind felt hazy and he couldn't make a perfect thought out of anything–


That damn voice.

This caused him to look up, being greeted by your form as it slowly edged over towards him, only stopping once you were a couple of feet away.

"Why did Kaminari come over..?" You questioned even though you figured you may not get an answer.

He didn't give the reply right away, however, "Kaminari?"

After a few seconds, he furrowed his brow. His mind was spinning as he tried to comprehend any of the words you had just said, his hand still on his head, but he eventually started to revert his gaze lower, no longer looking at your face as he soon dropped his hand that was on his head to his lap.

You furrowed your brows, something felt a bit off about him. From his disarrayed appearance, his somewhat flushed face, to the strong smell of . . . your eyes widened in realization.

Had . . . had he been drinking..?

All the signs pointed to such.

It now made sense why Kaminari had appeared to be a bit antsy when he had run into you only a few minutes earlier. Though it was weird to you that demons could get drunk—how unexpected.

You soon took a few steps closer, "Uhm. Bakugou?"

No reply.

You took another step until you were at the point you could no longer take anymore, "Bakugou?"

No reply.

Frowning, you slowly raised your arm and began to outcast it towards him but it didn't get but halfway to him as he grabbed your wrist, causing you to tense up from the contact.

"Baku–" However, you were unable to finish the sentence before Bakugou roughly jerked you forward, his face pressing against your chest. Your eyes widened as your face started to heat up, "Uh–"

"You make me feel weird . . ." Bakugou's words came as a slur and muffled because of the position.


"You make me feel weird . . ." He repeated as the hand that held onto your wrist tightened.

You looked down, only able to see the top of his head, your free hand hovering a few centimeters away from him, "What . . . what do you mean..?"

It took him a moment to reply, "You . . . make me feel things." The wording sounded practically the same.


"And I hate it . . . I . . . I hate it . . how . . . you make me feel . . ." He trailed off, turning his head but remained in the same spot against you.

"Bakugou . . ."

It was slowly starting to make sense of what he was implying through his words. Part of you felt shocked by the vague but obviously inferred confession, another felt . . . another part of you was scared.

But why were you scared..?

. . . You were scared of this weird feeling bubbling up inside of you.

You were scared of what this could mean.

But you knew what it meant and you knew what the strange feeling was, too.

It was obvious.

Through the time you had spent with the ash blonde . . . it was obvious. It had been slowly forming, only just now to make itself fully known.

Frowning, you placed your hand on top of Bakugou's head hesitantly, "Me, too . . . me, too . . ."

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