Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

I Can't Believe I Did That . . . But I Did

Bakugou groaned as he slowly raised himself off the couch and sat up straight but soon grimaced as a pain shot through his head—it almost felt like a bullet had gone through his skull.

"What the hell?"

He started to massage his temples in an attempt to relieve himself of the pain; however, that did little to relieve him. He was even starting to feel somewhat nauseated as the seconds ticked by.

He ran his hands down his face as he tried to recall last night but it felt like a blur. However, slowly, short snippets of images began to cross his mind until they all formed into a more coherent form:

How the blonde haired idiot placed a bottle of alcohol in front of him, "I was thinking we could drink."

How the idiot had questioned his tolerance, "Are you scared because you have a low tolerance?"

He frowned at the next memory of how he drank just about the whole bottle, then . . .


That voice . . .

Bakugou furrowed his brows, his hand up to his head—his head pounding while he recollected the memories—as a hazy and blurred image from last night crossed his mind, a girl . . .


He could recall you walking towards him, asking him something about the blonde idiot, and then his half-assed attempted of answering which caused him to cringe.

Your face soon focused in during the memory, a worried expression was plastered on it as you had repeated his name a couple of times, taking small steps towards him. You had soon begun reaching out then . . .

Bakugou placed his hand over his mouth as he started to sink down into the couch, his eyes wide. "Fuck..!"

He couldn't believe he had fucking done that . . . that he had fucking said all that!

What had he been fucking thinking?

The correct answer was . . . that he hadn't. He hadn't even been in his right mind at the time. Instead, he had been absolutely drunk out of his mind.

Then there was what you had said to him after:

"Me, too . . . me, too . . ."

Bakugou grimaced as the pounding of his head got worse, snapping him from his embarrassing thoughts (something he was mildly thankful for, in the end). God, his fucking head. It was obvious this was the effects of the alcohol—a hangover.

He may be a demon, but that didn't keep him from having hangovers. He had to take something, anything. He wondered if you had something he could take somewhere.

Reluctantly, Bakugou got up—keeping his hand on his head—but he didn't move once he caught sight of a glass of water and what appeared to be a couple of Aspirin, or whatever they were, lying beside it.

He squinted down at them. It seemed these pills had been left for him and he had a good idea by who. Slowly grabbing the two pills and glass of water.

He stared down at the half-filled glass for a moment before he took the two pills quickly then plopped back down on the couch and placed his hand over his eyes and another on his upset stomach.

His mind couldn't help but to revert back to the embarrassing thoughts that clouded the back of his mind as well as questions he couldn't help but ask himself.

What was he going to do once he saw you again?

More importantly . . . what were you going to do..?

In your room, You held your pillow tightly against your chest as you just stared at your closed door as you recalled the events of last night.

From finding the ash blonde in his drunken state until you had finally managed to leave him alone and head back into your room.

It had taken a bit to get Bakugou to let go of your wrist. You actually had to wait until the ash blonde had blacked out, even then, it took a while to get his hand to let your wrist free.

Taking in a deep breath, you let it out as you tightened your hold on the pillow that you currently had while you wondered if the ash blonde would even recall last night's event . . .

The words he had said . . .

"You make me feel weird."

"You . . . make me feel things."

"And I hate it . . . I . . . I hate it . . . how . . . you make me feel."

The thought of his words made your face heat up. You quickly slapped both sides of your cheeks hard in hopes to alleviate the burning sensation, but that only made it worse.

You had tried to decipher them into meaning what you weren't thinking, but they always fell into exactly what you were.

There was no denying what he had meant by them.

It was obvious that . . .

You eventually got up, smoothed down your outfit, and combed your hands through your hair, before heading to your closed bedroom door; however, you stopped once your hand had reached the knob—a nervous feeling setting in you.

No . . .

Dropping your hand back to your side, you frowned and slowly went down until you were sitting on the ground on top of your legs. You then pressed your palm and head against the door while letting out a soft sigh.

You couldn't go down there, you couldn't face him—not yet. But you knew you'd have to eventually confront him, to see him.

It was inevitable.

For now, however, you decided to remain in your room, not bothering to leave it.

You needed time.

You needed to think this all through, less you did something stupid.

Plus, there was always the possibility the ash blonde might not even recall the events of last night. But you didn't want to take your chances—not now at least.


Yaoyorozu looked down breathlessly—sweat somewhat dripping down her temples—at the book she had been studying from since yesterday. She had been practicing for hours on end with little to no breaks, and for good reason.

She closed her eyes, her mind trailing back to the conversation between her mother, Todoroki, and herself . . .

"Yes . . ." Todoroki started, "What I wanted to discuss . . ." He paused for a moment before speaking once more, "I seem to have run into a problem."

"What kind of problem?" Her mother raised a brow.

"I'm sure you know what I do."

Her mother studied him, "Yes . . . I may have some knowledge."

"Well, I'm here for that reason now. Unlike my usual times, this one I was instructed to handle by them personally this time." He emphasized the word "them."

Yayorozu couldn't help but furrow her brows. The majority of the conversation had consisted of vague words, so she couldn't fully understand most of what was being talked about.

Her mother averted her gaze for a moment in Yaoyorozu's direction, but not looking directly at her, as her eyes appeared to flash with what appeared to be realization before she looked back at the male.

"And why is that?"

"It seems I'm dealing with a special case . . ." He paused for a moment, "In more ways than one."

"And what are the problems exactly?"

"Her soul . . . it's quite pure given the circumstances. I aim to save that purity. Then . . ." His face scrunched up in disgust, "Her and that . . . that creature . . ." He clenched his fists together.

Pure souls?

Her and that creature?

"W-What are you guys even talking about..?" Yaoyorozu finally asked.

This caused them to turn towards her. Todoroki appeared to study her for a moment, "Have you not been informed about the world around you?"

Yaoyorozu furrowed her brows, "Wha–"

"I haven't told her everything yet." Her mother cut her off, causing Yaoyorozu to look over at her, "She only knows about witches and warlocks. She just came into her powers not long ago. I haven't had the time nor need to discuss other things."

"A late bloomer..?"


"I see . . ." He looked over at Yaoyorozu then turned to her mother who, in turn, gave a hesitant nod back before he looked back at her, "I'm talking about . . . demons."

"Demons..?" Yaoyorozu's eyes widened.

"Yes . . ." Her mother came in, "Demons exist, both in Hell and in the human world."


"Yes." Her mother looked away.

Yaoyorozu frowned lightly as she recalled them explaining a bit about the existence of demons, summoning (only base knowledge), and even angels with Todoroki making sure to state his complete and utter disgust in the demons he mostly referred to as "creatures."

He had also described the problem being that of a summon—that a pure soul had summoned a demon and they had, for lack of a better term, "bonded" in ways that shouldn't be (though she was unsure of what exactly he meant by that).

She almost didn't believe it, now wanted to for that matter, but it wasn't too far fetched after she had learned about witches and her own family—of her being a witch herself . . .

"But, if I, uhm, may ask . . ." Yaoyorozu started after the little explanation, "What is a 'pure soul'?"

"Humans have souls. Each soul reacts differently to the world around them." Todoroki started, "Some souls take it harsher than others which isn't good, but it can't fully be helped. It doesn't make them any less unless they are in the dark grey zone. Deeds throughout your life also affects the soul . . ." He paused for a moment.

". . . However, a soul that remains completely pure throughout its entire existence is rare. It's basically a soul that remains white throughout its entirety no matter what happens to it."

"So this soul, it's rare..?"


"I see . . ."

"But enough about that." Todoroki turned to Yaoyorozu mother, "I need your daughter's help in dealing with this . . . with this mess."

"W-What..?" Yaoyorozu's eyes widened, "You mean w-with the summon..?"

He turned back towards her, "Yes. To forcibly unbind them."

"Aren't you able to do that by . . ." Her mother hesitated for a moment, "Killing the demon?"

Todoroki's eyes narrowed, "That is the problem. If I kill him, it's a high chance I'd kill her. That's what I meant by them forming a bond that shouldn't be." He frowned, "I don't possess power like that of a witch or warlock, so I can't do it myself."

"But why my daughter." There was an obvious undertone of "why not me or someone else" in her words.

"She's the only one I sense with the power to be able to do so. At least around here."

Her mother gave him a skeptical look, "I don't think she's ready."

"I'm sure she can learn."

"I don't think this is a good idea."

"A soul is at risk."

"I'm not putting my own daughter's life at risk for someone else's sake, someone we don't even know to add on."

"What if I tell you it is someone you may know . . . or at least your daughter." He glanced at the girl who was just standing there.

"Someone . . . I know..?" Yaoyorozu blinked.

Her mother's eyes narrowed, "What's her name..?"

"(Last Name) (First Name)."

For Yaoyorozu, the pure mention of your name was an instant invitation for her to cave in, "I-I'll do it..!" Her assertiveness in her voice appeared to shock both of them.

Her mother, on the other hand, was still a little hesitant, "Momo . . ."

"Mom . . ." Yaoyorozu looked over at her, a determined expression now plastered on her face.

"I . . . I don't–"

"I have to!"

Her mother knitted her brows together in a worried expression, it was obvious she was worried about you, you were like another daughter to her. But there was still a hesitance in her stance.



It had taken a few more acts of pleading on Yaoyorozu's end for her mother to finally agree, but she eventually did in reluctance after making absolutely sure that this was what she wanted—which she did.

After a few more verbal exchanges between her mother and Todoroki (that she didn't get to hear since her mother had dragged the male off into a private room), he had eventually taken his leave while mentioning he'd be back in a few days to check the progress.

With that, she had been sentenced into a state of constant studying and practicing the magic arts to channel and strengthen her inner power on top of her college load.

She still didn't fully understand the whole situation or the risks involved, but she did know one thing for certain . . .

"(Last Name) . . ." Yaoyorozu mumbled, "I'll save you. I promise."


Toga boredly sat on the crappy couch in the makeshift hideaway home that sat discreetly in the very depths of the woods just outside the city limits that she and a certain dark haired male were hiding out in for the time being until they could make their move in.

"Ugh! When can we see (Last Name)-chan again?!" Toga exclaimed, "I want to go now!"

Her face flushed a bright red as she recalled the little "shopping" trip the two of you had gone on, how you looked in the dress that "she" had bought for you, how she was able to touch you . . .

Then your soul.

Your beautiful soul.

Oh, how she wanted it.

Dabi glared over at her. He had been putting up with this for some weeks now, and he was getting sick of it. He swore many times to himself that if she kept asking, he'd burn her to a crisp—but he never did.

She was too valuable as an asset. And he knew the girl had undeniable skills albeit her personality is the worst but skill came first, in the end. Plus, he knew he'd hear an earful from Shigaraki.

And he most definitely didn't want that.

However, he could somewhat understand why she wanted to be constantly near you . . . after all, a part of him also craved it. But, unlike her, he had way more control over the urge.

"We'll see her when we see her." This was the same reply he'd repeat every time she'd get in one of those moods.

"Uuuuugh!" Toga groaned as she began to kick her feet repeatedly.

"He's too close for comfort." Dabi started, "Going in now while he's there is too risky. It'll just make the job harder."

"Yeah, yeah." She crossed her arms.

"Once I figure out how to get rid of him, then we can head in."

"How long will that take?"

"However long it takes."

But he knew it'd be soon. He had been calculating how to since the beginning of the "assignment" they had been given. . . with how to rid themselves, himself, of the annoying "obstacle" . . .

For good.

He had always been a thorn in the dark haired male's side ever since he had "graced" the world with his presence . . . the pure thought of him irritated Dabi to no end.

Toga glanced over him after a few minutes of silence, a curiosity that had built up since their first meeting overtaking her once again, "Doesn't it bother you though?"

"Does what bother me?" Dabi sideway glanced back at her, not quite understanding her question.

"That you're planning to kill your own brother?"

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