Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

We Need to Talk

Looking in the mirror in the bathroom, you frowned at your reflection.

Letting out a sigh, you shut the light off, walked out, then made your way down the stairs albeit slowly. It didn't take long to make it to the bottom, your eyes instantly traveling in the direction of the living room.

Your eyes instantly landed on the ash blonde currently sitting on the couch, arms crossed, and appearing to be deep in thought over one thing or another—seemingly not taking notice of your arrival down the stairs.

This caused you to frown.

It had been four days since it had happened . . . since he had spilled about his "feelings" to and for you in his drunken stupor—the thought still made your cheeks lightly burn.

The day after, you had finally left your room after being cooped up the day prior . . .

Hesitantly, you made your way down the stairs and your eyes instantly fell on the ash blonde who was in the living room (of course).

It didn't take long for his gaze to shift from the front of him over to you as you both locked eyes, a bead of sweat on both your cheeks as you both did. . .

The look he had given you . . .

At that moment, it had become apparently obvious to you that the ash blonde demon did, indeed, remember the events of that night.

You soon averted your gaze, only giving a small "uhm" before you bit your bottom lip, your face heating up slightly, but he didn't utter a word—no doubt just watching you . . . watching what you'd do.

Unable to stand it much longer, you quickly dashed into the kitchen without so much as a single word, hoping he wouldn't follow you . . . hoping he'd leave you be.

Thankfully he didn't and he did . . .

You frowned at the memory. Part of you felt bad you had done that, but it was obvious he also seemed to have the same mindset as you at the time.

So for the past four days, any interactions between you two had been awkward: no words spoken with the occasional awkward staring here and there when you'd walk by after you'd get off the stairs to go in the kitchen (after all, you had to eat, even if your stomach didn't fully agree with that).

Taking in a deep breath, you finally spoke, "I-I'm . . . I'm going to class." These were the first words you had spoken to him which instantly gained his attention.

Quickly grabbing your bag at the frame of the living room, you headed out the door—not bothering to give the ash blonde a second glance or to wait for him to follow behind you, you knew he'd do that on his own . . . maybe.

As you began speed walking to the college, you pressed your hand to your chest, feeling the nervous beating of your heart . . .

Bakugou looked in the direction you had dashed off from for a moment. Reluctantly, he stood up, putting his hands in his pockets, before appearing behind you and started to trudge behind you awkwardly.

You somewhat tensed when upon hearing the footsteps, knowing exactly who it was, but you didn't dare turn to face him and just continued on.

This action somewhat irked Bakugou a bit inside, and he didn't know why. No, he did know why . . . and that pissed him off.

But he didn't show it.

He wouldn't show it.

Ignoring it, he continued following you as you headed towards the college, his hands still in his pockets, while looking a bit downward but in a way that he could still see where he was going as his mind wandered, his eyes narrowing.

It wasn't long before you made it to the gates of the university and started towards the building so you could get to your class.

A little bit of ways away, Kaminari caught a glance of you and Bakugou as you guys made your way onto the university grounds.

This caused a wide grin to form on his face as he started towards you guys with a raise of his arm, "Hey, (La–" But he soon stopped his words and himself as the big grin on his face slowly started to fall once he noticed that there seemed to be something wrong.

In other words, something felt off . . .

Very off.

He furrowed his brows as the overwhelming feeling of what appeared to feel like "awkward tension" filled the air around him as the two of you continued walking, you remaining oblivious to him in the distance.

He had a feeling he knew what was going on though he hoped that wasn't the case since, if it was . . . well, what he did for sure know was that if the ash blonde got ahold of him anytime soon, there was no telling if he'd see the light of the next day.

So Kaminari slowly started backing away until he turned the other way and started going to his next class he had signed up for though not before giving a fleeting sympathetic glance back at the two of you as you both continued to walk down the campus.

However, Bakugou took notice of him just as he had already walked across the opposite side of the campus. His eyes turned in the direction before they narrowed at the blonde's fleeting form.

Part of him wanted to knock the living shit out of the idiot dunce face until there was nothing left. Another part of him just didn't have the energy to or be bothered to do so.

Clenching his fist in his pockets, he turned his gaze back up front as he continued to awkwardly follow you to your class.

The both of you eventually entered your first class of the day, you sitting down and the ash blonde leaning against the wall only a few feet away while he crossed his arms.

His gaze slowly and subconsciously made its way over to you as you were just blankly staring down at your notebook, not bothering to write anything down that the professor spoke—no doubt not even listening either.

Eventually, the class had ended and you both went to your next one. However, he watched as you only repeated the same action as you had in the previous one.

This caused Bakugou to frown. He knew this couldn't go on, this "awkwardness." As much as he hated to admit it . . .

But what could he do..?

Your classes eventually ended, as you soon were out and on your way to leave the building, Bakugou trailing behind you.

"(Last Name)-chan!" A familiar voice called causing you to stop walking.

"Huh..?" You slowly turned around, "Oh, Uraraka . . ."

"I haven't seen you in a while." She started, a hint of worry in her tone, "Is everything alright..?"

"Yeah. Everything's ok on my end." You gave her a strained and weak smile.

Uraraka studied you for a moment before she pressed the tips of her fingers together, "Well, uh . . . I, or, we . . . were wondering i-if you wanted to join us at the café since it's been a while."

You frowned. Even with how much you wanted to join her, them, you knew you couldn't for obvious reasons. Plus, you had the first day of your job in a few.

"I . . . I can't."

This caused Uraraka's face to fall, "Oh . . . can I ask why..?"

"I, uh, have to go to work . . ."

"Y-You got a job..?" She blinked at you with wide eyes.

You nodded before averting your gaze, "Yeah."

"So you can't go to the café..?"

"No . . . sorry."

"Uh, where do you work..?" She quickly asked.

"At the book store not too far from here, 'Books and More'."

"Oh, I see."

"But I better get going. I don't want to be late."

She knitted her brows, "Oh, ok . . ."

"Bye, Uraraka. It was nice talking to you again." You gave her a weak smile.

"Y-Yeah, you, too. See you."

With that, you began back on your way to where you were going—your job. Uraraka, on the other hand, frowned once you had turned your back to her while she watched you get farther and farther away until you had disappeared behind the corner.

Sighing, Uraraka stared at the area you had disappeared from before turning around and heading to the café to meet up with her friends.

After you had finally exited the college and had gotten past the gates, you soon headed towards the subway.

It didn't take long until you had gotten to the subway area, to then proceed to wait for it to arrive so you could get to your new job.

Mrs. Midoriya had said you'd be working alongside one of her best workers there to "train" and get a hang of everything until you were comfortable enough to handle them on your own. You figured it wouldn't be a long arrangement, working at a bookstore didn't seem that hard to do.

Now at a standstill as you awaited for the subway to arrive, you glanced over at Bakugou who was looking down, his hands in his pockets per usual, while he looked to be in thought.

Biting your bottom lip lightly, you turned back around right as the subway came in, soon getting on it, and going on your way to your job.

It didn't take long for you both to arrive. You soon entered the building, Bakugou trudging behind you, as you headed to the front desk.

It didn't take long to realize no one was here. In fact, no one was even in the store. You furrowed your brows as you looked left and right, stopping when it was obvious there was no one in sight.

"Hmm." Your grip on your bag straps tightened a bit.

"(Last Name)..?"

That voice.


". . . and 'friend'..?" Shinsou looked over at the ash blonde.

"Oh . . ."

You glanced over at Bakugou, who looked less than pleased as his brows furrowed while he looked at the other male with narrowed eyes. You had forgotten Shinsou had been able to see Bakugou last time.

You were sure he was probably wondering why you had dragged your so-called "friend," the previous excuse you had used at the start, along with you.

And, indeed, he was.

Admittedly, Shinsou was a bit surprised to see the ash blonde trailing along with you to the store. Mainly because he'd have thought the ash blonde would have left by now since, if he recalled, the male was just "visiting."

Though, on another note, you appeared to be stiff and the "awkwardness" in the air surrounding the two of you was undeniable.

However, he mentally pushed the thought away. After all, it was none of his business and, honestly, he didn't really care all too much at least with where the ash blonde was concerned.

"So you're the new employee?" Shinsou averted his tired gaze back at you, snapping you away from your own thoughts—not bothering to question anything.

Looking back at him, you gave a small nod, a bit thrown off, "Yeah."

"In that case . . ." He outcasted a blue shirt with the words "Books and More" embedded in white small letters on the top left side of it.


You slowly took it from him and looked down at it. You vaguely recalled Mrs. Midoriya saying something about a uniform shirt that you'd have to wear while working during the middle of the interview.

"You can change and put your bag in the back." He pointed towards the small open way behind the counter that he must have come back from.

"Alright." You headed to where he had pointed, soon disappearing behind the wall.

Once you left, Bakugou was still staring, more so glaring, at the other male though Shinsou didn't pay him any heed as he was more focused on whatever he was doing behind the counter.

After changing your previous (favorite color) sweater into the blue "Books and More" shirt and placed your bag in one of the cubby holes that was set in the back before you came back.

"The store's usually not that busy though some days it can be. But today's usually not, so it's your lucky day." Shinsou started once you had reappeared, "So I can talk you through the basics, show you around, and all that." He placed his hand on his neck, his sleepy eyes piercing into you.


With that, Shinsou started on teaching you the basics: the register, how to stand while behind the counter, how to greet customers, and all the basic things you'd need to get through the day.

In all honesty, it was a little bit enjoyable as you learned a bit more about the job and how to do things with the help of your fellow neighbor—smiling (as he'd give a sleepy one in return) along with a few small giggles that'd slip through you lips here and there when he'd talk about few of the "weirder" customers who'd come in sometimes.

Slowly, the awkward stiffness you had come in with and the situation clouding your mind disappeared as you became more and more interested in the words that'd spill from Shinsou's mouth.

"A girl from Shiketsu University, you know . . . the university that can match with U.A. in academics? Came here high once." Shinsou said, a small sleepy smirk playing at his lips, "A Utsushimi Camie or something, I don't know."

"E-Excuse me..?" Your eyes widened, "S-She came here high..?"

"It was . . . interesting."

"Wow. That . . . that does sound interesting."

"Yeah." He blew air from his nose in slight amusement, "Let's just say she's banned coming in here now."

"Maybe that's for the best." You scratched your cheek awkwardly as you gave a nervous laugh.

Bakugou watched the scene in front of him, an obviously annoyed aura illuminating from him though it went unnoticed by you and Shinsou as you guys were too busy focusing on each other.

However, that didn't last long as the more your little neighbor talked, the more you could feel a piercing gaze in your direction.

Slowly and as discreetly as possible, you moved your eyes over to where Bakugou currently stood, taking instant notice of the way he was glaring over at the two of you—mainly at your little work friend more so than you—while Shinsou continued to talk about the random odd occurrences in the book store, causing you to frown.

Before you knew it, your work shift, more so your training since no one ever did really come into the bookstore aside from a couple of people (Shinsou handling and you watching), had ended.

Saying your goodbyes to Shinsou and allowing him to close up, you were soon on your way to the subway, getting there right as one pulled up, then on your way home.

As you sat on the subway, your eyes trailed to the window while you watched the passing scenery or lack thereof. It had gotten dark since it was a little over seven at night. The subway also wasn't all that crowded either.

Your eyes slowly trailed over to Bakugou, who was sitting in a spot in front of you while he looked down, a faraway look on his face, the "awkward" and tense air coming back to surround itself around the both of you . . .

It didn't take long for you both to arrive at your home. Once you entered and had walked a little bit inside while Bakugou just trudged past you and took on his normal spot in the living room on the couch, you abruptly stopped right at the edge of the stairs.

Gripping the edge of the railing tightly, you looked over at the living room. You continued to do so until letting out a small sigh, letting go of the rail as well, before slowly walking towards the living room, stopping as you made it to the opening frame.

Like in the subway, you took notice that Bakugou was looking down (the faraway look still present) while not noticing you having not went upstairs yet and were standing only some feet away from him instead.

This caused you to frown. You knew this couldn't go on, this "awkwardness." As much as you hated to admit it . . .

Swallowing, you slowly and hesitantly started towards the ash blonde, stopping once you were in front of him. This caused him to look up, a bead of sweat forming on his cheek while he knitted his brows.

"U-Uh . . ." But you stopped, nervousness exploding inside of you as you started to shift a bit in your spot, your hands finding themselves as you began to fiddle away, a light blush forming on your cheeks before averting your gaze.

Bakugou just waited for you to say something, anything. Part of him wanted to tell you to hurry the hell up and spit whatever the fuck you were going to say out. But another part of him told him not to do it . . . fearing of what it may be that would slip from your mouth.

The nervousness radiating from you was potent. He had a good idea where you were trying to go with your simple "uh."

'Calm down (First Name).' You repeated this thought over and over as you prepared yourself.

You needed to do this.

You had to do this.

You both couldn't continue on like this. You both couldn't stay in this awkward state, especially when you were stuck with each other . . .

Bound to each other.

You closed your eyes, taking in a deep breath then let it out before looking over at Bakugou with a more confident expression plastered on your face.

One of your hands rose to lay on your chest, feeling the thumping of your heart, feeling it quicken its pace while you prepared to say what was on your mind. The words came out surprisingly easier than you had thought.

"We need to talk."

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