Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

"Proper" Confessions

All that could be heard was the ticking of the clock on the wall as you sat in the recliner, your legs up in it—similar to the day you had met the ash blonde demon for the first time.

What a memory.

You stared over at the male while he had his gaze to the side, arms crossed over his chest. It had maybe been ten minutes since you had hit Bakugou with the "we need to talk" and neither of you had yet to speak.

The very definition of awkward.

You may have had the courage to bring it up, but it had quickly dwindled after you had spoken the words. However, someone needed to speak. It was obvious the ash blonde wasn't going to be the one, so you knew it had to be you.

And you it was.

"Bakugou . . ." You looked down and started to play with your hands, the confidence that had laced your voice when you asked to talk was all but here now.

This gained the male's attention as he looked up at you, shifting uncomfortably in his spot while he did so. He didn't want to have this conversation, he already knew what it was about . . . it was obvious.

You took in a deep breath before speaking, "Uh, about whe–"

"I . . . didn't fucking mean any of it."


This caused you to snap your head up, somewhat wide-eyed, and taking notice of his averted gaze but they quickly reverted back to normal as you frowned.

He was lying.

You could tell by his body language and the way his words strained as he said them. You were usually bad at reading people. But him . . .

You could read him.

Right now at least.

Plus, with how he had been these past four days, there was no doubt he knew what he had accidentally done—what he had let slip.

Without making much noise, you hesitantly got up from the recliner you were in and slowly made your way towards the male, stopping once you were directly in front of him—only a few feet away from him.

"Yes, you did." Your words were surprisingly firm.

Bakugou frowned at your words while continuing to look to the side (his facial expression sharper now, however), knowing how damn right you were—hating to admit to the fact . . . but you were one hundred percent.

You continued to look down at him, fists clenched. It took Bakugou a moment, but he eventually did glance up at you—his gaze almost cold looking.

It made the small ounce of confidence you had to begin with to slowly slip away, but you did your best to hold onto the little you had.

"Tch." Bakugou's brows furrowed as he shook his head lightly before looking to the side again.

Knitting your brows, you took a few more steps towards him, stopping until you were now only a few centimeters away from him.

"Listen to me–"

And Bakugou did, he listened to the damn words that started to spill out of your mouth after, every single one. Not that he wanted to though, it was more of a "he had to" type of deal since he was sitting in the same room as you were after all.

If it were up to him, he would have forgotten this whole situation (not that he could though, it was eating him alive inside, obvious by the past four days).

Would he have been able to keep it down and avoid all of this if this event had never fucking happened?

If that damned idiot never convinced him to drink?

Probably not.

Most definitely not.

When it was all said and done, it was obvious you would have never budged to make a damn deal with him, not even now would you. He would have been stuck with you until the day you died.

He would have eventually caved.

He fucking knew that.

In the end, it was only a matter of time before it would have been out between the both of you anyway. The alcohol only made it come out sooner on his end.

A demon and a human.

A relationship that shouldn't exist.

To fall for a human . . .

How fucking hilarious that was.

Who would have fucking thought?!

How could a mere human such as yourself have such a fucking effect on him like this?

And him of all the fucking demons to fall prey to this type of relationship.

Him of all fucking demons . . .


. . . HIM!

He repeated these things over and over in his mind, trying to wrap his head around it. But no matter what, he still couldn't believe it, but here he was . . . here you were. The thought made him strain a smirk with knitted brows.

He eyed your face as you continued to say what you wanted to say, him now, honestly, no longer listening to the words that managed to escape from you.

You remained oblivious to the ash blonde's no longer paying attention to you while you spoke since he appeared to be listening and continued to speak.

"So–" Before you could say anymore, you felt something on your wrist. Looking down, you took notice of Bakugou gripping it. You returned your gaze back to him with knitted brows, "Wha–"

Before you knew it, you let out a yelp of surprise as you were suddenly pulled forward and soon found yourself with your back lying on the couch with your arms raised slightly above your head on each side.

You took notice of how your arms were locked in place by a set of hands that had a tight grip on your wrists with the rest of your body completely underneath him, unable to move any longer. Your face began to flush from the obvious and awkward position the two of you were in.

Looking up, your eyes instantly locked onto Bakugou's face who was hovering over you, his hair shading his eyes as his head was facing downward. He also had a frown present, but that was all you could distinguish.

You swallowed, "W-What are–"

"Shut up." Bakugou's grip on your wrists tightened as he clicked his tongue, "You're so fucking stupid . . ."

"What..?" You squirmed a bit in your spot, but it was useless since you were locked underneath the ash blonde.

"You're just so fucking stupid–"

You listened as he continued to call you stupid over and over again though each time he said it, it was in a differently worded way—only muttering a few different things here and there before he eventually stopped and continued to just stare downward, his hair still shading over his eyes.

You frowned while you continued to look up at him before slowly averting your gaze, unable to help but wonder if the events prior had never happened if this situation could have been avoided . . .


Probably not.

Perhaps if it hadn't been him to spill, you'd have been the one to eventually . . . to be in his position.

In other words, it was only a matter of time before it would have been out between the both of you anyway. The alcohol only made it come out sooner on his end.

A human and a demon.

A relationship that shouldn't even exist.

To fall for a demon . . .

The thought was somewhat hilarious in every aspect.

"–Do you really want to 'play' with a fucking demon?"

This caused you to look up, taking notice of how Bakugou was now looking directly down at you—his hair no longer covering his eyes—with knitted brows. The nervousness you possessed had slowly diminished before completely leaving you.

"Aren't I already?" Your words came out serious, "What's so different about this..?"

Were you wrong?

Wasn't that what you had been doing thus far, "playing" with a demon?

This caused him to frown, "There's a lot of differences in that and this." He muttered but his frown soon turned into an amused smirk as he spoke his next words, "Falling for a demon, what a fucking idiot."

"W-Well . . ." Looking to the side, the blush darkened on your cheeks, "Falling for a human . . . you're . . . you're an idiot, too." You countered.

His smirk widened at your words, "Heh."

He knew you weren't wrong.

He was an idiot.

A very fucking big idiot.

You both were.

Bakugou soon removed his hands from your wrists then placed his left one through his hair while he looked down, the smirk remaining on his face.

He eventually removed himself completely off from on top of you before sinking down onto the other end of the couch as he leaned his head back, keeping his hand through his hair along with his smirk, while he looked up at the ceiling.

You just blinked over at him as you slowly lifted yourself up, sitting up straight now, "Bakugou . . ." You slowly started to edge towards the male until you were only centimeters beside him.

Bakugou's smirk soon vanished as he removed his hand from his hair then lowered it down and let out a sigh before turning his head in your direction.

As your eyes locked with the ash blonde's, you tensed up a bit as you placed one of your hands to your chest, feeling the undeniable fast beating, but you couldn't bring yourself to look away.

"You're such a fucking dumbass." His words sounded more amused than anything, however.

You frowned, still a bit disoriented, but the awkward tension had, surprisingly, since left the two of you, "I-I think you've told me that already . . . like a hundred times."

He turned his head back and closed his eyes, a light smirk playing at his lips once again, "You need to hear it that many fucking times, girly. Maybe it'll eventually fucking stick in that damn brain of yours."

"The same could be said about you."


After that, the room filled with silence while the two of you sat side-by-side, the ticking of the clock becoming the only noise in the room once again.

You soon looked down at your hands, "So what now..?"

It was silent for a few more seconds before Bakugou finally replied, "It's your damn decision."

This caught you off guard as you furrowed your brows, "What..?" However, he didn't reply as you soon began to ponder his words.

He had said it was your decision.

Your decision . . .

You repeated the thought a few times. What did he . . . your eyes soon widened a bit as you caught on to the meaning of his words, not bothering to finish the questioned thought.

You quickly looked up at Bakugou who was now looking in the other direction with what appeared to be a very light blush on his cheeks—so light, it was almost like it wasn't there at all.

What was it that you wanted to do..?

But that was a useless question . . . you knew what you wanted.

Your eyes trailed down his arm and to his right hand that laid limply beside him. Slowly, you outcasted your left hand towards his right before placing yours on top of it.

Bakugou tensed up from the contact, not daring to look in your direction. So that was what you wanted. What an idiot.

However, part of him didn't necessarily "dislike" your silent decision. In fact, he was a bit relieved by it if anything.

In the end, he was just as stupid as you were.

Maybe even more so.

After a few moments, he scoffed, "What a fucking stupid decision."

And you knew that.

You knew it was a stupid decision on your part.

But it was what you wanted, even if it was dumb and might not work out in the end.

Still, you wanted to try.

So you gave him a small smile even if he wouldn't see it . . .

However, though this problem had been fixed and solved to an extent (for now), there was still more coming . . . and there was only a short amount of time until it began to rear its ugly head in your guys' direction.

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