Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

It Seems Their Starting to Close In

You placed a stray strand of hair behind your ear while you stood awkwardly by Shinsou behind the front counter just watching as he took care of customers that'd come and go.

Unlike yesterday, today was way busier so far. There had been little to no breather (at least for Shinsou) with the number of customers that'd come in and out.

Who knew a book store could be this busy, especially at the earlier hours?

Your eyes traveled to a certain ash blonde who was currently sitting in a seat at the far corner in an attempt to steer clear of any people since—unlike your first day at the job—it was rather busy. Though another reason being how he hated when people walked through him.

Last night had been a roller coaster. From the awkward conversation that needed to be had, to the "proper" confessions that had been exchanged, and then . . .

Your cheeks warmed at the thought. You still couldn't believe what had happened. It was almost like a dream. Admittedly, you had expected to wake up and for none of it to have actually happened.

But it had, it all had been real.

And you both were . . .

"Can you put this back onto the manga shelf..?"

"Huh? Oh." This caused you to be knocked away from your thoughts as you took notice of the manga labeled "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba ➀" in Shinsou's hands.

The irony.

"A customer decided they didn't want it anymore." Shinsou stated, "The manga section is over where your, uh, 'friend' is sitting."

You glanced over in the ash blonde's direction before looking back at Shinsou. You could tell he was still confused at you bringing Bakugou with you, but he had yet to bother question you about it and you weren't going to bother giving any reason to it until then either.

"Oh . . . yeah. I can take it." You took the manga from his hands and started on your way towards the Manga shelf where Bakugou sat.

A bit curious since you weren't all into manga (and the title caught your attention), you studied the cover—taking notice of a dark haired girl with sharp teeth and pink eyes leaning against a black and red haired boy in a green and black checkered outfit with a blue scarf and a sword in hand, a scar above one of his dark red eyes.


But . . . interesting.

You began to flip lightly through it as you slowly got closer and closer to the manga shelf in the corner. It didn't take you too long to get to it. But once you had stopped in front of the shelf, you didn't stop flipping and looking through the pictures (not bothering to look at whatever was being said on each panel).

"Fucking interesting choice."

You jumped slightly as you slammed the manga closed and turned towards the voice, seeing Bakugou looking at you with a raised brow.

"I-I was just putting it up . . ." You muttered, cheeks warming once again, while, in turn, he just blew air from his nose in amusement though he didn't reply verbally.

You quickly looked away and scanned the shelf, stopping once you found where the manga went, and placed it in its respective place before starting back towards the counter with Shinsou.

Bakugou watched as you did this. Admittedly, he did still feel a bit "awkward" in your presence—not like before, of course. It was more so because of the change of relationship between the both of you . . . he was sure you also felt the same if your actions so far today weren't of any indicator to this.

Once you got back, you went back behind the counter with Shinsou as he finished up with another customer. After he did, he instantly turned in your direction.

"Uh, sorry to ask again, but . . ." Shinsou bent down, soon coming up with a box full of what appeared to be more manga with the anime like images that littered the covers of the ones you were able to see, "But can you put these on the manga shelf, too..?"

"Yeah, sure." You outcasted your arms.

"Warning. It's a bit heavy."

"I'm not that weak . . ." you knitted your brows with a small smile.

He gave you a small sleepy smile in return, "Whatever you say." With that, he handed the box off to you.

You somewhat jerked down a few centimeters as the box was dropped into your arms but managed to pull yourself up. It was, indeed, a tad bit heavy but nothing that you couldn't handle.

"It is a bit heavy."

"Told ya." Shinsou said, "If you can't do it, I can take it over there for you."

You quickly shook your head, "No. I . . . I'm pretty sure I got it. It's not that far."


After he had said that, Shinsou was instantly bombarded with another customer. Sighing, you slowly made your way back to the manga shelves. It took a few seconds longer than the previous time but you managed to make it without falling or anything.

You soon found yourself back near where Bakugou currently was. As you set the box down on the table he was sitting at, he didn't bother to look up as his attention was on what looked to be a manga opened in front of his as he flipped through the pages every few seconds.

You walked a bit closer until you were by his side and peered down at what he was reading, somewhat curious since you didn't figure him to be the manga reading type nor even the reading type. It appeared to be the one you had put up a little bit of ways away from him. You figured the title had caught his attention as it had yours.

"Don't you have fucking books to put up?" Bakugou looked up after flipping another page.

Your eyes widened as you turned your attention from the manga to him, "I . . ." You averted your gaze, "You're . . . you're right." You quickly went back towards the box on the table and started placing the manga in their places though you began to become a little curious, "So . . . do you like manga..?" You asked, pausing as you pulled another manga from the box.

This caused Bakugou to look up from skimming, he pondered your question for a moment, "No."

"Oh." You went to place the manga in your hands on the shelf then went back to the box to get another, "I don't either. Or . . . don't care much for it, in other words." You looked down at the next one you had picked up, smiling lightly, "I guess I can see the appeal though."

"Who are you talking to, miss?"

"Huh..?" You looked in the direction of the voice, taking notice of a small girl.

She looked to be no more than ten years old, if that. She had a set of large brown eyes, very light brown hair set in pigtails held by dark pink bubble-shaped bands around each one, and freckles that ran across her face while wearing a large sun hat with a pink overall dress.

The girl furrowed her brows as she placed her hands on her hips in an almost sassily manner, starting to get annoyed, "You heard me."

"Ah . . ." You glanced over at Bakugou who was just looking at the little girl, an amused smirk appeared to play at his lips as he did so. You had forgotten no one else could see him unless he allowed it, oops. You looked back over at the little girl, "I-I wasn't talking to anyone."

The girl practically glared at you while you just gave her a weak smile in return. She studied you for a moment, a look of skepticism plastered over her face.

"Whatever." She eventually huffed out before walking beside you and roughly snatching the manga that was in your hand then walked off to the counter where Shinsou still was.

As she walked away, you let out a sigh as you grabbed another manga from the box but didn't move just yet. You wondered if that was even the manga she wanted or she had just snatched it from you out of spite because she didn't believe your answer. But you were sure you would never know.

"You need to be more fucking careful, dumbass."

"Shut it." You lightly hit the top of his head with the manga in your hand.

He furrowed his brows, having not expected you to do that. You didn't pay him much more attention as you went to place it on the shelf behind him and continued to put up the rest without bothering to stop.

Bakugou soon scrunched up his nose and glared at you, his eyes following you wherever you went. You were lucky he couldn't hurt you because of the rules of this summon . . . not that he fucking would have, however . . . not now at least.

As you were putting up the manga, the little girl glared up at Shinsou once she had finally arrived at the counter as she handed him the manga she had swiped from your hands.

Shinsou took the manga from her hands and raised a brow as he looked down at the cover, "Are you sure this is the one you want..? This isn't like the ones you usually get here, Shimano."

Shimano furrowed her brows, "Yes, of course it's the one I want! Why would I pick something I wouldn't want?!" She huffed and crossed her arms as she glared over to where you currently were.

Shinsou looked down at the manga one last time before shrugging. If this was what she wanted, he guessed it was what she'd get. Besides, she could always return it if she ended up not liking it in the end.

"Seven dollars." Shinsou said after scanning the manga.

Shimano handed him ten dollars and crossed her arms again right after. As he was getting her change, she spoke up, "That new girl's weird."

"What?" Shinsou looked up as he handed her the leftover money. He turned his head over in your direction, seeing as you were still putting up the manga, before looking back towards the little girl, "(Last Name)?"

"Whatever her name is."

"Why is she weird..?"

"She just is."

"Here." He handed her the manga and she practically snatched it.

Shinsou watched as Shimano walked off but not out of the store. Instead, she had made her way into the corner on the same side that was a decent ways away from the side you were on.

She kept her eye on you, only lowering her head down into the manga that she was obviously not reading every time you'd look in her direction. Shinsou looked over at you and Bakugou before shrugging and getting back to taking care of the counter as a new customer popped up.

He hated busy days.

After a few more minutes, you let out a sigh as you put up the last manga in its respective place. You glanced over in the corner. The girl you had had the encounter with sitting down, eyeing your every move but quickly looked down as your eyes landed on her.

After she had left you earlier, she had apparently bought the manga that she had snatched from your hands and had sat down over in the corner, glaring over at you. However, every time you'd look over at her, she'd always quickly lower her head into the manga she was "reading."

Eyeing her for a few seconds, you heard the small bell on the door of the bookstore as the door opened. You turned your attention to it as you noticed a little boy who looked similar to the girl though he looked a good few years younger. You figured they were related.

He looked a bit lost as he started to look from side-to-side, stopping once his eyes had landed on the similar-looking girl before running up to her.

You couldn't hear the exact words that were being exchanged but the girl looked a bit surprised at whatever the little boy had said to her as she jumped up and the two soon ran out, but not without her giving you one last glare before they took their leave.

Shrugging, you grabbed the empty box that was set in front of Bakugou and started back towards Shinsou. Once you had gotten there, you set the box behind the counter on the floor.

"Thanks." Shinsou said as you got behind the counter with him.

"No problem."

"Also . . ." He started, "That little girl that left, the one with the pigtails, called you weird after she bought that manga."

"W-Weird..?" In all honesty, you weren't too surprised she had said it since she had thought you had been talking to yourself.

He shrugged, "Probably because you're new. Shimano Mahoro's a weird girl when it comes to new people."

"Shimano? So that's her name."

"Yeah, she and her little brother, Shimano Katsuma, come here at least once or twice a week."

"Oh, so that little boy who looked similar to her and walked in a few minutes ago was her brother."

"Most likely."

"Ooh, okay."

"But don't take it too personally. I'm sure as she sees you more she'll get used to you."

"Hopefully." You gave him a small smile while he gave you a sleepy one in return though only you knew that she wasn't technically wrong in calling you "weird."

It appeared you'd need to be a bit more careful when talking to Bakugou while in public, especially in crowded areas such as the bookstore (when it was busy at least).


"How much progress has she made so far?"

"I'd say a decent amount." Mrs. Yaoyorozu looked at the closed door that her daughter was currently behind before looking at the dual haired male in front of her, "Not ready yet by any means but . . . she is getting there."

"I see." Todoroki eyed the door then looked back at the woman, "When do you think she'll be ready?"

"If she keeps what she's doing up . . . maybe a month or two."

"No sooner?"

"I refuse to allow my daughter to completely slave away at this." Mrs. Yaoyorozu stated, aggression somewhat laced her voice, "You're lucky I've even allowed her to do this much."

"Very well . . ." Todoroki cleared his throat, "In that case, I guess it can't be helped then." He readjusted one of his gloved hands, "I'll come back in a few weeks to check her progress." With that, he turned his back to the woman and started on his way.

Mrs. Yaoyorozu watched him until he had disappeared down the next hall over. It had only been five days and she still felt a bit on edge about this entire situation.

She knew allowing her daughter to do this was risky, especially given her inexperience. There was no telling everything Momo was putting on the line to do this for you. But it was what her daughter wanted to do and she knew when Momo put her mind on doing something, she'd do it.

She placed her hand against the door, not daring to enter as to break her daughter's focus (less she causes more trouble than good from the break of concentration). She knew Momo would be out soon. After all, she had set strict time intervals for when Momo could practice and for how long . . .

Once Todoroki had left the Yaoyorozu Mansion, he had already made it about halfway to the small apartment complex he was staying at with Midoriya—now walking in an abandoned area. However, he soon abruptly stopped.

Something felt off.

Todoroki narrowed his eyes, his left hand instinctively messing with his right glove while he began to look around the area, the undeniable "stench" present in the air around him.

With that, he knew exactly what it was.

"You can come out now." Todoroki muttered as he continued to look around.

A low manic laugh could be heard as a tall figure suddenly appeared out of thin air revealing a fair-skinned looking man in a black suit and straight jacket. His face was all covered aside from his mouth that was being held by what appeared to be metal clips. He almost looked like a psych ward escapee; however, Todoroki knew better.

"Heh. Caught me." The man walked awkwardly closer to him, stopping about ten feet away.

Todoroki glared at the man, "What are you doing here?" But he knew the answer.

The man stayed silent for a moment before speaking, "Soul. Pretty soul."

Todoroki's eyes narrowed, "I should have figured. That's all you disgusting creatures care about."

"Heh, heh. Here for the pretty soul." The man continued to mutter his intentions over and over like as if he was trying to keep his mind on his objective, to not forget it.

"I recommend for you to back down now."

Todoroki frowned, this creature seemed to be more on the dumber end of the spectrum for demons given the way he had been talking thus far it seemed.

"I want the pretty soul." The man wobbled a few steps forward, he practically looked like a penguin.

"I'll ask once more." Todoroki's grip on his right glove tightened, "Back down now."

"Back down? No backing down. I get the pretty soul."

Todoroki took in a deep breath as he removed his right side's glove and holding the ungloved hand up to hover over his chest "Suit yourself, I suppose. I have no reason to deny you death."

The man began to sniff the air in a slow and long way,l then pondered for a moment, "Angel." He did it a few more times as id a way to make sure, "Half-angel."

"I'm surprised you managed to catch that with your weak mental capabilities." Todoroki frowned.

The man sniffed a few more times, "Half-demon. Demon like me."

This caused Todoroki to stiffen a bit before he frowned at the male who had a small smirk—at least the best he could muster with how his mouth was forced open by the metal clips.

"But my soul." The man continued, "My soul."

Suddenly, the man's teeth appeared to sharpen and, surprisingly, at an astonishing speed, he dashed towards the dual haired male while baring his now sharper than average teeth.

The man was soon in front of Todoroki with his teeth bared. Todoroki wasted no time dodging the creature. This caused the man to face plant into a tree, his teeth sticking into the bark.

The man jerked his head back, removing his teeth from the tree—a noticeable chunk having been removed from the force of the bite.

"Stupid creature." Todoroki muttered, "But I need to end this quickly. Having you destroy Earth is something I cannot allow."

"Pretty soul. Get soul. My soul." The man waddled to face the dual haired make, "Kill half-angel, demon. Get soul. My soul. You won't get the soul. Mine."

The man charged towards Todoroki once more. But this time, Todoroki didn't remove himself from his spot as the creature came hurtling towards him with his teeth, once again, bared.

This caused the man's mouth to widen in an attempted smirk as he came flying closer and closer towards the dual haired male as he outcasted his right hand in front of him.

In seconds, the man was in front of Todoroki, his teeth gracing the dual haired male's hands—sinking in only a few centimeters. But the man didn't get much farther as Todoroki squeezed his hand on the man's face, stopping him in his tracks.

"Heh." The man's mouth widened as he sunk his teeth a bit deeper into the dual haired male's hand.

This caused Todoroki to wince a bit, but he didn't falter as his hand let out a light glow. This made the man's "smirk" slowly begin to disappear, "This is where it ends for you." Todoroki muttered.

Suddenly, a sizzling sound could be heard coming from the man—he was burning. It didn't take long until he soon began to groan. He was in pain, horrible excruciating pain. He instantly latched onto the dual haired male's arm; however, that didn't do much to help him as his hands soon began to burn as well.

"Spare me!" The man managed to choke out, "Part of you!"

Todoroki furrowed his brows but kept his hand latched onto the man's face, just watching the scene. Watching as the man's skin practically frying and burning (which it was). He watched until the man had become nothing more but a burnt crisp, into ash, that had fallen on the once clean sidewalk.

The man was no more.

Todoroki lowered his hand as he looked at the punctured skin where the man had managed to sink his teeth in. The marks slowly began to fade until there was nothing left—like nothing had even happened.

Placing the glove back on it, he looked down at the dark remains of what used to be a demon. He had to admit, the ashes of the man were a far better sight than when he had actually been distinguishable.

However, this caused him to frown as he thought more on the words the man had said:

Pretty soul.

Get soul.

His soul.

It appeared demons . . . no . . . creatures were starting to come from Hell for a certain soul. And he knew exactly what it meant. It seemed word was getting out around the depths of Hell, maybe even through the entirety of other places . . .

This was bad.

It appeared he didn't have as much time as he had been hoping he would have had. Even then, the time he had figured wasn't a lot.

Todoroki soon narrowed his eyes down at the ashes of the creature he had just killed, "But at least I'm nothing like the lot of you. I will save her and keep her pure from all you filth."

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