Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You . . . Unless...

Full Title (cut off): What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You . . . Unless It Does


Bakugou hesitantly trudged behind you as you both went on your guys' way to the university.

He knew a certain blonde idiot was going to be there and he was going to know—one look at the two of you anywhere from wherever he was, he was going to know.

The idiot already had known what was happening between the two of you (probably even before he had put all the fucking pieces together), so Bakugou didn't see it far fetched for him to also know of the change—refusing to yet call it what it was for now—that had occurred only a few days ago.

They usually tended to be able to tell these types of things given their nature though he didn't pay too much attention to their kind—he only focused on basic knowledge.

Either way, the "perks" of being a damned incubus, he figured.

And Bakugou wasn't wrong in thinking that. Once Kaminari had spotted the two of you walking up towards the gate while he was standing by a tree on the campus grounds, he knew. His eyes widened a bit from sensing this.

No way . . .

But his shocked expression was soon replaced by a smirk like smile. It seemed his previous plan hadn't worked as he had planned out . . . but, in a way, it had still worked albeit in a different way—perhaps in an even better way than he had hoped in the end.

Without skipping a beat, Kaminari soon appeared straight in front of you once you had made it halfway across the campus. This made you bump into him and get knocked back a few centimeters since it had happened unexpectantly on your end; however, you managed to keep your balance somewhat as you had instantly backed into Bakugou.

"Hey, guys!~" Kaminari had a sly smile plastered on his face as he looked at you two.


"What the hell, dunce face?!"

"So?" Kaminari ignored the ash blonde's words as he looked between the two of you, stopping on the male behind you eventually.

"So what..?" You blinked at him, unsure as to what he meant by his words.

Bakugou tensed a bit, knowing the insinuation of his words. He knew the idiot was going to ask sooner or later, but he had hoped it would have been later rather than sooner.

He soon scrunched up his nose, "Fuck off."

You let out a sigh, figuring it was something between only him and the ash blonde, "I–"

"(LAST NAME)-CHAN!" An all too familiar voice called out.

"Ashido . . ." You turned a little bit to the side, taking notice as your friend ran up towards you and an excitable manner.

Once in front of you, you let out a gasp as she instantly engulfed you in a tight hug as if she hadn't seen you in years (only a few weeks, in reality, give or take), "It's been so long!"

"Y-Yeah." You struggled out since she was basically squeezing the air out of you, "C-Can you . . . l-let go..?"

"Oh." Ashido took notice of how tightly she had been hugging you, "Sorry."

"It's okay, no worries."

"So Uraraka-chan said you got a job?"

"Oh, yeah."


Bakugou and Kaminari just watched as the two of you started to have a "random" conversation. The blonde turned towards the other male as the sly smirk returned to his face, "So?"

Bakugou glared at him, "So fucking what?" However, he knew exactly what the blonde meant by his words.

"You know what I mean.~"

"I don't fucking know what you're talking about, so fuck off."

"Come on, bro."

"Shut the fuck up."

"Come on, tell me."

This was running on the line of a memory the ash blonde much rather forget (the cause of it all), "It's none of your damn business."

While they continued to argue back and forth, you and Ashido were continuing your conversation, "So you won't be able to come to the café today..?"

You looked over to the side, your eyes catching as Bakugou and Kaminari seemed to be going at it (more so the ash blonde as he appeared to be annoyed by whatever the other male was saying to him).

This caught Ashido's attention, just now taking notice of the blonde only some feet away from you then looked back over to you with a gasp, "Are you crushing on that Kaminari guy?"

This caused your eyes to widen before you looked over at her, "What, no. Wait . . . how do you know his na–"

"Oh, she's so gonna be mad!" She exclaimed, "Oh my god."

"I'm not." You interrupted her sternly.

"Then wh–"

"And who's going to be mad..?"

"Oh . . ." Ashido processed your question before her eyes widened and started to wave her hands in front of her, "Uh, nevermind. But why can't you go to the café then?"

You raised a brow but shrugged it off, "Work."

Ashido puffed out her cheeks, not liking your answer but soon perked up, "Wait!"


"Are you going to the 'End of Spring Semester Dance'? Or . . . still..? Since apparently we all went to a dress shop and you had planned on going with us all and I apparently bought you a dress, too, or something. I still don't remember much of that day . . ." She paused for a moment, "Uh, Uraraka-chan told me about it."

"Oh . . ." This caused you to frown as you recalled about the incident involving Ashido, "Uh, I-I don't think so." You started to shift in your spot, "I'll give the dress back to you–"

"No, no. You can keep it. I'm sure you looked and do look great in it and maybe you'll change your mind."


"No buts! I insist." She gave you a big closed-eyed smile.


"No buts!" She scolded, "Anyway, I gotta go to class. See ya."

"Oh, but Ashi–" However, before you could finish your sentence, she had already started skipping off in the direction of her class.

Letting out a sigh, you turned back around towards the two males. Bakugou looked as if he was going to explode any moment, Kaminari looked . . . well, he looked fine, maybe a little smug if anything.

Walking towards the two, you stopped right as you got in front of them. Kaminari appeared to perk up once he noticed you, "(Last Na–"

"Anyways, I got to go to class." With that, you turned your back to the blonde, not allowing him to finish his words, and started on your way to your next class.

Kaminari looked over at Bakugou who started to follow you, "Yo, bro. Wait. Tell me whe–"

"Shut the fuck up." Bakugou muttered as he continued his way towards you not bothering to look back.

Kaminari just watched you both until you had disappeared inside the university. He let out a sigh before turning around; however, right as he did, he bumped into someone.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!"

Kaminari blinked down at the now bowing girl, a bead of sweat forming on his cheek, "Jirou-chan."

"Huh?" Jirou looked up from bowing, her face instantly flushed, "K-Kaminari-kun."

He smiled at her but it soon faded once he realized he had class soon, "Uh, I gotta go actually though." He quickly started past her.


This caused Kaminari to stop. He then turned around to face Jirou before raising a brow, "Yeah?"

"U-Um . . ." Jirou hugged her books close to her as she began to shift around in her spot, looking everywhere but the male in front of her.

"What is it?"

It took her a moment, but she eventually looked up at him, red-faced and all, "I-I was wondering if . . . if you'd wanted to . . . to hang out later?"

Kaminari's eyes widened at the proposition. It was like the world had gone silent, the only sound he could hear was the beating of his heart (which only he was able to) while he just stared at the girl. It was like one of those movie moments.

Jirou began to shift in her spot again as she awaited his answer that seemed to never come as he stood practically frozen in his spot, "Um . . . i-if you don't wan–"

"No!" Kaminari yelled out, startling the girl a bit, but he quickly started to wave his hands in front of his face, "I-I mean, yes. I'll . . . I'll hang out with you later." He started to rub the back of his neck awkwardly and gave her a small smile.

"Uh, a-alright." Jirou's worried expression disappeared, "When . . . when are you free today?"

"Any time, really." Kaminari replied.

"How about at twelve..?"

"Sounds . . . sounds good."

"Alright . . ." Jirou looked down at her phone, "I got to go. I'll . . . I'll see you then." She quickly turned around and headed to her next class, a big grin and a bright red blush was on her face.

Kaminari watched as she walked away and then disappeared into the college as you had done only minutes earlier—a strange feeling bubbling up inside of him as he did so.

Kaminari soon frowned, "I wonder if this is how he felt when it started . . ."


You shifted in your spot awkwardly. Shinsou had placed you on the counter this time while he decided he'd stock the new influx of books since it wasn't as busy. He had said you needed to get used to being on your own up there even though he'd most likely be working while you did.

Technically, he wasn't one hundred percent wrong. You did need to practice on your own. Though you were thankful no one had yet to come to the counter—most just reading in the store instead of buying—but you had a feeling that'd change with your luck.

You looked over at Bakugou who looked absolutely bored out of his mind as he sat in one of the chairs at a table on the opposite side he was at yesterday—mainly because Shinsou was on that side now.


"Huh?" You snapped away from your thoughts as you looked over at the woman who stood in front of the counter with a book in her hand and outcasted towards you.

"I'd like to buy this."

"O-Oh." You took the book from her hand and scanned it before placing it on top of the counter, "Five fifty."

The woman handed you a credit card, you swiped it, then handed it back along with the book, "Thank you."

She quickly hurried off without allowing you to thank her yourself like Shinsou had told you to do. You let out a sigh after she had walked out the door. That wasn't too bad, you supposed . . .

Your shift had soon ended after a few more hours of standing at the counter. Thankfully, after the woman who had walked in, there had been only five more customers—two of which Shinsou had handled since he had gotten done with stocking the shelves.

As you were walking you soon stopped, "Is . . . is that Kaminari..? And . . ." you trailed off.

This caused Bakugou to turn his gaze to where you were now looking. His brows furrowed at the image of the idiot dunce face and a purple haired girl—a girl that looked exactly like your friend the time he had gone to the café with you, if he remembered correctly.

"Why is he hanging around Jirou..?" You watched the two walking down the street, seemingly having a good time as they laughed together—Jirou with a bright blush on her face.

"You remember he's a fucking incubus, right?"


"Do you remember what they fucking do?"

"Well, yeah . . . they–" Your eyes widened as you stopped your words.


What they do.

"The idiot's probably run out of energy. I'm sure he hasn't been back to Hell."

"Please say you're kidding."

Bakugou clicked his tongue, "Do I look like the type to fucking joke?"

"I mean, no. But . . ." You trailed off as you brought your attention back to the two who appeared to be partaking in conversation you couldn't hear—almost on the verge to jump in and interrupt anything so it wouldn't go any farther.

Jirou smiled at Kaminari as she began to shyly shift in her spot, both oblivious to the two of you, "Uh . . . I have to go. I have to prepare for a few tests coming up in a few days. But uh . . . I had a good time, Kaminari-kun." She gave him a bright smile.

"Yeah . . . me, too." Kaminari returned the smile.

With a small wave, she quickly walked off. Kaminari just watched until she had disappeared around the corner before turning around and starting on his way in the opposite direction, remaining oblivious to you guys still.

As Jirou had walked away and Kaminari not following her, you let out a breath you hadn't known you were holding in a relieved manner. It seemed that what had been brought to your attention wasn't going to be happening.

"It could have happened before this." Bakugou soon stated while he eyed the blonde across the street as he walked obliviously away.

You glared over at him, a small blush forming on your cheeks, "Stop . . . d-don't tell me that . . ."

He clicked his tongue but a small smile soon played at his lips, "Just saying the damn truth."

"Well stop it."

"Doesn't it annoy you when I don't tell you shit?"

You groaned, "Let's just go. It's getting late." You started past him on your way to get to the subway.

Bakugou stood there, hands in pockets, as he watched you for a moment as you got further and further in a hurried manner. He then looked over at where the blonde idiot had since disappeared from.

He soon blew air out of his nose in amusement, a smirk played at his lips. He shoved his hands in his pockets before soon starting to follow behind you.


"What are we doing here?" Toga asked the raven haired male as they had entered a large building through the backway of the corporation called "Detnerat Co."

"To pick up something." Was all Dabi replied as the two continued to walk down the surprisingly empty halls.

"Hmm." Toga hummed but didn't question any further as she followed him.

She knew she'd eventually get to see what they were here for. And it seemed that would be right about now . . . as they stopped in front of a closed door—a nameplate reading: "Yotsubashi Rikiya" was embedded in it—Dabi soon knocked on the door.

"Come in" A male voice sounded behind the door.

Dabi wasted no time in opening the door, revealing a middle-aged man with a prominently long pointed nose and orange-brownish hair sitting down at a desk, his fingertips pressed together as he looked at the visitors—studying them.

"He looks odd." Toga whispered as she and Dabi walked in after she closed the door behind her, but she could also feel a strange sensation as she walked in . . .

Dabi blew air from his nose from her comment but didn't reply to her as he walked in front of the man's desk. The man gave him a smile before getting up, revealing his tall stature.

"Dabi." The man extended his hand in a business-like way.

"Yotsubashi." However, Dabi just stared down at the man's hand, refusing to shake it, before he put them in his pocket, "Do you have it?"

Yotsubashi cleared his throat then pulled his hand back, "Yes." He quickly came out from behind his desk before going to a closed closet door—the two watching him every step.

He pulled a pair of keys from his pocket, fiddling with them for a moment until he got the one he was looking for, then unlocked the door. He soon pulled out a small silver box before walking back towards the other two standing by his desk.

"Is that it?" Dabi studied the box in the man's hand.

"Would you like to see it?"


The man turned the lock st the front of the box and then slowly opened it, revealing a perfectly unscathed silver blade—a set of words in a different language written on it.

"May I?" Dabi looked up at him.

Yotsubashi nodded, "Be my guest."

Dabi looked back down at the blade before slowly picking it up, being careful not to cut himself, as he examined it in every various way. Toga peered over the male's shoulder as she blinked down at the blade.

"It's the only one of its kind. Specially made for you as requested." Yotsubashi stated.

"Is that so?"

"It was a tough make with the materials, but I managed."

"Yes . . . I was surprised by the speed of it." Dabi placed the blade back in the box.

The man and handed it to the raven haired male, "May I ask what it's for?"

"What you don't know won't hurt you."

Yotsubashi frowned, "I see."

Dabi looked down at the blade in the box, not bothering to close it, "We'll be leaving now." With that, he turned around and started towards the door with Toga giving a small wave at the odd-looking man before following behind him.

"What about payment?" Yotsubashi asked.

Dabi stopped at his words, "Payment?" He looked down at the blade, removed it from the box, and studied it—not bothering to face the man just yet—as a smirk made its way to his lips, "Right, right . . ."

He handed the empty box to Toga, who gladly took it, as he began to mess with the tip of the blade before turning around to face the man who looked annoyedly at him.

"I don't work for free." Yotsubashi stated sternly, "If you don't have the payment you can't have the blade, you can come back when you do and I'll gladly hand it back over."

"About that . . ." Dabi started to walk towards him, the smirk still present on his face while he continued to mess with the blade's tip until he was in front of the other male, "I don't think you'll be needing that payment."

Yotsubashi furrowed his brows—or lack thereof since he didn't really have any—as he looked at the male, "Wha–"

However, he was unable to finish his words as Dabi had, in a blink of the eye, stabbed him with the silver blade directly in the stomach. The man let out a painful groan.

Dabi soon removed the blade from his stomach, cleaning the blood that had gotten on it with his dark blue coat. The man soon dropped to his knees, clutching his stomach.

He could feel a burning sensation pool right at his stomach before it slowly began to spread until it had overtaken his entire body. He raised one of his hands, watching as the skin began to bubble up, his eyes widening, "You–" But he never finished his sentences as he soon fell completely on the floor on his side—unmoving.

"What?" Toga blinked as she walked up to the raven haired male with the box in hand, not really phased by what she had just witnessed, "Is he dead..?"

"It seems it works . . . at least on that side." Dabi placed the blade back in the box and locked it back but allowed the girl to keep hold of it.

Toga continued to look down at the man, now red and covered in bubbled up blisters all over his body with eyes that remained wide open—dead.

"What is . . . was he..?"

"An angel."


"He was one of those that secretly didn't agree with the rules set by the Angel Council." Dabi started "Works under the table you could say." He snorted at the end but turned serious, "But let's go. There's no need for us to stay any longer. We got what we came for."

"Hmm. Okay.~" Toga started to skip out of the office, the box still in hand.

Once Toga had left, Dabi soon looked down at the now dead man, a smirk playing at his lips, "I guess it did still hurt in the end." With that, he let out a small laugh before going on his way out of the office not bothering to look back.

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