Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

I've Been Curious by These For a While Now...

Full Title (cut off): I've Been Curious by These For a While Now . . . But, in Reality, I Really Just Want to Hold Your Hand and Feel The Way It Feels in My Own Now That I Think About It


Todoroki frowned with narrowed eyes at the pile of ash that laid on the ground below him as he readjusted his black glove back on his hand.

This had been about the tenth creature in the past two weeks, they were really starting to roll in the past few days. And this time, they were getting even closer into the city line—to you.

Thankfully, there hadn't been any high ranking making any appearances. There had only been the measly low rankers of the Hell district. It was most likely because a lot of high ranking demons actually did follow the rules—surprisingly. However, he knew there was only a small amount of time until a higher one eventually took the "bite."

But he was ready.

He would do anything to salvage a pure soul.

"How much time do we have left..?" Midoriya peeped out.

Todoroki turned towards him, having forgotten he had been with him to access the situation as per his "training" (for involvement and to help him be more useful as the green haired male had put it). What a time to be training when something serious was on the line; however, the dual haired male had allowed him to do so just as long as he didn't get in the way.

"Not long."

"Well . . . I've been wondering."

"What is it?"

"Is her being with the demon really that bad..?" Midoriya asked innocently but his eyes soon widened once he saw the face his "friend" was making at him. He started to wave his hands in front of his face, "Uh, I-I-I mean . . . he is under a protection summon now. He is under 'oath' to protect her and make sure she doesn't get hurt or killed . . . so–"

"That may be the case." Todoroki started, "However, because of . . . of the 'bond' that has formed during the ritual–"

"I . . . I heard of the 'bond' before from All Might and how it was . . . it was when a human and a demon form a relationship beyond the norms . . . but he never really went into much detail since it was rare."

Todoroki sighed, "Basically, if harm comes to him harm comes to her as well. So the protection is useless if he takes some damage himself."


"I burnt him when I first met them and she also felt and received the pain I had given him."

"So y-you mean..?"

"It's basically a 'curse,' per se. But it only happens when it's a human summoner." Todoroki stated but paused for a moment, "A human and a demon . . . aren't meant to be together. It's against everything."

"I-I see . . ."

Midoriya frowned, he knew that. At least, more specifically, he knew that angels were strongly against the relationships formed between a human and a demon. It wasn't against the rules, per se, but it was heavily looked down upon in the angel community.

Though it also wasn't a common occurrence. In fact, there hadn't been a human and demon relationship in a long while. Most demons never "went" with humans aside from the succubi and incubi which needed their energy—only if they were on Earth for a prolonged period since they tended to be more Earth dwelling. In that case, it was usually only . . . "sexual," in the end.

"D-Do you think the witch you visited a few days ago will be ready in time..?" He eventually asked.

Todoroki looked to the side, a frown evident on his face as he went into thought. He had visited the Yaoyorozu household a few days ago for his basic "check-ins." It seemed the girl had been fairing well so far and had made significant progress in her "studies"—more than he had thought she would in such a short amount of time. But she was still not in the range he needed just yet.

"With the progress that she's been making, it's possible . . . I'd give her one more month, maybe less. I'll be checking in on her again in a few more weeks."

"I see."

"But let's get going. I sense more nearing, at least ones who plan to bring harm." Todoroki muttered as he started towards where he could sense the creature.

"Oh, y-yes!" Midoriya quickly sprinted after the dual haired male.


Your eyes were glued on your math homework (per usual) that you were currently doing in the living room.

But growing bored of doing it and needing a break, your eyes started to trail away and to the ash blonde who was sitting with his arms on the back of his head and eyes closed as he leaned back on the couch.

You soon began to focus in on the arm you could see—his right one—and the black tattoos or markings that practically covered it in a sleeve-like way.

Ever since you had seen them, you've been curious about them and what they meant. But with everything going on and more important matters at hand—with that, you were surprised after all that happened your grades hadn't suffered too bad—as well as uncertainty if the ash blonde would even explain it to you, you never got to ask about them.

However, this curiosity had been piqued once again. Perhaps it was because you were growing bored of your math work and had begun to get sick of seeing numbers scribble across a page—but it had once again made an appearance.

You looked down at your wrist, seeing the black band that wrapped around it signifying your "bond" with Bakugou as he had one of his own on the wrist you couldn't see. It almost looked like his markings that went up his arm and just mid-neck except yours was just on your wrist.

Closing your math book, you placed that and your pencil on the coffee table in front of you as you sat back on the couch and continued to just stare at him—trying to figure out how to word your question (even if it was quite simple).

"You stare too damn much, girl." Bakugou's voice snapped you from your "trance" as you just blinked at him for a few moments, now realizing he was now looking at you.

"Well, I was actually just curious abou–"

"You're always fucking curious."

"Shut it, let me finish."

He rolled his eyes while letting out a sigh as he turned his head back to look up at the ceiling but a smirk soon played at his lips, "Whatever."

"But, uhm . . ." Your eyes trailed down his arm, "I was wondering what those markings, tattoos, or whatever you want to call them, were for..?"

Bakugou knitted his brows then turned his head to look back over at you, "Surprised you hadn't asked about them earlier."

"Ah . . . well, I had been meaning to ask for a while, but never did as I got, uh, sidetracked. But Kaminari has some, too . . . but not as many, but still. So I didn't know if there was any significance or anything."

He sat up a little bit as he somewhat outcasted his arm towards you as he looked down at them himself while you began to edge closer until you were right beside him, "All demons have them. Some more than others."


"Usually the more markings a demon has, the higher their rank."

"Hmm." You studied all the markings on his arm though you realized something which caused you to furrow your brows, "Wait. You have a lot. But . . . didn't you say summon demons are the lowest rank..?"

His eyes widened a bit at your words, "Uh–"

"So why do you have more than Kaminari..? Because I remember you said succubi and incubi were ranked just above that."

"That . . ." Bakugou paused for a moment as he frowned and tried to find the right words.

You had asked a damn good question, he'd admit that (nonverbally at least). But . . . he wasn't so sure he was ready to give you the answer to that just yet.

"Is it because you're a special case?" You tilted your head.


There was something he could fucking use . . . for now at least. Technically, you weren't wrong if he looked at it directly. But you weren't exactly on the right mark either.

"Uh, you could fucking say somethin' like that."

"Ooh, ok. I guess that makes sense." You were a little bit iffy on his response since he wasn't much to use "filler" words, but you didn't bother to question further on it as your eyes wandered back to the markings on his arms.

Without much thought, you reached out and ran your fingers slowly across his arm over the dark markings. This caused him to tense up a bit but that went unnoticed by you, but he didn't pull away.

Bakugou just watched as you continued to do that—the places you touched leaving a small burning sensation though it wasn't an uncomfortable feeling. Admittedly, he liked how it felt. Though, again, he wouldn't verbally state that.

"They're . . . quite nice." You admitted but he didn't reply.

You continued to stare down at his arm before turning it over a bit where his palm was now facing upward, him not doing anything to stop you still. You stared at it for a moment, pausing your actions as you looked at the marks on that side, as a small blush crept up on your face.

You wondered . . .

The thought was somewhat embarrassing but . . .

You slowly started trailing your fingers down towards it. The closer they got to his palm, the slower you got in your actions. They soon passed his wrist, your pace slowing down tremendously.

It didn't take long until your hand had completely slipped into his own—this was where you stopped. You just let your hand sit there as you just stared down at them. You may have had placed your hand on top of Bakugou's when you both had confessed . . .

But it wasn't like this.

This was a bit different.

A new feeling.

But it felt nice, very nice.

Your hand began to clasp loosely around his. His hand was warm—perhaps more than average if you were to compare him to a regular person . . . but that wasn't all that surprising in all honesty. He was a demon after all . . .

Bakugou just looked down at the top of your head, not bothering to remove his hand from underneath yours, a small blush on his face as he swallowed. He wasn't used to this kind of touch so much. You may have had placed your hand on top of his after you both had . . . said some things.

But it wasn't like this.

This was a bit different.

A new feeling—a somewhat foreign feeling to him, too.

He wanted to ask "what the fuck are you doing" but he knew exactly what your intent was. He wasn't fucking stupid. He had seen enough people interact in this type of way albeit more confidently and in a less awkward position, but still . . .

It felt . . . nice.

Different, but nice.

He cringed a bit at his thoughts, but he couldn't fucking deny it—there was no denying. He no longer had the will to do so.

To think that a damned human could do this to him, to make him feel like this. To think that you could do this to him. These thoughts had plagued him since that day—but understandably so.

He was about a ten-thousand-year-old demon and never in his life had this ever happened . . . but here he was, with you, like this, interlocking—if it could be called this given the awkwardness of it all—hands.

He continued to look down at you, his eyes shifting from the top of your head and to your guys' hands, going back and forth between the two until eventually stopping at your guys' hands.

It had grown silent between the two of you as you both just sat there, unmoving. The only sound was that of the clock on the wall, ticking away as each second passed that the two of you sat in complete and utter silence.

You didn't dare to look up at him, lest you be embarrassed if he was looking down at you. You were surprised by how he had yet to pull away from you, or had yet to snatch his hand away from the awkward hand-holding. You had figured he would have by now . . .

But Bakugou hadn't—didn't.

Though, in the end, the reason why he hadn't was quite simple, really. It all came down to one simple fact:

He didn't want to.

And neither did you want him to . . .

So you both stayed like this, not daring to remove your hands from the others' for a long while.

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