Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

It's Only a Matter of Time We Initiate the Plan...

Full Title (cut off): It's Only a Matter of Time We Initiate the Plan. For Now, We Continue to Wait . . . But Even That's Starting to Get Tiresome


Yaoyorozu's hand shook as she outcasted it in front of the candle that was lit and the book while she muttered incoherent phrase under her breath at amazing speed with closed eyes.

The flame strengthened the more words she spoke, her forehead running with small beads of sweat before she stopped suddenly, the flame weakened slightly but remained ablaze—maybe still even more than before.

The spell was done.

If it had worked or not, she was uncertain since she wasn't directing it at anything specific since there wasn't much to work on with it, and it was just practice.

Yaoyorozu let out a sigh as she lowered her hand to her lap. It'd be much easier to see her progress if she could just practice on something that had similar properties.

However, she could tell she was making progress—fast progress. She knew it'd only be a short amount of time until she was ready. She could feel the magic within her. It was pulsating inside her day by day, the more she practiced.

Todoroki had come back four days ago, a bit earlier than the two weeks he had originally stated at the time. He had even stated that her progress had improved and he could "sense" here—whatever that meant . . .

All in all, she had improved. And that was all that mattered to her in the end since all that mattered to her in the end, was saving you. And saving you she would.

No matter what.

Yaoyorozu soon swallowed, raising her hand once again. But she was unable to do anything else once she heard a knocking sound on the other side of the door. Without her saying anything, the door soon opened revealing her mother who walked in then closed the door behind her.

"How's it going..?" Her mother asked as she sat beside her.

"Uh, it's going alright." Yaoyorozu stated, "I . . . I can feel the change already."

"I can feel it, too." Her mother admitted as she went to place a stray strand of hair that had escaped Yaoyorozu's ponytail, "But . . ." She trailed off while she looked to the side.

Yaoyorozu looked over at her, "But what?"

Her mother's face turned serious as she returned her gaze to her, "Do you really want to do this?"

Part of Mrs. Yaoyorozu was hoping her daughter would say no. Another part of her was glad her daughter was somewhat investing in the arts of magic—but she had hoped it wouldn't be like this. But if it was something she really wanted to do then . . .

Yaoyorozu looked down at her hands for a moment before looking up confidently, "Yes." She looked back down, "I want to save (Last Name) . . ."

"Even if it's risky and may not even work?" Her mother asked, "Mo–"

"Yes . . ." Yaoyorozu interrupted, "Even if it's risky and may not work."

Her mom stayed silent for a long while before letting out a sigh then replying, "If it's still what you want . . ."

And it was what Yaoyorozu wanted. It had gotten so bad, that she even saw a minor slip in her grades—nothing too bad or very noticeable, but there was an obvious small change in them.

But she didn't care.

More importantly, she wanted to save you. It was all that had been on her mind since Todoroki had arrived at her home. All she could do was repeat it over and over again in her mind.

But she knew . . . she knew it was only a matter of time until she would be able to save you with the progress she had been making thus far—at least she hoped to do so . . .

It was only a matter of time . . .


"So you have it?"

"Yep!~" Toga held out the silver box in front of her before opening it and revealing the silver blade to the man before her, "It's right here, Shigaraki!~"

Shigaraki peered through the fingers of the detached hand that was attached over his face, looking at the blade before picking it up and started to examine it. It looked exactly as he had expected it to. With its silver tint and its perfect craftsmanship. As expected from an angel, he could figure.

"It does work, correct?"

"It should." Dabi came in as he watched the man, "I tried it on that angel. It turned him into a mess."

"You didn't kill Yotsubashi-san, did you?" Kurogiri questioned from behind Shigaraki. In return, Dabi just smirked over at the shadowy man, giving everyone the answer they needed.

"His skin bubbled up with blisters! It was so disgusting!~" Toga commented, recalling how the angel, Yotsubashi, looked after being stabbed with the blade by Dabi.

Shigaraki's eyes narrowed slightly as he looked over at the raven haired male, "What a shame . . . he did have his uses, you know. But it can't be helped, I guess."

"I was just testing it out." Dabi's smirk widened as he shoved his hands in his pockets.

"What about demons?" Shigaraki asked, "Does it work on them, too?"

"Yeah." Dabi said, "I tried it on one a few days ago since they've been coming in lately since that girl's soul."

"So it should work on him?"

Dabi shrugged, "Maybe." This response caused Shigaraki to furrow his brows though it went unnoticed by him as he continued, "He is both a demon and an angel . . . a hybrid . . . after all. So if it works on both sides then it most likely will work on a hybrid who is a combination of the two." He stated, "If not, then I'm sure it'll still do some bad damage to him."

"I see." Shigaraki muttered before eventually looking at the raven haired male, "I should probably test it out on you since you wanted to kill Yotsubashi. It'd be far more accurate–"

"But you can't . . . and probably won't." Dabi stated a matter-of-factly, his smirk remaining, "Since you need me if you want to have a chance to even get to him and stand a chance."

Shigaraki glared through the hand on his face, but he knew the raven haired male was right by his words. If he got rid of him—that is if he stood a chance—he'd be ridding himself of an even more important asset than the one the raven haired male had ridden them of.

Unlike himself, Dabi was able to withstand much more than the rest of them since he was also a demon and angel hybrid, he knew that for certain. While one touch for a certain amount of time would disintegrate them from an angel—unless you were the original one who wasn't technically a demon in the end—the raven haired male had some more leeway to the smiting than them, the demons.

He placed the blade back in the silver box Toga was still holding, allowing the girl to close it and place it on top of the table that was in the middle of the room between the two separate groups of demons and their hybrid "companion."

"So I'm guessing the other one won't be a problem either?" Shigaraki asked.

"Nope!~" Toga sang.

"From what I could tell and . . ." Dabi started, "He's really weak."

"Well then." Shigaraki started, "I guess it's almost time we start closing in, yes?"

"Almost..?" Toga slumped her shoulders, "Why not now? I want to see (Last Name)-chan again!~" She puffed out her cheeks.

"I have my reasons." He stated, not bothering to give in to the girl's childish ways.

"Shigaraki." Kurogiri started, "We should get back."

"Yes. We should." Shigaraki agreed, "I'll tell you when we will start closing in. Until then . . . wait." Shigaraki said.

With that, he and Kurogiri turned around, both took a few steps before their bodies started to disappear until there was no trace of them anymore—like they had never existed.

Toga soon let out a groan as she fell backward on the shoddy couch in the small room, "I wanna go now!" She started to kick her feet and wave her arms in the air before rolling onto her stomach while puffing out her cheeks, "I want to see (Last Name)-chan!"

Even though her actions were childish and she annoyed him to no end, Dabi could see where the ash blonde girl was coming from—he was starting to grow impatient himself. It had already been a few months and they had yet to even do much of anything.

He was starting to grow bored of the waiting game that they were forced to play as instructed by Shigaraki. But working with them was out of spite more so than a goal. So he'd continue to do so—to play along . . . for now.

However, if it didn't happen soon, he was tempted to take matters into his own hands and grab the soul, your soul, for himself. It wasn't like they could stop him—he was a tad bit stronger than the lot of them.

"It'll be soon." Dabi eventually muttered to the ash blonde haired girl.

Toga let out another groan in reply, "Hmph."

Dabi frowned but didn't bother to say anything more to the girl as he just eyed the silver box that laid on the table. He'd give them a few more months at the most—that was it. Any more and he most definitely will take care of the matter himself.

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