Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

It Only Takes One

You let out a sigh as you looked at the "work" you had done thus far. You had finally gotten to cleaning up your room from when Bakugou and Kaminari, more so the ash blonde, had practically destroyed it quite some weeks ago—practically almost a month now.

You had been pushing it off for a while now, mainly because of your mild spur of laziness and school so far. Plus, you had just gotten a job and you hadn't had a time off of it until now—not that you minded since it kept you busy and gave you an excuse to stay away from your friends so they wouldn't get caught up in your now "messy" life.

But it was starting to annoy you somewhat—always looking at the ruined shelves and fallen things with some even broken items on the ground that you had to be careful not to step on on occasions. So you had decided now was the time to do a little cleaning.

Picking up a broken glass figurine, you let out another sigh. It was that of a (favorite animal) . . . or what used to be a (favorite animal). It was now just in tiny and medium smaller pieces of broken glass that scattered the ground and no longer could pass as such animal.

You had gotten it when you were smaller. But it didn't have much of a significance to you aside from being more of a childhood item you had kept for the heck of it.

Shrugging, you placed it in the trash bag you had brought up, grabbing the other smaller pieces that were on the floor and doing the same until there was nothing left on the ground.

You probably should have Bakugou, even Kaminari—more so Bakugou since he was the main reason your room was the way it was—doing this for you. But you were almost done, so there was no point in doing so now.

After picking up the last broken thing and separating the items that were still usable or "fixable" to an extent, you pulled the ties of the bag and then tied it up, making a little knot so it wouldn't come undone.

You grabbed the bag, and started dragging it along with you out of your room and then down the stairs—being careful not to let it touch the floor so it wouldn't rip and spill all your hard work in cleaning it.

After getting downstairs, you glanced over at Bakugou who, per usual, was laying on the couch. It almost looked like he was asleep since his eyes were closed but you didn't think he was. Or . . . if he was, you were sure he'd wake up if you'd call out to him.

Looking down at the trash bag in hand then back at him, you figured the least he could do was take this out for you. Bringing it with you, you made your way into the living room and only stopping once you had made it in front of the ash blonde.

"Bakugou." You called.

Bakugou opened one eye and looked over at you, "Wha–" But his eyes soon widened as you placed the trash bag on top of him as a disgusted look made its way to his face, "What the hell, girl–"

"It's just the stuff you and Kaminari messed up in my room that I picked up since it's now kind of unusable." You stated which made his disgusted look disappear now knowing that it wasn't anything that was actually disgusting.

Bakugou removed the bag off him, placing it on the ground in front of him and between you before sitting upright on the couch, "Then–"

"Take it out."

"The fuck? Why..?"

"Like I said, it's from the mess you and Kaminari made." You started, "I picked it all up, so that's the least you could do for me." You gave him a sweet smile while tilting your head slightly to the side and closing your eyes.

He clicked his tongue as he studied you for a moment before speaking, "Whatever."

You watched as Bakugou reluctantly got up from his spot, grab the bag with the problem, then started towards the front door before exiting to take it out.

Admittedly, you found it rather humorous to see him doing "human" things. It didn't take long for him to come back inside with his ability before trudging slowly into the living room and plopping back onto the couch in front of you.

"That wasn't that bad, now was it..?" You asked keeping your smile.

Bakugou studied your face for a moment, "Shut up, girly."

"At least you didn't spend half the day picking the mess up. I should have made you do that, too." You frowned as you recalled the events that had caused it all.

"You should have, but you didn't." He smirked.

"Hush, you." You let out a sigh though you were a bit curious "Does Kaminari have, uh, powers like you..?"

You hadn't recalled him using anything aside from his teleportation though that seemed like a basic demon ability . . . but he also did seem more reserved than the ash blonde (which wasn't hard), so perhaps he knew when to use them and when not to.

"Hm?" He looked at you for a moment, "Somewhat."

You raised a brow, "Somewhat..?"

Bakugou placed his arms behind his head as he went in a more comfortable position, "It's nothing to fucking write home about."

"What is it?"

"Just shit to do with lightning or whatever." He stated, "He also has the shitty basic incubus and succubus power like dream manipulation."

"Ooh. I guess that kind of explains the black bolt in his hair."


"Is dream manipulation as it sounds..?" You asked.

"Yeah. They can manipulate your damn dreams, change them as they fucking want. Usually, they turn them . . ." he paused for a moment, "Sexual."

"Oh . . ." You looked to the side as a small blush made its way to your cheeks, "I didn't want to know that."

"You asked, girly."

You furrowed your brows but you knew he was right, you had asked, "I'm going back to my room. I still need to find a place to put the things that survived." With that, you headed back to your room.

Bakugou just watched as you left, soon disappearing up the stairs before returning to his original position he was in before you had arrived, a smirk making way to his lips.

Humans were fucking weird.

More specifically, you were fucking weird human.

But . . . he ran a hand through his hair as a very light blush made way to his cheeks from the thought forming in his mind: you were his weird human.



"So . . . what major are you going to U.A. for?" Jirou asked the male in front of her as she swirled her straw in her drink while they sat in a booth together facing each other.

"Uh . . ." Kaminari's eyes widened at the question, "Well . . . um . . ."

Jirou blinked, "Undecided then..?"

He placed his hand on the back of his neck, looking to the side, then laughed awkwardly, "I-I guess you could say that."

"Nothing wrong with that." She started, "You're still young, so you have time. Just get your basics out of the way than worry about it."

"Yeah, uh . . ." He lowered his hand as he looked back at her, "So what are you going for, music?"

"Oh, yeah."

"A passion?"

"Yeah, you could say that." She looked down, a smile and blush making their way to her face while she looked down at her drink, "I've always liked anything to do with singing or instruments since I was little, maybe even before I could walk."


"Huh?" This caused Jirou to snap her head up, her face instantly flushing a bright red, "W-What..?

"Uh . . ." Kaminari's eyes also widened when he had let his thoughts slip, even his face had started to form a small blush—something that didn't happen often given his nature, "I-I mean . . . it was just that . . ." He trailed off as he looked to the side.

Why the heck had he said that?!

Well . . . actually, he did know why he had said that.

An awkward silence went between the two as the blonde looked to the side and the purple haired girl soon had looked down at her drink.

"D-Did . . . did you mean it..?" Jirou hesitantly asked eventually, but refused to look up from her drink as she began to nervously twirl one of her earbud strings with her finger.

Kaminari's head snapped over towards the girl, his eyes widening at her (bold) question. He remained silent as he just continued to stare at her, unsure of exactly what to say. But, in the end, there was only one thing he could say.

"Y-Yeah . . . I did."


Todoroki frowned down at the ashes on the ground that was no doubt from a demon who had gained their "end," an action he had been doing a lot of lately . . .

But this time it was different.

This time, he wasn't the one to have created this pile of ash that laid on the ground.

It was sloppy work, no doubt.

Todoroki usually always came back to take away the evidence of a demon-killing since humans could see the remains, ashes, of such. This pile of ash appeared to have been sitting here for a few weeks now—maybe a little longer. At least from what he could sense.

Perhaps it was a less trained angel who had done this?

He knew he probably wasn't the only one who had heard of this "special case" by now. There were other angels—full angels at that—who had a similar mindset as him. However, something didn't feel right about that assumption, especially since those angels tended to be trained properly.

Something felt off about these ashes . . . at least the way it had happened.

"What's wrong, Todoroki-kun..?" Midoriya asked a little ways behind him, not taking notice of the ash pile that was on the ground.

Todoroki took his foot to push the ashes even farther into the grass area before turning around to face the green haired male, "No, no. I was just . . . thinking about something."

"O-Oh . . ."

Todoroki didn't say anything more as he placed his hand to his chin and looked to the side as he went back into thought—Midoriya just silently watching the dual haired male.

It seemed it was becoming close to time to make the proposition, even if the Yaoyorozu girl wasn't quite ready yet. But he knew it wouldn't be long until she was.

However, something had been eating away at him. There was no guarantee that you'd accept given the situation. After all, this whole thing went both ways and wasn't just on his side.

He couldn't force it if neither of you wanted it. As much as he hated to admit it, in the end . . . it was your decision—at least one of yours. Then again, maybe it wasn't as hard as he thought it was going to be now that he thought about it . . .

He just needed one of you to agree.


At least, that was what the woman, Mrs. Yaoyorozu, had stated to him when they had had that private conversation on their first meeting. It didn't necessarily need each party member's permission, but because of the blood required by both parties, it did require some agreement from one end since usually if one agrees the other will most likely follow suit.

In the end, it would be way easier if he could get the . . . demon . . . the creature to agree. Since if they were to take his blood (a requirement for the spell), which would require a puncture of some sort, you'd also receive the same treatment without actually having to do it on yourself

. . . And you'd be free.

Free from that creature.

All in all, it didn't matter who he got.

He just needed one.

As much as he'd hate to ignore your personal choice in the matter (if you so happened to decline) and if it came to that to get rid of "the problem" . . . then he'd do it.

"I think it's about time I make my proposition to have her or even . . ." Todoroki paused for a moment, a weird look on his face as he continued, "Him to consider . . . tomorrow." With that, he started to walk off.

Midoriya watched the male with knitted brows. He had a feeling something else was going on, but it appeared he wasn't about to get answers any time soon . . . without question, he soon followed behind the dual haired male with wherever he was going.

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