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Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)


Being just an average college girl living a normal life, you were doing your hardest to get a degree in your designated field of studies. However, when a supposedly fake summoning ritual turns out to be real and you summon an actual demon, you end up getting a lot more than what you had bargained for . . . a whole lot more. And your everyday life turns into that of a hectic nightmare . . . Will you cave, make a deal, and lose your soul to rid yourself of the entity that threatens to break all that you had built up for yourself or will you forever be bound to a demon who you can't get rid of until you are lying on your death bed? --------------------------------------- ° Alternate Universe⁠ - Demons/Angels/Supernatural.

Fantasy / Romance
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The Ritual and the Demon

(A/N: Inkitt didn't copy over my format and I can't even indent my paragraphs... at least on my phone. I'm not about to italicize words again on here since it didn't carry that over either, so this will have to do.)


Tapping the pencil against your cheek, you looked out the window boredly though not at anything in particular.

After all, there wasn't much to look at besides the other students of the campus of U.A.⁠—a top-of-the-line college in Japan for those who wanted the best of the best though they accepted just about anyone given that the system was alphabetized and allowed for anyone to find a rank that suited them⁠—walking to get to their own classes or were leaving and some trees, bushes, flowerbeds, etc . . . that were made to make the place look nicer and livelier.

Mr. Ecto⁠ the math professor—an odd man who always wore a mask over the lower half of his face to cover his mouth for some odd reason that no one knew the answer as to "why"—droned on and on about something that you could honestly care less about though should probably be listening to as it was one of the required classes you needed to do good in graduate with your major and wasn't your best subject, Algebra.

"–that'll be all for today. You can all leave." Mr. Ecto closed the math book he had in front of him on top of the podium which snapped you away from your thoughts . . . or lack thereof.

With that, you turned your head back to the front of the class while taking notice of everyone already beginning to pack their own things and head for the door to leave to go to their next classes or just to go home for the rest of the day.

With no point in sitting there any longer, you did the same and soon exited the classroom to go to the café that you and your friends⁠—Ashido, Uraraka, Yaoyorozu (Yao-Momo), and Jirou⁠—would meet at almost every day and just "hang out," with you more so just sitting silently as the group of girls chatted while only giving minimal input when asked something.

Thankfully, it was only about a three to five minute walk from the college. It was a place most of the U.A. students would go for something quick or just to hang out, so it could get crowded at times to your dismay since you weren't really that much of a people person and preferred to keep to yourself besides a select few which were just the three other girls who you honestly only knew because of Yaoyorozu⁠—⁠your childhood friend and just about your only true friend—who had introduced you to them near the beginning of the college term when she, too, had met them and seemed to instantly click with.

Exiting the college, you started on your way to the café, the campus becoming more littered as classes were letting out at this time. Making sure to avoid them all as you walked down the street, you soon made it to the little café down the street and entered it, instantly spotting the group of girls in the corner.

"(Last Name)-chan!" Uraraka instantly beamed upon seeing your form edge closer to the table once you had entered, causing all the other girls present to take notice of your arrival.

Each of them greeted you while you just simply nodded in response before sitting down beside her.

"Well . . . Now that we're all here, I can finally tell you about this cool thing I found!" Ashido clasped her hands together as she excited began, having been waiting for your arrival so she could get on with telling whatever she had been wanting to to the whole group.

"And . . . What's this 'cool thing' that you kept blabbering about but wouldn't say until (Last Name)-chan had arrived..?" Jirou questioned with a raised brow, twirling one side of her earbuds.

You raised a brow as well, "'Cool thing'..?"

"Ok, so have any of you seen that ritual thing going around the Internet?" Ashido questioned as everyone then shook their heads which caused her to let out a sigh, "Figures that you guys wouldn't have, but anyway, you're all about to!"

She quickly took out her phone and pulled out some bizarre and less than professional-looking article that looked as if it should be taken with a grain of salt. She then got up from her seat to get between you and Yaoyorozu—who were at the end of the table—so she could show everyone as she held the phone for you and Yaoyorozu to see then to the other two girls.

"So . . . apparently, there's this 'demon summoning ritual' going around and people have been performing it now."

Yaoyorozu's eyes widened as she sensed an odd feeling from the words that had slipped Ashido's mouth—especially upon setting her sights on the little article on the photo—but she quickly composed herself to not bring any unwanted attention to herself while she just listened to what the girl was saying with a strained smile and knitted brows. The feeling only getting worse the more Ashido spoke.

Ashido began to scroll through the article while proceeding to wave her phone around to show each person—oblivious to Yaoyorozu beside her—though it was kind of useless given she was doing it a bit too fast for any of you to catch anything that was written, not that it mattered considering the article looked less than legit.

"That's basically the gist of it." She finished.

"So . . . a demon summoning ritual?" You repeated with skepticism.

"Yep!" Ashido nodded, "Now that you all know about it, on to the juicy stuff!" She placed her phone back into her pocket as she then made it back to her seat, sitting down and leaning against the table with her hands clasped together and glancing at everyone.

"So, apparently, this so-called 'demon summoning ritual' is actually real! And when you do it, a demon actually comes to you, offering you anything for the price of your soul! Isn't that cool?!" She then scratched her cheek awkwardly, "I mean . . . minus the losing your soul part anyways . . . I think it's pretty neat!"

Everyone just blinked at her besides Uraraka⁠ while she seemed to take this a bit more seriously—her family being quite the religious bunch, as she'd say, so it was understandable that she'd take some of this more seriously than the rest of the group⁠—as she began to play with the hem of her shirt, "That . . . that sounds–"

"Seriously? That's what you wanted to say?" Jirou rolled her eyes while interrupting whatever Uraraka was going to say causing everyone to look at her, "Yeah right. I highly doubt that that ritual is real. Have you even seen any success stories about one of the people doing it successfully summoning a demon?"

"I'm telling you! That's what people are saying!" Ashido furrowed her brows, "And, as a matter of fact, I do!" She took out her phone, typing in something, then shoving it into the other girl's face who just scanned it.

"You can't believe everything you see on the Internet." Jirou countered, "As much as it's a great source to get stuff from, it isn't always accurate."

"I'll . . . have to agree with Jirou-chan on this one." Yaoyorozu had a conflicted look on her face as uncertainty laced her words.

Ashido puffed out her cheeks and crossed her arms, not happy with the lack of belief from everyone around her though her face soon brightened as an idea to pop into her head, "I know! How about one of you try out the ritual? Well. Minus Uraraka-chan since her family, uh, you know."

This caused Uraraka to strain a smile in an apologetic way to everyone else as she began to look around worriedly; however, it seemed no one had caught onto this as they didn't bother to bring their attention to her since it had been expected she wouldn't be one of the candidates to do anything such as this.

"I can even give you the ritual requirements! Even though a simple Google search could pull it up in an instant with how popular it has become."

"One of us?" Jirou raised a brow as she stopped twirling her earbud.

Ashido nodded ferociously, "Yeah!"

"And . . . Why can't you do it?"

"I'm too scared, duh!" She replied instantly while wrapping her arms around herself to try and prove the fact to Jirou causing her to sigh at the dramatic way she did it, "I don't want a demon in my house!"

Jirou sighed, "Whatever. I wholeheartedly believe it to be fake so I'll pass, and even if it was real I still wouldn't do it. Like you said, I don't want a demon in my home."

"I . . . I don't think that's a good idea either way." Yaoyorozu stated next once Ashido turned her gaze to her, but upon hearing her own wording quickly came back, "I mean . . . the ritual seems very sketchy. Like one of those things that are just put on the Internet. So I wouldn't do it . . . so, uh, I'll have to pass as well. Sorry, Ashido-chan . . ." She gave her a strained smile but it instantly changed to that of a frown once Ashido had turned away from her.

"You guys are no fun!" Ashido whined though stopped upon realizing you had yet to give your answer before practically climbing the table to get in front of you, grabbing your shoulders as you just raised a brow, "(Last Name)-chan, I beg of you! Please! Please! Pleeeeaaaaasssseeeeeee!" She began to shake you back and forth roughly, "You're my only hope!"

You just blinked at her, not replying just yet as you thought on it. There didn't seem to be anything at risk here. Besides, it was probably fake anyway, so there was no harm in doing it. Plus, you really just wanted her to stop shaking you.

Jirou eyed you before she started to speak, "Don't do it–"

"Alright." You sighed while cutting her off, causing her and everyone's eyes to widen.

"R-Really?!" Ashido exclaimed, stopping what she was doing.

You just nodded, "Yeah. I'll do it . . . but to prove that it's fake. These Internet things, like Jirou stated earlier, usually are for the most part."

"Anyway, here!" Ashido ignored your words and quickly began digging in her pocket for something before pulling out a slightly wrinkled piece of folded paper and shoving it in front of you before leaning back in her seat, "It has all the required things you'll need for the ritual. Most of it you can get right in your home!"

How convenient.

Blinking at the paper, you grabbed it and opened it, instantly seeing a paragraph of gibberish. Though from the looks of it, you could deduct it was probably Latin since you knew that to be the basic language used for this type of stuff.

There also was a list of items which you assumed were all the materials needed to perform the ritual, some drawings, as well as the end had instructions on how to set it all up in order.

"Oh! I gotta go. Almost time for my next class." Ashido muttered, regaining your attention, and began to gather all her things hurriedly, "Cya tomorrow, everyone!" However, she stopped before turning to look at you, "Good luck, (Last Name)-chan, tell us how it goes tomorrow!" With that, she soon left the four of you by yourselves.

"W-Well . . . that was . . ." Yaoyorozu trailed off, trying to find the right word to use.

"Interesting?" Jirou offered with a tilt of her head.

"Yes . . . I suppose that'd work well."

Jirou sighed, "I better get going, too. I have music class soon and need to make sure my guitar is tuned and ready or I'll never hear the end of it from Aizawa-san" She began to gather her things, "I'll cya guys later. But, (Last Name)-chan . . ." She looked at you, "Are you actually doing the ritual?"

You shrugged and nodded, "Yeah. I'm not worried about it. It's fake anyway, so there's no harm in it."

"Yeah. I guess you're right." She shrugged, "Well, I'm off. Catch you guys later." With those words, she soon exited the café as well, leaving just you, Uraraka, and Yaoyorozu as they both seemed a bit conflicted at this point.

"Is something wrong?" You questioned the two girls in which Yaoyorozu instantly jolted a bit in her spot before shaking her head profusely and stood up.

"Uh. N-No. No. Uhm . . . I-I should be going! I have piano lessons in an hour and should make one last . . . last go through of my lessons . . . yes." Yaoyorozu instantly came in and began to gather her things in a hasty manner.

You raised a brow at her odd behavior before you glanced over at Uraraka who seemed to be just as antsy as Yaoyorozu though it was a bit understandable for her. Catching your gaze Uraraka instantly got up and began to pack up her own things.

"I-I better be going as well! All this demon talk has me on . . . on edge. Uh, ca-catch you both later. Uhm . . . I'll . . . I'll keep you in my thoughts, (Last Name)-chan." Uraraka gave a strained smile and with that, she quickly made her way out of the café leaving you and Yaoyorozu who was still packing all her things.

You continued to look at where she had abruptly left. If it weren't for you knowing how she was about all these "spiritual and demon" things, you'd be a bit more worried about her behavior towards all this but since you do that just wasn't the case.

"A-Are you sure you're going to do it..?" Yaoyorozu asked after finally finishing up packing her things and having made a place beside you, not thinking too much of the repeated questioned.

You turned to look up at her somewhat surprised though soon nodded, "Yeah. As I told Jirou, it's fake anyway, so I have nothing to worry about." You shrugged.

Yaoyorozu knitted her brows together at your answer while looking forward⁠, the odd feeling coming over her again which seemed to surpass her disbelief of the whole thing, "Just, uhm . . . be careful . . . okay..?"

She gave you a strained smile as you slowly nodded with a raised brow at her wording, and she laughed nervously with a tilt of her head, "I'll see you tomorrow. And . . . good luck." She tried to sound playful.

Before you could question Yaoyorozu on her obviously odd behavior anymore, she quickly made her way out of the café without another word, leaving you alone in the now practically empty place.

Sighing, you looked down at the paper in your hands one last time before shaking your head, placing it in your pocket, and grabbing all of your stuff before leaving to go to your own class.

Unbeknownst to you, Yaoyorozu watched from a little ways away as you soon exited the café after she had. A worried look plastering her face as she squeezed the straps of her bag tightly.

For some reason, she couldn't get rid of that feeling in her gut that had popped up when Ashido had started giving more detail of the summoning ritual . . . it having gotten worse when you agreed to it.

She had recently been getting little feelings like this as of late⁠. They mostly would only come when something bad seemed to or was about to happen, but it was usually only small bad things and nothing too serious.

It was almost like a premonition of sorts, something she didn't believe in. Though, for some reason, this one was more extreme than the ones she had ever had . . . different.

Biting her bottom lip, Yaoyorozu soon shook her head and gave you one last worried look before turning around to go on her way—hoping that the feeling would go away soon and that it wasn't anything to be truly alarmed about . . . that it was just her taking things a bit too seriously.


You furrowed your brows at the less than great design that Ashido had drawn on the back of the paper, having finally begun the ritual process after waiting a long while of sitting at home doing some work that needed to be done for your classes.

It appeared to be a pentagram of some sorts or something. Honestly, with Ashido's bad drawing skills, you were unsure of what it was exactly. But that was your best guess.

She tried, that was all that mattered in the end.

White chalk in hand, you drew the shape the best you could from the shoddy drawing given to you on your floor somewhat surprised at how easy it went on since you weren't too sure about how well the chalk would stick to your floors.

As you did this, the thought of not doing it at all and just telling Ashido that it didn't work crossed your mind; however, the thought instantly went away as you did tell her you'd do this and you weren't one to go back on your word unless it was absolutely necessary.

Sitting back up straight, you looked at your piece "art" that you had drawn, hoping this was at least correct but unsure. Shrugging, you turned the paper back over to see all the items you'd need.

Having not checked before you had come back home, you were unsure if you had any or all of the items⁠ . . . though there only seemed to be about five or so from the looks of it. Getting up, you began to gather all the things that were required while reading the list.

Metal bowl (to place all the items you have in).


Fire in the form of candles (any candle should do though black colored ones tend to work better), you'll need four.


Demon sigil drawn on a piece of paper.

This one had an arrow pointing to yet another horribly drawn symbol that Ashido tried to mimick from wherever she had gotten this ritual from.

You sighed and rip a piece of paper from your notebook on the kitchen counter and drew it the best you could from the horrible picture given to you. Once done, you continued.

A match.


Lastly, a drop of animal's blood (red wine can work in place of it here as well).

You furrowed your brows at this one. How the hell were you supposed to get a drop of animal blood? You didn't even have a pet and even if you did, you wouldn't use their blood to perform this ritual. It was fake, after all, and was just plain wrong to do so.

The next item was red wine which . . . You also didn't have.

Just staring at the last item on the list, you remained in the kitchen while wondering what you could use in place of that or to just wait until tomorrow, run to the store quickly, get some red wine, and then do the ritual the next day. Though you soon looked at your own hand and then one of the drawers in your kitchen.

You could always use your own blood . . . it said only a drop, and it wasn't such a great loss in the end. There was the fact that humans were, for the most part, considered to be 'animals.' With that, it could actually be a plausible 'ingredient.' Though you were a bit disgusted in yourself for thinking of such an idea.

But . . . if it'd do, it'd do.

Deciding you didn't want to wake up early, earlier than you had to anyway, and go to the store⁠—just wanting to get this over with⁠—you grabbed a small knife, one that wasn't too sharp but enough to do what needed to be done, from a drawer before heading back into the living room and sitting down in front of the pentagram-like symbol you had drawn earlier.

Looking at the paper, you read the instructions and followed as you went:

Place all the four candles at the points of the pentagram (there should be one point not accompanied by a candle) and light them.

Doing just that, the candles soon illuminated the room, basically becoming the only light source at this point as you had shut off the lights⁠ earlier—⁠not that it'd have made a difference as your living room lights sucked—figuring that was something you should do since they always do that in movies and to at least give the vibe you were actually summoning something even though you fully believed this was fake and were only doing this for Ashido's sake and to prove a point.

But might as well have a little fun with it, right? Not that it even was fun for you in the first place.

Next, place the bowl in the middle of it, place the sigil in it first before anything else. When you've done that, place the drop of animal blood (or wine if you chose that route) on top of it.

Glancing at the knife, you soon picked it up though didn't do anything just yet as you lifted your pointer finger and just looked down at it for a moment.

Shaking your head, you quickly pricked your finger⁠, wincing as you did⁠, before quickly holding it over the bowl and squeezing it until a few drops of blood landed on the paper—the disgusting feeling coming back but mainly because of the action and not because of the blood itself.

After doing that, you put your finger in your mouth for a second. You probably should have probably gotten a pin or something instead of a full-fledged knife as it'd probably heal faster and have hurt less⁠.

Sighing, you went back to reading the instructions:

Once you've done that, chant the phrase (at the top of this paper) one time. Lastly, after you've chanted the phrase, light the match and burn the sigil and blood/wine in the bowl . . . with that, a demon should make their appearance, congrats! P.S. tell me how it goes! –Ashido.

You shook your head at the words on the end. Looking back at the top of the paper, you couldn't help but wonder how you were supposed to pronounce some of the words as it was⁠—⁠or you assumed it to be—in Latin which you didn't know anything of nor cared to figure out. But you'd try your best.

Taking in a deep breath, you held the paper as you began to say the words as best as you could, "[Since I have no Latin knowledge, here is the English words]: I call upon thee, demon of the night, the power to conceive in my mind and to execute that which I desire to do or yearn for which I would attain by thy help. I entreat thee to manifest before me that you may give me an answer, so that I may accomplish or gain what I truly desire by thy hand . . ."

With that, you looked up from the paper and grabbed the match beside you, putting it near a lit candle and allowing it to light before putting it in the bowl, and letting it burn the paper in it.

You waited for a moment while just staring at the burning bowl, wondering if you had even said the incantation right. You had done a lot of pauses and stuttering which probably instantly made all of what you had even said invalid or maybe it didn't matter as long as you had done the rest of the ritual right.

Then again, it was fake. So who cared?

Looking around, nothing seemed to have changed or even happen for that matter. But it was just as you had expected, it appeared the ritual was fake after all and was just one of those crazy Internet things going around.

Standing up, you dusted yourself off before making your way to the kitchen soon coming back with a small glass of water before pouring it on top of the burning paper causing it to go out.

You looked at the mess on your once clean floor before letting out a sigh
You'd clean it all up in the morning before you gave Ashido and your other friends the scoop on what had⁠—⁠which in this case, was more so what hadn't—happened.

Bending down, you blew out all the candles one by one. The room becoming dimmer and dimmer until it was practically pitch black once you had blown out the last candle.

You got back up and carefully, as not to bump into or step on anything, made your way out of the living room though not without one last glance at the area before going upstairs to your room as it was already pretty late when you had started the 'ritual.'

Hopefully, it wouldn't take you long to fall asleep, you had a pretty busy day class wise . . .

You slowly fluttered opened your eyes as you woke up, but didn't get up just yet as you absentmindedly stared at the ceiling for a moment.

Groggily, you rolled over on your side and grabbed your phone on the nightstand before checking the time. Your eyes narrowed seeing the early hours of the morning: 1:30 a.m.

However, a sound came from down below, and your eyes widened as you were officially jolted awake. You quickly sat up while knitting your brows together and looking past your cracked bedroom door.

Getting out of bed, you slowly started making your way to the stairs that lead to the living room and went down them as quietly as possible so you wouldn't alert whatever or even whoever was down below.

Finally at the bottom⁠ of the stairs, you crept in the little area below them as you began to look around at all the places that the noise could have come from, trying to figure out where exactly it did but soon paused as you could hear yet another noise, it sounded like shuffling and moving about in the living room.

This instantly made you think of it being your neighbor, Shinsou Hitoshi's—a male who also attended the same college as you though you two only ever communicated when it involved his cat⁠ getting out—cat, Yua.

Yua always had a tendency to get out at odd hours and somehow or another make it inside your home (not all the time though but quite a lot). You knew you probably needed to check for openings and such in your home since that most likely wasn't safe to keep them, but it'd always slip your mind to do so so it'd never get done.

Not wasting any more time, you quickly went towards the living room and flipped the light switch on though it only lightened the room a few shades.

"Yua..?" You hesitantly called the cat's name and began to scan the entire room waiting for her to pop out.

You knew it was probably a lost cause to even bother since she was a stubborn cat and never came when one called—not even Shinsou could get her at times. But cats will be cats, you supposed.

Suddenly, you heard some more shuffling in the corner causing you to look over at the area which was darker than the rest of the room.

"Yua..?" You called once more as you edged closer to the darkened area until, as expected, a cat suddenly dashed out of the place, scampering in front of you and stopping right by the mess you had left from earlier.

Her hair on her back appeared to be raised while she continued to look in the direction of the darkened area as if something there had spooked her.

"Come on, Yua. I'm sure Shinsou is worried about you." You started to slowly edge closer to her with your arms outcasted, ignoring her odd behavior.

Hearing you, Yua looked back at you before hissing which made you stop and place your arms to your chest⁠—⁠not wanting to get scratched—and then instantly darting off to another part of your house.

You raised a brow in the direction she had disappeared to, deciding it was probably best to leave her be for now until she calmed down. But you still thought it was odd for her to be in a mood like that. She was generally a good cat overall.

It seemed just about everyone today had been acting odd . . .

You couldn't help but wonder what had made her agitated. Looking back at the dark area she had come from, you began to squint and started slowly walking towards the place though stopped instantly when you heard shuffling once again. But this time it was accompanied by your floor squeaking a few times as if someone was walking on it though it soon stopped.

Furrowing your brows, you pressed your arms even closer to your chest, "Who's there? Whoever you are, you . . . you might as well come out."

Right as you said that, the sound of what you presumed to be the someone blowing out of their nose in what sounded to be amusement, came from the area and you knitted your brows right as your floor began to creak, alerting you that someone was walking out of the dark part of the room.

Your eyes began to widen as a figure began to form but into one you weren't quite expecting. You took a step back as your arms fell to your side as the shadowy form became clearer and clearer until you were face-to-face with them . . . or should you say:


Taking more steps back, you eventually hit the wall with your back, making it impossible for you to back up anymore as you swallowed. You couldn't believe what you were seeing at this moment . . . more so, you didn't want to believe it.

Neither of you spoke as you just stared at . . . It . . . which was currently in your living room and had a ghastly smirk plastered on its face. Your body began to automatically shake a bit. You soon raised an arm and tightly grabbed onto your shirt.

As much as you didn't want to admit it at this moment, you had a good idea of what was in front of you. There was no denying it with the features it possessed that it was, indeed, a demon of some sort.

A demon . . .

Though at the same time, it could roughly be considered human with the way it looked with its unruly ash blonde hair and an almost human build except for the fact that there were two large black horns protruding from on top of its head. You continued looking at it, trying to process what you were seeing.

It was obvious why it was here . . . you hated to admit to the fact. But there was no better explanation than for the fact that the ritual was actually real and that there was an actual demon currently in your home because of it.

But the longer you stared at each other silently, the more its face began to contort to what you figured to be an annoyed look.

"No fucking 'hi' or anything? Tch. So this is how you fucking treat someone who, mind you, got summoned due to your own shitty accord into your damn home?" The mysterious demon male finally broke the silence, seeing as you weren't going to do it any time soon, a frown gracing its features as its crimson eyes practically pierced into your soul.

"Who . . . who are you..? What . . . are you..?" You mustered out even though you knew exactly what it was, you still wanted it to fall from its own mouth or at least get a bit of closure from the guess you had even though it was undoubtedly right.

Its smirk returned as it stepped forward, you tried to take one back step again but were unable to because of the wall, the moonlight from your window exposing its form even more than it was before and practically making its red eyes glow.

"Bakugou Katsuki, and don't forget it." The now Bakugou Katsuki simply stated.

"As for what I am . . ." Bakugou paused for a moment, his eyes seemingly glinting, "I'm sure you already have a vague idea. You don't look that stupid. So why don't you take a damn guess?"

Furrowing your brows, you were unsure if to take what he had said as a compliment or be slightly offended by it. Though pushing the thoughts aside, you decided not to dwell on it as it was the least of your worries with what was in front of you at this time.

"A . . . demon." The words were barely audible and were said more to yourself though you were sure he had heard them given the widening of the smirk he had.

"Correct." The smirk soon changed into a scowl, "Though I'm only here because your dumbass summoned me, so what the hell do you want? I can give you practically any fucking thing you want . . . for a price, of course. But I'm sure you fucking know that."

You blinked at him a few times, trying to let the question sink in and not fully grasping it until remembering what Ashido had said earlier about this ritual . . . a pact creating ritual, not quite in those terms but it was basically what she had said. Along with the basic knowledge you already knew of them.

Usually, people who summon such creatures, demons, do so to strike a deal . . . to strike a deal with the devil himself; however, that had far been your intention in all this. And even with this opportunity placed in front of you, you didn't want it as you refused to give up your soul for any reason.

"I don't want anything."

The statement seemed to knock the ash blonde off guard as he furrowed his brows in confusion and just looked at you as if you were a total idiot which you surely felt like one.

"Now I'd appreciate it if you'd leave. I'd rather not have a . . . a demon in my house." You tried to sound as assertive as you could while you made your way to the front door.

Opening it, you began ushering the male out with a simple hand gesture while patiently waiting for him to (and hoping that he'd) comply⁠ as you just wanted to forget this had happened and just go on with your night. Only to just probably stay up and dwell on the fact that you had been wrong . . . that the ritual was actually a real.

However, Bakugou just stood there making no attempt to listen to you and just stared at you, unable to help see that you didn't quite fully seem to grasp the entirety of the situation and lacked knowledge of how these summonings actually worked.

He soon began to form the assumption that this ritual may have not been intended to summon a demon . . . maybe not summon anything at all. It appeared to be one of those instances that he'd have to waste his precious time in explaining every damn thing to you, something he despised, and give you a grasp of the situation you had just put yourself into.

With the knowledge that the male would give you, you'd soon realize that getting rid of a demon wasn't going to be as easy as it seemed and would be more than simply opening the door and asking it to leave.

Your fate, and even Bakugou's, relied on the choice you'd make with the information he'd soon give you. Though if it'd be the right one . . . that would be unknown until the very end.
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Briana: Estoy amando el libro.Por ahora se los recomendé a algunos compañer@s de trabajo, y les encantó, algunos no tienen tiempo para leer.Asta ahora me gusto la parte en la que unos de los hermanos le acaricio la parte íntima a Bianka

Melanie: Mir gefällt alles an dieser Geschichte. Ich bin absolut süchte. Diese liebe und Sehnsucht. Ich finde es wirklich toll geschrieben. Ich habe beim lesen alles um mich herum einfach alles ausgeblendet. Bitte hör nicht damit auf zu schreiben ❤️

Karla: J’aime beaucoup le récit et les personnages L’intrigue donne tellement envie d’en savoir plu…Hâte d’en savoir plus et aussi ce qu’il se passe avec gladius

Tammy L: It was really good. Short and sweet.

camila andrea: en general me a gustado todo desde la trama asta como se desenvuelve todo y creo que me encanto y que la autor/a tiene una muy buena imaginación 🤭🤭 y yo se lo recomendaria a mis amigas para que se entretengan y se envuelvan en esta trama que me parece buena y que me quede asta las 2 de la mañan...

LUZBETH: Es un libro interesante, pero le falta más trama, más desarrollo en los personajes y en la historia, además debe ser más larga, me deja con la intriga

Estefanía: Me pareció un poco dramática la reacción de ella. Pero en general me ha gustado

More Recommendations

Teresa Knapp: Getting better!Still feel like you could have gone into more detail in some areas and I see where you left it open at the end for another one!

allison o'connor: Didn't sleep and now I've got a headache. But I'm loving them! On to book four.

Daniela Mautes: Das Buch hat mich von Anfang bis Ende gefesselt, genau das was ich mag.

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