Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

Bound to You Unless . . .

The room was deathly silent besides the ticking of the clock on the wall. You had since made your place in a recliner—your legs up and to your chest—that faced your couch that currently had Bakugou in it.

A demon . . .

Not many people could say that they were sitting in front of a demon; however, you never had wanted to be one of those people who said they were. And if you were being honest, you still didn't believe it. The longer you sat there in silence, the more regrets of agreeing to the summon were beginning to bubble up inside you.

But it was too late to change anything.

You soon glanced up, making sure to do it as discreetly as possible, at the ash blonde who was boredly studying you⁠, awaiting your cue for him to start explaining⁠ all this mess which appeared to be something he wasn't too crazy in doing as he seemed to want to get this over with given how he acted.

In fact, in the little time you had been in his presence, he didn't seem like the patient type at all. But after having had realized you didn't really intend on having summoned him from your own actions, he seemed to allow for this little break to allow you to let all this sink in though it was in great reluctance on his part.

Continuing to look at him, you soon took notice of his full appearance and how he appeared to possess tattoos or some sort of black markings on him.

You hadn't noticed earlier as you were too shocked to and it was hard to tell since only a little bit of the dark designs peeked out of his shirt and went up his neck though stopped right at the middle of it.

There were also some that went all the way down his left arm, but the other one appeared to not have as much on it . . . or from what you could tell anyway since your living room didn't have the best lighting source in the world. Though there was obviously some sort of markings here and there there at least.

He also appeared to have sharper than average teeth though it was hard to tell and it wasn't too obvious, in general. His attire seemed to be that of a more modern look, consisting of a plain black t-shirt and what appeared to be dark pants—maybe jeans.

The more you looked at him, the more you were taking notice of how he didn't really look anything as a demon should. At least from what you had always been told and had seen in pictures, etc . . .

All in all, he possessed mostly human features. Mainly the only odd feature were the horns that stuck from his head though he had, since then, made them go away by some odd means. Other than that, he looked to be perfectly human and if you were to have seen him in public, that'd had been your first assumption, not that you'd figure any differently before this.

But to put the description in shorter terms, he honestly looked like one of those twenty-somethings still in their emo phase . . .

Getting bored of just looking at you and waiting for you to finally tell him it was okay to explain while you seemed to just be staring at him, Bakugou began to look around the living room.

He never usually stayed long enough to do this nor usually cared to. But even so, he had nothing better to do at the moment as he waited for your slow ass.

From what he could see, you practically had nothing on the walls and they appeared to be a plain white color from what he could guess in the dimly lit area causing him to scrunch up his nose.

You barely had any photos and it seemed the ones you did have were of when you were younger, maybe about six or ten from the looks of them, accompanied by a single adult woman who most likely was your mother or some shit—he honestly didn't give a rat's ass.

It was obvious⁠, unlike the other places he had been summoned or been to⁠, your home was one of the blandest and most boringest one he had ever been in. Then again, it was kind of hard to see anything with the shitty lighting system your living room had. But he was sure there still wasn't much else to see even with good lighting.

Bakugou soon shook his head lightly not wanting to dwell on your shitty life, not like it mattered to him one bit. He was here for one reason and one reason only:

The fact you summoned him.

But that also made it a problem, more so on his end than your own.

Mainly for one little fact . . .

Bakugou soon glared at the area of the unpicked up ritual items on the floor and at the metal bowl that was just filled with ash at this point. He couldn't help but feel how unlucky he was to have had his demon sigil drawn out and used.

This wasn't the first time something like this had happened albeit the person who had summoned him was still meaning to summon a demon⁠—just not him⁠, having had mixed up the sigils that needed to be used—and ended up making a deal with him still since, in the end, he could do exactly as the demon the person was aiming to summon could do—maybe even more.

However, it seemed he wouldn't be lucky getting you to crack a deal with him. You made it perfectly clear earlier that you had no interest in 'selling your soul,' so the likelihood you'd change your mind was slim. Though he hoped the talk he was about to have, as much as he hated doing it, would perhaps make you change your mind if not then.

He glanced at his wrist, a dark marking⁠—⁠hard to see but obviously very present and to only get even darker than it was as time passed—started to form around it causing him to scowl.

Bakugou hated this "job," if it could even be called that (thankfully it wasn't as common of an occurance as it used to be back in the days). But he was stuck doing it for a while longer—not even he could break the rules set no matter how powerful he was.

Then again, if how he was hoping this conversation would go didn't, maybe he wouldn't have to worry about it for another fifty to sixty (from what he could sense) years whoch would be the about the time he'd be off the hook.

But that seemed a lot more unappealing than actually doing the "job." At least he'd get something out of doing the work in the end. Plus, he didn't want to spend that many years stuck with you . . . or with anyone for that matter . . .

Swallowing, you finally decided to speak up, "So . . . why exactly can't you leave..?"

This caused the male to look back up at you before he sunk down and laid his arms across the back of your couch while crossing his legs and placing them on your coffee table.

Maybe if it weren't for him being a demon⁠, and a seemingly powerful one at that⁠, you'd have instructed him to remove them since you didn't want any marks on them . . . but he was . . . so keeping your mouth shut on the matter seemed like a better option as you awaited his reply.

Who knew what he could do to you if you made him angry..?

"Obviously, because of Hell's shitty rules."

You blinked, "Rules..?"

With this in the open, your mind soon drifted from your slight scared mindset as you pondered this.

Who knew hell had rules?

You'd have to admit that was quite . . . interesting. You always figured it to be pretty chaotic. Mainly for the fact you never knew the place had rules . . . and more so because you had never really thought of it that much in all honesty.

"It used to not be like the shithole it is now, not that we stay in the shitty place constantly anyway though that still doesn't matter because we have to fucking follow the shitty things, but none of that's fucking important. So any fucking way . . ." He quickly steered the conversation, no doubt trying to avoid explaining it.

You had to admit though, it still piqued your curiosity just a bit but didn't try to get him to elaborate on it as you let him continue.

"Basically, Hell has shitty rules for everything." He glared at you and you squirmed a bit under his gaze, "But, of course, summons have the strictest rules of all for demons." He scrunched up his nose while still glaring at you, a look that probably had the ability to kill.

Though you furrowed your brows at his wording, "For demons..? Are you saying . . . That they only affect the de–"

Before you could finish the sentence, he suddenly appeared in front of you and leaned in as if by some means of teleportation. Your eyes widened and a gasp escaped you while he placed his hands on either side of you as he leaned in, a scowl present on his face while you swallowed, "That's exactly what I'm fucking saying."

Bakugou's scowl soon turned into a smirk as he studied your face and you just looked up at him, your breathing slightly erratic, "There's no point in being scared. I can't lay a damn finger on you. Or at least with the intent of hurting you anyway. No matter how bad I'd fucking want to. That's the first shitty rule."

With that being said, you soon relaxed a bit though still kept as far as you could from the male leaning over you while you both continued to stare at one another, "I see . . ."

He raised a brow at your response, "You're not going to ask me to fucking prove it or some shit?"

"Would it matter?"

Bakugou studied you for a moment, a bit taken back by the bluntness of the statement. You were an odd one. Most people in your situation⁠, especially a person who didn't even mean to summon something and no doubt having thought it to be fake, would react much differently by not being as calm as you were.

But that wasn't the only reason. There was another . . . something that, even given the circumstances, shouldn't be . . . he had felt it when he arrived, but chose to ignore it.

"Tch. Whatever." He rolled his eyes, "But that brings me to the shitty second rule. With that, I can't let any harm come to your dumbass." His nose scrunched up a bit after saying this, no doubt disliking it while you couldn't help but be slightly surprised by hearing this one.

This rule seemed odd for hell to have.

"The third fucking rule is that I can't return to Hell until the 'job' is done. And that's where we get to the damn part where I can't fucking leave your dumbass. Rule four . . ." He scrunched up his nose once again while still glaring at you, "Basically . . . I'm fucking bound to you."

Upon hearing this, your eyes widened, "That . . . but . . ." You trailed off.

You had wanted to say "impossible" but given your current situation, that seemed like the wrong word to use. Though you were unsure as to what word to use in place of it.

"Impossible?" The male arched a brow with a smirk as he had said the exact word you were thinking, "As much as I'd wish that, girly, I hate to fucking say that it's completely fucking possible." He soon raised his arm, the one with the obviously fewer markings present on it, "You see this shit?"

Looking up, you examined his arm up and down though still didn't get what he was trying to get you to look at. You looked over at his face in hopes he'd explain.

Bakugou clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes, "Of fucking course not with this shit lighting, but my wrist. The stupid dark band forming."

Understanding a bit better, you eyed his wrist. It took a bit of squinting to finally find what he was talking about given his arm was covered in dark patterns and such, but you did eventually, "What about it..?"

"Look at your fucking own."

Giving him a weird look, you complied and slowly raised your wrist to examine it. Your eyes widened upon spotting a similar band wrapping around your own wrist, "What..? What is this..?"

"Something that fucking binds me to you and shows you've summoned a fucking demon." He simply stated, "Only you, me, and other shitty demons can see it." He frowned, "You'll also become more susceptible to demons and such in short."

After hearing that, your eyes widened even more. There were other demons? You became slightly surprised by this notion though it quickly subsided.

Of course there were more. You highly doubted he was the only one. However, the fact you'd become more susceptible to other demons didn't really sound all that pleasant either.

Without much thought on your end, you began to rub at the dark circle around your wrist in hopes to remove it; however, it seemed to be tattooed onto your skin and wasn't leaving any time soon . . . or ever for that matter, it seemed.

"Don't even bother. It'll just get fucking darker and darker and won't fucking come off . . ." Bakugou paused for a moment, "Well. It will if . . . " he trailed off causing you to look up.


"If you form a pact with me." A smirk began to play at his lips as he just looked at you under him.

Silence took back over as the sound of the clock ticking made its ways around the room, having been long blocked out from the conversing you two had been doing but slowly making its way back. You just stared at the male in front of you as he did you.

"That's not going to happen." You finally spoke up causing the male's smirk to instantly vanish and be replaced with his a scowl as his eyes appeared to flash a bright shade of red before they went back to normal, "You can't tell me there isn't another way. There has to be.

"Oh, there fucking is . . . a much simpler way, too." Bakugou lifted himself away from you and just stood in front of you.

"Then what is it?" A ray of hope was evident in your voice as you asked which the male just scoffed at. You knitted your brows together as you looked at him questioningly.

"If you die."

You froze and he remained silent as you replayed his words over and over in your mind. You couldn't believe what had just slipped out of his mouth. The way he had said them were cold and it appeared to not bother him one bit—not that you had expected him to be.

"You're . . . you're joking . . ." You paused for a moment, "Right..?"

"Do I looked like someone who fucking jokes?" He glared down at you.

Bakugou had a point there. He didn't seem like a person to pull jokes no matter what and appeared to be a very upfront and⁠—oddly, given what he is⁠—honest person (or should you say demon?) as much as you hated to admit to it.

"I . . ." You looked to the side, "No."

"Your best fucking bet would be to strike a deal with me." Bakugou smirked down at you, "As I stated before, I can give you any fucking thing you'd want. Power, revenge, wealth, fame, and even eternal life . . . though eternal life wouldn't really be fucking eternal. I'd have to make my collection eventually. But it'd be way fucking longer than the average human life span."

Furrowing your brows, you balled your hands into fists and looked up at him, "And . . . and as I stated before. I can't do that."

The male knitted his brows together and began to grind his teeth in a strained smile before frowning completely, "Tch. Whatever. You'll falter sooner or later. Be it from the fact you'll want me gone or from the fact you'll find something you'll fucking want. They always fucking do."

Not really wanting to hear any more of what he was saying on the fact and that it seemed he was done explaining what you had wanted to know, you stood up causing him to raise a brow at you.

"I highly doubt I will." He furrowed his brows at this while you made your way towards the stairs, "Now if that's all the important stuff you needed to tell me, I'll be going upstairs."

"You're not going to ask me shitty questions of your own?" Bakugou looked at your back as you continued out of the living room and towards the stairs.

You stopped once your hand had touched the rail, "No, so if yo–Uh . . ." You paused what you were going to say upon realizing something.

Glancing at the male while he just stood there looking back at you, you had no idea what to do with him, it was obvious he couldn't leave. And even if you were to kick him out of your home, he had nowhere to go though you had a feeling he could find somewhere to go if he really wanted to.

But if he didn't . . .

Funnily enough, part of you felt somewhat bad with all of this. After all, it was your fault he was stuck in the first place no matter how annoyed you were with him or him you.

Letting out a reluctant sigh you spoke up, "You can stay in the living room for now. But you have to stay there and can't leave it."

Bakugou's eye twitched at the ending remark, "You're fucking shitting me." He soon clicked his tongue before plopping down on the couch rather loudly and crossing his arms while looking to the side not facing you, "Tch, whatever."

Blinking, you were surprised he had agreed to it so quickly and didn't argue with you over it. Though not worrying about it too much, you started back going upstairs to your room as quickly as you could while not bothering to look back again.

Once you had made it to your room, you instantly shut your door and pressed your back against it while you slid down it slowly. There was no way you were sleeping tonight—not with all that.

You raked your hands through your hair as you just stared down at the floor with knitted brows. God, you felt like a complete idiot. You should have never agreed to do the summon.

You mind began to spin. The talk you and Bakugou had with him explaining everything really changed the way you had always pictured Hell, especially from what you were always told when you were growing up and your own imagination.

It didn't seem as . . . disorderly as everyone would make it or as thought out. You could even go as far as saying it made it seem less scary. But your mind soon drifted to how he said the way of getting rid of him.

Part of you wanted to still deny all of this and hoped you'd wake up tomorrow seeing none of this had happened. The other part of you knew this was real and that you weren't going to wake up to your normal life starting tomorrow . . . or even for the rest of your life since it seemed like the only ways to get rid of him would be to strike a deal or . . .

If you died.

Both of those options were a total no go for you. There was no way you'd simply give up your soul for things that, in the end, weren't even worth it. The reasonings for the dying option were obvious in itself.

There was just no way . . .

Hearing you having had entered your room, Bakugou soon blew air from his nose before scrunching it up as he kept replaying your response over and over again in his mind.

He had been sure he had almost got you to agree to a deal with all the rules. Then again, most of it was 'worse' on his end than your own. So it probably wasn't even a fucking convincing arguement.

Looking back at his wrist, it appeared the marking was getting darker. It never took long for these things to darken, or so he had heard from other demons who had had situations like this happen to them before since he had never been in it before.

This was something Bakugou would rather not have to suffer with and was sure you wouldn't⁠—given the attitude you had displayed up to this point⁠—but he wasn't the one to decide which option you'd choose once everything was said and done.

"Stupid girl."

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