Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

Thanks For The Proposition, But I'll Decline...

Full Title (cut off): Thanks For The Proposition, But I'll Decline The Offer


The place was dark—nothing could be seen but the blackness of the area—and it was completely silent . . .

Lifting your hands in front of your face, you furrowed your brows as you looked at them. You then looked down. Even through the darkness, you were still able to see your body perfectly as if you weren't in a totally darkened area.

Lowering your arms and looking back up at your surroundings, you looked around you. However, there appeared to be nothing in sight but the darkness that surrounded you.

You began to take a few steps forward hesitantly, allowing yourself—with nothing on them—to continue through the darkness with no knowledge of where you were walking to . . .

As you continued down the dark area, the only sound present was that of your feet as they carried you on the dark, hard, and unknown surface. You had no idea where you were walking to—where your feet were taking you to . . .

But as you continued down the dark and seemingly endless area, another sound started to join the mix—the sound of chains scraping the floor . . . it sounded as if it were following behind you.

Stopping, you began to look around for whatever was making the noise but the sound also stopped once you had. But you felt your actions to be a bit useless anyway, however. It wasn't like you could see anything aside from yourself.

Frowning, you brought your arms to your chest as you took in a deep breath and let it out. This was beginning to become quite unsettling . . .

Lowering your left hand to your side—keeping your right to your chest—you turned back sround and started back towards wherever your feet your previously taking you; however, the chain sound also began to sound again.

However, you soon let out a gasp of surprise as your right arm was unable to pass along with the rest of your body and felt as if something was wrapped around it . . . trying to get it back, you were unable to.

Swallowing you slowly looked back and down at your right arm that was raised halfway, your eyes widening once you noticed the silver metal cuff wrapped around your wrist. You knitted your brows together as you looked at it.


But from further inspection, there appeared to be a line of chains that went in the opposite direction you were walking in. Slowly, your eyes trailed to where the linked chains were leading towards—a small amount of fear bubbling up inside of you. However, as your eyes made it where the chains ended, you were just welcomed to their cut off into the darkness.

There was nothing . . .

But your eyes soon widened as a figure started walking through the darkness, revealing a very familiar figure . . .


Just like you, he was also perfectly seeable in the odd darkness that overtook the area. He didn't seem to notice you, however, while he was facing to the side and had his hands in his pocket with his left wrist wrapped with the same silver metal cuff as your own.

But it didn't take him long to soon turn into your direction, his face with an indifferent expression plastered on it as he looked over at you before he soon began to slowly walk in your direction.

The sound of chains scraping the dark floor could soon be heard again once they touched the ground as he got closer and closer, stopping only once he had gotten right in front of you.

You both just silently stared at each other, him down and you up—your heart starting to quicken its pace as you both did.

However, Bakugou soon broke away from your eyes as he looked down and began to frown. You knitted your brows together before following his gaze and your eyes widened as you realized your hand was resting on top of his, palm on palm—the hands that had the cuffs on your wrists.

When had that happened?

When had your hand been placed over his..?

Now that you thought about it, where even were you..?

Nothing about this whole situation was making any sense to you . . .

You looked up at him, but he was still looking down, "What–" But you stopped your words as you heard a sound, a sound like . . .

Looking down, you instantly took notice of your palm now facing upward in the ash blonde's own hand and the silver cuff around your wrist was opened enough for you to remove yourself.

It took you a minute, but you slowly raised your arm, allowing it to escape the cuff fully as you put it all the way to your face between you and the male and looked at your free wrist.

But your attention was snapped back down once you heard the sound of metal hitting the floor, taking notice of the cuffs that once wrapped around you and the ash blonde were now both on the ground—it seemed he had also freed himself of his own.

But something felt off . . .

Lowering your arm, you looked back at Bakugou who was now looking back at you, his face keeping the indifferent expression—something most definitely seemed off about it.

"Bakugou–" Though as you said this, he turned around without a word as he started back from where he had come from, "Hey . . . wa-wait..!"

You started after him with an outcasted arm. But as you ran after him, he just continued on. He was starting to get farther and farther—it was like you weren't even moving at this point—until he eventually disappeared into the darkness he had come from.

You stopped your pursuit after the male. Lowering your arm to your side, you just stood in the middle of the darkness while looking in the area he had disappeared in.

"Bakugou . . ." You weakly called out.

However, there was no reply to your words nor was there any sight of the ash blonde male anymore. As you stood there, you soon felt wetness on your face.

Was it rain..?

No . . .

It wasn't raining.

Furrowing your brows, your hand instinctively made its way to your cheek, feeling the streaks of wetness that went down your them. With this, you now realized what it was.

You were crying . . .

Yeah . . . that was what you were doing.


But why were you crying..?

A frown soon made its way to your face as you continued to look in the direction the ash blonde had disappeared in, the situation soon dawning on you.

He had left you in the endless pit of darkness . . .


Letting out a groan, you turned on your side as you looked at the clock on your nightstand; however, it was a bit blurry. Your hand instinctively went to your eyes, rubbing them. Though you soon furrowed your brows as your hand now felt wet.

Sitting up, you allowed your eyes a few moments to adjust and return to being clear before looking down at your hand that was most definitely wet now.

Were you crying..?

Why were you . . .

However, you soon processed the dream you had had only a few seconds earlier. It seemed some of your dream actions had seeped into reality.

"It was just a dream." You muttered, but you laughed lowly to yourself before getting up to get dressed, the dream soon leaving your mind as you continued about your day.

Once dressed, you soon headed downstairs. After making it, you looked in the direction of the living room, your eyes catching the ash blonde sitting in his normal position.

He made no effort to move when you arrive, but that was normal. He usually didn't bother to until you had made it a little bit of ways out of your walkway (probably from sensing where you were). When you were a certain distance, he'd appear beside you.

Grabbing your bag that was at the door, you slung it over one of your shoulders before opening the door to leave; however, after you had closed the door and started to walk, you almost bumped into something . . . or someone.

Your eyes narrowed as they landed on a familiar dual haired male, "Todoroki . . ."

"(Last Name)."

Instinctively, you gripped the strap of your bag as you began to back away until your back hit the door, "What do you want..?"

He studied you for a moment, "I have something important to discuss with you and . . . and that creature."

"Bakugou's not a creature."

Todoroki frowned at your words. He knew something "felt" different when he had first arrived a few minutes earlier, and it seemed it was exactly what he had been fearing.

"Well, I have something to discuss with you." He stated, ignoring your words.

"I rather not." You started past him, just wanting to get out of here. But at an amazing speed, he grabbed your arm, making you stop in your tracks.

"It's quite important. I think you'd like to hear it."

You continued to just stare at him for a few seconds until snatching your arm away from his grasp and started to rub the area he had grabbed before subconsciously lowering your arm to the place you had received the burn mark when you had first encountered the male.

"What is it..?"

Todoroki readjusted the glove on the hand that had grabbed you, "I've come to propose something to you."

"Get to the point." You shifted uncomfortably in your spot.

Todoroki frowned at your actions. It seemed he had made a bad first impression on you when the two of you had first met. But that couldn't be helped.

"I have someone who could possibly help you out of your predicament."

"What do you mean?"

"Similar to what I had offered beforehand until . . ." He trailed off as he looked at your arm before returning his gaze back to your face, "I can free you from your problem."

"By 'free from my problem,' you mean–"

"Remove your bond between you and that . . . that demon" He replied, "By doing that, you'll be safer."

You processed his words before speaking, "I'm fine with Bakugou." You insisted.

"He's not fit to protect you." Todoroki stated without skipping a beat and a matter-of-factly, "He'll just bring more harm than good as long as you both are bound together."

You furrowed your brows, "I said I'm fi–"

"You're in far greater danger if you stick with that demon." He muttered, interrupting your words.

"What do you mean in greater danger?"

While you and Todoroki were outside, a certain ash blonde currently inside was a bit thrown off by you still being out in your front yard—from what he could sense anyway. It seemed like you were right outside your front door.

Getting up, Bakugou slowly trudged to the door. Once he had, he instantly furrowed his brows as he heard a conversation. It sounded like you and . . . his eyes widened a bit, his palms lightly sparking.

Todoroki let out a sigh, getting ready to explain, "It's only a matter of time un–"

"What the hell is that half-and-half bastard doing here?!" A booming voice sounded and it was obvious who it was.

"Bakugou." You mumbled, your gaze turning towards the ash blonde.

"A demon using a door, how quaint." Todoroki muttered as he eyed the ash blonde, an obvious look of disgust plastered on his face.

"What the hell's that supposed to mean?" Bakugou glared over at the other male, his palms sparking even more.

"I didn't come here to fight. Plus, it'd probably be a bad idea considering what happened last time . . ." Todoroki stated as he looked at the sparking palms of the ash blonde, at you, then back to the other male, "I'm sure you know why it wouldn't be a good idea..?"

Bakugous eyes narrowed, but he knew that the half-and-half bastard was right in what he had said. If the dual haired male wasn't here to fight, there was no point in initiating one . . . especially with him. Maybe if the situation was different . . . but it wasn't.

His palms stopped sparking as he glared over at the other male, "Get on with it, half-and-half."

Seeing the ash blonde calm down (surprisingly), Todoroki continued, "As I told (Last Name), I've come with a proposition." He stated, "It's, of course, your decision in the end. I can't force either of you to accept . . . but–"

Bakugou frowned at the dual haired male's words that were obviously more directed to himself than you. He had a feeling he knew where this conversation was going. Of course this half-and-half angel-demon bastard would already know what was happening between the two of you.

"Get to the damn point already." Bakugou muttered even though he knew where it was going.

"Yes . . ." Todoroki cleared his throat before looking over towards you, "It isn't concrete, but there is a way to break the bond between the two of you." He looked at the ash blonde who just narrowed his eyes in return, not bothering to stop him, "There's a certain someone who's willing to help. But it won't be until a month from now . . . however, there is a chance it won't be that long." He stated, "With her help, it could be possible to free you–"

"No." You interrupted him while looking to the side, your arms crossed over your chest.

Perhaps if he had asked when you had first summoned Bakugou, maybe you would have accepted his offer. However, now that you and Bakugou were close and were now . . . together . . . well, you no longer had an interest in disintegrating your bond—in becoming "free" as the male before you continued to put it. In fact, that was the last thing on your mind.

"(Last Name)." Todoroki said firmly, "It's your decision, but it's also in your best interest to–"

"No." You looked back towards him, not bothering to let him finish, "I've made up my mind, that's my decision: no." You stated while giving a glance at Bakugou who seemed a bit indifferent to the situation, "Anyway . . ." You readjusted your bag straps, "if you'd excuse me, I have to go. I have class."

With that, you quickly turned around and headed off, not bothering to allow Todoroki to say anything—not that you would have probably listened anyway.

Todoroki let out a sigh as he watched you get farther and farther away, not bothering to chase after you. But it wasn't over . . . he still had one more—another chance . . . even if it wasn't the one he wanted to take.

He turned to look at the demon who hadn't bothered to move and, instead, was watching as you walked off towards the university. But the ash blonde eventually started towards you.

"I actually would like to talk to you, just you and me." Todoroki said causing the other male to stop in his tracks.

"The fuck do you want half-and-half?" Bakugou turned around and looked at the other male, an obvious disinterest in his voice.

Todoroki took in a deep breath, "You know it'd be in her best interest."

Bakugou smirked at the male's words as he blew air out of his nose in amusement, "The girl said no. Take it and fucking leave."

"You and I both know she's safer unbound from you. Unless you don't comprehend the situation fully."

"What are you fucking implying?" Bakugou soon glared at him.

"You know exactly what I'm implying." Todoroki said, "Even if it isn't her to agree, you should consider making your own decision. Your decision could be the difference between . . ." He trailed off.

"The fuck is that supposed to mean?"

Todoroki sighed, "As long as one of you accepts my offer, the situation can be dealt with." He stated, "Obviously, if she agreed, you'd have no choice but to follow along. But if you were to agree . . ." He paused for a moment, "The witch requires blood from both members for the spell . . . I'm sure you see where I'm going with this?"

"Working with a fucking witch, huh? How un-angel-like." Bakugou scoffed, "Guess you're no fucking different."

"I do what I must do to save souls, especially those like hers." Todoroki stated, choosing to ignore the ash blonde's end comment, "But as I was saying–"

"Whatever the fuck you're going to say, it's her fucking decision."

Todoroki frowned as he let out a sigh, "I see you both are going to be stubborn about this . . . I'm sure as time passes you'll change your mind–"

"I fucking doubt that." With that, Bakugou began to walk away—not wanting to listen to any more of what the dual haired male had to say—putting his hands in his pockets.

Todoroki watched the ash blonde as he began to leave, but he wasn't going to give up just yet, "You care about her, yes?"

This caused Bakugou to stop, but he didn't turn around as he processed the other male's words—looking around the area in front of him, "What the hell does that have to do with any-fucking-thing?"

"A lot, actually." Todoroki simply said, "If you truly care about her, then you'd do anything to keep her safe."

Bakugou's eye began to twitch. He was growing more and more annoyed with this half-and-half bastard. Who the hell did he think he was spouting those words?! If it were up to him, he'd have blown his half-angel, half-demon ass up . . . but he knew that wasn't a good idea.

"Tch." With that, Bakugou disappeared—figuring this to be an easier way to avoid the other male.

This caused Todoroki to frowned at the area the ash blonde had disappeared from. It seemed he had failed to convince either of you to agree to his proposal.

Standing there for a few more minutes, he soon took his own leave—making his way back to the apartment. Once he had arrived, he was instantly greeted by the green haired male who had been waiting patiently for his arrival.

"H-How'd it go..?" Midoriya asked as Todoroki walked into the building.

"Not as I had hoped." Todoroki admitted as he trudged towards one of the empty recliners in the small room, sitting down and leaning back a bit.

"They declined..?"


"Did you warn them?" Midoriya knitted his brows.

"As much as they'd have me do."

"I-I see . . ."

"But I have a feeling they may come around, maybe him more so than her . . ." Todoroki muttered, "After all, it is only a matter of time . . ." He trailed off as he frowned.

That was right . . . it was only a matter of time until him, that demon, just being by your side won't be enough and with him taking the front lines would just end in disaster . . . at least for you.

Todoroki could only hope that the ash blonde would realize this and make the right decision before it gets to that point since it was obvious you still didn't understand your situation to the fullest extent . . .

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