Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

Everything Looks to be Going Okay, Perfect Even...

Full Title (cut off): Everything Looks to be Going Okay, Perfect Even, But I Guess That Was Only an Illusion I Kept Telling Myself Because I Want to Stay With You


The rest of the week and the few weeks after had gone by like it was nothing, causing almost a month since Todoroki had visited with the "proposition" to officially arrive—though the "proposition" had since left your mind by this time, becoming a distant memory.

Surprisingly, nothing much had happened during that time. Well, sort of . . . your eyes trailed to two certain people as they walked across the campus with each other.

If you could count finding out that a certain blonde incubus and your purple haired friend were hanging out extensively—more than what you had thought.

With that said, this could explain why you were seeing less and less of Kaminari as the weeks passed by since you and Bakugou had caught them the first time during their little "hangout." In fact, you probably hadn't had a conversation with the guy in a while now that you thought about it.

You had been seeing Kaminari and Jirou walking around the university together, catching them in town after or before going into work, and even holding hands (which surprised you).

Even though you felt iffy about their "relationship" —or whatever it was at this point—you never did confront her nor Kaminari about it.

Something deep inside you said you had nothing to worry about . . . plus, the way Jirou looked when you'd catch her when she was with him . . . you never had seen her this happy before, even when you used to regularly hang out with the group of girls.

On another note, you and Bakugou seemed to have gotten more comfortable with each other. You had managed to get him to hold your hand, even while in public, sometimes.

It had taken a bit of convincing on your end but after seeing how you weren't going to back away from your attempts, he had eventually agreed to it—even convincing him to show himself to the human eye as well (so you wouldn't look dumb grasping at "air").

All in all, your relationship with the ash blonde was slowly falling into what anyone could say was "normal," slow but normal—minus the human and demon aspect of it.

Finished watching the two, you soon headed to your next class with a small smile gracing your lips—ready to get the day over with, Bakugou following as per usual. Once in your history class that now had a new professor at this point: Kan Sekijirou—originally the section B teacher.

Even though he taught at a lower level, only one letter lower, it was the best the university could do for the time being until the fall semester (not that the letter level mattered much here).

Making way to your seat, you soon sat down and got your things out that you'd need. You subconsciously turned your head into the empty seat beside you—the one that would usually hold your dark haired friend.

However, even though Yaoyorozu usually attended the class, she hadn't been there in a while since the new professor had been implemented last week.

Yaoyorozu . . .

You hadn't talked to her in a long while. The texts you two would usually share had turned into nothingness after you had lessened your texting amount and her not replying back after a while.

Now that you thought about it, you also hadn't seen her around campus in a long while either. You wondered how she was doing. You'd have to check on her eventually—that was if she didn't come around soon . . .

However, even with the lingering thought, you were sure the other girls (like they had done the last time) would message you in worry if something really was wrong with your ponytail wearing friend. So perhaps nothing was actually wrong, in the end.

Yaoyorozu was all right.

They were all right.

You were all right.

Everything was all right—at least, that was what you would continue to tell yourself.

"Pay attention, girl." Bakugou muttered, snapping you away from your thoughts, "I don't want to have to listen to this shit again at your house."

Turning to the other side, you saw Bakugou giving you a look. In return to his comment, you mouthed the words "hush"—a smile tugging at your lips as you did—in which he rolled his eyes before looking towards the front though a smirk appeared to be tugging at his lips.

After he had, you also rolled your eyes—the smile remaining—and then diverted your attention back up front as the professor started up the lesson . . .


"So she's ready..?" Todoroki looked at the woman and girl in front of him—studying then.

"Yes." Mrs. Yaoyorozu looked down at her daughter, a hand placed on the girl's right shoulder.

"Is there a guarantee it'll work?"

Mrs. Yaoyorozu looked up at the male, "I'm unsure. She didn't have much to practice on aside from regular bonding spells that were cast, not a demon bond . . . but I say a ninety-nine percent chance."

"I see." Todoroki mumbled before sighing, "All that is left is for one of them to agree."

"Wait . . . did she decline when you went the first time..?" Yaoyorozu knitted her brows as she looked at the male, just now hearing about this.

Todoroki sighed, "I'm afraid so."

"Why would she . . ." She trailed off as she looked down, a frown present on her face.

Mrs. Yaoyorozu looked at Todoroki as they shared a silent conversation—the woman knowing exactly why since he had explained it to her during the private conversation they had had on their first meeting. So, unlike her daughter, she knew a little bit more about the situation at hand (plus add some of her other witch knowledge she brought along with her throughout the years).

Todoroki took in a deep breath as he looked back at the girl, "I'm sure she'll eventually agree to my proposition."

. . . Or him.

"What happens if she continues to decline..?" She asked, a hint of worry laced her voice.

His eyes narrowed, "Then there's not much we can do."

. . . Unless he comes through.


"Momo . . ." Mrs. Yaoyorozu said firmly while changing her hand from the girl's shoulder to the top of her head—causing the girl to stop whatever she was going to say, "Everything will be okay." She reassured though her words had a hint of uncertainty to them.

"Yes, like she said . . ." Todoroki came in—gaining their attention—as he began to readjust his glove on one of his hands, "I'm sure everything will be fine, it'll come to pass."

At least he hoped so.

But on another note . . . he couldn't deny that something felt off about today.


Taking the last book that was in the box, you checked its genre before making your way to the designated shelf. However, you frowned once you realized where exactly it was supposed to go: the very top . . .

Letting out a sigh, you looked over to where Shinsou was though he looked to be busy with the front counter—a line of five people had already formed. It appeared he wasn't going to be able to help you.

Looking back over at the shelf, you figured you could do it if you stepped on your tiptoes . . . maybe. It was worth a shot to try anyway.

Doing just that, you stood on your tiptoes and extended your arm with the book towards its place. But you were just short enough to not be able to reach it even as you stretched towards it as much as you could though you continued to try—meeting the same fate.

However, you failed to take notice of a certain ash blonde currently watching your struggle not too far from where you were at the moment.

Admittedly, Bakugou found your attempts rather humorous as an amused smirk made its way to his face as he continued to watch your attempts. Though as the seconds ticked by, he started to grow bored of seeing your struggle.

Glancing over at the indigo haired freak—who appeared to have noticed your struggle as his eyes would flicker to your form then back at the customers as he had a small smirk on his face—and seeing he was backed up with customers then back at your struggling form, he clicked his tongue as he made his way to where you were.

Once behind you, he stopped. Watching you struggle a few more times as you remained oblivious to his arrival, he eventually grabbed the book.

You jumped a bit, not expecting this, "Wha–" But you stopped once you realized who it was, "Bakugou." You mumbled his name as you watched him place the book where you were originally attempting to place it, "I could have done it myself." You lied.

Bakugou raised a brow at you, "You seemed to have been able to." He clicked his tongue, "Yeah, whatever the fuck you say, girly."

You puffed out your cheeks slightly as you crossed your arms, "Hush." But your face soon returned back to normal as you let out a sigh, "But . . . thanks."

"Whatever." He gave you one last smirk before turning around and heading back to where he was originally sitting.

You continued to watch his back, a small smile making its way to your face as you did, before heading towards the counter where Shinsou was dealing with the final customer.

"Sorry I couldn't help you." Shindou started after the last customer walked off, looking over at you, "Though it seems your little 'friend' took care of that."

"Oh, yeah." You gave him a small smile, "No worries."

"Maybe it's a good thing he tags along with you for some reason."

"Y-Yeah . . ." You laughed nervously, "Uh . . . oh, yeah, uhm, Shinsou..? Did you ever find your cat, Yua..?" You started, trying to change the subject—not wanting to get into where the conversation was heading.

He blinked a few times, his eyes widening slightly, "No, actually . . ." He frowned, "I wonder where she ran off to." He began to rub the back of his neck as he went into thought.

"I feel like it's my fault." You admitted.

"Hm?" He looked back over towards you, "Nah. It isn't. You know she likes to wander. Though she usually isn't gone this long . . . but it can't be helped. I'm sure she'll come back . . . eventually."


"Anyway . . . these need to be put up." Shinsou stated while he bent down and picked up another box of books before facing you again. He soon chuckled lightly as he saw your face, "No, no. I got them this time."

You let out a sigh of relief before smiling, "Good."

"You handle the counter."

Once you had given him a small nod, he walked from behind the counter, the box in his arms, as he headed towards the shelves in the back—soon disappearing to where you were unable to see him.

Continuing to just stare out in the distance, you failed to notice a certain light brown haired ten-year-old coming up to the counter and staring (more so glaring) at you.


"Huh..?" You looked in the direction of the voice, spotting Shimano, "Oh, Shi–"

"Not talking to yourself today, miss weirdo?" Shimano interrupted before you could finish.

Since the second time she had seen you while you had been working, she had been referring to you as "miss weirdo" and always asking if you were not talking to yourself for the day. It had become a ritual of sorts, you could say—not that you minded or were too annoyed by it.

"How are you today, Shimano?" You gave her a small smile, choosing to ignore her words.

Her eyes narrowed, but she outcasted her hand with a manga that she wanted in it, "I want this."

"Ah, ok." You grabbed the manga from her hand, "Is this all?"


"Just have to ask." You stated, keeping a small smile, as you looked down at the manga's price, "It'll be seven-fifty."

"Yeah, yeah. I know." She mumbled, getting the money from her pocket, then outcasting it towards you.

You didn't say anything as you took it then handed the change from the bill she had handed you which she snatched back and placed in her pocket. You then handed her the book which she also snatched.

"Thank you. Come again."

Shimano glared up at you, "Whatever, miss weirdo." She huffed before walking away from the counter.

This time, it seemed she had decided to leave instead of going to a table in the corner to "watch" you like she usually did when she came in and you were on the clock. Now, this part you really didn't mind . . . it was always a little off-putting having eyes on you constantly.

Though as you watched her exit the store, you recalled when working, you'd catch her making faces to a part in a manga she'd be reading—when she wasn't keeping an eye on you, of course. But when she caught you staring at her, she'd always return to her glaring nature towards you and return to a more serious look though she'd always eventually slip back to being preoccupied with what she was reading.

Admittedly if you thought about it, Shimano was a "cute" girl, at least when she wasn't staring you down as if you had killed her puppy . . .

You laughed silently at the thought as you readjusted yourself at the counter—standing up straighter—waiting for any more customers to arrive.

After about ten minutes of standing behind the counter and handling a few customers here and there during that time, Shinsou eventually came back with an empty box in tow.

"Well, that's done." Shinsou mumbled more to himself as he placed the empty box—now folded up to save space—under the counter before looking over at you, "How was the counter? I saw Shimano walking out eight minutes ago . . ."

You smiled lightly at what he was insinuating, "It was fine, she gave me no trouble."

He gave a sleepy smirk in return as he placed his hand on the back of his neck, "Good. I get a bit worried when she comes and you're stuck at the counter since I know how she can be sometimes . . ."

"She's no trouble once it comes down to it . . . really."

Shinsou shrugged, "Whatever you say."

"Really. All that bothers me is her constant glaring when she decides to stay after getting what she wants."

"Yeah, I noticed that."

"But that's honestly the only thing." You stated, "Even then, that doesn't tend to last too long, she always ends up getting occupied by the manga she buys."

"Yeah, I notice her some–"

"I'd like all these." An older lady said.

A bead of sweat appeared on Shinsou's cheek as he took notice of the lady, "Oh, yeah."

With that, your conversation with your friend was cut short as he took care of the lady who had placed a decently sized stack of books on the table.

After handling the older lady's large buyout, Shinsou soon looked down at his watch—taking notice of the time—then back at you, "You can leave if you want."

"Huh?" You looked at him, "Are you sure..?"

"Yeah. Your shift ends in like five minutes anyway, so you're not missing much either way." He stated.

"Well, alright." You agreed.

With that, you turned and headed into the backroom to change out of your work shirt and into your more comfortable one you had arrived in and get your things.

Once in the backroom, you headed towards one of the cubby holes that held your bag. Unzipping your bag, you pulled out your shirt you were going to change into and placed it on top of the bag.

Taking the work shirt off, you grabbed your other one and started putting it on—pulling it over your head and soon began to put your arms through the sleeves.

"Nice bra, dollface."

Your head snapped in the direction of the voice, your eyes landing on a figure, a male it appeared; however, you didn't bother to look for any details as you quickly put your arms through the sleeves and pulled the shirt down over your body.

Knitting your brows together, you took a few steps back as you looked at the man in front of you. You instantly took note of his odd appearance—tall, slim, he had dark spiky hair . . . but that wasn't the thing that stood out.

He had gnarled, wrinkled, purple skin that covered much of his lower face, neck, and all the way down past his collarbone. It also appeared to affect below his eyes, and arms while being "held" by what looked to be silver staples in different areas—it was obvious the skin had been burned quite badly by some means, but you had no interest in knowing how.

Something felt off about him . . .

"W-Who are–"

"You don't seem the type to be into lace lingerie." The mysterious male muttered as he eyed your chest area. You instantly crossed your arms over your chest in a protective manner, this caused him to smirk before looking up at your face.

". . . To answer your question, the name's Dabi. What about you, princess?" Even though he knew your last name from the ash blonde girl constantly blabbering it every chance she got, he still asked.

You backed up a bit more though were stopped by the wall behind you as you remained silent, glaring at the male—this Dabi—with furrowed brows.

"Not much of a talker, aye..?" He muttered, his voice was low as if he was trying to be quiet, "No worries, dollface." And just like that, he was soon in front of you with one hand pressed against the wall behind you as he peered down at you.

Eyes widening, you opened your mouth but as you did, he had already placed his hand over it as he soon had you turned around and pressed against his chest with his free hand pressing on your forehead.

You began to thrash around in the male's arms—your hands instinctively latching onto his hand that was over his mouth—while making noises as you did so, but they were all muffled by his hand that remained firmly over your mouth, your attempts to scream out failing. However, your movements began to get sluggish the more you thrashed about while in his arms.

"That's it . . ." Dabi muttered by your ear as your movements began to slow, "Calm down, princess. I won't hurt you."

Your vision was becoming blurrier the longer the male had you in his grasp. His words were also starting to sound weird as he continued to tell you to "calm down," "just give in," and other things that were hard to make sense of at this point.

Soon, your movements had come to a standstill as you just looked straight ahead, unable to make sense of anything any longer. You soon looked up, only able to see a blurry image of the male . . . of Dabi.

You had a good idea who . . . or more so what he was. You doubted a normal person would look as such. Though the more you thought, the more your mind began to feel hazy—your thoughts starting the jumbled.

It was a horrible feeling.

"What di–" Unable to finish your words, the world soon turned black around you as you passed out in the male's arms.

Dabi smirked down at your limp body before glanced at the entrance. It appeared he had succeeded in not alerting anyone—in not alerting him.

Though it seemed he had to thank you for not screaming before he had placed his hand over your mouth. If you had, maybe then he'd be dealing with a small problem by this point.

"I always liked the quiet ones." Dabi muttered to himself as he looked down at you, moving a strand of your hair away from your face that had fallen during the small struggle.

He'd admit it took a bit longer than average to get you to pass out, at least from what he was used to. Unlike yourself, your apparent pink haired friends went down instantly. But he figured that was because of your soul—it was a rare case after all. In fact, he had never seen anything like it before.

It was astonishing how pure it was, especially after having summoned him. Usually, when a human summons a demon (anyone really), they do darken slightly . . . but yours . . . it was radiating with "pure" energy.

"What an amazing soul you have, dollface."

Digging around his pocket, he pulled something out of his pocket then placed it where it could be seen with the naked eye—a memento of sorts to show he had been here, to spice things up.

Readjusting your limp body in his arms, he then switched your position to where he was now carrying you bridal style. A small smirk graced his features, giving you one last look before disappearing with you in his arms . . .

In the outer store area, Bakugou waited impatiently for you to come out—oblivious to the situation that had just occurred between you and a certain raven haired male.

But, with that said, something in his gut was telling him something was wrong . . . very wrong.

He glanced over at the backroom entrance, waiting for you to eventually come out, ready to leave like you always were.

But nothing.

"Uh . . ." A familiar voice started causing the ash blonde to look up, taking notice of Shinsou now at his table with a box full of books in his arms.

"What?" Bakugou furrowed his brows at the male.

"You can go check on her if you want. I know she doesn't usually take this long." Shinsou started, "I got to put this up." With that, he headed towards the bookshelves on the other side.

Bakugou pondered the male's words for a moment before soon getting up and heading to the back, placing his hands in his pockets as he made it to the doorway of the backroom.

"What the hell's taking so long, girl." He leaned against the door that was closed, unsure if he should open it since you usually did change one you got back there.

No answer.

This caused him to furrow his brows as he waited a bit longer, but he was growing impatient as the seconds ticked by without you coming out or even bothering to respond to his words. After all, he wasn't a patient person—or, well, demon.

However, he still couldn't knock away the damn feeling that something felt off . . .

Hand on the knob, he hoped you were dressed or something—he most definitely wasn't ready to see you either clothes on yet—as he opened the door. But, unexpectedly (to an extent), he was greeted with an empty room.

Walking in, Bakugou began to scan the entire room but no matter how many times he did, he was greeted with the same thing: nothing—no you. But he could still sense the lingering energy left behind which meant you had been in here not long too ago.

"Where the–" However, he stopped his words once he took notice of something . . . a red flower, to be precise, sitting perfectly in the middle of the small table in the center of the room.

He slowly made his way towards the single flower, picking it up and looking down at it, before swallowing as his face scrunched up a mixture of anger and some other emotion.

He threw the flower on the ground before running his right hand through his hair while he started to pace back and forth. He knew what this meant—with you gone and then this flower . . .

"Shit!" His palms began to spark, thankfully he wasn't in the proximity of furniture at the moment.

What the hell had happened?

Why didn't he hear or sense anything?!

Where the fuck were you?!

What the fuck was he supposed to fucking do?!

Actually, he knew exactly what he had to do . . . yes. It was obvious what must be done—he had to find you. Both because if he didn't, he was screwed and second because . . .

He pushed the backroom door, allowing it to swing and slam against the wall which startled the poor indigo haired male at the counter taking care of a customer and caused him to look over at the ash blonde.

"Is so–"

Bakugou didn't allow the male to finish his words as he started to storm out of the bookstore without uttering a word to the indigo haired male.

Shinsou just watched as the ash blonde left, almost breaking the door in the process—forgetting about the customer in front of him.

"W-What was that..?" The poor old lady muttered as she stared wide-eyed at the backroom door.

Shinsou looked back up front, remembering he had a customer, "It–"

"The d-door just randomly swung open!" She exclaimed.

"Just randomly swung . . . open..?" Shinsou asked, a hint of confusion in his voice at the lady's words, "Uh . . ." He grabbed the book she had placed in front of him before the ash blonde had stormed out, "That'll be . . . five seventy-five."

"O-Oh, yes!" The old lady began to dig in her purse then handed him a card.

Shinsou swiped the card before handed it and the book back, "Have . . . a nice day."

"T-Thank you, y-young man." She said before taking the book and started slowly walking away from the counter and out of the store.

Shinsou turned and looked at the backroom door. He looked back out at the front, seeing there were no customers for now, before leaving his position and heading towards the back room.

Unsurprisingly, there was no one inside the room but . . . he furrowed his brows upon noticing your bag still sitting in the cubby hole, opened.

However, that wasn't what caught his eye. He looked down at the red flower on the ground for a moment then slowly started making his way towards it. Bending down, he picked up the red flower before standing back up—holding it in front of his face to get a better look at it . . .

It was a Begonia.

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