Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

I Told You This Would End in Disaster . . . But...

Full Title (cut off): I Told You This Would End in Disaster . . . But You Refused To Believe Me


"(̸͎̂͜L̵͓̎ä̵̛́͜ͅs̴̠̀̓͜t̷͙͈̿͝ ̶͉̄N̵̯̂̇ǎ̸̼̽m̵̰̂ē̶̙̙͛)̵̡̽-̵̰̔c̸͈̼̆ḥ̵͑̈a̵͕̭̾n̴͚̯͠.̶͈̀͑~̴̺̤̾ "

"(̸͎̂͜L̵͓̎ä̵̛́͜ͅs̴̠̀̓͜t̷͙͈̿͝ ̶͉̄N̵̯̂̇ǎ̸̼̽m̵̰̂ē̶̙̙͛)̵̡̽-̵̰̔c̸͈̼̆ḥ̵͑̈a̵͕̭̾n̴͚̯͠.̶͈̀͑~̴̺̤̾ "

"(̸͎̂͜L̵͓̎ä̵̛́͜ͅs̴̠̀̓͜t̷͙͈̿͝ ̶͉̄N̵̯̂̇ǎ̸̼̽m̵̰̂ē̶̙̙͛)̵̡̽-̵̰̔c̸͈̼̆ḥ̵͑̈a̵͕̭̾n̴͚̯͠.̶͈̀͑~̴̺̤̾ "

"(̸͎̂͜L̵͓̎ä̵̛́͜ͅs̴̠̀̓͜t̷͙͈̿͝ ̶͉̄N̵̯̂̇ǎ̸̼̽m̵̰̂ē̶̙̙͛)̵̡̽-̵̰̔c̸͈̼̆ḥ̵͑̈a̵͕̭̾n̴͚̯͠.̶͈̀͑~̴̺̤̾ "

"(̸͎̂͜L̵͓̎ä̵̛́͜ͅs̴̠̀̓͜t̷͙͈̿͝ ̶͉̄N̵̯̂̇ǎ̸̼̽m̵̰̂ē̶̙̙͛)̵̡̽-̵̰̔c̸͈̼̆ḥ̵͑̈a̵͕̭̾n̴͚̯͠.̶͈̀͑~̴̺̤̾ "

"(Last Name)-chan.~"

Your eyes fluttered open as you awoke from the sound of a distant and hard to understand voice, your vision focusing in and out as you looked around at your surroundings but it was useless since you couldn't see clearly yet . . .

"Ḋ̸͈a̷͓̅b̷͓̎i̸̭̚,̵̫̈́ ̸͖͗s̵͎̈́h̸͎͑ě̶̲'̴̧̓s̷͎̊ ̵̻͗a̷̳͝w̶̖͆ȃ̴͙k̷͇̍e̵͋ͅ!̸͆͜~̸̜̊ " What sounded like a female said, though it was hard to understand her words.

"Oh, s̸͓̓h̸̟̑ē̴͓ ̸̳͐ỉ̴̘s̸̹͝?̴̺́" A somewhat familiar voice sounded, causing you to look over to where it was coming from and a dark figure coming closer from where you were looking, "She still ļ̴̙͌̀ò̶̗̚ō̸̖k̶̠͗̐s̴̘͋ out o̷͓̐̕f̵̳͘ ̶͖̿i̴̼͝t̵̜̃̐."

"Aww, p̵o̴o̵r̴,̵ ̵p̸o̶o̴r little (Last Name)-chan.~" You turned towards the female sounding voice, taking notice of a blurry in and out of focus person, "She's so c̷u̶t̶e̴!̴~"

"I guess she isn't too bad looking." You heard the previous second voice.

By this point, their voices were starting to get fully coherent to where you could understand their words fully. Your eyes were also starting to adjust, becoming clearer and clearer . . .

You focused on the two figures. One was a girl with ash blonde locks in two messy buns on the side of her head with numerous wild strands sticking out while a dark blush dusted her face as she looked at you. You soon looked over at the second person in the room but froze . . . your eyes widened.

"D-Dabi . . ." His name left a bad taste in your mouth.

With those words, you tried to get up from where you were, but your attempts were useless. You looked down, it appeared you were strapped to a chair—your wrists were wrapped tightly with tape to the armrests while your legs were also taped to the bottom of the wooden chair.

"You remembered my name. How sweet of you, dollface." Dabi smirked as he edged closer to you.

"D-Don't..!" You started to squirm in your seat but it did no good since you were securely taped to the chair

Dabi placed both his hands on the back of the chair as he leaned down, stopping as his face was inches from your own. In turn, you squeezed your eyes shut as you moved your head away as he closed in.

"There's no point in trying to break free." He moved one of his hands to rest on one of your taped wrists, your body tensed up as he did, "They're on pretty tight."

Seeing he wasn't going to harm you—at least not now—you opened your eyes and turned your head back in his direction before glaring up at him, newfound confidence bubbling inside you (though perhaps it was because you were angry).

"Get away from me." Your words were firm—if it weren't for your legs currently taped tightly to the chair, you'd have kicked him instead of partaking in this useless conversation.

"Heh." He removed one of his arms from one side of you as he then moved a strand of hair that had fallen in your face from your previous struggle, placing it behind your ear.

"Don't touch me." You snapped your head away, causing the strand to fall back, continuing to glare at the male.

His smirk widened at your words, "You're an interesting one, that's for sure." He pulled away as you had asked and stood where the girl was, "You'll be fun."

"Where am I?" Your brows remained furrowed, ignoring his words, while you started to look around the area.

It looked to be a huge open-spaced building though you were in an enclosed room with nothing inside aside from a few poles that were meant to stabilize the building it seemed though it was still quite large. From this, you figured you were in a warehouse of sorts maybe.

It was obviously old and run down with how there were a few small openings in the walls—nothing too extreme—a broken window every other one plus a larger window that was still perfectly intact surprisingly with a few metal pipes of varying lengths lying around here and there along with some wooden crates that were stacked on top of each other in different parts of the building.

Most definitely an abandoned warehouse.

"It doesn't matter." Dabi simply said, snapping you away from your looking around which didn't bode well with you.

You glared at him, "Answer my qu–"

"Ah! You're so cute when you're mad (Last Name)-chan!~" The girl who had been silent for the time being had finally spoken up.

"Who . . . who are you?" You turned your glare towards the random girl.

"Hmm?" She hummed, a wide smile forming on her face, "Toga Himiko! I'm sure you guessed I'm a demon, too."

"I figured . . ." You mumbled, "Both of you."

"More or less." Dabi smirked which caused you to raise a brow though you didn't say anything.

"Anyway, we met before though, (Last Name)-chan." A pout replaced her wide smile, "I'm a bit sad you don't remember me!"

"Huh?" You knitted your brows, "What do you mean we met before..? I've never seen you . . ."

"Yes, you have. When I copied your little pink haired friend's looks, of course!~"

"Ashido . . ." Your eyes widened, "No . . . you–"

"She most definitely did, dollface." Dabi came in, "I was there."

Your eyes narrowed at him, "You–"

"Yes!~" Toga nodded, her smile returning as she peered at you with her cat-like eyes, "You looked so cute in those dresses, (Last Name)-chan!~" She cooed, placing her hands on her face, "Too bad I won't get to see you in the one I got you." She made a sad expression.

"H-How..?" You let the words slip.

"Hmm?" She tilted her head but soon looked over at the raven haired male, "Can I show her, Dabi? Please?~"

He shrugged before crossing his arms and leaning against the wall of the apparent warehouse you all were in, "Whatever. Might as well humor her while we're stuck playing the waiting game."

Toga turned back, "Look at me, (Last Name)-chan!~"

You watched as she began to strip from her normal attire. Once naked, her body began to suddenly be wrapped in a grey slime-like covering—transforming into an exact replica of your friend . . .

"Ashido . . ." You frowned.

"My special ability as a demon allows me to transform into an exact replica of anyone as long as I have consumed their blood sometime in my lifetime, no matter how long ago.~" Toga smiled in Ashido's form.

You looked at the girl before you. If you hadn't just witnessed her transformation, you'd have thought she was your actual friend . . . it was perfect—it looked exactly like Ashido to the smallest of detail.

So that was what had happened . . .

This "Toga" had pretended to be your fellow pink haired friend that day—doing God knows what to her during that time she had been missing. You knew something had felt a bit odd that day from her actions and speech patterns of being more "singy" toned than usual—even if they did, to an extent, sound exactly the same.

"Why am I here?"

"You ask so many questions, (Last Name)-chan!~" Toga said as her body appeared to "melt" as she reverted back to her original naked form.

Dabi uncrossed his arms as he stopped leaning against the wall, "Did your lil' demon . . ." He paused for a moment, "Or should I say, boyfriend?" He seemed to ponder his own question.

You furrowed your brows, "How di–"

"Not gonna lie to ya, I'm a bit surprised he'd go for a human . . . not that I can blame him. You're quite the looker, dollface . . ." He muttered, looking you up and down which made you a bit uncomfortable, "Anyway, did he not fill you in?"

"Fill me in on what..?"

He frowned, "Not even your 'hybrid' friend either?"

"Hybrid friend..?" You pondered for a moment before it clicked, "Todoroki..? W-What would he fill me in on..?"

"I'll take that as a no then." Something appeared to flash in Dabi's eyes as you said the other male's name before walking up to you, stopping only when he had gotten right in front of you.

"Aw, poor (Last Name)-chan, doesn't know what all this is about.~" Toga sang.

You gave her a weird look, "What are you–"

But Dabi cut you off, gaining your attention, "How about I be the one to fill you in then, dollface? We have the time. And it won't hurt for you to know any of this stuff."


Bakugou clenched his fists, he was growing agitated the more time that passed. It felt like he had been going in circles as he scavenged the town for hours now, searching for you after you had "vanished" into thin air—though it became instantly apparent what had been the case, especially by the little "gift" that had been left in place . . .

Perhaps it wouldn't be such a problem if it weren't for the fact that he could no longer fucking sense you in the area. With a soul like yours, he was sure he should be able to sense you no matter how fucking far you were from him but . . . maybe it was because he was always so near that he had gone "sense" blind towards you at this point unless you were a certain amount of distance from him—at least that was what he wanted to believe was the actual reason.

He ran his hand through his hair as he began to pace the empty street he was currently on. Then again, he had been having some . . . trouble as of late since you had summoned him—at least a few weeks after that time—with his abilities.

He just didn't realize how bad it was—more so he didn't want to admit it—since he hadn't had much need to use them while he had been on Earth, not until now when it had finally decided to rear its damn ugly head in his direction.

"Damnit!" He slammed his hand against a stone wall, hard enough for an indentation to appear where his fist had collided but light enough not to take down the entire wall (surprisingly)—thankfully no one was around to witness this to, in turn, become scared at a random indentation on the wall appearing for "no reason."

But he started back up the pacing back and forth while he tried to calm himself down though it didn't do much. But he knew anger was just going to get in the way and cloud his judgment but . . . he couldn't help it.

He was furious . . .

Furious at the situation.

Furious at himself for allowing it to happen.

Furious at everything.

How had he let this fucking happen?

Unless he flipped this entire fucking town upside down in search of you, there was no way he'd be able to find you in his current state—at least not in time. He was running out of time, he knew that. The clock was ticking—every second was crucial.

"Fuck." His words were lighter in tone than his previous as he continued to pace, pondering what to do.

However, he stopped his thoughts as his eyes landed on something . . . something he had seen before. Furrowing his brows, he started towards it, stopping once he was in front of it.

He narrowed his eyes down at the red flower petals scattered on the ground, it appeared to be from the same flower type that he had found at the store. Though he soon looked up, picking up on the spaced out trail—a small pile of them every thirty feet or so—of the same batch of red petals up head leading somewhere.

What a fucking sick joke this was—even though it was not a joke at all.

"So you bastards do want me to find you." A strained smirk made its way to his face as he nodded his head a few times, his eyes remaining on the very spaced out trail of petals before him, "Alright . . . I'll play your fucking game."


"So you see, princess, that's why you're so special." Dabi paused his walking around your chair once behind you, placing a hand on the back after he had finished explaining why they took you.

Admittedly, you were a bit surprised they were giving you all this information and answering most of the questions you had about the bulk of the situation . . . but you figured that had to do with what they had planned for you . . .

"So you want my soul . . ." You muttered, "Because it's completely 'pure' as you all keep putting it."

"Exactly!~" Toga clapped her hands at your understanding, now fully clothed.

"Though you weren't even on our radar until three months ago . . ." Dabi stated.

You furrowed your brows, "That was when–"

"When you summoned your lil' demon boyfriend?" Dabi answered for you, "Exactly. Which is odd. Then again, this whole thing has been . . ." He stated, "Now hasn't it, dollface?"

You wanted to tell him to stop with the weird pet names he was constantly throwing at you, but you figured it was best to keep silent and just continue to question him on your situation at hand. That was more important in the end. Perhaps you could stall–always keep them talking.

"But what is so great about a 'pure' soul?" You asked.

"The energy it lets off." He stated.

"Yeah! A pure soul lets out tons of energy!~" Toga came in, "So much so, that with all that energy, a demon's strength would increase triple their original!~"

"How would you get this energy?" You asked, though part of you really didn't want to know.

"Simple, really . . ." Dabi walked from behind you until he was now in front of you, placing his hand right in the middle of your chest—this caused you to tense up, "We take it from your body." He removed his hand as he stood back up straight.

Your eyes widened, "T-Take it from my . . . my body..?"

What did he mean..?

Toga leaned in a bit, "Don't worry, it doesn't hurt! At least not the way Shigaraki's gonna do it.~" She stated, "In fact, you'll stay alive, although you probably won't be yourself once your soul energy is slowly removed. But you'll be alive!~"

"Shigaraki..?" You muttered the foreign name, ignoring the rest of her words.

"He's the one who wants you, and he's the one who will get you." Dabi replied, "He'll be here sooner or later to get you."

"Until then, we get to hang out together, (Last Name)-chan!~" Toga exclaimed happily and swinging herself at you, soon wrapping her arms around your neck.

"W-What are . . ." You trailed off as your eyes widened.

"Ooh, you smell so good!~" She rubbed her nose into the crook of your neck, "Aaah.~ Your soul is so amazing! And just imagine your blood!~"

"G-Get off me!" You began to squirm in hopes to get her off but because of the way you were taped to the chair, it was impossible to do so.

"Get off her." Dabi firmly came in, "I'm sure Shigaraki won't like you all up on her."

"Fine." Toga puffed out her cheeks as she eventually and reluctantly let go of you then crossed her arms.

Suddenly, the sound of a phone's ringtone filled the small warehouse, but it wasn't yours. It soon became apparent it was Dabi's as he dug into his pocket, pulling out a black phone.

"So demons have phones?" You mumbled under your breath though it seemed he had heard you as he let out a small chuckle after your words.

"You'd be surprised." He said with a small smile as he looked down at the I.D. of the caller, "Speak of the devil." He stared down at the phone for a moment before answering, "Shigaraki." You couldn't hear anything that was said on the other end as he replied back while glancing at you which gave you a pretty good idea of what was said, "Yeah, we got her."

After that, he and this "Shigaraki" continued on the line for a few more minutes before, going back and forth about one thing or another, the raven haired male eventually hung up and place the phone back in his pocket.

"So they're being held up?" Toga questioned, obviously having heard that was said on the other end with her advanced hearing that demons seemed to possess.

"Yeah." Dabi starter, "He's still held up with the 'meeting,' so it'll be another hour or so."

Toga hummed, "But as we wait, do you think they'll come, too?"

Dabi pondered her words for a moment before speaking, "I sure hope they do." He smirked, "It'll sure make things much more interesting."

This caused you to looked at the two, confusion etched all over your face, "They..?"

"Your hybrid friend . . ." Dabi looked over at you, his smirk widening at his next words, "And your lil' demon boyfriend."

"Bakugou . . ." You practically whispered his name as you looked down.

"Don't worry, dollface. I'm sure he'll come to 'spice' things up before Shigaraki comes from his meeting. Maybe the hybrid will come, too. But, until then, we wait."

Though after saying that, Dabi soon looked up and to his left—his eyes narrowed though a smirk made its way to his face as he did. Toga tilted her head and looked over to where he was looking but didn't see or sense anything.

"What are you looking at?" She asked, a hint of confusion in her voice.

"How about we go outside for a moment." Dabi asked though it sounded more like an order than an actual question, in turn, you just knitted your brows as you watched their exchange but didn't bother to say anything.

"Whaaa? But i wanna stay with (Last Name)-chan.~" However the look he gave her caused her to change her reply as she huffed, "Fine." She turned in your direction and gave you an exaggerated wave, "Bye, bye, (Last Name)-chan, I'll be back, I promise!~"

In response you just rolled your eyes, not bothering to reply. With a small giggle towards your lack of reply, you watched as she skipped off and headed towards the exit in the far back, soon leaving the vicinity.

"We'll be back . . ." Dabi started, "Don't try escaping now, dollface." He gave one last smirk in your direction while you glared at him before turning around and heading towards the exit in the far back, hands in his pockets.

"Not like I can . . ." You muttered quietly after he had gotten halfway to the back door.

After the two had finally gone out of the building, you let out an annoyed sigh. You sure hoped Dabi was right with his earlier words—but not for his reasoning to "spice" things up . . .

However, in the meantime, you were going to at least try and find your way out of these taped restraints. Even if it was a lost cause since there were multiple layers of the tape keeping you to the chair.

While you were trying to get away from your restraints by some means, Dabi and Toga had since made their place outside where a tall male—dressed rather nicely—with a silver walking stick in hand and a mask covering his face, waited patiently for them.

"I did as you asked, Dabi." The man said as the two walked towards him.

"Good. You can leave then, Sako." Dabi started, "We can handle the rest."

"Very well. Don't hesitate to ask for my assistance again if needs be." With that, Sako snapped his fingers which caused a cloud of smoke to appear where he was as he disappeared from the area.

Toga just watched as the man disappeared. She knew what he had done for them, but she was still a bit confused about one thing. She looked over at the raven haired male before speaking, "So why did we go outside..?"

"It seems things are about to get 'spiced' up." Dabi answered, a smirk playing at his lips.

Her eyes widened though a large smile soon made its way to her face, "Whaa? So he's here?! He must have himself unsensible then.~"

"It seems so."

"So exciting!" She exclaimed clapping her hands together though confusion returned to her face, "But why did we go outside for that though? Wouldn't be better if we were inside with her..?"

Dabi's smirk widened, "Gotta make it look easy after all."


Bakugou frowned as he came to the next pile of red flower petals. He looked around at the ground to find another, but it appeared this was the last pile that was left to follow . . .

As he stood there, a similar "feeling" plagued the air faintly. His eyes widened slightly, knowing exactly what it was from though they quickly went back to normal.

With this, he began to scope the entire area—his eyes landing on a bunch of seemingly abandoned and worn down warehouses that set pleasantly beside each other on a plot of land that looked like it hadn't been kept up with in years with metal fencing surrounding them about halfway.

"Fucking typical." He grumbled while gritting his teeth.

But part of him was relieved in a sense—relieved that you were still here in the area and hadn't been taken out . . . but that didn't mean you were okay. So he nor you were in the damn clear quite yet, at least not until he had you fucking back from whoever the fuck took you.

He clenched his fists as he walked towards the abandoned warehouses—making sure to have himself undetectable to any outside force, at least he fucking hoped that this ability was working for him—your energy getting a bit stronger the closer he got to them.

Once he had made it in front of one of the warehouses, he soon stopped in front of it. This didn't seem to be the one you were in; however, your energy was getting stronger—so you were most definitely near.

But he couldn't deny that it was oddly quiet though he wasn't too worried about that at the moment. Finding you was his first priority, then he'd worry about all the other shitty details.

He soon headed to the next one, your energy grew stronger but that was still not it . . . he continued to go from each warehouse, only to move along to the next—your energy growing stronger and stronger until he got to the seventh one . . .

You were most definitely in this one.

There was no doubt about it.

Looking around and seeing there was still no one nor could he sense anyone else in the area besides you, he walked a little bit of ways from where he was and stopped in front of a door with the middle window broken.

When he placed his hand on the door handle, it didn't take much for it to push open. Before walking in, he looked around then slowly stepped inside the building.

Once he had entered, a strange feeling came over him though he ignored it as his eyes began to scan the building as he slowly walked deeper into the warehouse, taking notice of all the wooden crates and papers scattered on the ground in his current area. He was careful to avoid them as he walked and broke off into a hallway that was just as messy.

At this point, shards of glass were scattered all over the floor from the many broken windows that littered the side of the hallway. He could hear the annoying damn crunching of the pieces he stepped on them every step.

As he walked, your energy was getting stronger and stronger. It didn't take him long to soon come towards a few rows of closed doors that lead to separate rooms.

You had to be in one of these damn rooms—he could sense it.

He walked towards them, passing over the first two before stopping in front of the third one and placed his hand on the handle. But as he only lightly touched it, it slowly creaked open without any help whatsoever.

Once it had swung open halfway, he slowly entered it, the sounds of a chair moving about made its way to his ears. Scanning the room, his eyes instantly landed on your form sitting in the chair—tape around your wrists and legs—seemingly struggling to remove yourself from it.

Upon seeing you and seemingly perfectly fine aside from being taped to the chair you were struggling in, a sigh of relief left him. Wasting no time, he walked over towards you.

Hearing footsteps come near you, you dropped your struggle and snapped your head up and was instantly greeted by the exact person you had been wanting to see.

"Bakugou!" Your eyes widened as they landed on the ash blonde, your words were laced with obvious happiness by his arrival.

"You don't know how to stay out of fucking trouble, do ya, girl?" He muttered as he looked down at you.

You knitted your brows, "It's not my fault . . ."

"Whatever." He mumbled before bending over a bit.

His hands reached for the tape securing your wrists, ripping it off with little to no trouble—treating your other wrist the same way—then took care of the tape securing your legs next.

Now free from your restraints, you hopped up out of the chair and instantly went towards Bakugou, your arms wrapping around his torso as you pressed your face against his chest.

Bakugou's eyes widened as he tensed up, "What the–" But he stopped his words once he realized something . . .

You were shaking.

It wasn't too noticeable, but he could tell as you pressed and embraced against him tightly in a hold that had the undertone of your frightened nature that not even he could blame you much for.

"We should get out of here." Your hold on the male tightened and your voice was muffled.

". . . Y-Yeah." He mumbled while looking down at the top of your head, a small blush having made its way on his cheeks from your actions, "That's prob–"

"Awww, you two are so cute!~" The voice caused Bakugou to turn towards it.

As he did this, you quickly removed yourself from the ash blond, in turn, moving behind him while you pressed your hands to your chest.

"I see you followed the trail I left." Dabi smirked over at the ash blonde.

Bakugou's eyes widened slightly though they soon narrowed at the two figures standing at the doorway, "Who the fuck are you guys?!"

"I'm Toga!~" The girl smiled.

"You can call me Dabi." The male simply said, "But on another subject, if your planning to teleport out of here with little (Last Name) there, don't bother." He stated, "I made sure you couldn't use that convenient little skill while in this building thanks to a fellow warlock who owed us."

Bakugou glanced over at you behind him then glared back over to the other two. This was going to be even more of a pain in the ass than he had originally thought. However, on another note, there was an air of familiarity coming from the burnt fucker . . . but he couldn't pinpoint the exact cause. There was just something about him . . .

"Damn . . ." Dabi studied the ash blonde for a moment, "You are pretty weak now that I'm actually in your presence."

You frowned, what did he mean weak now..? You glanced over at Bakugou who was just glaring over at the male.

"Huh?" Bakugou furrowed his brows as he broke away from his thoughts, "What the hell did you just fucking say?!" His palms began to spark because of his current built-up anger he possessed.

"You get angry easily." Dabi muttered, "I heard that's your biggest downfall. But it makes for fun fights, so I heard." He started, "So are you up for one?"

"You wanna fucking fight you burnt fuck?!" Bakugou began to grind his teeth, "Then come and fucking fight me!"

"B-Bakugou." You mumbled from behind him, gripping the back of his shirt, "I don't think that's a good idea . . ."

Bakugou squeezed his fists, ignoring your words and your grip on his shirt that soon disappeared from you soon letting go. Even if he had been listening to you, he knew this was the only damn way to deal with this situation. After all, he couldn't teleport you both out of this damn place so all that was left was to . . .

"In that case . . ." Dabi started to walk forward with a smirk—his own hands lightly lighting with a blue looking flame—Toga following his lead only a few inches behind him with a large smirk of her own, "Shall we have a little bit of fun?"


Something felt off.

Todoroki knew that.

But what..?

His feet had been taking him across the town without stopping only a few minutes ago . . . more specifically, he was following in the direction of a very particular energy—yours.

But why..?

Though he knew exactly why . . .

It obviously was because something felt off so he instantly latched onto your energy source and started to follow it since he knew you were the most obvious culprit in this feeling of his.

Admittedly, he didn't know you'd go this far out of town. Then again, he didn't really know you that well to say for sure what you would or wouldn't do throughout your daily life routine—he had only "stalked" you through the times you had only went to school and back for the most part.

Feeling your energy strengthen the closer he got to wherever he was going, he soon stopped as he took notice of a pile of red petals then some more that were about thirty feet apart.

Slowly, he made his way towards the pile, soon bending down, and picking up one of the petals to examine it, "A Begonia petal." He continued to stare down at it, his brows furrowing though his eyes soon widened.

No . . .

That couldn't be it . . .


That wasn't . . .

But . . .

He took in a deep breath as he stared down at the petal in his hand for a few more seconds before changing his attention to the next pile that was thirty feet away.

Getting up, he headed towards the second pile, doing the same thing: picking one of the petals from the pile and examining it, it was the same type of flower. Looking up, he saw yet another pile.

It appeared these were leading somewhere—somewhere that was in the same direction as he could sense your energy. Perhaps it was a coincidence but . . . it was just too much of one to not be what he was thinking.

Clenching his gloved fist together, he started to follow the pile of red petals and your energy source. But as he did, he swore he could sense another presence, one that felt familiar to him but couldn't quite pinpoint what it was from . . .


It had only been five minutes or so since Bakugou and Dabi had had at it with each other as they also verbally went back and forth.

So far, neither of them had yet to hit one another, not even with their "abilities" that they possessed—both of them dodging in a nick of time before they could get hit and, instead, hitting the wooden boxes or the ground if anything at all.

Originally, you had thought it was going to be two versus one, but . . .

You glanced over at where the ash blonde girl used to be standing until maybe a few minutes into the fight. Toga had since made her way outside or something you figured for some reason or snother.

So for now, it was one versus one.

Clenching your fist over your chest, you watched as Bakugou and Dabi continued to have at it—you silently cheered on the ash blonde male.

As the two males continued at it, the more the ground was becoming filled with imprints of their fists, more so Bakugou's as he was the one casting most of the punches while Dabi dodged more, a smirk remaining on his face.

After about five more minutes of the same motions between the two, they both slowed down their pace as they stopped on each side of the small room—Bakugou breathing heavily while Dabi remained unchanged in his breathing levels.

"Surprised you've held your own this long." Dabi commented.

"Tch." Bakugou narrowed his eyes at him as he swallowed, beads of seest trailing down his face, as one hand pressed against a beam of the room as he slightly leaned against it, "I'll . . . I'll pound your burnt ass . . . to the ground!"

"Are you sure about that?" You seem to already be slowing down." Dabi smirked as he eyed the male, "I guess getting demoted does that to you."

"Demoted, what..?" You muttered more to yourself though it seemed Dabi had heard your words.

He glanced over at you, "Oh? You didn't tell her about that? He looked back at the ash blonde, "I'm guessing she doesn't know who you truly are then?"

"Who he truly is..?" You knitted your brows as you looked between Bakugou and Dabi.

What did he mean by "who he truly was"..?

"Why don't you tell her?" He turned his gaze from Bakugou to you, "Or maybe I will. You want to know, don't you, dollface?" You just glared at him, not bothering to reply to his question.

Bakugou's eyes widened slightly before he swallowed and began to grind his teeth as he lowered his arm to his side and clenched his fists, "Shut the hell up, you burnt piece of fucking shit!" With that, he charged towards the raven haired male—his palms sparking more than they had before.

However, Dabi dodged right as Bakugou was about to make contact with his face and, instead, lifted his leg and kicked the ash blonde in the stomach causing him to fly back and slammed against the wall.


Right as this happened and you were about to call his name, you felt a dull pain coming from your own abdomen and back. It wasn't anything unbearable but it was there . . . it was an almost sore like feeling coming from both areas though more so from your abdomen, but it wasn't unbearable.

Placing your hand over your stomach you knitted your brows as you took in a deep breath and continued to watch the scene in front of you.


Todoroki stopped at the last pile of red petals as he looked out towards the old warehouses set side-by-side only some ways away—you were most definitely here if your soul energy strength was any indicator in that fact.

Wasting no time, he soon started his way towards them. It didn't take too long to arrive though he soon stopped as he could see a figure in front of the seventh warehouse—a girl it looked like though . . . his eyes narrowed.

A demon girl.

It seemed it was as he had feared . . .

Taking in a deep breath he began to near the girl, stopping once he had gotten about twenty or so feet from her. The girl didn't look up from playing with what appeared to be a silver knife in her hand while humming some off-key tune.

"You must be Todoroki-kun.~" The girl continued to hum and play with the silver knife in hand, "I heard a lot about you."

"You must be the disgusting creature that took (Last Name)." Todoroki said and she just ignored his statement—not stopping her humming—and continued twirling the knife, "If you give her back, I'll consider sparing you."

She giggled at his words, soon getting up from her spot then turned her head and tilted it to the side as a wide smirk made its way to her face, "Let's play a little first, shall we?~"


Groaning, Bakugou eventually and slowly lifted himself from the ground away from the now wooden crates he had fallen onto. He glared at the raven haired male, his hand settling on his abdomen.

"This has been quite the disappointment so far. You're such a downgrade from all the things I've heard about you." Dabi stated as he eyed the other male, "Such a shame, really. I was actually looking forward to this . . ." He paused for a moment, looking over at you then back st the ash blonde, "Looking forward to going against one of the seven . . . or used to be seven, I guess."

Had . . . had he just said the seven..?

You vaguely recalled Bakugou telling you about them—the seven demons—and how they were the second most powerful group in all the rankings aside from the council, of course.

But . . .

Your eyes widened as you looked at Bakugou who had his back turned in your direction while he looked at the raven haired male, his fists clenched together.

"Oops. Guess the secret's out." Dabi said but it was obvious it was unsympathetic while he shrugged, "My bad."

"Shut the . . . hell up." Bakugou glared at the male.

Dabi turned his gaze to you, "Guess you know now, dollface. How's it feel to be with one of the acclaimed seven, with Wrath himself?"

You swallowed, your head beginning to spin with the new information, "I–"

"Are you fucking deaf?" Bakugou growled, cutting you off.

"I wouldn't say that." Dabi stated, "I actually have pretty good hearing if I do say so myself."

"Stop being a damn smart ass, you burnt fuck." Bakugou's palms started to spark again, an annoyed and strained smirk on his face.

"Well, let's get this over with. I'm growing bored of this now." Dabi muttered.

"I could say the fucking same." With that, Bakugou charged towards the male once again.

However, Dabi didn't bother to move out of the way this time. Instead, he stood still awaiting the ash blonde to collide with him. Once Bakugou got only a few inches from him, Dabi grabbed his throat and slammed the ash blonde down hard on his back—so much so, that the concrete ground underneath had cracked.

You winced though remained silent as a sudden shot of pain came to your own back, worse than the previous time. You placed her hand on your back, grimacing as you did. It felt sore to the touch . . .

On the same note, your throat felt . . . tight. It almost felt like someone's hand was wrapped around it. You didn't know quite how to explain it. You raised your other hand to lightly touch your throat.

Were you imagining things?

Bakugou groaned from the minor pain coming from his back as he opened one eye, brows furrowed, while he glared up at the other male who had one of his hands wrapped tightly around the ash blondes throat while he looked down at him.

But Bakugou didn't have much time to think as Dabi lifted him by his neck then slammed him against one of the poles in the middle of the room. Bakugou gripped at the other male's hands that remained tightly wrapped around his throat, but they wouldn't budge.

"I guess you weren't worth the time after all." Dabi muttered, "But you sure did 'spice' things up for me, I'll hand you that."

He turned to the side, grabbing what looked to be one of the pipes that were lying around—this one on top of a wooden crate that was beside them—that had a mildly pointed end from how it was broken off from whatever had happened to it.

". . . But, I'm afraid to say, it's time to end this game." Dabi stated.

Bakugou looked at the pipe in the other male's hand before looking back at him, a weak smirk making way to his face, "Heh . . . that won't . . . kill me."

Dabi shrugged, eyeing the pipe in his hand, "Not my plan, really . . ." He shoved the pipe through the other male's stomach causing a gasp of pain to escape the male's lips, "I just like causing others pai–"

However, Dabi was unable to finish his sentence as the sound of someone else screaming in pain rang throughout the room, causing him to stop his actions as he turned around to face the cause of the noise.

"What's wrong with you, dollface?" Dabi muttered, "It's not like I'm–" Though he stopped as he processed your position, even Bakugou looked up and over through his grimace of pain, too.

You were on your knees on the ground whimpering and gripping your own stomach tightly, a horrible pain having shot through your body—worse than the previous times this had happened earlier.

"W-Why do-does..?" You managed to whimper out some of your thoughts through the horrible pain—your lips quivering as your body shook lightly.

You looked down at your stomach that you had your arms wrapped around, noticing your shirt slowly starting to dampen in red in the lower abdomen area.

Was . . . was that blood..?

Were you bleeding?

What . . . how..?

Dabi took in a deep breath as he watched you in your distressed state, somehow bleeding. He was just as confused as you were . . . his eyes soon flashed with realization.

"So it really isn't a myth?" He muttered to himself.

Bakugou stared at you wide-eyed, forgetting all about the pipe still lodged deep in his own stomach, watching as you just whimpered and held your stomach as blood began to form on your shirt and started to even drip down.

Without warning, Dabi pulled the pipe from the Bakugou's stomach and let him drop down on the ground himself as he let out a groan; however, another loud whimper was heard coming from your form as you were now on your side on the concrete ground still holding your stomach tightly, a pool of blood starting to now appear around your form from your constant bleeding.

As your body shook lightly, your eyes were squeezed shut while you tried to think about anything but the pain plaguing your lower stomach, but it did little to help since it was impossible to think of anything but that.

"He's gonna be mad." Dabi muttered while he frowned over at your bleeding form, "Damn, I'm never gonna hear the end of it now."

"Who will never hear the end of what?"

Dabi turned towards the voice, his eyes narrowing at the figure though he didn't say anything as their eyes landed on your form and their eyes instantly widened.

"I guess that means she failed." Dabi muttered as he eyed the dual haired male who now stood frozen as he looked at your body sitting in your own forming pool of blood.

"(Last Name) . . ." With those words, Todoroki quickly rushed over towards you, leaning down to examine the actual damage that had been done and placing a gloved hand on your shaking form, "What happened to you..?" He muttered though.

However, you didn't reply aside from a few painful whimpers that escaped from your lips as you continued to shake. But he didn't need you or anyone to answer, he knew what had happened, to an extent—at least if that had been any indication . . .

It seemed the ash blonde demon didn't fully understand the warning that he had given him only a month earlier. He continued to look down at your form before getting up and turning his gaze over towards the other two males:

The ash blonde's clothes were messed up from an obvious fight with some blood and an unignorable tear in his shirt right at his lower stomach—confirming the dual haired male's assumption—while he just stared at your form wide-eyed.

And then . . .

The next one caused his eyes to narrow as he looked at the raven haired male who seemed completely indifferent about the situation looking back at him while looking perfectly fine and untouched.

This explained the odd yet familiar energy he had also sensed in the area.

"It's been a while . . ." Dabi paused for a moment, a smirk soon making its way to his face as he said the next word, "Brother."

Todoroki frowned, "I refuse to acknowledge you as that."

"And why is that?"

"Whatever my reasoning . . . I don't think that matters right now." Todoroki muttered, "What matters is that I save (Last Name) from the likes of you."

"Typical of you, I suppose." Dabi shrugged, his hands beginning to become covered in a blue flame, "Well, let's get this over with." He began to smirk as he glanced over at the ash blonde—who was still looking over at you—then looked back at the dual haired male, "Unlike with that good for nothing seven, I won't hold back."

"Neither will I."

With that, Dabi charged towards the other male; however, Todoroki dodged the attack with one simple movement causing Dabi to hit the already messed up concrete ground.

In turn, Todoroki soon went after the other male, his right hand outcasted as he did. But he only met the same fate as Dabi had, when the raven haired male dodged the assault, causing Todoroki to hit the wall instead.

But that didn't stop either of their pursuits after the other male in front of them as they instantly went back towards the other as they both continued to punch and kick at each other.

However, Dabi was growing rather bored of this, having already exhausted his "fun" through the ash blonde who had disappointed him. Disappeared suddenly then reappeared right behind the other male.

With no time to dodge this cheap trick, Todoroki was soon sent flying and sent through the large window on the other side of the building—shattering it in the process— and landing right outside the warehouse building from the raven haired male kicking him hard in the back.

Dabi placed his hands in his pockets as he stared at the now broken window before started towards where the dual haired male had landed outside.

Walking towards the dual haired male, Dabi had a smug look before stopping about ten feet away from the other male as he looked down at him on the ground still before turning his gaze to the silver blade that laid on the ground only about a few inches away from the warehouse.

He figured Toga must have dropped it from her obvious retreat since he could still somewhat sense her weak energy somewhere around here. It appeared his brother had let her run off since his goal was you.

Groaning, Todoroki soon lifted himself up from the ground as he stood back on his feet, glaring over at the raven haired male, "What a cheap trick." He muttered, "And you even have the warehouse limiting others' abilities."

Dabi just shrugged as he looked back over at the male, "You should have figured. Didn't want to make things too easy, now would I?" He questioned, "Plus, he'll get mad if his precious lil' soul were to come up missing."

Todoroki's eyes narrowed, "So you're working for someone?"

"I'm sure you know who."

A flash of realization ran across Todoroki's face, "I think it's time we end this." He muttered as he removed the glove from his right hand as it gave a faint glow, "I don't have time to waste on you any longer."

"I was thinking the same thing." Dabi's hand encased in a blue flame, even larger than the one he had possessed doing the earlier time of the fight.

With that, the two males started back at it again, exchanging a series of punches only for each and every one of them to be dodged as they now began to ruin the outside plot of land.

Thankfully, no one was in the area to witness or hear any of the destruction that was happening given the distance the warehouses were from the city lines.

However, on another note, Todoroki knew he needed to end this fight quickly. You were currently lying on the floor bleeding out. He was unsure how long you had been, but with the amount that was around you . . .

With the budding need to save you on his mind, Todoroki charged towards his brother, his hand beginning to glow even brighter.

Dabi smirked as he effortlessly dodged the attack; however, this didn't deter the dual haired male, as he disappeared then reappeared in front of the raven haired male as he had done before him—pressing his hand on the other male's stomach and slammed him against the metal fencing while he pressed his forearm to his neck to keep him secure in his position, making it hard for the raven haired male to breathe properly.

"Mother. . .fu–" Dabi stopped his words as it turned into a groan of pain his eyes widening as his lower abdomen felt as if it were burning (which it technically was), smoke coming from his abdominal area.

"You're more creature than you are angel, Touya." Todoroki muttered as he pressed his hand harder on the other male's abdomen, "How disgusting."

Dabi scrunched up his face at his old name. He hadn't heard in years not since . . . though that was the least of his worries at the moment as he could feel his body burning while remaining in the other male's hold.

It had started from his abdomen before it began to spread to his insides and began to creep throughout the majority of his entire body.

He began to grit his teeth though a smirk soon made it on his face as he pulled a certain silver blade from his pocket that he had picked up from the ground. He then stabbed the male in front of him.

Feeling the pain of the affliction, Todoroki's eyes widened as he let go of his hold of the raven haired male and stumbled back and against the warehouse wall as he looked down at the blade sticking deep into his side, a painful burning sensation forming where it was.

Hesitantly, Todoroki grabbed the blade as he started to try and pull it out though he took long pauses after every tug from the horrid pain that shot through his body every time he moved it.

Dabi grabbed at his abdominal area as he watched his brother though he soon frowned at the other male still struggling to remove the blade from his side.

It seemed the blade had a painful effect on him obviously, but not the effect that Dabi had originally gotten it for. After Todoroki had almost removed the blade from his own abdomen, Dabi started to slowly walk away while gripping his stomach.

He couldn't fight in his current condition, it'd take a while until his body had gone back to normal and he'd be in shape to continue this match.

Taking notice of his retreating form, Todoroki looked up, "H-Hey–" He started after him but stopped as he winced from the blade was still in him causing pain to shoot through his body because of the movement.

"It's been fun, brother." Dabi started as he continued to walk backward, a smirk forming on his face though it was mixed with a sense of pain, "But I think it's time I take my leave."

"You–" But Todoroki was unable to finish his words as the other male disappeared in thin air.

Looking down at the blade, he gripped the handle and pulled it out with one swift movement before throwing it on the ground. He winced in pain though he took in a deep breath to calm himself down.

He was tempted to go after his "brother" but . . . he soon recalled you in the warehouse. If they were leaving, there was no point in going after them . . . for now. After all, you were currently more important than tracking them down . . .

While all this had been happening, Bakugou—having been ignoring the fighting that had been happening around him and what had happened outside—had kept his eyes on you while remaining frozen in his spot as he just watched you withered on the floor in obvious pain, small whimpers escaping your lips ever so often.

Eventually picking himself up off the ground, he placed his hand where he had been punctured by the pipe though it had since healed. Taking in a deep breath, he slowly made his way towards you.

Once he had made it, he instantly dropped to his knees right beside you as he looked down at you as you laid in a small pool of your own blood—oblivious to his arrival.

Swallowing, Bakugou placed his hand on the side of your body, slowly turning you on your back—you wincing in pain as he did this, "Hey . . ."

You opened your eyes though only halfway from the male's call. Perhaps it was from the blood loss you somehow had been doing thus far but . . . your vision was becoming blurry and your mind hazy, so the ash blonde figure was focusing in and out repeatedly—but you still knew who it was.

"B-Baku. . .gou . . ." You weakly mumbled, "It . . . It hurts . . ." You whimpered, squeezing your eyes shut again, "W-Why..?"

Bakugou just looked down at you, his eyes trailing down from your face then to your stomach that you had one of your arms wrapped around, the other limply lying to the side.

Swallowing, he soon began to pry your arm—now covered in blood—away without much of a fight from yourself as he then lifted your bloodied shirt a bit above your stomach.

He took in a deep breath with wide eyes as he saw the puncture mark, a similar spot where his own had been, "S-Shit." He swallowed once more as he peered down at the wound you had somehow gotten.

How had this fucking happened?!

You weren't even . . .

But here you fucking were . . .

Running a hand through his hair, Bakugou was unsure what to do. Your bleeding seemed to have subsided somewhat but you were still losing a lot of blood.

Humans weren't like demons.

They didn't and couldn't even heal after a few seconds . . .

"We need to get her to the hospital." A voice came in.

This caused Bakugou to look up as his eyes landed on the dual haired male as he walked towards the two of you before bending down.

It took a moment for the ash blonde to process his words, "You're a damn angel, can't you fucking heal her?"

"I still have . . . demon blood coursing through my body, I'm limited st what I can actually do." Todoroki muttered as he looked down at you, his words sounded strained, "But . . . we need to take her while we're in the clear. She's already lost a lot of blood she doesn't need to lose anymore."

Not waiting for the ash blonde to reply, Todoroki ripped a part of his own shirt and carefully wrapped it around your torso in hopes to limit the bleeding, in turn, you let out a pained whimper.

He then placed both his hands underneath your back before carefully lifting you up from the ground with himself, your face contorting into a pained expression as he did.

He began to walk out of the warehouse with you though you began to squirm in his arms in an attempt to free yourself from his grasp.

"(Last Name) you should–"

"L-Let me . . . go." You opened your eyes but only halfway being greeted with the blurry image of white and red while continuing to squirm even through the pain of your lower stomach, "B-Bakugou . . ."

Todoroki's eyes narrowed when you mentioned that demon's name and as you were starting to thrash about even in your current state, "(Last Name)–"

"Just give her to me, damnit."

Todoroki turned towards the ash blonde who had his eye trained on your thrashing form as you kept mumbling for him to let you go, "That–"

"She's just going to keep thrashing and make it fucking worse." Bakugou muttered, his arms outcasted to take you, "I'm sure you don't want her bleeding out more than she already fucking is."

Todoroki studied him for a moment before handing you off to the male in great reluctance on his end, but he did have a valid point . . . surprisingly. As he handed you off, you still continued to thrash about in the ash blonde's arms as you whimpered.

"Calm down, girl." Bakugou clicked his tongue as he looked down at you with knitted brows.

Upon hearing his voice you looked up, taking notice of the fuzzy ash blonde figure. This caused your thrashing to slow down until it stopped and you had officially become calm again as you whimpered his name a few times.

"We better get going." Todoroki muttered as he eyed your now calm form in the other male's arms. He didn't like it one bit, but if you were calm then he'd deal with it for the time being.

With that, the two started out of the warehouse to head to the nearest hospital. However, as they began to leave, they failed to take notice of a certain figure that sat not too far from where they were (mainly because they were more focused on your current wellbeing).

Shigaraki looked down at the scene as he sat on top of the building. He had been sitting there since the two males (Dabi and Bakugou) had had at it inside the warehouse.

Frowning, he soon placed the detached hand he was holding back on his face. It seemed he had some bad news to be passing along to his "sensei." He should have known they'd fail miserably at the simple job they were given.

But going after them himself would be unbeneficial with your current state anyway. Especially with the new information he had gained from his observance—this was something he would also need to pass along so a new plan could be made.

With that, he soon turned around and began to walk a little bit before he fully disappeared . . .

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