Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

It's a Hard Choice to be Made, But I Have to...

Full Title (cut off): It's a Hard Choice to be Made, But I Have to Make It . . . For Your Sake


A few hours had passed since the two males had gotten you to the hospital—it being not too far from the warehouses, thankfully . . .

On one side of the room, Todoroki hadn't said a word since explaining the fake story he had come up with on the spot—after all, it wasn't like he could tell them the exact reason for the believability of the supernatural aspects—to the nurses as to what had happened to you (and them) as he waited.

On the other side of the room with a hand through his hair as he stared down at the ground, one of Bakugou's leg was shaking as he remained deep in thought.

When he and the dual haired male had arrived with you, you had lost consciousness in the ash blonde's arms, the only movement or sounds coming from you at the time had only been your face making twisted expressions and small whimpers escaping from you every once in a while.

Upon entering the emergency building and the person at the counter seeing your extremely bloodied form, all of it had happened so quickly . . . at least in the ash blonde's eyes.

It felt like seconds as they took you from his arms in a hurry upon seeing your bloodied form, placing you on one of the moveable beds, before yelling had ensued between the medical professionals as they hurried over to you and the two males, one of the nurses asking what had happened.

Todoroki had done most of the talking to them, telling them whatever fucking story he had managed to come up with on the spot. Bakugou, on the other hand, couldn't process anything that had been happening around him at the time, it was like a blur of noises and images as he had only been able to focus in on you—and you alone.

He had watched as you eventually opened your eyes slightly while surrounded by the nurses, you were obviously out of it though at the time as you had soon begun to whimper out his name in a confused manner—the nurses telling you to calm down and talking to you once you began to squirm a bit, continuing to call for him.

Though he was only focused on your words . . .

Even though it was his damn fault you had gotten hurt . . . you still had fucking called out for him.

He recalled as the doctor had eventually arrived soon after you had lost consciousness once again—one who was quite familiar to him: being no other than the Yaoyorozu lady who had dealt with that pink haired atomic bomb you called a friend, your little witch friend's mother.

She had looked shocked as her eyes landed on your unconscious and bloodied form then towards the two males who stood near you. It had taken her a moment, but she had soon rushed over to your form as she examined the wound you had received.

After her quick examination of you, she had stated you'd need emergency surgery—and quickly. With that, you had soon been rushed to be prepped for the surgery while Bakugou and Todoroki had been ushered into a waiting room . . .

So now here the two males were—waiting (im)patiently for the doctor, Mrs. Yaoyorozu, to come back from the operating room with hopefully good news on how it all had gone soon on its way . . .

In the operating room, Mrs. Yaoyorozu watched as the surgeon—her husband—did the last of the stitches before finishing up and taking a few steps back, signaling he was done.

Mr. Yaoyorozu gave another signal with a motion of his head, telling the rest of the group present to start the cleanup and to get the girl he had been working on headed out of the room and to the one she'd reside in for the time being until the anesthesia had worn off before you'd be transferred to the actual room you'd remain for multiple days. He then started towards the exit to clean up—Mrs. Yaoyorozu following him.

"She should be fine now . . ." He muttered, his bloodied gloved hands raised in the air once they had left the room.

Mrs. Yaoyorozu closed her eyes and took in a deep breath, removing her mask, before letting it go in a relieved manner before opening them back up as she followed her husband, "Good . . ."

She wasn't much to watch surgeries, but she had insisted on being here for this one as a bystander with her husband and with the few required surgical techs and the anesthesiologist in the room.

"Any longer and she may not have been as lucky." He admitted once he had removed his bloodied gloves, mask, and all the surgery equipment before washing his hands and arms, "Though . . . with a puncture so deep, I'm surprised she survived at all and lasted this long."

"But she did, and that's all that matters." Mrs. Yaoyorozu muttered in return as she also began to remove her own surgery attire.

Mr. Yaoyorozu frowned as he turned the water off and stared down at the sink. He wasn't entirely oblivious to the situation. He knew some things—or most of everything—from his wife discussing the situation with him after their daughter had gotten involved in the mix. So he knew what you were going through . . .

He knew about your "demonic" predicament.

". . . You should go tell them she's out." The man's words came out almost bitter.

"Yeah . . . I'll go now." With that, the woman headed off and towards the waiting room where the two male's currently resided.

As Mrs. Yaoyorozu was on her way, Todoroki glanced over at the other male across the room. He pondered whether or not to start a conversation that needed to be had between them.

After this, there was a chance that . . .

Taking in a deep breath, Todoroki soon spoke, "My offer still stands, you know."

This caused Bakugou to stop his shaking leg—his position since changed to leaning forward with his hands clasped together—but his eyes remained glued to the ground as he pondered the other male's words.

He soon looked up, his mouth opening to speak; however, before he could get any words out, the door to the waiting room had opened causing him to stop as both the males diverted their attention to the woman now walking into the room.

Todoroki was the first one to jump up as he met the woman halfway, "How is she?"

"The surgery went well." Mrs. Yaoyorozu stated, she gave a sideways glance towards the ash blonde demon before looking back at the male beside her, "She lost a lot of blood, however. So we had to also give her a transfusion . . . but she'll be okay."

"When will she be awake?"

"It could be a few hours." She replied, "Maybe longer."

"I see . . ."

"You can . . ." She paused for a moment, "You both . . . can continue to wait in here until she has been moved into her actual room after the recovery room."

Todoroki glanced at the ash blonde who was eyeing the two talking though hadn't bothered to add anything before looking back at the woman, "Alright."

"I'll come back when she has been moved." With that, Mrs. Yaoyorozu soon headed back out, leaving the two alone once again.

Todoroki soon made his way towards the other male, sitting down in one of the chairs that were in front of him before sitting down as he just peered at the other male.

"As I was saying . . ." He started, "My offer still stands." He repeated his previous words.

"Tch." Bakugou scrunched up his nose as he sat back in his seat and crossed his arms over his chest while turning his head to the side.

Todoroki narrowed his eyes, "I'm not sure if you're just being stubborn or actually still have no clue the kind of situation this is."

Bakugou began to grind his teeth before looking back at him, "I'm not fucking stupid, half-and-half."

"Yes, well . . ." Todoroki paused for a moment before speaking again, "In that case, I'm sure you understand that as long as you two are 'bonded' like this . . . I'm sure I don't need to explain it since you witnessed it for yourself."

This caused Bakugou to frown as he recalled the events of the warehouse incident, "No dip, Sherlock . . ." He turned his head to the side again, "Just shut the hell up, you damn half-and-half bastard.

Todoroki frowned, "But she also isn't exactly out of danger either." This caused the ash blonde to look back over at him as he continued, "They'll come back for her eventually." He stated, "After all, I didn't manage to smite them completely."

"So you're fucking tellin' me those bastards are still fucking out there?" Bakugou's eyes narrowed at the male before him.

"Yes." Todoroki muttered as he looked to the side, "I'm sure you figured out that one was my brother. I knew he'd be the harder one to deal with . . . but I wasn't expecting the other creature to be as troublesome. She managed to escape my grasp and slip away last minute."

His eyes narrowed as he recalled the fight between him and the ash blonde girl creature, "However, they're both severely damaged. It'll be a little while until their up to par to fight again . . . but they will most definitely be back."

Bakugou didn't say anything while he processed the dual haired male's words as he looked down at his hands. He knew that half-and-half bastard was right. They would be back for you . . . even if it were a month, a year, or any time in your human existence—they'd be back.

"That's why you should consider my offer." Todoroki came back in, gaining the other male's attention again.

Bakugou furrowed his brows, "That–"

"You don't want a repeat of today, do you?" Todoroki interrupted, causing the ash blonde to fall back into silence, "Even if you won't directly admit it to me . . . you obviously care for (Last Name) . . . at least from what I had seen as I watched the two of you as of late." He stated.

Bakugou eyes widened at his words, but they soon reverted back to normal as he looked to the side. He should have known that half-angel, half-demon was scouting them out from the start up until now.

"Creepy bastard." Though there was a hint of embarrassment that laced the ash blonde's words.

Todoroki remained unphased by the harsh name, "I may not approve of the relationship between the two of you, but I can't deny what I see . . . even if you have an odd way of showing it sometimes. But . . ." He paused for a moment.

". . . Even if it is what she wants, you need to also think about her safety, too. She is only human after all. She may not be as lucky next time." He muttered, "Being bound to you . . . she is signing her own death wish . . ."

". . . Whatever harm comes to you, comes to her, too . . ." He paused for a moment before speaking his next words, "I already worked out an agreement to allow you back in hell and back in your original rank . . . that is if you accept my offer."

Bakugou's eyes widened, "What the hell are you fucking talking about?"

"A simple contact with a certain someone . . . as much as I wanted to avoid it. But if it could also push you towards a line of agreement then . . ." Todoroki trailed off as he let out a sigh, "But it also requires you to keep away from her and remain in Hell unless directed by them. If you leave, the deal becomes invalid and, for both sides, you're fair game to be dealt with as seen fit."

Bakugou frowned, "That–"

"There is no other way around it . . . for both situations." Todoroki interrupted, "You need to take initiative . . . for her sake."

Bakugou began to grind his teeth as he pondered the dual haired male's words though he soon crossed his arms and looked to the side, "Just shut the hell up."

Todoroki frowned but he complied with the ash blonde's words. He could see this conversation wasn't going to get any farther; however . . . even through the other male's avoidance, there was a hint of consideration in his voice that didn't go unnoticed by the dual haired male . . .


The sounds of a steady beeping noise and some undistinguishable conversation from around you made its way to your ears; however, you could only see blackness.

Slowly, you urged your eyes to open. It started as a crack—being exposed to a sliver of the lighter-toned area—before your eyelids lifted and lower at a constant rate, trying to stay open completely, each time opening wider and wider as you were greeted with constant larger slivers of the bright white area.

When you had finally managed to keep them open, the images were still blurry—only seeing white fuzziness. However, they eventually began to focus in on your surroundings, soon becoming clear.

Finally able to see, you looked around—confused. You furrowed your brows as you turned your head from side-to-side.

Where were you..?

Though it didn't take your brain long to process. From the white interior, the beeping machine beside your bed, to the curtains enclosing you in a small space . . .

It was most definitely a hospital.

You tried to sit up but winced as you stopped your attempts. There was a dull aching pain where your lower stomach was. It wasn't unbearable at the moment but it was still there, especially when you moved it seemed.

Lifting the blankets away from you, being careful not to move too much, you looked down though you couldn't see much with the hospital gown you were in.

Dropping the blanket below your stomach, you pressed the hand to the lightly throbbing area only to hiss a bit and jerk your hand away as pain shot through that area.

What had . . .

Though your eyes soon widened as flashes of memories flooded your mind:

From how you had gotten kidnapped by Dabi, waking up tied to a chair, trying to escape on your own, Bakugou coming to get you and freeing you from the taped restraints, Dabi coming back then him and Bakugou going at it, you learning about Bakugou being one of the seven, Dabi managing to eventually get the upper hand, him stabbing Bakugou with a pipe through his own lower stomach, you then feeling a pain of your own . . . then to you eventually dropping to the ground and bleeding out as if you, yourself, had gotten pierced by the pipe . . .

Now you were here, in the hospital.

But . . . how did you get hurt..?

None of it made any sense . . .

Letting out an exasperated groan, you slowly seeped back into the hospital bed, making sure to be careful with your new pain, while raising a hand and placing it over your eyes—the room was too bright for your liking at the moment.

But as you did this, you could hear the curtain starting to be messed with for a few seconds before soon hearing it slide open. In turn, you reopened your eyes, them instantly landing on a long periwinkle haired girl in the basic nurse outfit, a clipboard in hand—she looked rather younger but you were sure she was still above you by a couple of years at least.

"Oh! You're awake!" The girl exclaimed with wide and excited eyes as she made her way over towards you, "I'm Hadou Nejire, I'm your nurse for the remainder of your stay here . . ."

Hadou started to check behind you at the monitor that you were hooked up to, writing whatever she saw down then proceeded to do the normal routine of checking you physically.

"How are you feeling?" She asked after she was done, "I'm sure you're a bit confused."

"Uh . . . yeah." Those were the only words that managed to escape you.

She smiled, a look of understanding on her face, "You had to have surgery . . ." She started, "The stab wound was quite deep and you lost a lot of blood, but you were given a transfusion and taken into emergency surgery to get you stitched up and make sure nothing else had been severely damaged." She stated as you looked down at your stomach.

". . . Surprisingly, nothing else had been harmed, at least horribly. Though, as I stated earlier, it was still deep . . . however, other than that, the surgery went well, so you should be fine." She finished, "You're very lucky, (Last Name)."


"Well, I'll give you a few more minutes until I roll you out to your room, let you wake up a bit more." With those words, she left the small area, pushing the curtains back in place.

Sinking back into the pillow, you closed your eyes and let out a sigh before opening them once again as you looked up at the white ceiling, your lower stomach throbbing as you did this.

You had a lot of questions—questions only a certain ash blonde and even a dual haired male could answer . . .

After a few more hours of waiting—the two males had remained in silence through its entirety. Though that was soon broken once Mrs. Yaoyorozu had eventually come back into the waiting room.

"She's awake and in the room, if you'd like to see her as I check up on her myself." Mrs. Yaoyorozu stated.

"Yes, please." Todoroki said.

She nodded, giving a glance over at the ash blonde demon as a cue he could also come along, before ushering them to follow her. The walk was painfully silent as none of them spoke while walking the halls.

As they made it in front of your room, Mrs. Yaoyorozu eventually spoke up, "She's still a bit in and out, so be mindful of that . . . but other than that, she's fine. However, let me check up on her before you both enter." With those words, she opened the door and walking in as the two males waited outside.

Hearing the door open and the footsteps that followed, you turned your head slightly only for your eyes to widen slightly at the sight of the one walking in.

"Yaoyorozu-san . . ."

"(First Name)." Mrs. Yaoyorozu said before sighing, "I'm sure you were told the basics?"

You glanced to the side, "Yeah . . ."

"You know the severity of what happened, correct?"

You looked back at her before nodding, "Yeah . . . the nurse told me."

"Thankfully it didn't cause any severe organ damage which was surprising since it was a deep 'stabbing' and its location. But you lost a lot of blood and need a transfusion as well to keep your blood levels normal and so we could proceed with the surgery . . ."

She placed her clipboard on the table that set at the end of your bed as she let out a sigh, "With that blood loss . . . you're just lucky to be alive, in all honesty."

"I was told that . . ."

Mrs. Yaoyorozu studied you for a moment before speaking, "Would you . . . like me to contact your mother?"

Your eyes widened before narrowing, "No."

She nodded, "I figured as much."

"And . . . please don't tell Momo. I know how she can get." You looked to the side as you began to play with your hands.

Mrs. Yaoyorozu frowned. It was a bit late for that . . . she had already contacted her daughter about what had happened. However, she had told her to stay away for the time being. Even through Momo's s insistence though, the girl had reluctantly agreed with her reasoning.

But she soon smiled, "I understand."

"Thank you . . ."

"Ah . . . well, you have a . . . two visitors." Mrs. Yaoyorozu soon stated.

"Visitors..?" You gave a weird look though realization soon flashed across your face.

"If you're not up to it at the moment, I can ask them to le–"

"No." You shook your head, "They can come in . . ."

Mrs. Yaoyorozu studied you for a moment before nodding and heading back out. As she walked out, she gave the two male a nod, signaling they were allowed to enter now.

"I'll need to talk to you later." Todoroki said to the woman. In turn, she gave a small nod before she turned around and headed off.

Bakugou eyed the woman as she started walking away and down the hall before looking at the dual haired male who was also watching her until she had disappeared behind a corner.

He had a good idea of what was going on. It was too much of a convenient situation not to notice.

"Let's go." Todoroki muttered as he soon entered the room, the ash blonde's eyes narrowed before he followed suit.

Once they entered, they were instantly greeted by your form laying at a somewhat right up angle as you just looked down at your hands though you soon looked up at them, allowing them to get a better look at your face . . .

And you looked, for lack of a better term, horrible. Even with the transfusion that you had been given apparently hours earlier, you were still paler than your normal complexion.

"Bakugou . . ." You called before pausing as your eyes trailed over to the other male, "Todoroki . . ." When saying his name, it came out in a more bitter tone.

"(Last Name)." Todoroki mumbled, ignoring the way you addressed him, "How are you feeling?"

You just looked at him for a moment before looking back down at your hands, "Could be better." You admitted—there was no point in ignoring him.

"Yes . . . you do look rather horrible." He said bluntly.

"What exactly happened to them?" You asked though went to clarify, "Toga and Dabi."

"I'm ashamed to say that they both managed to get away." Todoroki stated, "But there were more important things to take care of than chase after them." He glanced where your stomach was.

You frowned, "I see . . ."

After your words, the room soon went into an awkward silence as the three of you stood (and laid) in the room—no one bothering to speak.

Though, eventually, Todoroki had excused himself—saying he needed to take care of some "personal business," you not bothering to question him as to what, before walking out of the room and leaving you and the ash blonde alone.

Once he had left, you glanced over at Bakugou who appeared to be lost in thought about one thing or another though you had a pretty good idea as to what he was probably thinking about.

"Hey . . ." You called out to the ash blonde which caused him to look at you.

Bakugou slowly walked over towards you, only stopping once he had gotten by your bed—sitting down in the seat beside it—before raising a brow, "What..?"

"So when were you going to tell me you were one of the 'seven'?" Your question came out more playful sounding than angry as you gave him a small grin.

In all honesty, it didn't bother you too much. You were sure he had his reasonings for not telling you. Be it embarrassment from the demotion or the fact he didn't see it to be all that important.

He studied you for a moment, not really picking up the playfulness, then looked to the side with furrowed brows, "Uh . . ."

You outcasted your arm, moving it until the back of your hand hit the side of his face lightly, feeling his higher than average temperature he let off. This caused him to look back at you with an even more confused expression though you soon winced a bit as a random small pain shot through your stomach.

Bakugou frowned as he looked at your stomach area, "Does it . . . fucking hurt?"

"A little." You admitted though soon smiled at the male, "But I'll be fine . . . I'm still alive after all."

With those words, you soon began to describe your hospital experience up until thus far. As you did, he didn't bother to listen as his focus was more on the words that had slipped from your mouth beforehand—with them having a different impact on him . . .

In the end, you were right,

You were still alive.

And he wanted to keep you that way, no matter what . . .

With that thought and as he watched you as you continued to speak, he knew what had to be done—he knew what he had to do even if he didn't want to fucking do it.

There was no way around it . . .

For your sake.

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