Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

Parting Ways is Never Easy; However, it...

Full Title (cut off): Parting Ways is Never Easy; However, it Probably Was Never Meant to be Easy in the First Place . . . But is This Really How It Ends..?


After having had stayed cooped up in the hospital for about a week and two days, you had finally been given the go ahead to leave after they had checked your stitches and your overall health—with some home rules you needed to follow to help in your recovery of course.

The hospital stay had been less than enjoyable with the constant coming and going of a certain bubbly nurse, Hadou (though you didn't mind her too much . . . but it did get a bit tiresome), along with Mrs. Yaoyorozu checking in on you every second they got, and the pain of your stomach getting more apparent as the days went by—the pain medicine they gave you through the IV doing little to alleviate it.

Mrs. Yaoyorozu had said it'd get worse before it got better and the road to recovery would be a little while since the wound had been quite deep, so it wasn't all too surprising.

But here you were . . . still alive—that was all that mattered in the end.

After changing into a pair of clothes Mrs. Yaoyorozu had been kind enough to get for you for when you were officially free to go, you were now sitting on the bed with your legs dangling over the sides while waiting for Mrs. Yaoyorozu to come in to free you from the chains of the hospital.

Glancing to the side, you caught eye of Bakugou who was sitting in a chair at the corner of the room with his arms crossed over his chest. He had a somber look on his face—one he had been sporting since you had been in the hospital—as he stared at nothing in particular.

Admittedly, something felt off about him; however, you figured that was because of the situation—because you had gotten hurt. So it wasn't all that alarming.

Suddenly, the door to the room soon opened, snapping you away from your thoughts as you looked over in its direction, as Mrs. Yaoyorozu walked in with a clipboard and a bottle of pills in tow.

"Alright, (First Name) . . ." She made her way in front of you, looking through her clipboard for a few seconds before placing it down and to the side as she looked up at you, "Everything seems to be in order. You passed all the requirements to be able to leave." She soon held up the pill bottle in her hand.

". . . You need to take these every four hours for at least three to four weeks. Don't take them any earlier." She started, "They probably won't help one hundred percent, but it should really decrease the amount . . ." She paused for a moment.

". . . Now, remember what I told you. Don't participate in any strenuous activity. Keep from constantly moving unless you need to. Make sure to keep the area clean, no swimming, don't mess with the area or anything . . . and when it gets wet from the shower, just pat it dry very, very lightly. Also, continue to keep a bandage wrapped around your stomach for at least five more days until you stop wearing it." She stated.

You nodded, "Alright."

"If you understand that then . . . well, you're free to go." She didn't move as she looked down for a moment before returning her gaze back up at you, "And please . . . be careful." Her words came out hesitant as if she didn't want to leave just yet for some reason.

"I will."

Mrs. Yaoyorozu let out a sigh as she gave you a skeptical look then glanced over at the ash blonde in the chair. She eventually grabbed her clipboard and placed the pill bottle in place of it before walking off and leaving the room.

Dropping lightly out of the bed and on your feet, you grabbed the pill bottle and examined it. It seemed you'd be on these for a little while. Placing them in your pants pocket, you glanced over at Bakugou who still appeared to be out of it as he looked to the side.

Taking in a deep breath, you slowly headed towards him, stopping once you were in front of him. This caused him to turn his head as he looked up at you.

A playful grin made its way to your face once he had, "I'm free!" You exclaimed and raised your arms above your head happily though you instantly winced at the action before retracting them back and placed one of your hands lightly on your stomach.

Bakugou narrowed his eyes at you, "Be more fucking careful, idiot."

"I'm just excited to get out of here. Being cooped up in the hospital for a week isn't fun, I was so bored!"

"I could fucking tell. You were talking my damn head off." He gave a small smirk, signaling he wasn't annoyed by it.

"Well . . ." You frowned, "You were the only one here. I mean aside from Todoroki occasionally . . . and Kaminari that one time." Your words came out unintentionally sad as you recalled the short encounters with the two males.

Todoroki had of course checked up on you a few times during your stay, making sure you were okay and such. But he never did stay long—not that that bothered you much. In fact, you preferred it that way.

With Kaminari, he had come only once after he hadn't seen you both in a while and you weren't in your home so he followed your energy source.

His original intent was to tell you about him and your friend, Jirou—who, at first, didn't know you two were friends until she had mentioned it to him through one of their "dates."

However, when he had arrived, he was shocked to see you in your current state. So instead, he had asked what had happened and listened as you soon began to explain to him what had occurred to leave you in such a state much to Bakugou's dismay at the time.

He seemed to give glances at the ash blonde here and there as you explained the situation though you didn't think too much of it as the subject soon changed into his original intent.

He was a bit surprised by your own lack of surprise when he had told you. In turn, you had just told him you figured since you had seen them hanging around lately while admitting you didn't know how to feel—but if Jirou was happy, then you wouldn't intervene.

Soon after, he had eventually left as he didn't want to bother you for too long in your current state and since he had had plans with Jirou, too . . .

On another note, your words had made Bakugou's smirk disappear as the both of you just stared at each other silently before he awkwardly glanced to the side. It seemed your words had hit a chord with him in some way.

Being a bit oblivious to your tone, you wondered if it was perhaps the mention of Todoroki that had caused his action; however, you didn't bother to ask as you soon let out a sigh and allowed a grin to grace your features once more.

"But let's go!" Your words regained their spark which caused the male to look back over at you with a raised brow, "I'm sick of seeing all white, and I really miss my bed."

You could just imagine yourself now . . . sinking into your comfy bed (as with your other furniture in general) and snuggling into your own covers.

Taking in a deep breath and letting it out, Bakugou soon lifted himself off the chair. You instantly grabbed onto his shirt as you started to drag him along with you. He didn't utter a word as the two of you headed out of the room.

While you both exited the room and started down the hall as you voiced your longing to get home to the silent demon male you pulled behind you (who had himself seeable), you were oblivious to a certain pair of dark eyes on your forms.

Mrs. Yaoyorozu watched as you had a hold of the ash blonde's shirt—who looked mildly annoyed—as you forcefully dragged him out of the hospital soon blabbering on about one thing or another, figuring it dealt with you finally going home from the few words she had managed to hear.

Sighing, she started out from behind the counter area before walking down the hall and to her office that was on the same floor . . .

After having convinced Bakugou to teleport you two right to your house, you both soon appeared right inside at the front door. Your eyes practically filled with sparkles as—after a week and three days—you finally got to see your house.

"YESSSS!" You raised your arms as you were attempting to run but a shot of pain from your stomach stopped you as you winced, "Ouch!"

"Idiot." Bakugou narrowed his eyes at you while you grabbed your stomach before rolling his eyes and heading to his usual place on the couch as he sat down.

You puffed out your cheeks though they soon went back to normal, "I'm going to take a shower."

He glanced over at you, "Whatever, girl."

With that, you headed upstairs and going to your room to get a change of clothes before heading towards the bathroom to take a much needed shower.

Once you had gotten there, you looked at your reflection in the mirror—you still looked pretty bad, admittedly, though you were sure it was much better than how you had arrived at the hospital . . .

Looking downward, you gripped the hem of your shirt before slowly taking it off. You looked down at your now exposed bandaged abdomen. You hesitantly began to remove them—a small throbbing pain forming as you did—as you placed the bandages in the trash can.

Looking back down at the stitches, you frowned. You hadn't really looked at them much. Mainly since you were pretty much bedridden until your leave since Mrs. Yaoyorozu wanted you to stay as still as possible—hence why you wanted to take a shower now.

You cringed at the sight. It was ugly, that was for sure. It'd most likely leave an ugly scar, too. A permanent reminder of the mysterious puncture.

Sighing, you continued undressing before heading into the shower. Turning it on, you jumped slightly at the cold water though instantly wincing.

You really had to stop doing that.

Once the water eventually got to a comfortable temperature, you stood underneath it and felt as it ran down your entire body—a feeling you missed . . . it felt nice aside from the mild stinging that came from your stitches though it was ignorable.

As you were showering, Bakugou was still sitting on the couch. But he had since secluded into his own thoughts—it seemed that was all he had been doing since he had been down on Earth as of late.

"Damnit . . ." He furrowed his brows at the thoughts swarming in his mind before letting out an annoyed sigh while leaning back and running his hands over his face as he looked up at the ceiling, "What the hell did you do to me?"

However, he was soon knocked from his own frustration as a knock sounded on the front door. Knitting his brows, he looked up as he glanced over at the door, a light familiar energy coming from it—one that made him scrunch up his nose.

You were still in the shower, so you obviously didn't hear the door. He was tempted to ignore it but . . . in great reluctance, he got up and headed towards the door and opened it, revealing the exact person he didn't want to see.

"Where's (Last Name)?" Todoroki questioned as he looked behind the ash blonde then back at him.

It took Bakugou a second to answer, "She's taking a damn shower, so–"

"Good." Todoroki didn't let him finish his words.

Bakugou raised a brow, "What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"It means I only want to discuss something with you."

"What the fuck do you want now, you damned half-and-half?"

"I'm sure you know exactly what I want."

Bakugou's eyes narrowed as he leaned against the doorframe and crossed his arms over his chest, "Fucking figures."

"Have you made a decision yet?" Todoroki looked at the other male expectantly.

Bakugou didn't reply as he just looked at the male though he soon averted his gaze to the ground as his shoulders fell slightly at his words and frowned as he went into deep thought.

Had he made a damned decision yet?

Was he content with it?

Admittedly, he still had mixed feelings over what that damned half-and-half had said to him over at the hospital.

Why did things have to be so damn complicated?

Why couldn't things be fucking simple..?

"I'm sure you've noticed already . . ." Todoroki started which caused Bakugou to look up at him, "But you're not as up to par as you usually are . . . from what I've heard anyway. Though it seems I wasn't the only one who noticed." He mumbled causing the ash blonde to narrow his eyes but he didn't interrupt as he continued.

". . . You won't have to 'worry' about her or anything. She'll still be under my watch since unbinding the two of you won't remove the fact her soul still resonates with 'pure energy' and is ground for them to still come after her . . ."

". . . With that said, I can only hold the offer for so long until it'll become void. At least for yours anyway." Todoroki came back in, "So I recommend you make a hasty decision." He stated, "Just remember, her being bond to you is just going to have her end up dead at this rate."

As much as Bakugou wanted to tear the male in front of him into shreds, he knew the fucker was right with what all he was saying, especially the end part . . .

When you had summoned him, this wasn't what he had signed up for—not that he had signed up for anything at all for that matter. He was doing this shitty job out of force because he had done something stupid . . .

But never in his ten thousand years had he thought he'd be juggling these choices . . . choices that shouldn't be hard to choose between if things weren't what they were now.

But they were . . . they fucking were hard to choose between.

However . . . he knew what the right decision was.

Taking in a deep breath, Bakugou finally spoke, "Five days." He glanced to the side.

Todoroki studied the ash blonde for a moment before letting out a sigh, knowing exactly what he meant by those two simple words, "Very well, five days starting tomorrow then."

Bakugou scoffed, "Any-fucking-thing else?"

"No, that's all." Todoroki said as he played with one of his gloves, "I'll leave until then."

"Tch." Bakugou rolled his eyes as he shut (more so slammed) the door in the dual haired male's face before heading back towards the couch.

Outside, Todoroki frowned at the door; however, a feeling of relief overtook his entire body as he continued to stare at your front door. It seemed things were starting to look up albeit it took a little while.

However, there was also something else eating at him deep inside . . .

Was it guilt?

But why would he feel that way..?

He looked to the side as he pondered the weird feeling that was bubbling deep inside him. But he still couldn't pinpoint exactly what it was.

Letting out another sigh he soon turned around and left your porch to go to his next destination, only to return in five days as what had been vaguely agreed upon between him and the other male . . .

After Todoroki had left unbeknownst to you, you were just getting out of the shower, shutting the water off and soon grabbing the towel to dry off—patting once you got to your stitched area as instructed by Mrs. Yaoyorozu.

After drying yourself off, you soon changed into your clothes—still making sure to be careful—before opening up the cabinet above the sink and getting out a fresh set of bandages so you could wrap them around your torso.

Placing them on the sink edge, you lifted your shirt up and held it with one of your arms as you grabbed the bandages but frowned soon realizing you'd probably need a little bit of help . . . you wondered if you could convince Bakugou to help.

Putting your shirt back down, you started out of the bathroom and headed down the stairs and soon into the living room as you walked in front of Bakugou who actually seemed to notice you on your first appearance as he looked up at you with a raised brow.

A light blush made its way to your cheeks, "Uh . . . c-can you help me..?"

There was a long pause until Bakugou clicked his tongue and outcasted his hand, "Give it to me."

Handing him the bandages, you walked a bit closer to him before lifting your shirt just enough so he could wrap them around you—exposing your stitches. His eyes narrowed at them though that didn't last long as he started to wrap the bandages around your abdomen.

His hands felt warm and were surprisingly gentle as he finished securing them. Once he was done, he looked up at you in a way of asking if that was okay as his hands set lightly on your waist.

With a light nod, you gave him a small smile, "Thanks."

"Whatever." He removed his hands from your waist as he leaned back into the couch while you let your shirt fall back down.

You made your way beside him and plopped down on the couch though you winced as you hovered your hand over your stomach, "Ow . . ."

Bakugou turned his head slightly to look at you with narrowed eyes, "You never fucking learn, do you?"

"Oh, hush." You sideway glared over at him though you weren't annoyed by his words.

"Heh." He gave a weak smirk before looking back upfront.

However, you continued to look at him as he looked to get lost in his own thoughts—something he seemed to do a lot of. You always wondered what ran through his mind that caused him to continuously fall into his thoughts. Then again . . . you couldn't blame him at the same time given the situation you both were in.

Looking at him for a few more seconds you let out a quiet sigh and soon turned towards your laptop on the table beside the couch before grabbing it and opening it to start on some work you had yet to finish that you were assigned when telling the college you'd be out because you were in the hospital as the room was consumed by silence aside from the occasional clicking or typing that soon ensued.

Though as you were doing this, you remained oblivious of the male beside you who had turned his gaze back over to you as he watched while you typed away, squinting at the screen on occasions, along with looks of understanding to whatever you were "learning" and looking at—little actions like that.

It was a sight Bakugou would see many times throughout each week if you used your laptop to do school . . . but this time felt different. He frowned before looking away, not trying to get caught staring for "no reason."

But, when all that was said and done, he still couldn't stop the occasional glances he'd pass in your direction until you had eventually stopped and closed your laptop after you had managed to get half of your work done through the remainder of the day.

Carefully you lifted yourself off the couch after placing your laptop back on the table and bidding him goodnight with a small smile before heading up to your room, ready to sleep in your bed for the first time in a week.

After you had finally left, Bakugou had a "strange" feeling of relaxation take over his form though he figured he could blame that on the tense feeling he had as he sat beside you. Leaning back, he placed his hand over his eyes as he went deep into thought.


The familiar voice cause Bakugou to look up though he instantly narrowed his eyes at the figure, "What the hell do you want?" He scrunched up his nose at the blonde demon.

Kaminari rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly as he looked at the ash blonde in front of him, "I actually wanted to talk to you in the hospital but . . . I figured that was probably not the best place."

"And what is it that you want to fucking talk about?"

"Well . . ." Kaminari paused for a moment, "You know they'll come back, right? There's no telling when . . . so you need to have a plan if the–"

"I already have a damn plan." Bakugou cut him off.

"Huh..? You . . . what is–" Though Kaminari stopped his words and his eyes widened, "You don't mean you're . . ."

"Tch." Bakugou glanced to the side.

"You're gonna break it..?" Kaminari asked, "But how? The only way to break it is for a deal to be made or if . . . if the demon is killed. And if you were to . . . then (Last Name) . . . she's–"

"There's another damn way."

Kaminari's eyes widened, "What, there is?"

"That's what I just said, idiot." Bakugou looked back over at the male and narrowed his eyes.

"How is that possible?"

It took Bakugou a moment, but he eventually answered in reluctance, "A witch."

"A witch . . ." Kaminari repeated the words.

He never had heard of this before—a witch breaking a bond of a summoner and a demon that should only be breakable by a deal or killing the said demon. Then again with this situation dealing with you, everything was coming into the light that never had been before . . .

"Does she know?" He eventually came back in.


"So you're not gonna tell her..?"

Bakugou took in a deep breath and looked down with knitted brows, "No."

"Well . . . I guess it won't matter. You'll still be around her, so–"


"W-What..?" Kaminari blinked at him, "What do you mean?"

Bakugou let out an exasperated sigh as he leaned back into the couch and crossed his arms, he really didn't want to explain all this. But he knew the blonde idiot would just continue to pester him until he got something.

"After the bond breaks, I'm fair game to that half-angel, half-demon bastard and anyone who wants my damn head." He muttered.

"I guess you're right." Kaminari muttered, "Especially because . . ." He trailed off, not bothering to finish his sentence since he knew the ash blonde knew what he meant.

"Of course I fucking am. But. . . ." Bakugou began to grind his teeth, "But that bastard managed to get me a damn deal."

"A deal?" Kaminari's eyes widened once again, "You mean..?"

"Yes." Bakugou's reply was short.

"But who'd watch over (Last Name)..? She'll still be in danger–"

"I'm sure you fucking know."

Kaminari remained silent as he studied the other male who was now looking down with a less than enthused look on his face. It was obvious he wasn't too thrilled about the idea . . .

But what other choice did he have in the end?

Kaminari knew there wasn't much else Bakugou had to choose from. That was unless he wanted to risk you getting hurt once more with the possibility of you not being as lucky as you were this time.

He knew the ash blonde cared for you in his own way—he could sense it. However, he knew his friend would never admit it directly, not yet at least. But that also got him thinking . . .

With a long silence that plagued the room, Kaminari took in a deep breath, "I'll leave you be for now." Bakugou didn't bother to reply.

With that, he soon left the other male to his own seeing as there wasn't much else to discuss between them as he got most of what he had wanted to know . . . well, aside from one question . . . but he had a good idea what the answer to it would be.

Though on another note, he also had something he needed to do albeit not as hastily as his friend. But it had to be done, nevertheless . . . maybe.

After a few minutes of being left alone, Bakugou ran his hands down his face while he leaned forward in his spot as he continued to frown as he returned to his thoughts.

He felt stupid, so fucking stupid.

How had things ended up like this?

Why did things end up like this..?

However, no matter how much he tried to answer these questions himself . . . he couldn't.

And with that . . . the five days soon commenced, unbeknownst to you:

The next day, day one, was nothing special—it went by like normal except this time, you never did go to your college classes just yet since you were waiting a few more days for both attending classes and your job once again.

During this time, you had called Shinsou to tell him it'd be a couple of more days until you'd be able to work again and to tell Mrs. Midoriya for you. And when you did come back, you couldn't do much aside from counter duty or shelving the lower books—doctor's orders.

He came with understanding and also mentioned your bag was still in the back room where you had left it which you had totally forgotten about . . .

Thankfully, Shinsou being Shinsou, he never did question the reasoning behind or why you had been in the hospital nor left your bag randomly in the back room—something you were a bit thankful for though you did feel a little bad about keeping the male in such darkness.

However, as the day went by, you felt like something was off though you were unsure of what exactly. So you ignored the feeling though it never did leave you as the days continued . . .

Day two came with just about the same situation. But aside from hanging in the living room with the ash blonde and focusing on finishing up the rest of your work before you'd be coming back and the deadline they had set for you to turn it in, nothing much happened this day.

On day three, you finally went back to the university to continue your classes as normal after almost two weeks of being absent. It felt nice to get out of the house since first being released—ironically since you had wanted to be home when being stuck in that hospital.

The day had gone by without incident thankfully. It seemed Mrs. Yaoyorozu had held to her promise not to tell Yaoyorozu about you being in the hospital and giving the fake story Todoroki had given the woman and the rest of the hospital staff since Yaoyorozu never did seek you out or anything to alert that she knew about it . . .

On the fourth day, today, you officially started back up at your job though instead of working along Shinsou, you were working with Mrs. Midoriya—a rare occurrence since she usually didn't take on shifts during your time.

After exchanging a few words with Mrs. Midoriya about how you had been and if you were sure you wanted to come back to work, she had allowed you to take control of the counter as she took care of the stocking and heavier tasks that needed to be done.

As you waited at the counter—the store not busy quite yet—the bell sounded from the door as a familiar small figure walked inside the store instantly shooting a glance your way, a look of relief seemed to appear on her face before she noticed you looking at her and a glare instantly replaced it.

You just gave a small smile at Shimano as she started off towards the manga section. It didn't take her long to come back with a manga of her choice as she placed it on the counter.

As you grabbed the book to scan it, she spoke up, "Where were you, miss weirdo..?"

"Huh? Oh . . ." You stopped what you were doing, "I was in the hospital. Also, it'll be–"

"Seven fifty, I know." Shimano placed the money on the counter, "Why were you in the hospital..?" Her words were laced with slight worry.

"I just got hurt . . . had to get stitches." You took the money then handed her the book, "I'm fine now though."

"Good." She mumbled though her eyes soon widened and her face flushed as she realized she let the words slip.

"Oh, so you do care.~" You gave her a small smirk.

"T-That . . . you . . . you didn't hear anything..!" She quickly snatched the book from your hands, gripping the oversized sun hat lower on her head, and quickly ran out of the store as you just smiled at her fleeting form.

It seemed she could be nice, at least in her own way. It somewhat reminded you of someone . . . you glanced over at a certain ash blonde who was boredly tapping on the table he was sitting at.

It was obvious he was growing bored—at least that was what it looked like to you, you had no reason to doubt the thought, however. You knew him just sitting for a few hours (or whatever your shift time was at the time) with nothing much aside from books around him that he obviously took no interest to could get boring.

Though there seemed to be something else . . .

But your attention was soon brought back to the counter as another customer came up with a few books. With that, you replaced your frown with a smile once again as you took care of the woman who had arrived.

However, you failed to take notice of Bakugou now staring over at you as you took care of the influx of customers that were starting to come in after the lady you were dealing with, a frown forming on his face.

It didn't take too long for you to deal with the line that had formed before Mrs. Midoriya soon came back after shelving the many books she had brought back with her soon saying—more so insisting—that you could leave and she'd handle the rest.

With that, you grabbed your bag from the back room—not bothering to waste time changing—and soon headed out with Bakugou following along.

While you both continued to walk side-by-side, your eyes trailed towards his free hand. With a deep breath and a face starting to turn red, you slowly reached for it and grabbed his hand in your own.

Upon contact, you instantly felt the warmth that radiated from his palms naturally as well as how he tensed up slightly at the touch though he didn't pull away or say anything.

You hadn't held his hand in a while, not since the hospital or through your few days of recovery . . . so it felt nice to finally be able to do it again. But you didn't look up to take notice of him now staring down at you, one thought continuing to repeat itself in his mind as you two continued to walk.

One damn day.

That was all that had been running through his mind throughout today. With each passing day, he'd knock a number off as he knew what was to soon come by the end . . .

With that said, he had managed to humor you throughout the time, acting normal as best as he could to make sure you never knew . . . such as like now. It appeared to have worked, you didn't seem to figure anything was wrong. And that was how he wanted it, it would only be harder if you knew.

But as the days tolled by, he couldn't stop the undeniable feeling of dread bubbling up in the pits of his stomach. He hated the damn feeling—one so foreign to him for the most part.

Subconsciously, his hand squeezed yours though not hard enough to be of any notice to either of you as you both continued on—you oblivious and him dreading the day to come . . .

The fifth day, the last day—unbeknownst to you—soon had come rearing its (ugly) head . . .

When you woke up, you weren't expecting the ugly gloom that leered its way into today and seeable from your room's window. You looked to the side and out the window of your room while watching the droplets hit the glass, hearing the light pitter-patter sound that came.

Frowning, you soon got up and walked to the window and pressed your hand against the glass as you looked outside though it was hard to see through the water droplets that made the outside hard to see through the glass.

Not bothering to change since today was a "stay-at-home" day for you, you soon headed to the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

Compared to the past few days, you were looking much better. You actually looked like you were a normal functioning human being now compared to the sickly look you had been sporting thus far.

Letting out a sigh, you soon left the bathroom after you were done and started down the stairs. Though your eyes instantly widened as you took notice of two familiar figures—aside from Bakugou, of course—standing in your living room. But one, in particular, shocked you the most as each one of them turned to face you upon hearing your arrival.

"Yaoyorozu..?" You slowly made it into the living room with the small group, stopping once you were right in front of the coffee table.

"(Last Name) . . ." Yaoyorozu mumbled while she began to play with her hands as she looked at you, a worried expression plastered on her face.

It had been a while since she had been face-to-face with you . . . too long. In fact, it had been a couple of months since you two had shared being in the same room aside from maybe the one class you two shared. But even then, she had been a bit shotty with her attendance as of late.

She couldn't deny the small change in your appearance, how you looked a bit drained and slightly sickly—most likely from what had happened to you from what she had heard from her mother—but she was sure you had looked way worse in the past few days she hadn't seen you . . .

While she was in her own thoughts, your wide eyes soon turned into you furrowing your brows at her as you scanned everyone in the room, starting with Todoroki who had an unknown expression plastered on his face as he continued to look over at you then Yaoyorozu who had since looked down at her feet with knitted brows . . .

Your eyes finally made it over to Bakugou who was looking to the side in the opposite direction of you, but it wasn't hard to miss the somber expression on his face—similar to the one he had had in the hospital though maybe more prominent.

You then looked down at the coffee table that had a metal bowl with a few different things inside of it though you weren't exactly sure what they were, a knife, and four candles (two white, two black) lit around it that were placed at each point of a drawn pentagram while a paper with a symbol you recognized laid beside it—it almost looked like the demon sigil you had used when you did your own summon . . . in fact, you were sure it was the exact same one.

You soon looked back over at Yaoyorozu once more, "Wh–"

"(Last Name)." Todoroki cut you off, causing you to turn to look at him, "This is for the best."

"What are you talking about..?" You glared up at the male.

He took in a deep breath, giving a glance to the ash blonde then at Yaoyorozu, "You can get started." He didn't bother to answer your question though he kept the odd expression on his face.

This caused Yaoyorozu to look up and give a small hesitant nod at the dual haired male before going towards her bag that was on one of the recliners and pulling out a hefty-sized black book. She then walked in front of the items that were on the table and sat down on her legs as she opened the book and flipped a few pages until stopping about a quarter into the first half.

You turned your attention over to the ash blonde who had been silent this whole time, "Bakugou..?" Your words were laced with confusion.

Bakugou looked over at you as he opened his mouth slightly in an action to say something, but he instantly closed it before turning his gaze over to Yaoyorozu.

This action caused you to frown as you continued to stare at him, hoping he'd eventually tell you what the hell was going on and why Todoroki and, especially why, Yaoyorozu was currently in your house. But it appeared that wasn't going to be the case after a few seconds, so you turned your confused gaze over to Yaoyorozu . . .

She soon grabbed the paper with the sigil drawn on it and placed it into the bowl on top of the other items. She soon looked over at the ash blonde, "I-I need your . . . your blood now . . ." Her words came out in a whisper.

His blood..?

Even if you couldn't quite understand what was happening around you, you couldn't knock the horrible feeling bubbling up inside you.

All you could do was watch silently as Bakugou stared at her for a moment before slowly getting off the couch and made his way beside you at the coffee table and bending down where the knife was placed.

He reluctantly grabbed the knife, pressing it against the palm of his hand before sliding it across and made a face as he did. You let out a quiet "ow" in a hiss from the sudden stinging pain that came from your hand and looked down at your own palm and your eyes widened upon seeing a newly made superficial cut mark.

You looked down but you quickly looked up and at the ash blonde though that was also when you started to realize what was happening. It all began to make sense now—why they were all here and the setup . . .

The lit candles.

The bowl filled with random (to you) items.

The pentagram that was drawn on the coffee table.

The familiar sigil.

Todoroki being here.

Then Yaoyorozu being here (which was still a big shock factor) . . .

You grabbed your bleeding and stinging palm, your eyes wide as you watched Bakugou squeeze some of the blood that had started to drip from his hand in the bowl—the mark starting to heal on its own soon after—before he looked up at the girl in front of him then at the dual haired male who had been watching the entire time and gave him a nod.

Bakugou soon looked over at you who had wide, he could tell your mind had started to process what was happening. As your eyes locked you began to shake your head lightly and slowly from side-to-side as you swallowed.

Ignoring your silent protest, Bakugou grabbed your wrist and you didn't bother to try to free your arm from his grasp, you already knew it would be impossible to do so as he put your palm over the bowl.

As he did this, you only managed to let out a string of weak words, "W-What are you doing..?"

Though the question was useless given you knew the answer already though he didn't answer either way as he began to squeeze your hand just enough to allow a few drops of your blood to drip into the bowl, a harsher stinging sensation occurring as he did so.

After a few drops had fallen into the metal bowl, he let go of your arm and it limply dropped to your side as you just stared down at your and his blood now mixed in the bowl on top of the sigil and the other things.

With that, a stream of words began to pour from Yaoyorozu's mouth while she recited whatever was in the book in front of her in a language you couldn't understand—it sounded like Latin, however.

Her eyes closed while she continued to speak and with the more words that'd spill from her mouth, the stronger the intensity of the flames of each candle would become.

After a few more lines of words, she opened her eyes before taking a match that laid on the table in front of her and lit it with one of the candle's flames and threw it into the bowl.

A flame instantly erupted as the match fell on top of the sigil, burning it and everything underneath it. As it did, your eyes widened while a weird feeling shot through you—especially your wrist—and the sound of what sounded like a chain breaking rung in your ears . . . though perhaps that part was only of your imagination.

"It's d-done." Yaoyorozu spoke up, her voice was meek.

At her words, you looked down at your wrist out of instinct as well as the weird tingly feeling that was coming from it—as did Bakugou—only to see the black band around it beginning to fade slowly, becoming lighter and lighter until it was no more.

After the band had disappeared on his own wrist, Bakugou glanced over at you and taking notice of how you just stood there with wide eyes—your mouth opened slightly—while still staring down at your now bandless and, once again, perfectly unmarked wrist.

A frown was on his face as he continued to peer over at you. He knew it was only a short amount of time until it all had fully sunk in for you—until you had realized what had happened . . .

"W-What are . . . did you . . . do..?" You mumbled as you looked at Yaoyorozu, your eyes still wide as a mix of two questions had come out.

She looked up at you with knitted brows, "I-I . . . I'm . . ." But she stopped, unsure of how exactly to word what she wanted to say.

"She broke the bond." Todoroki came in for her.

"Huh..?" You turned your wide-eyed expression over to him.

"She's a witch that I found in order to help you break away from the chains securing you to . . . him." He stated, "She was the best option."

"A witch . . ." You muttered the words.

Glancing over at Yaoyorozu who had her head down and refusing to make any eye contact with you now that the "secret" was out, you could see how it all made perfect sense—especially after what she had just done and the whole room setup . . .

Bakugou soon got up off the floor as he stared down at you while you were obliviously still in a shocked state and trying to process all the information and the events that had taken place.

"I honored my end of the deal, so everything's ready." Todoroki soon spoke up.

This caused you and Bakugou to look at him, Bakugou knowing and you not quite understanding what he meant by his words which helped snap you from your thoughts.

"Deal..?" You repeated the end word as you looked between the two males in hopes of an explanation for the words though it never did come.

"It's time for you to honor your end." Todoroki muttered, ignoring your words, after turning his gaze towards the other male as he started to grow impatient, "That is . . . unless you've chosen to not follow through with it. Then . . ." He trailed off as he began to play with his right side's glove as he eyed the ash blonde.

Bakugou looked down at you once more, not bothering to answer your questioned words either, and then looked up as he narrowed his eyes at the other male before clicking his tongue and shoving his hands into his pants pockets.

"Tch. Yeah . . . whatever, you half-and-half bastard." He spoke with grinding teeth, "I'm leaving now."

"L-Leaving..?" You repeated the word.

Without giving you any explanation (as did no one seemed to be doing at this moment), he started walking past you without bothering to utter a word. You watched as he headed towards the door before leaving the house. Your mind was racing with so many things at once, but you knew you couldn't allow him to get far . . .

"W-Wait!" Your eyes widened as you quickly ran towards the door.

"(Last Name) . . ." Todoroki called out though it went on deaf ears as you continued out the door, opening it with a harsh swing and not bothering to close it behind you.

However, he didn't stop your pursuit towards the ash blonde. Instead, he walked over to the front door and watched the scene that was starting to unfold in front of him.

He was surprised the ash blonde hadn't teleported away at this point. Though he had a feeling that perhaps he didn't want to fully leave just yet . . . but as long as he followed the agreement, he could care less of what he did to get there.

"STOP!" You practically screamed at Bakugou, the sound of the rain somewhat drowning out some of the intensity of your voice but, surprisingly, this still caused him to stop as you soon caught up to him.

Once behind him, you stopped and instantly gripped onto his now wet shirt as you looked up at him, the rain pouring over the both of you as the sound of it hitting the concrete could be heard.

It took you a moment, but you eventually swallowed before speaking, "Why..?"

Bakugou slowly turned to face you though he didn't speak just yet. After a long silence aside from the sound of the rain hitting the concrete, he opened his mouth in an attempt to say something, anything, but nothing came out since he was honestly unsure of what to fucking say to you.

But he knew he had to fucking give you something . . . he couldn't just leave without explaining why he was doing what he was doing—or at least a vague one if anything. You deserved at least that much.

So he took in a deep breath, "I don't belong on this shitty Earth."

Those words weren't what he had wanted to say to you, and it sounded absolutely fucking stupid and pathetic as they came spilling out of his damn mouth, but it was still something though it did sound a little dark without context.

You gave him a perplexed look though deep down you had a feeling you knew where this was going, ". . . What are you saying..?"

"It's exactly what I just fucking said." He sounded irritable at this point, mainly because he didn't want to be doing this in front of a "crowd," he looked behind you seeing the peering eyes of a certain dual haired male—it was hard enough as was.

"Why..?" Your words were barely above a whisper as you looked ups at him expectantly.

He clicked his tongue, "You fucking know why. Get it through your damn head, girl." He looked to the side with knitted brows, his words sounding cold but his face contradicted their tone.

"I-I don't want to."

"Being fucking bond to you was just signing your own damn death wish."

"W-What..?" You knitted your brows, "What do you mean..?"

"Because of some damn reason, every time I get hurt, you do, too." He stated being as vague as he could, "I don't fucking know why . . . or I fucking do, but . . ." He trailed off, still looking to the side.

"Is that why . . ." You looked down at your palm then to your stomach even though you couldn't see through your shirt before looking back up at him.

It all made perfect sense now that you thought about it. The pain you felt as he got knocked around by Dabi, the pole, then your palm now. You basically experienced all that happened to him. But unlike him, you didn't have his healing abilities. With that said, you should have guessed sooner that was what was happening . . .

He clicked his tongue and looked back over at you, "Aside from that . . . I'm a damn demon and you're a fucking human. It's for the damn best if we're not . . ." He swallowed before he said the next word, ". . . together."

You didn't reply right away as you processed his words and scanned your mind for your own, the rain continuing to pour on the both of you and even seeming to get stronger the longer you two stood together. At this point, you both were soaked to the bone.

However, he came in before you could, "It's for the damn best, girl."

"Y-You sound like . . . Todoroki now."

He frowned though he knew he did, "Because that damn half-and-half's fucking right."

"But . . . but if we're unbound it's . . . I'm f-fine." You protested with what you could deduce from the conversation, "I'm . . . I'm going to be fine."

"That isn't–"

"So y-you . . . it doesn't matter anymore." You gave a strained and quivering smile as you interrupted him, "You can stay here still . . . you don't have to leave."

He frowned since he didn't like the face you were making as he tried to say what he previously was going to, "That isn't–"

"Then . . . is this really about my soul..?" You cut him off again and paused for a moment as you swallowed, "If so . . . I-I don't care about my soul!" You weakly admitted, your hand tightening on his shirt that was still in your grasp.

His eyes widened slightly before narrowing them at you, "Do you hear your fucking self?" He furrowed his brows as your face dropped at his words, "Do you hear how you fucking sound?"

"I . . ." You trailed off while your lips began to quiver once more as you looked at the ground while letting go of his shirt.

Bakugou frowned down at you before letting out a sigh. He removed his right hand from his pocket, raising it and placing it on top of your head before running it through your now soaked locks to move them out from in front of your face though he kept his hand in place.

This action caused your eyes to widen as you looked up at him—your eyes locking as you both just stared at each other—but he eventually looked away.

"I can't stay . . ." He mumbled and untangled his hand from your hair, causing the wet locks to fall in an awkward position before he placed his hand back in his pants pocket.

Everything after that happened so fast as you watched him soon turn around with his back to you. As he began to walk away from you, his body began to slowly disappear.

Your mind was starting to spin while you soon recalled the dream you had since forgotten as the dream-like images flashed across your mind which didn't help the feeling bubbling up inside you. With that, your body went into drive.


You outcasted your hand for him as you made your way towards; however, once your hand had made contact, it only went through his body. This caused you to stop and looked down at your hand with knitted brows before quickly looking up only to see him become no more right as you did . . .

And as quickly as he had come into your life, he was gone just like that . . .

And just like your dream, he had left you alone. But instead of the leary darkness that had surrounded you during the dream, you were alone in the pouring rain . . .

So you just stood there, staring ahead of you, not caring about the two pairs of eyes on your form as they exchanged worried glances amongst themselves.

A frown formed on Todoroki's face. He had been watching the entire time and hearing the whole conversation that had ensued between you and the ash blonde . . .

The longer he stared at you just standing outside and letting the rain pour on you, the more the weird feeling he had experienced five days ago began to become more prominent inside of him. However, he couldn't quite understand why he felt this way.

After all, this was what he had wanted from the start, right?

Taking in a deep breath, he pushed the feeling to the side—even if it did little to really get rid of it—before he looked over at the dark haired girl who had since made her way to the door herself.

Yaoyorozu had a frown plastered on her face as well. She had watched you and the ash blonde demon talk; however, she hadn't been able to hear everything that had been said between the two of you because of the rain drowning out most of what had been shared.

But that still didn't stop the questions that swarmed in her mind though one was more prominent than the others:

If this demon was so detrimental to your life and you knew it, why did you look so sad after he had disappeared..?

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