Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

Sometimes the Right Thing Isn't Really the...

Full Title (cut off): Sometimes the Right Thing Isn't Really the Right Thing


They say you don't know what you have until it's gone . . . truth is, you already knew what you had, you just never thought you'd lose it.

After you had finally walked out of the rain, you were instantly greeted by Todoroki and Yaoyorozu on your porch—both looking at you worriedly—waiting for you.

Instantly, Yaoyorozu tried to explain herself to you but you ignored all of her attempts she tried to make—blocking out every single word that'd slip from her mouth.

"Leave." Your words were harsh and cold.

This shut Yaoyorozu up for a moment but, again, she tried to explain, "(L-Last Name)–" But the look Todoroki gave her caused her to stop and, in reluctance, she went quiet.

You didn't bother to listen to much of what was exchanged between the two until Todoroki had muttered they'd be taking their leave and that he'd be back to check on you the next day. With that, he eventually teleported both of them away—to where, you really didn't care at the moment though you figured it was to Yaoyorozu's house . . .

However, you weren't wrong in your guess. Todoroki had successfully teleported them to Yaoyorozu's home, her mother appeared to have been waiting for them—something Yaoyorozu had been expecting. As expected, Her mother asked how it went though she was unable to answer much so Todoroki took over saying how it had been a success before soon taking his leave after a few more words shared between the two that Yaoyorozu failed to process as her mind was spinning with different thoughts.

After that, her mother soon began to pepper her with praise though that was until she saw her face, "What's wrong..?" Mrs. Yaoyorozu asked with knitted brows at her daughter who had a not-so-happy aura around her.

"I . . ." Yaoyorozu paused for a moment, refusing to look her in the eyes, "Nothing . . ." She mumbled as she started off to her room in a sluggish manner.

Mrs. Yaoyorozu watched her daughter disappear up the stairs, a from plastered on her face—something didn't feel right. But she wasn't about to pester her daughter right now. She was sure she was exhausted after what she had just done.

After Yaoyorozu and Todoroki had left, you instantly had closed the door with a slam and had since made your way to the couch, having sat down while not caring about getting it wet from the downpour you had walked in from.

Your stitches had since started to hurt at that point from you doing odd movements that should have been avoided. But you didn't care—that was the last thing on your mind.

You were sad—surprisingly having not cried yet . . . at least you didn't think you had been or were unless the rain masked it.

You were angry.

You were hurt.

You were just a bundle of different emotions all at once.

But, at the same time, you felt numb.

Ignoring the pain that shot from your side, you fell on your side on the couch, your cheek hitting the pillow that laid at the end though it didn't take long for a faint scent of some sort of sweet scent to fill your nose . . .

Caramel . . .

That was the scent.

But where was it coming from..?

Was it coming from the pillow..?

Moving your face so your nose got closer to the small couch pillow, it was obvious that was the culprit . . . in fact, it seemed to fill this room now that you thought about it though the pillow had a much stronger scent radiating from it.

But why did it . . . oh. That was right, you had forgotten Bakugou had that "weird" scent though you had since gone nose blind to it from always being near him. But it seemed your brain was doing everything in its power to keep his existence plaguing your mind at this moment.

You frowned at the realization as your hand gripped the pillow and pulled it closer while you just laid there, not bothering to move from the place—your couch no doubt getting soaked from your clothes.

The clock on the wall continued to tick on as well as the rain continued to hit against the window glass—the sound echoing in the deathly silent room—as you just laid on the couch, unmoving as you just stared blankly in front of you.

You didn't know how long you had just laid there. All you knew was that the gloomy lighter grey outside your window in the living room had eventually turned into darkness as the sound of rain had since stopped, leaving only the clock left to make noise.

In reluctance, you got up and slowly made your way upstairs. Once up there, you went into your room and soon changed into some dry clothes before trudging into your bed.

You never did sleep that night . . . well, you did but not for very long. When you awoke from your short slumber, you didn't hesitate to jump from your bed—ignoring the pain that came with such action—as you raced down the stairs, your mind only filled with one thought:

Perhaps it had all been a dream . . .

Yes, a dream.

Your face was full of hope with that thought as you ran down the stairs. But as you got to the bottom, you were only greeted by the emptiness of the living room and your face instantly fell as you slowly made your way into the living room, resting your right hand on the frame—the clock on the wall ticking away.

You clenched your left fist as your eyes landed on the bowl and candles that were still on your table along with the drawn pentagram that had yet to be cleaned up.

It was silly of you to think it had been a dream.

He was gone.

Bakugou was really gone . . .

There was no changing that fact.

Your lips began to quiver, your mind a bit clearer than the day before yet still so clouded. To think when you had first met him this had been what you had wanted . . . to be free from the chains of the demon you hadn't even meant to summon. Yet . . . here you were, missing the loss of what you had so desperately, at first, wanted gone.

Instead of feeling free as Todoroki had constantly stated, you felt even more caged in than before.

"Heh." You strained a sad smile as you made your way to the couch and sat down, "How . . . how stupid of me." You felt absolutely pathetic as you just sat there. This wasn't like you at all—you weren't the type to usually be so hung up on something.

But . . . here you were.

As time passed throughout the day, you just remained sitting on the couch while being unsure of what to do with no one to "pester" and no will to do much of anything . . .

Todoroki eventually came as he had said though you didn't give him much aside from short and even no responses any time he tried to talk to you while asking how you were in his sickly "nice" and "proper" way.

After a few bypasses of his words on your end as you didn't care to pay too much attention to what he had to say, Todoroki frowned at you as you just stood outside your doorway while glaring at him and making no effort to even try.

He could feel the anger radiating off of you. He had hoped that'd have passed by now . . . but it seemed he had been mistaken and should have known better since he knew the relationship between you and the ash blonde demon wasn't purely platonic—even if the thought somewhat disgusted him.

"Is that all?" You finally asked after a long moment of silence, all his words having gone through deaf ears and forgotten by this point if it had managed to make it through.

A bead of sweat appeared on his cheek, "I . . . suppose it is." His words weren't convincing but you didn't care.

"Then you can leave." You mumbled and went to shut the door, but he placed his foot to stop it so you glared at him.

"Actually . . ." He paused for a moment though you were prepared to ignore the words that were going to spill out of his mouth, "You should talk to your friend . . . uh, Yaoyorozu."

"Huh?" Your eyes widened slightly.

Yaoyorozu . . . your eyes soon narrowed as you went into thought. You weren't as angry at her as you were at Todoroki, but you still had some mild irritation towards her—towards what she had done . . . to what she failed to mention to you.

Though at the same time she wasn't the only one hiding secrets . . .

"Yes . . ." He mumbled, "She only did what she thought was best for you."

"Is that all?" You repeated your previous words.

He frowned at your lack of enthusiasm but removed his foot away from the door, "Ye–"

Without letting him finish his words, you slammed the door in his face as you trudged back into the living room. While you did that, Todoroki remained at your porch, staring at the door that had been rudely slammed in his face though he wasn't mad.

While he had been talking to you, that weird feeling had made an appearance once again . . . though, in reality, it had remained since the day prior. Sighing, he pushed it aside—the best he could anyway—before turning and leaving your home . . .

While you were inside, you had since made it to your couch once again to "sulk." But as you did so, you knew you couldn't keep doing this, especially not with school and finals soon to rear their ugly heads in a few more weeks—four more to be exact—so you needed to focus, especially if you didn't want to fail any of your classes.

You knew you had to accept the reality that had been given to you. With this thought, you made it your goal to began to function normally . . . at least as best as you could without bringing too much attention to yourself . . .


As the days flew by like it was nothing, a week had already come and passed before you knew it as you tried to return to your normal routines . . .

By this point, you had slowly made good—somewhat, at least—on your self promise as you had begun to mingle in with your friends once again such as Ashido, Uraraka, and occasionally Jirou (though she seemed to be off the radar lately as well as something felt a bit off about her since a few days ago but you were unsure as to what).

It was a bit rocky as the group seemed shocked by your sudden want to join them once again. Even you were a bit surprised by your own pushiness to come back . . . but they all slowly re-welcomed you with open arms and little to no questions about why you had been so distant since that was how they all were.

You hoped all this would get your mind off things—to help you forget. Though it did help a little, you knew you still had a long way to go until you were feeling completely up to par. But it was a start in trying to rejoin the normal life that you had originally thought you'd be giving up entirely.

"So can you come to the café today..?" Ashido asked as she peered at you with hopeful eyes after having stopped you in the hallway and upon hearing you didn't have work until two days from now and were pretty much free.

"Uh, yeah, I guess I can." You nodded.

"Yaaaay!" She smiled happily, "It's been too long! Like months!"

"Yeah . . . it has." You gave her a strained smile.

"Let's go!" She instantly gripped your arm as she started to drag you along.


Admittedly as you both got closer and closer to the café, you were beginning to get nervous. You may have been starting to come back with them, but you had yet to be with all of them together as a whole. Plus, there was no doubt that Yaoyorozu would be there.

In all honesty, you were unsure if you were ready to face her. You still had a mild irritation towards her and you sure there would be tension between the two of you once in the same room . . .

"Also . . ." Ashido started, snapping you away from your thoughts as you both continued walking down the sidewalk, having since let go of your arm as you both now walked side-by-side.


"Jirou may seem a bit . . . uh, how do I say this without sounding rude . . ." She paused for a moment as she pondered how to word her thoughts, "A bit . . . out of it..?"


"Don't tell her I told you, ok..?"


"Uhm . . . I guess you know, I'm unsure, but, uh, she had recently been going out with that Kaminari guy . . ."

"Yeah . . ." You didn't like where this was going.

"Well . . ." She frowned as you both stopped in front of the café and she looked back at you, "He broke up with her not too long ago . . ."

"He broke up with her..?" You frowned though your eyes were wide.

Why would Kaminari break up with her..?

Though you had a feeling it was related to why Bakugou had left, too. You wouldn't doubt Todoroki had probably threatened Kaminari as well—it looked like something he'd do . . .

But with that said, that explained why Jirou had been looking under the weather and sulky in the hallways when you'd see her as of late. It also explained why she had been a bit avoidant, too.

Ashido nodded, "Yeah. Apparently, he had to transfer out for some reason or another . . . he wouldn't say why though."

"I see . . . poor Jirou." Your words were sincere.

You couldn't help but feel for the girl, especially since she didn't know the full extent as well as you understood how she felt. It seemed you weren't the only one going through a "demon separation crisis"—except only you knew that was what it was unless she had been let in on the secret though you highly doubted that.

"Come on, (Last Name)-chan." Ashido opened the door to the café as you both soon walked in and headed towards the normal spot you all usually sat at before everything had happened.

As you both came up to the booth, you took notice of the familiar faces of Uraraka, Tsuyu, Jirou, and—of course—Yaoyorozu sitting. It seemed Tsuyu was a new addition they had picked up since when you all had gone to the dress shop together.

"Oh, (Last Name)-chan!" Uraraka exclaimed as she took notice of you which caused everyone to look up from whatever they were doing.

Tsuyu placed a finger to her lips as she looked at you, "Haven't seen you in a while."

"Y-Yeah." You mumbled as you sat down beside Ashido, sandwiching her between you and Uraraka.

Jirou only gave you a look of acknowledgment before looking back down at her phone, a faraway look in her dark purple eyes. Yaoyorozu did the same though once your eyes had locked but you both instantly looked away from each other awkwardly.

The "odd" tension at the table didn't go unnoticed by the other girls, however, as they all looked between each other—even Jirou seemed to feel something was off as she joined in momentarily.

But this didn't last long as Ashido cleared her throat and began to talk about one thing or another. However, you didn't pay too much attention to what was being discussed as you gave a sideways glance over to Yaoyorozu who had since been looking downwards.

Though feeling your gaze, Yaoyorozu began to awkwardly squirm in her spot. Slowly, she looked up, your guys' eyes locking once more though this time she didn't look away. Instead, she continued to stare deep into your own (eye color) eyes as she gripped the hem of her skirt tightly—so much so that her knuckles turned a ghostly white.

As you both drowned out the world around you guys, you both continued to just stare at each other—you more so glaring at her while she almost looked a bit sad with her own. It took a moment, but your stern gaze eventually soften the longer you continued to look at her.

The longer you continued to look into her eyes, the more it became obvious that her gaze was an obvious indicator that she wanted to talk to you later . . . and you had a good idea of what it was about . . .

After a few hours of the three other girls talking amongst themselves—you, Yaoyorozu, and Jirou not joining in with anything being said—everyone soon began to pack up one-by-one to go to their next classes.

Uraraka had been the first to leave with a small wave and Tsuyu was next. Ashido, who gave a worried glance between the three of the remaining party, soon took her own leave. After a few more minutes, Jirou soon silently left herself without bothering to say or wave goodbye to anyone, leaving you and Yaoyorozu alone.

Letting out a sigh, you soon got up yourself as you began gathering your things, "I better get going, too . . ." You muttered before turning around to leave.

"W-Wait!" Yaoyorozu called as she gripped your arm, stopping you.

"What..?" You gave her an indifferent look.

She looked down, her hand tightening on your arm, before looking up at you with a determined look, "I . . . we need to talk." Her words were pleading.

You opened your mouth slightly to speak but instantly closed it as you pondered what exactly to say. You were unsure if you were ready to talk to her . . . but it was something that needed to happen eventually—you knew that.

You both couldn't continue on like this.

"Alright . . ." You reluctantly mumbled.

Her eyes widened, obviously having not expected your reply, but they quickly reverted back to normal, "Let's go to my house."

"Y-You're home..?" A bead of sweat appeared on your cheek as you knitted your brows, not really liking that idea.

"My parents won't be home." She stated, "It'll just be us . . . I promise."

"Okay . . ."

After you both left the café in silence, it hadn't taken too long to arrive to the Yaoyorozu mansion—about five minutes at most if that. Once you both had gotten there, you were instantly greeted by the butler who allowed you both inside.

You hadn't been in her home in a long while . . . but as expected, it was quite luxurious with marble flooring and light but dark stained wood colored furniture gracing the area. There were photos and just about anything with high worth gracing the walls or sitting on the tables as decoration.

After a few words exchanged with her butler for him and to tell the maids "not to disturb you two," you both soon headed into her room where you guys could be alone to talk . . .

As expected, her room was pretty plain with hardly anything in it besides the "essentials," or what she considered to be "essential" anyway—it seemed nothing had changed since you both were younger . . . aside from circumstances, of course.

"You . . . we can sit on the bed." Yaoyorozu mumbled as she sat on the larger-than-average bed near the headboard and by her pillows.

You looked at the silky white sheets before doing the same; however, you sat on the far end and looked up at her as she began to fiddle with her hands, not looking at you any longer—it was obvious she was a nervous wreck. But you waited, you knew it probably had (more so it did have) to be hard for her.

It took her a moment but she finally looked up at you, "A-As you may have figured out . . . I'm . . . I'm a witch."

"Yeah." Your reply was a bit colder than what you had planned.

"I found out maybe a l-little over three months ago . . ."

With those words, she began to explain everything about her end of what she had learned from her mother. From the weird occurrences that had been happening since her birthday albeit not too noticeable at the start to her apparent powerful bloodline . . .

You frowned as you didn't reply to her words and just stared over at her for a moment. You felt for her, you admit. She had been thrown into a supernatural world, one she most likely didn't want to be placed into in the first place. Yet here she was.

"I see." You eventually mumbled.

"Uhm." She swallowed, "I-I wanted to tell you all this, I really did . . . b-but I didn't think you'd believe me and . . . and that was before I knew about . . ." She trailed off and looked down once again.

You took in a deep breath, "I . . . I understand. I know it had to be hard for you." You stated, "After all . . . I kept something from you, too." You didn't have to go into detail since she knew what you were talking about.

"I'm sorry . . ." She practically whispered, "I know you're mad at me."

"I'm . . . I was mad." You admitted, "Though it's not for what you're thinking . . ." You looked down at your hands that were in your lap.

"Huh?" She blinked a few times as she looked at you, "Then why were you . . ."

"B-Because . . ." You swallowed but didn't finish what you were going to say as you knitted your brows while continuing to look down.

It took her a moment, but her eyes widened slightly, "Y-You . . . you cared about him . . . didn't you..?"

"I-I . . ." You paused for a moment and began to squirm in your spot, a small blush making its way to your cheeks before replying, "Yes."

Yaoyorozu's eyes widened even more, "So that was why . . ." she mumbled more to herself.


"Huh..? Oh . . ." She frowned, "I-It just explains a lot. But . . ."

You waited for her to finish her words, but she never did. So you asked the obvious question for her, "You can't understand why I would, can you?" You had a small smile on your face showing you weren't mad at her obvious confused and unvoiced thoughts.

"Y-Yes . . ."

"I'm guessing you got most of your information from Todoroki, right?" You asked and she nodded, "I guess I should explain from the start myself, huh?"

With a sigh, you began explaining your end this time—it was only fair after all. She was quiet as she listened intently to every word you said. From you summoning the ash blonde with the summon ritual you had been convinced to do by Ashido to prove her wrong only for it to be real up until she had unbound you and him . . .

"I . . . I didn't know that you two were . . . were together." Yaoyorozu mumbled after you had finished, "That explains so much . . ."

"Yeah." You gave a sad smile, "But . . . I'm not the only one going through a demon break up though it seems."

"What do you mean..?"


Her eyes widened, "J-Jirou..? You mean that guy she had been going out with a lot as of late, that, uh, Kaminari, was a-a . . ."

"Yes . . . an incubus–"

"You . . . you mean one of those, uh . . ." Her face began to get red, "S-Sex demons..?"

You nodded, "But she doesn't know what he is."

"That explains the 'he was transferring' excuse used. . ."

"I guess so." You frowned but soon let out a sigh as you placed your left hand on the silk sheets, "It's . . . nice talking to you again." You mumbled as you looked down at your hand.

Yaoyorozu's eyes widened slightly though they quickly reverted back to normal as she gave a small smile, "Yeah . . . it is . . ."

You looked up and gave her a sad smile in return. You weren't lying when you said it—it really did feel nice to be slowly shuffling back into your daily routines you had had prior to these three months though you still felt empty . . . like something was missing

However, you knew exactly what it was. And you knew that it'd probably continue to be missing . . .

After a few more conversations to play some much-needed catching up between the two of you along with other conversations that had no supernatural undertones to it, you both had soon said your goodbyes to one another.

As you walked through the gates, you bumped into someone causing you to stumble back a bit. After regaining your balance you looked up in an attempt to apologize but a frown doing made it to your face upon seeing who you had bumped into.

You weren't too surprised to see him if you were being completely honest with yourself. Ever since having Yaoyorozu unbind you from Bakugou, he had been following you around and keeping an eye on you like a hawk. And in a similar manner as Bakugou once had, Todoroki would follow you from your waking hour until you had fallen asleep albeit outside your home since you refused to allow him in.

This was because you were still in danger apparently. Your soul was "still radiated with pure energy" and that they, Dabi and Toga, would most likely be back in the near future. At least that was what Todoroki had said to you when you had questioned why he was still "stalking" you . . .

Though with all that said, unlike with Yaoyorozu—who you had made your peace with, mainly because she was your friend—you were still quite irritated with him . . .

Seeing as you weren't going to speak and just glare at him, Todoroki decided to speak, "I see you took my advice."

"It wasn't because of your advice." You quickly countered.

He looked at you skeptically. It seemed you were being stubborn, per usual as of late. You still hadn't come around to him, always switching to an annoyed stance any time you two would communicate (which was rare as was since he tended to avoid the chatter).

"I wish you'd stop following me." You mumbled as you started past him.

Todoroki began after you, "You know I can't do that."

Taking in a deep breath, you wanted to say something; however, you decided against it as you remained silent and continued to walk to your home so you could start studying for your finals that were coming up.

"Being angry isn't going to solve anything."

His words caused you to stop in your tracks, "What . . . what did you say..?"

He stopped right behind you, "Being angry isn't going to solve anything."

Those words.

You had heard them before, and in the exact same way, too.

Memories flashed across your mind from the day you had gotten mad at Bakugou when he wouldn't tell you what Kaminari had said that night while you both had been walking to the college the next day. How he had said the exact words Todoroki had just said to you . . .

You clenched your fists, so tightly that your knuckles turned white, before letting out an exasperated sigh, "Whatever." You started back on your way to your house.

Todoroki frowned at your response as he just stood there, watching as you walked away—a strange aura radiating from you now though he couldn't quite grasp what it was . . .


Bakugou narrowed his eyes at nothing in particular as he stood in an area that was far from prying eyes and just from other demons in general. It had already been a week since he had left Earth—left you.

The damn whispering never stopped since he had been back in Hell . . .

It had been a constant stream of hushed voices every time he'd walk by. News always traveled so fucking fast in this damn place . . . plus the situation. So it was no surprise it was the topic of conversation every-fucking-where. It was to the point he didn't bother going out—not like he ever needed to or did though.

When he had gotten back that day, he was instantly greeted by no other than Endeavor. The old man was obviously not too overjoyed to see him then, giving him the infamous scowl. But that had been expected, especially given the circumstances. With a few stern words shot in Bakugou's direction, the old man had relieved him of his "summon duties" and, as promised by the dual haired male, he had been reinstated to his original rank as one of the seven:


With that, and being back in his home area, he also regained a lot of what he had lost such as his ability to sense energy properly and a bunch of other small things that had been affecting him since he had been on Earth.

However, with this reinstatement of his position, he would also be stuck remaining in Hell and unable to leave unless ordered to—which was highly unlikely—lest his position reinstatement would be revoked from him just as quickly as it had been given back.

So here he was now—stuck in Hell unless otherwise stated he could leave which would end up being highly unlikely he'd be allowed to anytime . . .

Even though this had been what he had wanted at the damn start . . . he didn't feel any excitement—as much as he'd be willing to show anyway—from it. In fact, he didn't feel any damn thing when having been given his shitty position back.

He'd ask himself why . . . but he knew why. God—ironically—did he know why.

He fucking hated it, this.

He had allowed himself to get attached to something—more so someone—he shouldn't have gotten attached to. He only had himself to blame for this shit but, at the same time . . .

He gritted his teeth and frowned. This is all he had been doing since he had gotten back to Hell—thinking about you and "sulking" around. It was to the damn point of pure embarrassment.

He was such a fucking idiot.

"Fuck." He mumbled to himself as he ran his hand through his messy ash blonde locks, a strained smile on his face.

However, Bakugou failed to take notice of a certain red haired demon lurking nearby from being too preoccupied with his thoughts, watching the frustration of the ash blonde before him.

Kirishima frowned as he peered over at the other male from a distance. He knew about the ash blonde's sulking and the reason why. After all, they were friends—best friends even. Though it also helped with all the rumors that had been going around Hell as of later and ever since he had been summoned down to Earth.

If he was being honest, he hated seeing his friend like this. Slowly, he made his way towards the ash blonde before sitting down beside him—Bakugou not realizing it yet.

"You know . . . sulking isn't the answer, right?" Kirishima looked at him.

Bakugou scrunched up his nose at the voice, knowing exactly who it was so he didn't bother to look in his direction as he forward with his hands clasped together, "What the hell do you want, shitty hair?"

Kirishima's eyes narrowed a bit at the nickname he had been "cursed" with since being friends with the ash blonde before letting out a sigh and looking ahead of him, "I'm just saying . . . sulking isn't gonna help the situation."

"Tch." Bakugou looked opposite of the other male, "There's not much else to do in this shit hole."

"Didn't you say that about Earth, too?"

Bakugou's eye twitched as he sat up straight though refused to look at the other male, "Shut up, shitty hair." He grumbled.

"She must have really been somethin' to get you to be like this, huh?" Kirishima mumbled, ignoring the ash blonde's words.

"That's none of your damn business . . ." Bakugou snapped. There was a long pause but he eventually spoke up again, "I . . . fucking hate it."

Kirishima just leaned back in his spot as he looked up to the permanently reddish dark sky, a small smile on his face. This was one step closer to perhaps getting him out of this slump—not fully, but enough to maybe get him functioning normally once more.

"Not gonna lie, I don't understand what you're going through . . . and I probably never will." He admitted.

"Tch." Bakugou narrowed his eyes.

"But . . . I'm sure everything will work out."

"Whatever the fuck you say, shitty hair."

"I'm serious." Kirishima sighed, "Or . . ." He paused for a moment, "You could always . . . go back."

"You know I can't fucking do that unless I want that damn half-and-half bastard on my ass or even the other higher-up demons." Bakugou grumbled, "Once I leave I'm fair game, you fucking know that. It'll only make shit worse."

Kirishima shrugged, "Just a thought."

"It was a shitty one."

"Better than sulking around though." But after no reply from his friend's end, Kirishima soon sighed as he got up, "I'll leave you be for now but . . . think about what I said." He mumbled before disappear to God knows where.

Bakugou looked at where Kirishima had disappeared and narrowed his eyes. But he knew that his friend was right. Sulking wasn't getting him anywhere but he had no will to go anywhere . . . plus, it wasn't like he had much to go. He was limited to Hell after all.

But the idea that the red haired male had proposed, though crazy given the circumstances, was rather tempting. With that said, he found it rather funny he was even considering such a thought even with the risks that were so obviously tied down to it.

But he wouldn't do it—for your sake. After all, things were "better" like this, he knew that. At least you could live a somewhat "normal" life that wasn't bound to someone like him and "cursed" by his presence.

In the end, a human and demon were never meant to be.

How fucking stupid he was to ever consider such a thing even remotely possible . . . and how stupid of him to allow you to think otherwise as well . . .


As the days rolled on by, finals got closer and closer—now only a week ago away—you all continued to meet up at the café to study together and help each other out. Though Yaoyorozu did most of the helping since she was practically a perfect student . . .

During this time you had also gotten closer to your friends once again, maybe even more so than you had been previously as you all met since you were a bit more involved in conversation as of late which they all seemed shocked about but never did question about it since they all seemed pretty pleased by the change. Neither did anyone ever did question the odd energy that had went around a few weeks ago. But that was most likely for the fact that you and Yaoyorozu appeared to be back on normal terms since the talk the two of you had had—unbeknownst to the others.

"Ugh, I'm so sick of studying. I can't wait until finals are over!" Ashido whined as she slammed her face into her history book while all of you were studying.

"Only one more week." Uraraka stated as she flipped a page of her own book.

"Then the dance that's the day after." Tsuyu reminded.

"Oh!" Ashido's eyes sparkled at her words, "So is everyone going to the dance?"

"I am." Uraraka stated.

"Yeah, I am, too." Tsuyu said.

"Yaoyorozu, Jirou, (Last Name)..?" Ashido peered at the three of you on the other side.

"Yes. I'll be attending." Yaoyorozu said, "I have had my dress picked out and ready since the beginning of the semester."

"Figures." Ashido sweatdropped but sighed before looking at you and Jirou expectantly, "What about you guys?"

"I think I'll pass." Jirou mumbled.

"I-I think I will, too." You rubbed the back of your neck.

This had been a vague conversation between you and Yaoyorozu beforehand but you had told her the same thing . . . mainly because you still weren't feeling one hundred percent. Perhaps next semester you'd feel up to par.

"Whaaaa?" Ashido poked out her bottom lip in a pout, "Whyyyy?"

"I don't feel like it." Jirou frowned as she swirled the straw in her drink.

"I already told you I wasn't going to . . ." You mumbled, "But basically the same reason as Jirou."

"I really think you two should go." Yaoyorozu came in as she looked between the two of you from both of her sides, "It could really help . . ." Her words had an undertone of a different meaning that only you understood and maybe one Jirou caught onto though a bit less detailed.

"I don't know . . ." Jirou mumbled.

"I really don't think–"

"COME ON!" Ashido urged, interrupting you.

In the process, the others started to join in, even Yaoyorozu silently did as she peered at you and Jirou. As they continued to urge, you and Jirou glanced at each other. You both silently agreeing that you guys were probably not going to get out of this before sighing almost in sync with each other as you both turned to look at the other girls.

"Fine." Jirou mumbled first causing then to stop the ruckus, "I guess I shouldn't let the dress I bought that day go to waste."

"I suppose I should out the dress Ashido bought me to use . . ." You mumbled.

"Yay!" Ashido and Uraraka exclaimed in unison while Tsuyu and Yaoyorozu seemed relatively pleased by the response before each one slowly went back to studying their respective material.

Jirou had an annoyed look on her face before she, too, went back to silently studying. Letting out a quiet sigh, you went back to studying yourself though your mind was running with things that didn't involve the material you'd need to learn for your finals. Instead, it was still on the previous conversation . . .

It wasn't that you hadn't wanted to go to the dance, you really did want to. But . . . you just didn't think you'd have much fun at the moment—at least not in your current state. Though you had been doing good thus far, you were unsure if you were ready to take such a leap.

While your mind was doubting your decision, you failed to notice Yaoyorozu glancing over at you. She could tell what you were thinking, at least the base idea anyway.

But she wondered . . .

Though with that thought plaguing her mind, she was unsure about it at the same time. It was a long shot, she knew that—especially with who she was aiming to ask. But with what she had been taking notice to as of late . . .

So maybe it wouldn't be . . .


Todoroki had a bead of sweat on his cheek as he looked at the dark haired girl after her odd and absurd request she had just given him, "You . . . you can't be serious." His words were a statement but there was also a hint of questioning in them.

"I-I am." Yaoyorozu mumbled.

A few days had passed since her thought. Today, deciding to act on it after she had thought more on it, she had left the café after everyone finished studying up for the day and had gone their separate ways from each other—especially you. However, she had given a small gesture to let the dual haired male know she had wanted to speak with him. So here they both were now.

Todoroki sighed as his face went back to normal, "I can't." His words were firm though hesitant at the same time, "That'd just . . . I can't."


"As I said–"

"Please, Todoroki-san."

"No, that just isn't pos–"

"Please!" Yaoyorozu said rather loudly causing the male's eyes to widen a bit before she looked down and clenched her fists, "Please . . ." This time her plea was softer, "It would mean so much t-to . . ." She trailed off as she placed one of her hands over her chest.

Once again, a bead of sweat appeared on his cheek, "Even if I were to agree to your request . . . t-that just isn't . . . that just isn't something that'd end well." He stated, "Besides . . ." He looked to the side for a moment before looking back up at her, "Again, if I were to agree, a lot more is at stake here than your situation that only needs a little bit of time for it to be handled."

"Todoroki-san, th–"

"Anyway, I should get going. I shouldn't keep too far from (Last Name) for long." He didn't allow her to finish, already knowing what was going to slip from her mouth.

Yaoyorozu frowned, "At least think on it." With those words, she headed off to go home.

Todoroki frowned as he watched her walk off until she had disappeared behind a corner of a brick wall before letting out a sigh and teleporting nearby from where he could sense you, soon catching a glimpse of you as you trudged into your home.

But as he stood outside as seemed to be his new routine as of late, the conversation between him and Yaoyorozu never did leave him as it remained the only thing that clouded his mind aside from the obvious making sure you were okay throughout your days.

There was too much of a risk to allow what she had asked for him to do. By doing as the girl had requested, it wouldn't just be him in trouble. With that said, however, he also saw where the girl was coming from though at the same time with his previous stance . . . he let out a sigh as he thought more on it.

Him, him, then you . . .

Was it worth it..?

No, but . . .

He groaned and looked away as he massaged his temples, "What am I even thinking..?" He looked back up at nothing in particular.

Was it his guilt pressuring him into it..?

He was unsure.

At the same time, he couldn't believe he was even considering the possibility . . .

However, if he would do it was another matter at hand. Only the small time frame of a week he had would tell if he'd actually go through with the outrageous idea made by the dark haired girl. That was if he was willing to deal with the possible risks that floated in the air for everyone involved by doing so . . .
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