Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

Dancing With the Devil

As the final week for finals and the dance came, you each had continued to come to the café and work hard to study for them. And, before you all knew it, it was soon time for the dreaded end of the semester tests to be taken.

As you all walked together to the university, the was an air of nervousness and stress surrounding the entire campus all because of one simple reason: finals.

It'd be a lie to say you also weren't nervous because of them . . . but you still had a good feeling about yours since you also had some wiggle room on your scores even if your grades weren't top-notch as of late—but still some, nonetheless.

"Everyone ready?" Uraraka asked nervously as you all stopped right outside the college building.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Ashido mumbled.

Tsuyu nodded, "Yep."

"Yeah, I guess." Jirou muttered, her tone a bit sour.

"I suppose so." You replied.

"I am perfectly prepared" Yaoyorozu stated, "I study every single thing front and back and read each book for each class from start to end. I also wrote every term I figured would be a possible question down twenty times ea–"

"W-We get it, Yao-Momo . . ." Ashido said with a sweatdrop.

"Ah, s-sorry."

After a few more conversations with no relation to finals to lighten the tense atmosphere, you each soon entered U.A. University, soon going your separate ways to start the testing of the classes you all were in.

Sitting down in your math class, you waited for the professor, Mr. Ecto, to hand out the fill out form and booklets to start the final exam you'd need to ever do in this class. After a few more minutes of waiting for everyone who was planning to come to arrive, he gave the basic speech before handing everything out.

"You'll have an hour and thirty minutes to complete this exam." Mr. Ecto started, "You may all begin."

And with that, a day full of finals commenced . . .

Math - 8:00 a.m.

History - 9:45 a.m.

English - 11:25 a.m.

Finished - 12:55 p.m.

"I PASSED THEM ALL!" Ashido yelled as she busted through U.A.'s doors with a few papers in her hands as she ran up to everyone else who had been waiting patiently for the pink haired girl.

"Yay, gratz, Ashido!" Uraraka cheered for the girl, "I passed mine, too."

"Good job." Tsuyu said as she placed a finger to her lips and tilted her head slightly.

"Feels good to finally be free!" Ashido raised her arms happily, "FREEDOM!"

After you all talked about the exams, everyone seeming to have passed or gotten a high enough grade to keep their class scores up to pass the class in general, you all headed to the café to celebrate—Yaoyorozu's treat.

Everyone seemed to be at ease now that finals were officially over and each one of you were now able to go up to the next level of the class if you needed it or could start on your actual degree classes since generals and prerequisites were taken care of.

As everyone finished up at the café and soon said their goodbyes from needing to get prepped before tomorrow, it left you and Yaoyorozu alone together as you both walked side-by-side though Yaoyorozu was deep in thought as you both continued down the cement path.

She wondered if what she had requested of Todoroki would be accepted. She hadn't heard anything from him since last week, so she was unsure of his current thought process in the matter.

"Is everything okay?" You soon asked as you peered over at your friend as you stopped.

Yaoyorozu's eyes widened slightly as she looked over at you and stopped as well, "O-Oh . . . yeah."

"You know you can tell me if something's wrong if–"

"No, no, no . . . n-nothing's wrong. I promise."

You gave her a skeptical look but at the same time it seemed she was telling the truth so you let out a sigh, "Alright."

"But, uh, I was wondering . . ."

"What is it?"

"What are you going to do to your hair for the dance?"

"What..? Oh . . ." You instinctively grabbed a strand of your hair as you eyed it before letting it fall back in place, "I-I was just going to leave it down or . . . or just put a clip in it or something."

"You can't do that!" Yaoyorozu exclaimed.

"W-What?" A bead of sweat appeared on your cheek, "Why not..?"

"It's a dance!" She stated, "You need to do something with it!"

"I . . . I'm sure it'll be fine. It's not like–"

"No, you need to do something nice with it!" She insisted.


"No buts!"

"Bu . . ." You trailed off from the look she was giving you before continuing differently, "W-Well, it's not like I can go anywhere. I'm sure all the places are . . . are booked by this point."

"I'm sure my mom won't mind doing yours, too."

"Yaoyorozu-san." You mumbled her name, "N-No . . . it's–

"Hello?" Yaoyorozu started, her phone now placed at her ear.

"Huh?" You blinked but she ignored you.

"Yes. Yes." She replied to whatever was being said on the other line, "Uhm, you don't mind doing (Last Name)'s hair, too, right..?"

"W-Wait, Yaoyorozu..!" You whispered.

She ignored you, "Really?"

"Wait!" You yelled so Mrs. Yaoyorozu could hear you, Yaoyorozu-san, you don't ha–"

"Perfect!" Yaoyorozu hung up, not allowing you to finish your protests, "It's all taken care of, no need to worry anymore." She smiled at you.

You narrowed your eyes, "Great." Your voice was laced with unenthusiasm as you both continued back walking.

"You can come around two-thirty tomorrow so she can have enough time to do my and your hair." Yaoyorozu stated, "Make sure to bring everything you'll need . . ." She mumbled something else under her breath that you couldn't quite hear.

"Alright . . ." You sighed, not bothering to question what it was.

It seemed you weren't going to get out of this. At least Mrs. Yaoyorozu was actually a good hairstylist—at least from what you could remember from way back then when you bother were younger—though you guessed that was to be expected since the Yaoyorozu family tended to be gifted at many things.

From a certain distance, Todoroki frowned as he heard the conversation between the two of you. With that said, he knew his time was running out for his decision on the matter that had been discussed between him and the dark haired girl—one more day to be exact and not even that.

He had been thinking about it nonstop, long and hard. If he slept, he was sure he'd even be dreaming about it, too, as the week passed by. But he was a hybrid so sleep was something he had no need for.

Letting out a sigh, he frowned at his thoughts. He couldn't believe he was even considering this. The risks of it all was an easy reason enough for him to decline it. After all, he'd be affected too once it got out which wouldn't be long until it happened if he did choose to do it.

But . . .

He continued to look at the backs of the two girls who had gotten even further as they talked about whatever—him not bothering to listen in to anymore that was being said.

Not even twenty hours left to decide what he was going to do . . .

However, with that said . . . he already knew what he was going to do on the matter, even before he had had the actual answer for himself . . .

After you had parted ways with Yaoyorozu after walking with her to her home, you had headed straight to work—taking the subway there as per usual.

Walking into the bookstore and making your way deeper inside, it appeared it was a dead day which wasn't to your dismay—you actually enjoyed dead days, especially now . . .

Once you made it to the counter, you were instantly greeted by Shinsou, "Hey."

"Hey." You greeted back as you came behind the counter where he was.

"So how'd finals go?" Shinsou asked.

"Passed surprisingly." You sighed, "You?

"That's good." He started, "Passed mine, too."

"I figured you would." You smiled, "You're smart."

"Heh." He gave a sleepy smile at your comment as he placed a hand on the back of his neck awkwardly.

Throughout the weeks, he hadn't once questioned what had happened to put you in the hospital which was a relief if you were being completely honest. Though you could tell every time he'd look at you there was a small ounce of curiosity in his eyes—you wondered how he did it.

However, he had questioned about where Bakugou had gone . . . but you had, of course, told him something along the lines of that he had finally gone back to where he had come from "visiting" you with vague detail which was technically not wrong . . .

"So are you going to the dance?" You asked.

He hummed in thought,l before replying, "Maybe, I'm unsure. Are you?"

You sighed, "Yeah. Forced by my friends."

"Ah." He shrugged, "Maybe you'll enjoy it though."

"Maybe, but dances aren't my thing." You admitted.

"I'm sure half of them don't dance anyway. So you probably won't be the only one."


"Also . . ." Shinsou started, "I finally found Yua."

Your eyes widened, "Really?!"

He nodded, "Yeah. She finally wandered back home."

"That's great!"

"She was a little, uh, 'dirty,' so I had to give her a bath . . . which wasn't fun." He frowned at the thought, "But that's probably because she's been gone for so long."

You smiled, "At least she's back."

He sighed, "Yeah, I'm thankful for that. Still don't know why she ran off for so long like that, it's not like her."

You frowned, knowing a bit as to why but only giving a true yet vague excuse, "Maybe she got spooked really bad . . ."

He shrugged, "Maybe."

However, his reply sounded uncertain and you were positive he thought it was something else—something more. You wished you could give him more, but you had a feeling that was a bad idea as well as you were sure he wouldn't believe you.

So, instead, you both continued to chat on much lighter topics and carry on with your regular workday and taking care of customers that would come in as needed . . .


Looking at the knee-length (favorite colored) laced top dress in the dress protector bag "Ashido" had gotten you that laid out on your bed, you let out a sigh before grabbing it and holding it over your shoulder as you soon started down the stairs.

You soon opened your front door and started on your way to Yaoyorozu's house—a certain dual haired male following behind you though you ignored his presence as you continued down the sidewalk.

It didn't take long to reach the Yaoyorozu mansion as you passed the gate and headed to the front door, knocking before waiting until the butler or the off chance Yaoyorozu or Mrs. Yaoyorozu would answer the door.

As you waited, Todoroki had made his way beside you, "(Last Name)."

Reluctantly you turned to face him, "What?" Your words still had an icy ting to them.

He sighed, "I need to handle some . . . business." He started, "I'm sure you'll be fine if I leave you for a little while."

"Whatever." You mumbled while you turned back around, not caring about what he had to do.

Todoroki frowned at your words but let out another sigh once he teleported away and to the location he had "business" at. Right as he disappeared, the door soon opened revealing the old man butler.

"Come in, (Last Name)-san. The Yaoyorozu's have been expecting you." He moved a bit to the side, "They're in the living room."

You gave a small nod as you entered and instantly made your way to their large living room, instantly setting sight on Mrs. Yaoyorozu fixing up Momo's hair into what appeared to be her usual ponytail; however, it was turned upward into the opposite direction to give a bun-like appearance as some strands spiked up.

"(First Name)." Mrs. Yaoyorozu said as she took notice of you while putting a gold clip that had some resemblance to a butterfly with red rubies embedded in it that matched the earrings Momo wore into the girl's hair.

"(Last Name)." Momo greeted but remained still as her mother sprayed the spiky locks to keep them in place—the room starting to smell like hair spray a bit now.

"Hey." You quietly said as you walked deeper into the living room as Mrs. Yaoyorozu finished up with Momo's hair, placing your dress on the couch.

"That should do it." Mrs. Yaoyorozu mumbled as she expected her work.

Momo looked at her hair in a hand mirror before hopping out of the seat, "Hopefully it stays."

"It should." Her mother stated.

"It looks good." You said as Momo made her way towards you.

"Thanks." She smiled as she made her way behind you and started pushing you forward, "Now it's your turn!"

"O-Oh." You managed to squeak out as she pushed you down in the seat in front of Mrs. Yaoyorozu—thankfully your stitches had since stopped hurting.

Mrs. Yaoyorozu sighed, "Why don't you go ahead and get changed into your dress, Momo."

The girl nodded, "Alright." With that, she soon made her way out of the living room and towards her room.

Mrs. Yaoyorozu smiled down at you once her daughter had left as she held a (hair color) lock of your hair, "What were you wanting?"

"Uh . . . I-I don't know." You admitted as you began to fiddle with your hands in your lap.

The woman hummed in thought as she let the lock of hair drop and walked in front of you before studying your face, "How about . . . a bun, too? It seems to work well and there are different styles that'd work for almost every hair type." She offered.

"Okay. That's fine." You agreed.

With that, she walked back behind you and started to brush your hair to free it from any possible knots and to make it easier to out up in the style that was planned.

"How are the stitches?" She eventually asked.

"Ah . . . they feel better." You stated, "Some pain here and there, but nothing like it was at the start."

"That's good." She began to brush your hair back, allowing a few strands to remain upfront.

While she did this, it was obvious she wanted to say more to you on the matter; however, it remained silent as she continued to work on your hair. It felt like she was braiding it, too, but you were unsure since you couldn't see what exactly she was doing.

After about ten or fifteen more minutes of silence, Mrs. Yaoyorozu did the finishing touches to your hair before spraying it with hairspray, to help it stay in place through the day.

She soon came up from behind you to make sure everything was just right, "Alright. I think I'm done." She handed the mirror Momo had earlier to you.

Hesitantly, you took the mirror and looked at yourself. Your eyes widened slightly as you took notice of the bun style she had done. It had an elegant yet messy look to it as a few strands on the left side were left to hang from the bun while there was a very loose braid wrapping around that side. With that said, it really suited you if you were being honest.

You went to touch it but Mrs. Yaoyorozu quickly stopped your attempts, "No touching!" She scolded causing you to drop your hand instantly with a sweat drop, "You don't want to mess it up before you even get there."

"O-Oh, yeah."

"I'm sure Momo is almost done, so you can go up there and change into your dress."

With a careful nod as not to mess up your newly styled hair, you grabbed the dress you placed on the couch before heading upstairs. Once to Yaoyorozu's room, you softly knocked.

"(Last Name)..?" You heard Yaoyorozu's voice on the other end.

"Yeah . . ."

"You can come in."

As you opened the door, you were greeted by the back of Yaoyorozu as she was looking in the mirror. But once she saw your reflection she whipped around with sparkles in her eyes as she had her hands pressed to her cheeks in awe.

"You look so adorable!" She practically squealed.

Looking at her, you took notice of her wearing a long lime green dress that went all the way down to her ankles with a matching colored choker and white high-heeled shoes. All in all, it really suited her.

"N-No. You're the one who looks good." You mumbled, a bit embarrassed by her compliment, a small blush on your cheeks.

"What does your dress look like?"

"Oh." You had forgotten she hadn't seen your dress yet, "Here . . ."

Walking over to her bed, you placed the dress protector bag on it before unzipping it to expose the (favorite color) knee-length laced v-neck top dress—the bottom a bit poofy—before removing it from the bag and letting it lay on top of it.

She gasped, "It's so pretty!"

"I guess . . . I'm still a bit iffy about it." You admitted.

"No! I think it's the perfect dress for you."

You hummed, "You sure..?"

"Mhm, mhm!" She nodded her head, "It's simple yet not at the same time. Now put it on!"

With that, you changed out of the clothes you had come in then slipped the dress on, allowing Yaoyorozu to help you zip it up before turning to face the girl. She instantly gawked at you.

"D-Does it look okay..?" You mumbled as you looked down a bit unsure.

"Okay?" Yaoyorozu asked, "You look better than okay. You look amazing!" Though after saying this, she scrunched up her nose, "But . . ."

You frowned, "But what..?"

"You're not wearing those shoes . . . are you..?"

"Uh . . ." You looked down at your (favorite color) converse, "I . . . didn't think about that." You admitted.

"Hold on." Yaoyorozu went to her closet for a few seconds before coming back with a pair of (favorite color) strappy criss-cross heels in hand.

"Oh . . . no, no, no." You started, realizing the intent, "You know I can't walk in heels." In fact, you could feel the wobbling and imbalance just by looking at them.

"Come on." She urged, "Just for tonight."

You looked at the heels with utter disgust plastered all over your face but reluctantly you grabbed the horrid things from the girl's hands before sitting on the bed and changing out your converse for the heels. Once done, you carefully stood up, already becoming a bit wobbly in your attempts.

"See, those look much better." Yaoyorozu stated.

"Yeah. Until I fall on my face and die." You muttered.

"You'll be fine." She promised and gave you a reassuring smile, "I'm sure we'll all mostly be standing still or sitting down since we aren't going with anyone."

You sighed as you looked at yourself in the mirror taking note of your appearance, still not believing it was you since it was such a drastic change, "I guess."

"Come on, let's go. The dance starts in a few hours and the place is about thirty minutes away as well as we have to pick up the other girls on the way."

With your reply, you and Momo headed down the stairs, you with a little bit of help from her so you wouldn't fall to your "death." Mrs. Yaoyorozu swooned over the both of you, saying how cute you two looked while begging to snap a few pictures before you and Momo headed outside and towards your ride—a limousine, one of the Yaoyorozu's personal limousines to be exact.

It had been agreed upon by the group apparently that you'd all ride in her limousine together. It wasn't your ideal choice since it'd just bring more attention to yourselves, but you also weren't complaining since you now had been convinced to wear these heels.

With that, you both were off as you picked up the rest of the girls one-by-one starting with Uraraka and Ashido who were waiting together at Uraraka's house for the limo to arrive and pick them up.

Uraraka was wearing a pink and white dress with black tights while wearing a pair of red strapped heels. She had her regular hairstyle but sporting a black bow with a white rose in the middle of it.

Ashido was wearing a sparkly pink and blue dress—the top blue on one side and pink on another—with the bottom a bit poofy with pink and blue streaks ever so often with a pair of sparkly pink shoes. Her hair remained in its normal fluffy and unruly style.

Once they had gotten into the limo, they each swooned over the way you and Yaoyorozu looked in your outfits—especially you.

Next on the pickup list was Tsuyu. She was wearing a light and dark green dress that went a bit lower than her knees. Like Uraraka, she kept her original hairstyle but had a matching light green headband in place. Once she had entered the limo, she was much more silent in her praise with each one of you as she complimented everyone in one go.

Jirou was the last one to be picked up. She was wearing a pink and purple dress with low-heeled pink shoes, red fingerless gloves, a black choker, light grey tights underneath, and a black jacket with sleeves that stopped right at her elbows. She also had her hair on the right held by a pink and red flower clip.

Unlike the rest of the girls, she didn't say much aside from a simple "hey" once she had hopped into the limo and sat beside Tsuyu. It was obvious she wasn't too pumped about all this which you couldn't blame her much since you also weren't too thrilled either . . .

After bout ten minutes of riding around, the limo eventually stopped in front of a large home—one similar to size like Yaoyorozu's though much larger. It was obvious the home wasn't necessarily meant to be lived in from the many window like walls that were present to allow you to see inside and how it looked pretty empty aside from the many U.A. students that were currently inside and the extravagant decorations that were seeable from where you stood after getting—more so wobbling—out of the limousine, the light sounds of music hitting your ears.

It looked like one of those mansions you'd see from a movie if you were being perfectly honest.

There was an open balcony on the third floor with a few students who looked to be talking as they peered downward though not as many that were at the lower level inside.

"Woah! It's so big!" Ashido exclaimed once each of you had gotten out of the limo one-by-one.

"Very big." Tsuyu agreed.

"It looks like one of those places you'd see in a movie." Uraraka stated similar to your own thoughts.

"Well, let's stop gawking and head in!" Ashido exclaimed as she practically ran towards the large mansion.

"I agree. Let's go." Yaoyorozu said.

With that, you each shuffled inside the building, instantly being greeted by the sound of music and low chattering from the many other people inside.

"So pretty . . ." Uraraka's eyes sparkled as she clasped her hands together and looked around.

And she wasn't wrong . . .

It was quite pretty.

Though you could see some of the inside from being outside because of the windowed walls, being inside was a whole other ball game—allowing you to see the magnificent interior of the home.

As figured from the outside, the inside was one entire room, empty aside from a few of the refreshment tables that stood near the walls as well as a couple of chairs and tables that were out of the way of the dance area of the room.

There were white stairs that lead up to the second floor though it seemed the second floor wasn't as open spaced and just lead to rooms that were probably bathrooms and such. You were sure the third floor was about the same and just lead to the balcony or something along that lines . . .

As you all walked in, you all instantly headed to a secluded corner as not to get in the way of any of the other U.A. students and even some randoms who were here as a date were dancing or hanging around.

Because you all didn't really have any dates aside from yourselves as a whole which most likely didn't count, everyone stuck together as was agreed on and just talked amongst yourselves.

That was until Tsuyu soon departed from the group upon being asked to dance by a boy you had seen in your English class—Tokoyami Fumikage. He was a standoffish male who enjoyed poetry from what you could gather from observation though you didn't pay too much attention to him other than that.

After looking at the group for reassurance that it was okay with everyone, you all giving her a small nod in return, she soon left the four of you to your own accords as she went off to dance with the male.

"I didn't know she liked Tokoyami-kun . . ." Yaoyorozu mumbled as she eyed the two as they began to dance together.

"Oh, yeah. She totally does!" Ashido started, "She wanted to ask him . . . but she was a bit nervous so she just decided to go with us."

"But I guess it stilled worked out for her in the end." Uraraka said as she watched the two.

"Good for her." Jirou mumbled more so to herself so no one else could hear it; however, you had heard it.

You glanced over at her, taking notice of how her eyes narrowed. It seemed the "break-up" with Kaminari was still getting to her—not that you blamed her, however. After all, you were still a bit hung up about your own though you seemed to hold it in better than she did . . .

After the leave of Tsuyu, it didn't take long for the group to slowly shrink in size and begin to disperse into all different directions of the building as something had caught Ashido's eye—food to be more exact. With that, it didn't take long for her and even Uraraka to quickly head off towards the tables with the food on them though it seemed the two girls got a bit sidetracked as they began talking to a whole other group of students after they had gotten there.

"So much for sticking together." You mumbled after it was obvious no one was going to come back any time soon.

"It's starting to get crowded, too." Jirou mumbled next as she looked around and taking notice of the increased amount of people who had arrived since you all had gotten here.

"Well . . ." Yaoyorozu frowned, "We can always go up to the balcony. I heard the view was fantastic and there doesn't seem to be that many people up there either."

Jirou looked around once more, "I guess." She reluctantly mumbled seeing as it was better than down here.

"I . . . I don't know. I really don't want to try the stairs in these heels . . ." You looked down, "I can barely stand as it is."

"Oh, come on." Yaoyorozu urged, "I'll help you."

You looked up and sighed, "If I fall to my death, it's on you."

With a small laugh on her end, the three of you headed up to the second floor. It took you a moment—even with Yaoyorozu's help—but you eventually made it to the top without slipping to your death.

"Uh, I'm gonna use to the bathroom real quick . . ." Jirou started, "I'll, uh, come up after."

"Oh, okay." Yaoyorozu replied.

You blinked at her, "Okay."

With that, Jirou went off in the opposite direction to the presumed bathrooms which left you and Yaoyorozu alone now. You and Yaoyorozu looked at each other before she let out a sigh and you two soon headed off to the next flight of stairs before carefully going up to them—Yaoyorozu helping you again, of course—and entering onto the balcony, the music also still hearable from up here.

As Yaoyorozu had stated, there was practically no one up on the balcony except for maybe a few couples it seemed and even a couple of solo people. As you both headed to the railing and looked ahead, it appeared the word around of it being quite nice wasn't a lie either.

"It's nice." Yaoyorozu commented.

"Yeah." You agreed as you continued to look out watching a few late people walking from their cars or rental limousines.

However, as you watched the couples—especially the ones holding hands and such—you had a frown plastered on your face.


Jirou frowned as she looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, the water running below her—thankfully she was the only one in the bathroom currently. This wasn't what she had been wanting to do with her day or, well, night . . . but here she was.

She wondered if she could sneak out without any one of you would notice her absence. But she had a feeling either you or Yaoyorozu would figure it out sooner or later and become worried. Plus, Yaoyorozu was her only ride . . . she much rather not ride out with another person she didn't know too well.


She continued to look at her reflection before letting out a sigh. Shutting the water off and getting a paper towel to dry her hands before throwing it away in the trashcan beside the door, then putting her gloves back on before soon exited the bathroom.

However, as she exited, she didn't head straight to the balcony. Instead, she just stood outside the bathroom door, only moving to the side just in case others wanted to go in, as she watched a few people coming up and even some coming down the stairs—mostly couples.

What else did she expect to see..?

She should have been prepared with the sight. After all, it was a dance. But it only reminded her of what could have been her. She could have been talking and linking arms with . . . her eyes narrowed at the thought.

With a sigh, she soon started towards the flight of stairs that's lead to the third floor, the balcony. However, as she went past the first flight of stairs, she soon bumped into something . . . or someone. With a small yelp and closing her eyes from the impact, she started to fall on her butt but a hand had caught her own, stopping her from doing just that.

Having not fallen yet, she opened one eye, it instantly landing on the hand that had her own, before opening the other one as whoever had their grasp on her soon began to pull her to her feet.

Jirou continued to look down as she let go of the person's hand, "I-I'm so sorry, I wasn't watching where I was–" As she looked up, her eyes widened, "Y-You . . ."

"H-Hey . . ."


"Hey, Imma go back over to Yao-Momo and them." Uraraka mumbled to the pink haired girl between chews of the small hand sandwich she had gotten from the food tables.

"Hmm?" Ashido turned away from her conversation to look at the girl, "Oh, okay. I'll, uh, be there maybe in a few." With that, she turned back around to start back where she left off with the other group of U.A. students.

Uraraka nodded as she made her way back—a plate of food in her hand. Though as she looked in the direction where the group had once been, she frowned. It seemed you all had disappeared . . . somewhere.

Looking around, she was unable to spot any of you aside from Tsuyu who had since stopped dancing with the Tokoyami fellow as they were just now chatting in the corner, smiling happily at each other.

"I wonder where they went . . ." She mumbled to herself as she continued to where you all had once been though her eyes soon trailed to the stairs, "Maybe they went to the balcony." With that, she made her way towards the flight of stairs.

However, she stopped as she heard some mumbling nearby. She hummed as the closer she got, the more familiar it sounded. Almost like . . . her eyes trailed to near the stairs, a green haired male looking nervous as he mumbled a few things to himself.

"I-I shouldn't have . . ."

Uraraka tilted her head as she walked over to the male, stopping once she was directly in front of him, "Midoriya-kun?" She called his name as she peered at him.

But Midoriya didn't snap from his mumbling trance and just continued to say broken sentences that, unless one knew the reason, wouldn't be able to figure out, "He's going to be in so much t-trouble . . . they'll hear about this and . . . and . . ."

Uraraka frowned, "Midoriya-kun."

"I-I should have stopped him . . . I wonder if I'll get in trouble, w-what would . . ."


"No . . . t-they can't it–"

"MIDORIYA-KUN!" Uraraka practically screamed.

Midoriya's eyes widened as he jumped a bit to look at whoever had yelled at him, "W-What?! Uraraka-chan..?"

"What's wrong..?" Uraraka titled her head.

"Huh..? Oh . . ." Midoriya frowned as he began to wave his hands in front of his face, "N-Nothing!"

"Are you sure?"

He nodded and placed his hand on the back of his neck nervously, "Y-Yeah."

"Hmm . . . well, have you seen Yao-Momo, Jirou, and (Last Name)-chan?" She asked, "They kind of disappeared."

"Where Y-Yaoyorozu, Jirou, and (Last Name)-chan are..?" He asked.

Uraraka nodded, "I think I'll check the balcony. That seems like where they'd go." With those words, she started to leave the green haired male.

Midoriya's eyes widened again, he knew he had to stop her before she . . . "W-Wait!" He quickly grabbed hold of her wrist, stopping her.

Uraraka's eyes widened as her already permanently pink blushed cheeks got even pinker, "W-Wha–"

Midoriya's face turned completely red as his lips began to quiver in an embarrassed smile, "Uh . . . uhm, d-d-dance with m-me"

"W-What..?" Uraraka's own lips began to quiver in embarrassment.

Midoriya looked downward, "D-Dance with . . . with m-me." He repeated the words weakly.

Uraraka stared at him, "I-I . . ."


As you and Yaoyorozu stood in silence outside on the balcony, you wondered if you could have convinced Bakugou to go to one of these. It seemed unlikely, however. He didn't seem like the type to go to dances or anything "human" for that matter. You smiled lightly at the thought though it was a somewhat sad one as a bittersweet filling filled you.

"What are you smiling about?" Yaoyorozu asked—not quite catching the sad aspect of it—snapping you from your thoughts.

You looked over at her with slightly wide eyes, "Oh . . . n-nothing."

She turned as she leaned against the rail and looked ahead with a frown. She knew you were lying and she had an idea what was running through your mind. She also knew you weren't having that great of a time here either.

"I'm sorry." She mumbled.

"Huh?" You blinked, "For what?"

"For . . . for what I did." She mumbled, "I don't think I apologized enough."

You frowned, "Yaoyorozu, it's–"

"If I would have known the whole story . . ." She trailed off.

"Really, Yaoyorozu, it's fine." You started, "I know what you did you thought was best for me . . . and maybe . . ." You swallowed, "And maybe it was."

You didn't want to believe it but, in the end, Bakugou was a demon and, well . . . you were a human. Your relationship from the start was probably doomed to fail anyway. As much as you didn't want to think about that, there was no denying it either; however, even as you thought that, it didn't make it hurt any less. In fact, it probably made it hurt even more.

"(Last Name) . . ." Yaoyorozu glanced over at you, you now having looked back down past the rails, before turning back to facing in front of her, "I–" However, she stopped her words as her eyes met a pair of mismatched ones—ones that said he wanted to speak with her.

Seeing as Yaoyorozu had stopped her words, you turned your head to look at her, "You what..?"

Her eyes widened as she turned to look at you, "Uh . . ." She paused for a moment as she looked back in front of her, "I-I'll be right back."

You blinked a few times, "Huh, you, too?"

"Uhm . . . I-I need to . . . to use the bathroom." She muttered though there was something off about her words, "I promise I'll be right back." With those words, she soon dashed off.

"Uhm." You frowned as you watched her practically zoom away until disappearing behind the door you both had entered to get to the balcony.

It seemed the little "group date" didn't last long, not that that was too surprising.

But on another note, you wondered where Jirou was . . . it had been a good few minutes since she had parted to go into the bathroom though you were sure Yaoyorozu would see her if that was where she was really going. That was if Jirou was still in the bathroom as well.

"(Last Name)..?"

"Huh?" You turned around, your eyes widened slightly, "Oh, Shinsou . . . "

He seemed a bit taken aback by something—perhaps your unexpected appearance—though his face soon returned to normal, "Almost didn't recognize you."

"I thought you weren't coming to the dance?"

"I said maybe." He corrected.

"Oh . . . I guess you did."

"Where are your friends?" Shinsou asked, "I thought you were coming with them."

You let out a sigh, "They kind of all scattered."

"So you got ditched?"

"Well, no. Not exactly." You started, "Two of the five others should be back . . . eventually." You frowned, "Maybe."

"I see."

"Did you come with anyone..?"

"Nah." He put his hand on the back of his neck, "I was actually about to leave, to be honest."

"Oh, I don't blame you." You admitted.

"Oh?" He paused for a moment, "If you want, instead of waiting for your group, I can take you home since we live across from each other."

Your eyes widened, "Oh, no. That's . . . that's fine."

"You sure?"

You nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine staying until they leave . . . even if I kind of want to go home."

He gave you skeptical look but shrugged, "Well, I'll be going then. Bye, (Last Name) . . . have fun."

You gave him a small smile, "Bye, Shinsou . . . I'll try." With that, he turned around and soon left the balcony, leaving you.

You sighed as you turned back to looking over the railing after he left you to your own accord, one of your fingers making invisible patterns on the top of the rail as you became lost in thought.

Maybe you should have taken him up on his offer. It wasn't like you were having much fun if you were being completely honest with yourself. But you felt bad about randomly leaving the group, especially Yaoyorozu—even if you all were not really together anymore at the moment.

Letting out another sigh, you frowned as you continued to look down at the people who continued to come in—less than before, however—and now some who were going out of the building.

"There's no damn use in sulking."

You froze in your spot and your eyes widened upon hearing those words—that voice. It couldn't be . . . could it..? There was no way that it was, no way . . .

Swallowing, you slowly turned around. Your eyes widened even more as they set sight of the person in front of you, "B-Bakugou . . ."

Was he really standing right there?

Were you going crazy?

Was this a dream?

Without thinking much, you took a few steps forward. Your arm reaching out, letting your hand press lightly against him, expecting it to just go through and shatter the presumed illusion . . .

But it didn't.

This most definitely wasn't a dream or illusion.

He was there—Bakugou was really standing right in front of you.

However, instead of his normal attire that consisted of a black t-shirt and jeans, he was wearing formal wear: a mostly black vest that had red from the sides to the back, with a dark grey button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a red tie that ran underneath the vest while his pants and shoes obviously were black with his actual suit jacket draped over his shoulders.

"A picture lasts fucking longer." Bakugou grumbled at your staring though his words sounded harsh, you knew they weren't.

You removed your hand from him as you stepped back and looked up at him, your eyes still wide, "I-I . . ." But you stopped and furrowed your brows, an angry look starting to appear on your face, "Why . . . why are you here..? I-I thought you . . ." You trailed off as you looked down.

Bakugou just looked at you for a moment, not uttering a word as he tried to find his own though he knew he had to trail lightly. After all, he could sense your anger even if it was more so mild irritation than anger.

He eventually cleared his throat, causing you to look back up at him, "Uh . . ." He began to mess with his tie a light almost unseeable blush on his cheeks as he looked to the side, "Dance with me."

Your eyes widened, "D-Dance with . . . with you..?"

That seemed like an odd request, both given the situation at the current moment and for the fact that Bakugou most definitely didn't appear to be the type who "danced." Looking around, it seemed you two were, oddly, the only ones around on the balcony, too.

He clicked his tongue, "You fucking heard me, girl."

"B-But I don't know how." You mumbled, "I can't in these . . . these heels either. And what if Yaoyorozu comes back what wo–"

"Damnit, (Last Name). Just fucking shut up and accept my damn offer."

Your eyes widened at the use of your name before lightly puffing out your cheeks, "Fine. But if I step on your feet, don't complain."

"Tch, whatever."

He roughly snatched your hand before dragging you towards the middle of the balcony, causing you to stumble a bit; however, he made sure you wouldn't as he instantly had you steadied in his grasp.

His left hand gripped your waist lightly while your own left hand instinctively went to his shoulder awkwardly while he grasped your right hand with his own one as you both began to "dance" at a slow pace along with the light sound of the music that could be heard still even up on the balcony.

"I-I really can't dance." You mumbled after a few seconds of the awkward movements, looking down a bit as you tried your best to follow his movements.

"I can fucking tell." He blew air from his nose in blatant amusement as you both continued the awkward motions with his right unlike yours, however, since he obviously knew what he was doing, "Here, moron . . ." He mumbled as he picked you up a bit and placing you to where you were standing on his feet which caused you to be pressed flush against him—his natural and odd caramel scent filling your nose.

"W-What!?" You squeaked out as your left hand gripped Bakugou's shoulder tighter and your clasped one doing the same as he continued in more fluid movements now that you weren't pulling him down, "Could have warned me . . ." You mumbled, but it wasn't like you hated the new position.

He clicked his tongue as he moved you both along in a now less awkward dance motion before taking in a deep breath, "You . . . you look, uh . . . uhm, good." His voice was low as he spoke.

"O-Oh." Your eyes widened as your face heated up at the unexpected compliment before you looked away, "Th-Thank you . . ."

"Whatever . . ."

As silence overtook the area, you both—more so he—continued doing the basic dance motions. It was almost soothing in a way as he had you pressed flush against him and moving about. But even so . . .

You looked up, a sad expression on your face, "Bakugou."

"What, girl?" Bakugou looked down at your face, a frown on his face upon seeing your facial expression.

"What are you doing here..?"

"Obviously what I'm fucking doing now, dancing with your dumbass."

"That's not what I mean." You sighed, "I-I meant why . . . why did you come back..?"

"I . . ." He paused for a moment as he swallowed, "I came back for you . . . idiot."

Your eyes widened, "For me . . ."

"Don't let it get to your damn head, girl." He grumbled.

Your eyes pointed downward and your hold on him tightened, "Are you going to leave . . . again..?"

An uncomfortable silence took over the two of you as he pondered his words, "It's not like I fucking can." He eventually muttered as he slowly led you closer and closer to the balcony, keeping the fluid movements.

Your eyes widened once again as you looked up at him though he had since looked to the side, "W-What does that mean?"

He clicked his tongue before looking back down at you, "I can't fucking go back to Hell."

"Why wouldn't you be able to..?" It wasn't that you were complaining though his words weren't also set in stone of what was to come.

"Because . . ." His grip tightened on your waist, "The deal was broken."

"What..?" You furrowed your brows though a shot of realization hit you, "Was it . . . was it the deal you and Todoroki made?"

He frowned as he unclasped your right hands and suddenly picked you up, setting you on the railing on the balcony. But he didn't back away as your hand remained on his shoulder, "Somethin' like that. The half-and-half bastard would see me as free game."

Your eyes widened, understanding the context of his words, "Y-You mean–"

"Yeah, that."

"W-Wait, if that's the case . . . if Todoroki catches yo–"

"He's the one who broke the stupid deal."

"Huh? He's the one that . . ." You paused, your eyes still wide, "Why would he do that?"

That didn't seem like the Todoroki you had gotten to "know," or at least by what you had seen from him at his stance on humans and demons being together—more so demons in general—thus far.

"How the Hell am I suppose to know?" He grumbled, "he even let that idiot, dunce face, come along."


"Yeah . . . all I know is his stupid half-and-half ass came to Hell and told me the deal was off. He didn't give me fucking much to go off of. But . . ." He trailed off, a light blush on his cheeks.

"S-So does that mean that . . . that you can stay..?" There was an undeniable hint of hope in your voice.

"That's what I've been saying, idiot." He mumbled but soon looked to the side before swallowing, "That is if . . . if you fucking want me to."

"I-I do!" You practically jumped up and yelled though you almost fell forward given your position on the railing.

Thankfully, Bakugou was in front of you to keep you steady, "Be fucking careful, girl." He glared down at you as he readjusted you.

Your face flushed a bright shade of red for a split second before you quickly looked down, "I-I do want you to stay with . . . with me."

"Then I guess it's fucking settled, back to your shitty home." Though his words were that of distaste, his tone was the opposite.

"I . . . I missed you." You admitted slightly, not looking him in the eyes, as you pressed your hands to his chest, "And I, uh . . ." You trailed off as you knitted your brows.

He frowned at the trail off, "And you what?"

You began to squirm in your spot, still not looking at him, "Uhm . . ."

"Spit it out, girly."

You swallowed, your grip on his vest tightening. You were scared of the words that were threatening to spill from your mouth, unsure how they'd be perceived or even if it was too soon to say such a thing since you never really had the experience. But even so, you needed to say them . . .

You took in a deep breath preparing for the next words, "I . . . I l-love . . . you."

Bakugou's eyes widened as the words slipped from your mouth but he remained silent which didn't sit too well with you as you soon frowned and looked away, your hands dropping from his shoulders while your face reddened with embarrassment.

"I'm sorry. I-I shouldn't have said that." Your lips began to quiver as you removed your hands from his shoulders and placed them on your lap and squeezed the edge of your dress, "I just–"

Bakugou listened, well . . . maybe that was the wrong way to put it since he actually wasn't listening to the excuses of why you had just said those three words, the half-assed excuses pouring from your mouth in embarrassed and rapid streams—your face beyond red at this point.

However, the three simple words you had said continued to ring throughout his mind over and over. He couldn't believe you had fucking just said those words. That you had just said that . . . that you loved him.

Three words he never thought he'd ever hear in his life, words he actually never had heard said to him before even in his ten thousand years of living. . . yet, here you fucking were.

You had just said them.

And the way that it made him feel . . .

"Shut up." He muttered as he peered at you while he leaned in a bit.

You quickly stopped your stream of excuses as you looked up at him with a frown, "I–" But before you could say anything, something stopped you . . .

It took you a moment to understand what was happening. But you finally realized that his lips were now on your own, shutting you up from finishing your sentence that probably wasn't going to be any good anyway.

Your eyes widened as you just sat frozen, your mind racing, but you soon began to let your lips move against his in a somewhat awkward motion on both ends as you raised your hands to his chest instinctively.

His lips were warm against yours and sweet with what appeared to be the faint taste of caramel which, in all honesty, wasn't too surprising given the scent he tended to let off though it was nice . . .

But almost as quickly as his lips had been pressed on your own, they soon left as he pulled back though remained a few inches from your face—it was short, too short for your liking. You lightly ran a finger across your lips as you blinked a few times, still not believing what had just happened.

"T-That . . . you just–"

"You really are a fucking idiot." Bakugou muttered as he glanced to the side.

"H-Hey!" You lightly hit him on the chest though it didn't seem to phase him much.

He blew air from his nose in amusement before looking back, a smirk on his face, "But . . . you're my fucking idiot."

Your eyes widened slightly at his words, but you soon smiled up at him with a small blush gracing your cheeks as you looked deep into his piercing red eyes. His words weren't exactly "I love you" but it was obvious they were used in place of it . . . for now.

"Yeah . . ." Your right hand graced his cheek for a moment before you lowered it to his shoulder with both your hands beginning to travel to the collar of his dress shirt, "That's right . . . but you're an idiot, too."

With that, it was your turn . . . you grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him forward, this time to be the one to press your lips against his and initiate the action. He seemed a bit surprised by this for a moment but it didn't take long for him to smirk against your lips in your attempt as you both kissed once more, lips moving against each other—this time in a less awkward fashion.

A demon and a human.

A human and a demon.

A relationship that shouldn't even exist in the first place because it broke all of nature's "rules" . . .

An odd duo, you and him, that was for sure. But here you both were, against all odds, even with the lingering danger that'd most likely come rearing its ugly head sooner or later in your direction because of your soul . . .

However, until then, you both would continue on together, human and demon—demon and human . . . and there was nothing either of you would change about it.


(A/N: Yikes. This is the end of Eclipse, as I guess you all have figured, lol. With that said, I may post extra scenes with Yaoyorozu, Todoroki, Jirou, Kaminari, Ochako, Midoriya, and Ashido that add on to their small sections...

But anyway, a possible sequel to be in the makes eventually?

Perhaps—most likely. Since there are some plot points I can expand on/add onto the story that'd be better to be the main focus instead of a subplot. So I recommend keeping this in your library as I'll announce when it drops whenever that may be.

But for now, I'll be breaking away from the Eclipse world and entering a new one with our favorite little angry pomeranian with my new story:

Metamorphasis (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)
(A Koakuma Kanojo AU)

This is something I'm trying, something new... it's going to be an NSFW story with, obviously, NSFW elements sprinkled throughout it—with a plot, of course. So it isn't just pure NSFW...

Book Summary:

“ It is rumored that a mysterious DVD exists and whoever dares to watch it gets cursed . . .


Convinced to watch a disc said to curse whoever watches it by your friends, you soon find yourself, both mentally and physically, going through a slow and steady change . . .

At first, the changes are quite subtle, going unnoticed by you. However, as time passes, you soon begin to notice things happening that can't be explained by any other means.

To make matters "worse," it seems you've also caught the attention of a certain ash blonde in the midsts of your changes . . . ”


° Alternate Universe⁠ - Koakuma Kanojo/Demons/Supernatural/No Quirks

• • •

This story will probably have shorter chapters than how Eclipse was as well as it'll obviously contain NSFW content as stated by the above statement ^ [trying something new, so bear with me, I guess].

But I hope to see you all there!

I also have another idea—a Bakugou x Reader x Todoroki one. However, that one is still up in the air.

With that, I shall take my leave so I don't continue to ramble—which I've done enough of. Again, thank you to everyone who stayed and read Eclipse through its entirety and even came from its original one-shot that started the entire series when I used to make one-shots. <3 xoxo)
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