Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

Thirty Feet is Pretty Steep

Turning to your side, you looked at the clock on your bedside table before sighing. You were never a person who liked leaving the comfort of your bed but today, especially, you didn't want to—not with a demon lounging around in your living room.

In reluctance, you got up from the comfort of your bed. You had agreed to meet back up with Ashido, Uraraka, Jirou, and Yaoyorozu to discuss the little "fake summoning" you had done after all.

Not wanting to worry them as Ashido and Uraraka would be the ones to take you not coming as something serious⁠ nor a good sign since they were the ones who believed more in this stuff than the other three, you had to get ready to go out.

Already forming an "it didn't work and was just fake" excuse in your head (which they should find believable) as you'd just laugh it off⁠—in hopes they'd fall for an obvious, to you, lie⁠—you began to get dressed in clothes more suitable to go out in.

After you were done getting dressed, you glanced at your wrist, remembering about the marking that had been forming last night, only to frown upon noticing that it was still there and even had darkened significantly since then.

Grabbing your bag and stuff you'd need for class, you began on your way out of your room and then downstairs. As you went, you couldn't help but hope that Bakugou wasn't down there though you knew that to be asking too much on your end.

You weren't surprised to catch him still in the same position⁠ on the couch as if he hadn't even moved from sitting in that spot. And honestly, you didn't even think he had besides the position switch of him now resting his cheek on the palm and his legs propped up on your coffee table as he stared off in front of him

It also appeared the t.v. was on by the muffled voices you could hear coming from the room. Not wanting to gain his attention, you began to creep towards the front door and only stopped once you had made it.

Placing your hand on the knob, you turned it ever so slowly as not to alert the male in the living room across from it.

"Where the fuck are you going?"

Upon hearing this, you let your hand drop and jumped before turning and then, on instinct, went to hit whoever was behind you though your wrist was instantly caught by a larger hand than your own.

"Tch, your greetings are absolute shit. You should fucking work on them." He scoffed, "That's probably what you should trade your soul for, greeting people fucking better."

You looked up at Bakugou who had a scowl on his face, probably from your attempt to hit him, while his hand continued to tightly grip your wrist.

You were sure if it weren't for his inability to hurt you, he'd have done it by now with just the look in his eyes as well as you'd probably be a bit more afraid of him, too.

You began to glare as you processed what he had said to you before snatching your wrist away from his grip and rubbed it a bit. You couldn't help but be a bit curious at to how he had managed to turn up behind you so quickly and without a sound.

Then again, you remembered how he had done it only last night. It appeared to be some sort of power he possessed if you weren't mistaken.

"Don't sneak up behind me then." You mumbled, "And I won't ever exchange my soul."

Bakugou rolled his eyes, "Just answer the damn question."

Knitting your brows together, you gave him a slightly confused look, "Why does it even matter where I'm going? Not like you're coming with me."

"Actually, I fucking am."

You blinked up at him before returning back to a glare, "Uh . . . No, you're not."

Bakugou studied you for a moment before clicking his tongue, "I must have forgotten to mention this shitty detail last night then."

"What detail..?"

"We can only be so damn far apart for twenty-four fucking hours. About thirty fucking feet at the damn most." Bakugou scrunched up his nose as he said this since he didn't like this little "rule" one bit, "And we still have quite a fucking bit of time left until we can actually be separated more than thirty fucking feet."

"You . . . you have to be kidding me." Your eyes widened before you furrowed your brows, "You're lying. You have to be."

"Do you think I'd fucking lie?" He frowned, "I'd much rather stay here than go wherever the fuck you're going and spend the day with you."

"But . . . what'd people think when they see a demon walking around in the open?"

"No one can see me unless I want them fucking to, their another demon, or . . ." He looked you up and down in slight disgust, "They're my shitty ass summoner."

"I still don't believe you . . . on the thirty feet part anyway." You admitted.

"Tch. Then why don't you go and fucking try it." Bakugou spat, "Go fucking try to walk a little past thirty fucking feet."

"I . . . I will." You huffed.

Quickly, you turned heel before you proceeded to place your hand on the handle of the door and quickly exited the house while Bakugou just went a little past the doorframe, leaning against it boredly with crossed arms, as he watched while you started walking down your driveway and onto the sidewalk.

Giving him one last look as he just raised a brow and looked at you almost in a way of telling you to "hurry up and prove his point already," you quickly turned to face the sidewalk that'd take you to the café you'd be meeting your friends at before trudging off without a second glance at the ash blonde.

Yesterday you may have believed the little rules and such that he had told you. But this one didn't seem right. Honestly, it was just hard to believe in general.

A thirty feet length apart limit that lasted for twenty-four hours?

The thought of that almost made you scoff.

Though it didn't take you long to soon abruptly stop, barely making it very far from your house, as you bump into something . . . or . . .


This made you gasp. Thankfully, no one appeared to be around. Knitting your brows together, you put your hands out in front of you⁠—⁠or as far as you could anyway—as they soon hit an invisible force of some sort.

Blinking, you pushed a bit harder with no luck in passing it. It seemed Bakugou hadn't been lying about the thirty-foot rule that was in place for the set amount of time he had stated after all. Suddenly, your hands finally passed the barrier-like thing, in turn, making you stumble a bit forward.

"Believe me now, you stupid girl?"

Bakugou's voice right in your ear made you jump a bit as yet another gasp left you for the second time. Turning around to face the demon, you glared at him before looking to the side with a tiny blush on your cheeks.


"Tch. I fucking hate it as much as you do but . . . of course . . ." He soon smirked once you looked back at him, "You could always make a fucking deal with me right here and now. Then I . . ." He paused for a moment before correcting himself by clearing his throat, "You won't have to fucking deal with me anymore or have to worry about this shitty rule."

"As if I'd give my soul up." You instantly replied back causing him to frown, "Well, if this is the case . . . come on we have to go. I don't want to be late." With that, you quickly went back to going on your way to the café you were supposed to meet up with your friends at.

However, Bakugou didn't instantly follow you just yet as he just looked at your back, a frown evident on his features.

You were a hardheaded one, that was for fucking sure. It wouldn't be easy to get you to strike a damn deal with him so he could leave this "hell"-hole of a place called Earth.

Of all the people that had to fucking summon him . . .

Blowing air from his nose, he reluctantly started following you to wherever the hell you were off to⁠—shoving his hands in his pants pockets as he did so⁠—soon catching up to you and walking a little bit behind you, but not too far as you both walked in silence.

Though the silence didn't last long as Bakugou, as much as he hated to admit it, was a bit curious as to where the hell you were off to, "Where the fuck are we going anyway?"

Furrowing your brows, you reluctantly answered as you had a feeling the male wouldn't let go until he got what he was looking for, The café . . . with my friends."

The male's face scrunched up a bit, "You have fucking friends?"

Choosing to ignore that comment, you continued walking without so much as another word to the ash blonde male—not that he seemed to care as he followed you while still trying to grasp the fact that you actually had friends.

It didn't take you and Bakugou much longer to make it to the café as you soon entered the small building. It was a bit early to meet here but with the majority of the group having a very busy afternoon class schedule on this day, it made it so you all could still meet up and hang out with each other.

It appeared you were the last one to arrive out of the whole group that were currently sitting in the same spot you all always sat (that was unless it was taken on busier days).

As you made your way towards the table, it didn't take long for Ashido to take notice of your closing in form as she instantly jumped up and ran towards you.

Placing her hands on your shoulder, Ashido gripped them tightly as she leaned in towards your face. Thankfully not shaking you this time as she had the day before.

"So?! How'd it go?!"

"Uh . . ."

The question caused the demon male behind you to furrow his brows, starting to understand the situation a little bit more now. Pushing the thought aside quickly though and looking at all the girls one-by-one, Bakugou soon stopped on one. His eyes somewhat widened for a split second before they reverted back to normal and smirk made way to his face.

"Well, well, well . . . that's quite fucking interesting." He mumbled to himself as he gave you a side glance and tuned back into the conversation that was happened since he was somewhat interested in it given maybe he'd get some answers from it as well.

"Let her sit down, Ashido-chan, geez. She just got here, cut her some slack." Jirou muttered.

This caused Ashido to puff out her cheeks before reluctantly letting go of you before making her way back to her seat in an almost sulky manner as you followed behind though a frown was very evident on your face as you did so.

Yaoyorozu watched as you slowly made way to your seat. She had hardly been able to sleep last night as the feeling still hadn't yet subsided and it was even still here today though it had, since then, lessened but not by a whole lot.

It was obvious something still felt . . . off in some way or another. But you appeared to be alright which had been her main concern. So maybe it was nothing, or that was what she'd continue to tell herself.

However, there also felt as if there was something . . . something dark lingering about. It felt like the same feeling to the one she had felt in her gut though also very different as if the presence was currently in the room with them all now—only having arrived when you did. Gripping the hem of her skirt, she continued to watch as you came towards the table.

You awkwardly began to place your bag on the floor as you could feel the stares of your peers and even a demon on you. It was obvious they wanted you to hurry up and spill everything.

"So, so, so, so? What happened? Did the summon actually work? Did you manage to summon a demon?!" Ashido excitedly asked once more after you had set your bag down and looked back up in hopes it'd initiate the conversation.

"Yeah. D-Did anything happen..?" Uraraka asked cautiously while Jirou just looked at you and Yaoyorozu had the same worried look plastered on her face.

"Well, uh . . ." You paused as you glanced through every one of them.

Ashido looked back at you intentl. You then started to move your gaze, it landing on the ash blonde⁠ who was currently behind Yaoyorozu, Jirou, and Ashido with a smirk plastered on his face as he looked back at you as well.

Swallowing, you shook your head lightly, "Nothing happened."

Bakugou's smirk widened at that before he made way towards your side and leaned down to your ear, "Fucking liar."

You furrowed your brows though remained silent as not to bring any suspicion towards yourself before quickly snapping away once you heard Ashido whine in disappointment, "You've gotta be joking, right?!"

"Unless the whole ritual was supposed to summon my neighbor's cat. Then . . . no." You quickly mumbled soon hearing Bakugou "heh" beside you in slight amusement at your words and you somewhat stiffened a bit.

"W-Well. That's a, uhm, relief." Uraraka began to play with the hem of her shirt as she looked down.

"Ugh! What a bummer!" Ashido spread her arms out in front of her on the table as she sulked.

"Told you, you can't believe everything you see and find on the Internet." Jirou said to her as she twirled her earbuds boredly and scrolled through her phone.

Bakugou furrowed his brows at what the purple haired girl had said. So his shitty summon ritual was on the damn Internet? That seemed a bit hard to believe in all honesty. He'd have to check into that later when he wasn't bound to you with the current rule.

He glanced at you as you all soon began to initiate into a conversation of God knows fucking what though you didn't seem to be joining in any of it as you just sat there with a strained look on your face.

It seemed it wasn't your idea to do the shitty summon after all and appeared to be one of your shitty friend's ideas, most likely the pink haired one if he could guess given how she had reacted upon your arrival and at what the purple haired girl had said. He glared over at the loud pink haired girl who he now knew to be Ashido—a name he'd forget.

Though his attention soon went to one of the girls who was awkward and quietly sitting across from you, "I wonder . . ." He blew air out of his nose in slight amusement as he continued to study her.

"Is everything alright, (Last Name)-chan..?" Yaoyorozu questioned as soon as everyone had left, leaving you her alone to soon leave yourselves as class started soon, "You've been oddly quiet the whole time. Well, not oddly I suppose. But, uh . . . your facial expression . . . or well. . ."

She paused for a moment, trying to figure out a way to reword it better before speaking up again, "You just seem as if . . . something's bothering you ever since you had arrived."

You eyes somewhat widened at her observation though they quickly reverted back to normal as you knew she was pretty observant in many things, especially with you considering you both had been friends for a while and she tended to know when something was up with you (you were quite the opposite when it came to ciphering emotions).

"Well isn't she the little observant one. Heh." Bakugou smirked beside you though you weren't really paying him any heed as you tried to ponder on what to exactly say to the girl.

You opened your mouth but instantly closed it. You couldn't tell her . . . could you..?

Yaoyorozu was your best friend⁠, and it was obvious you wouldn't be able to keep much from her. She'd eventually start to question it a lot more, that was if you didn't start acting normal again.

Soon making up your mind, you took in a deep breath getting ready to tell her all that had happened last night, "Well . . . it's just that–" Before you could even mutter another word a hand was over your mouth in an instant and your eyes widened though you didn't flip out as you knew who it was.

"Are you a dumbass or something? You can't go around telling people. Especially her . . ." Bakugou paused for a moment to glare at the girl in front of the both of you before looking down at you, "That you fucking summoned a demon from the very depths of Hell? Besides, do you think someone would actually fucking believe you? Plus, telling her any fucking thing could get her own dumbass involved more than you'd fucking like. After all, you, yourself, are fucking more susceptible to demons now. Honestly, just being around her ass is pretty fucking bad. Do you really fucking want that?"

Furrowing your brows as you looked to the side, you knew he was right on the matter. Then again . . . your friend might believe you. But it didn't seem like you'd be able to even tell her with Bakugou right beside you and you didn't want her to really get involved in any of this.

After all, this was your problem.

You were unsure what would happen if she knew all about your current predicament besides of what Bakugou had just told you that the possibility of her becoming a demon target as well was high, or that was how it sounded.

The last thing you'd want would be to put her in a dangerous situation or more of one than she currently was with you by her side.

However, you were iffy on trusting any of his words. But you also couldn't just not believe them either. After all, all he had said so far had seemed to be the truth . . . surprisingly. So you had no reason of not believing what he had just said.

"(Last Name)-chan..?" Yaoyorozu called out, taking notice of your spaciness and abrupt stopping of your sentence though you weren't really paying her any heed as your attention was more on what the ash blonde was saying to you.

"But it's not my fucking problem, so go ahead and do whatever the fuck you'd like. In the end, whatever bad things that fucking happen will be your own damn fault, not mine. So if you want to put her in fucking danger, go right fucking ahead." Bakugou removed his hand from your mouth as he removed himself from your back.

Once he had backed away a bit, you remained stiff as you bit your bottom lip and remained silent, now unsure of what to exactly say as you looked to the side.

Yaoyorozu just looked at you for a few more seconds before speaking again, "(Last Name)-chan..?" She called your name once more.

You snapped your attention back to her before you gave her a small strained smile and knitted your brows together coming up with something on the spot, hoping it'd sound believable in some way or another.

"Ah. Yeah, yeah . . . everything is ok. Uhm, school . . . you know? Just really stressful, especially my math class."

"Wise fucking choice."

However, your words didn't relieve Yaoyorozu of the feeling in her gut. In fact, it appeared to make it even worse than it already was. She gave you a skeptical look before sighing, knowing if it was important or really bothering you, that you'd eventually tell her if it were or if it got bad enough.

Subconsciously, she began to outcast her free hand towards you soon placing it on your shoulder about to say something; however, she instantly stopped as her eyes widened upon feeling something jolt through her⁠ . . . something even worse than the feeling, and instantly removed her hand away from you with wide eyes while you just blinked and raised a brow at her behavior, failing to notice how the ash blonde just continued to smirk at the exchange.

"What is it..?"

"It's . . . ah, uh . . . n-nothing..! Well, if you do change your mind and want to tell me, you . . . you know I'll listen! Ah, I . . . we better start heading to our classes. We don't want to be late!" With those words, she gave you one last smile before quickly making her way towards the café doorway and left without so much as turning around to face you again.

Once Yaoyorozu had made it out and sped walked some ways away from the café, she looked down at the hand she had touched you with with knitted brows before clenching it and swallowing.

Taking in a deep breath in hopes to compose herself, she continued on her way while mentally apologizing to you.

You weren't the only one with something going on.

It'd be a lie if she said she hadn't wanted to tell you what had been going on with her the past months. Though she had decided against it as she knew you weren't one to believe in silly things⁠—but she couldn't blame you, she wasn't either after all⁠—so she opted against it, running away instead.

Breathing in deeply and letting it out, she had decided. She'd be confronting her parents soon about all this. Tomorrow, that is anyway, when they'd both be home. With one last glance towards the café, she quickly turned and continued on her way towards the school to go to her class.


Opening your mouth, you closed it once again, seeing no point in bothering to call out as Yaoyorozu was already gone and given her speed, she was probably some ways away by now.

You just stood there looking at the café entrance almost mindlessly before letting out a sigh and sinking into the booth seat.

"Well, that was fucking interesting." Bakugou said after a few seconds, giving you a glance and sitting down across from you though you remained silent as you tried to make sense of the whole thing.

There was no doubt in your mind something odd was going on with your friend but you also didn't want to pester it out of her as that just wasn't really your style. Plus, you didn't find it fair for her to spill her side if you weren't going to do yours.

With another sigh, you got up and gathered all your things before standing up and making your way towards the exit of the café so you could leave for your class. Bakugou watched you for a moment before he also began to silently follow you out of the small building, a smirk evident on his face.

Though once out and having had walked a little bit, you soon stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and downcast your head slightly with knitted brows.

This caused him to arch a brow as he just looked at you, "Why the fuck did you stop?"

"Is it true..?"

Bakugou waited a moment to see if you'd finish though it appeared that was the extent of where you were going causing him to frown, "Fucking elaborate a bit more, girly."

"Is . . . is it true that . . ." You began to grind your teeth as you trailed off.

The male hummed before his frown instantly turned into a smirk upon realizing what you were trying to ask. He began to walk and soon came in front of you and looked down at you.

"Is it true that your shitty little friends could also become susceptible as well by hanging around your sorry ass because you decided to be stupid and do a ritual that you assumed was fucking fake to summon a demon?"

Bakugou watched as your brows furrowed even more, knowing he had managed to say exactly what you had been wanting to ask causing his smirk to widen, "Yes. Very much fucking so." He watched as you tensed up upon hearing an answer that you obviously dreaded.

"But, of fucking course . . . there's always a way to fix all this shit . . ." He blew air from his nose in amusement and you looked up, knowing full well of what he was about to propose, "Strike a damn deal with me and your shitty friends will be–"

Clenching your free fist together, you glared at him, "I already told you. I refuse to give up my soul." This caused him to frown.

"There's no other damn way girl. But it's your own fucking choice. All I have to worry about is your sorry ass. Whatever happens to anyone else is not my damn problem. It'll all be on you . . ." He leaned a bit towards your face, "You'll be the only one to fucking blame in the end with whatever the fuck happens. Not me."

You looked at him for a few more moments before shaking your head and looking down, soon weaving past him without so much as another word. Your mind now filled with so many questions and "what to do's" as you trudged along slowly towards your class.

Bakugou had basically said it was your soul or your friends in the end. Even if the choice wasn't too hard for some, it was for you. There was a part of you that refused to believe he was telling the truth on that—that your friends were as in much of a risk as you were. But another part knew he most likely wasn't, considering that so far.

He hadn't lied to you about anything so far . . .

Not once.

As surprised as you were by that given by what he was. It was a fact. Though it was also obvious that he was also just wanting the easiest for himself as well. By being bound⁠—as he had called it⁠—to you, it made his own life harder.

He had even more strict rules to go by than you did (so far, you hadn't heard any rules for yourself though you could assume there might be some the longer this went on).

Bakugou stayed put for a moment as he watched you walk a bit of ways from him though not enough to hit the thirty feet mark line, a scowl present on his face.

Blowing air from his nose once more, he appeared beside you and continued walking with you to whatever shitty class you were going to that he'd have to also sit through and waste his day away listening to something he probably already knew.

Looking down at your shorter form, Bakugou soon began to smirk, however. He'd figure out a way to get you to agree to strike a deal with him, one way or another but until then . . . he'd just play along with your shitty human life and ideals . . . something he was sure would begin to crash and burn the longer this arrangement lasted.
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