Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)


"So Jirou-chan, Yaoyorozu-chan, and (Last Name)-chan declined to meet up..?" Uraraka questioned as she looked at Ashido who had her mouth puckered a bit with a glare as she stared down at her phone.

"I guess so. (Last Name)-chan and Yao-Momo said something about being busy studying." Ashido mumbled, "And Jirou-chan said she had to practice for an upcoming midterm music exam that was coming up that she had to perform in."

"That's them for ya." Uraraka laughed, "They're always serious about their grades and Jirou-chan was always so serious about her music."

"Yeah, but don't you think Yao-Momo has been acting odd lately..?"


"Yeah." Ashido began to swirl her straw in her drink as she placed her head on top of her hands, "Like . . . I don't know how to describe it. Jumpy, maybe..?"

Uraraka tilted her head at this as she went into thought. She actually had noticed it, more so a few days ago⁠ though she was a bit jumpy as well given the conversation that had taken place⁠ so she never thought much of it.

"I mean . . . I don't know. Something also seemed off with (Last Name)-chan yesterday, too. But it's hard to tell with her. Only Yao-Momo can really understand her, honestly, since they've been friends for a long time." Ashido continued as she looked out the café window, "It makes me wonder if they were actually scared of the demon summoning ritual and didn't want to admit it. And since (Last Name)-chan done it, she actually got scared . . ."

She sighed, "But her being her, she didn't admit that it put her somewhat on edge." She muttered, "Seems possible to me."

Uraraka hummed before giving the girl a strained smile, "W-Well, I-I can't blame them . . ." She paused for a moment, "T-Though . . . getting scared of something like this doesn't seem like either of them . . . or at least not like (Last Name)-chan still. But maybe."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Ashido sighed again as she straightened herself up before leaning to the side dramatically, "But it still doesn't change how boring it is right now!" She began to move her arms up and down, "Even if (Last Name)-chan doesn't say very much. And without Yao-Momo and Jirou, it just isn't the same!"

Uraraka huffed with the same strained smile as she looked at the girl in front of her while she started to continuously blabber on and on about how it was boring and if she should call Tsuyu⁠ (Tsu-chan) to join them—another girl that the two knew from U.A. University—who she soon made up her mind to do so and began to dial the dark green haired girl's number.

As Ashido did this, Uraraka's attention soon went back to the thought of you and Yaoyorozu, a frown soon gracing her features. This whole situation didn't feel right to her, especially when demons had become involved in the picture.

Then again . . . she had never been comfortable hearing about demons. Just the thought of the word had always put her on edge, and for a very good reason.

She began to grab at the hem of her skirt as she furrowed her brows while looking forward as she fell deeper and deeper into her own thoughts, her face twisting into that of an odd look that didn't suit her whatsoever.


This caused Uraraka to face Ashido quickly with wide eyes, "Y-Yes?!"

Ashido sighed upon seeing her friend was spacing out and probably didn't even hear a single word she had said, "Tsu-chan said she'd come in a minute . . ." She paused for a moment, "What were you spacing out for?"

"O-Oh. Ok!" Uraraka laughed nervously as she waved her hand at the girl in front of her, "A-And . . . nothing."

Ashido arched a brow but shrugged, "Whatever. But since you weren't paying attention, we thought we'd go shopping after we hang a bit here, and depending on how long we're out. Maybe eat out as well! Ya know, besides staying here. To just change things up a bit."

"Oh. Well . . .That sounds fun!" Uraraka smiled causing the girl in front of her to do so as well.

"Mhm, mhm!" Ashido clapped her hands together, "Too bad the other three are going to miss out. Their loss, I guess."

This instantly caused Uraraka to frown, worry beginning to fill her once again, "Y-Yeah . . ." She paused for a moment, "Too bad. Haha . . ."


Bakugou's eye twitched as the long lecture he had heard yesterday⁠ was being repeated on your phone as you sat down at the coffee table while you jotted notes down as you saw fit since you apparently didn't do so yesterday when it had been happening.

If it weren't for the fact he already knew this stuff and had to suffer through it only yesterday, he'd have been fine with it for the most part; however, that just wasn't the case as he did know all the stuff spewed from the professor who seemed as if he didn't even want to be there.

Then again, that appeared to be the majority of professors and teachers nowadays from what he had taken notice of in the past few years of having sometimes come to the human world when he was bored. Looking at his wrist, the band even darker than before, he frowned.

With a groan, Bakugou turned more on his side as he was sprawled out on the couch, trying his best to devoid of the annoying voice of the professor though he knew it was a lost cause.

Of course, the thought of him leaving since he was no longer bound to you by the lousy thirty-foot rule had crossed his mind, but he figured it'd be better for him to stay put.

After all, going around doing "human" things wasn't going to get him to convince you to strike a damn deal with him. That was his main goal in the end. If it weren't for the shitty situation he was in, maybe he'd be out and about doing whatever the hell he pleased.

But the reality of it was that he was in the current shitty situation and there wasn't much he could do to get out of it unless you, of course, agreed to strike a damn deal or . . . died from either natural causes or being killed by whatever means that is.

He'd be lying right now if he said he wasn't somewhat hoping something would happen to you but then that also left him not getting anything out of it, making it an option that was less desirable to him.

He was still a demon after all. Plus, he'd get in trouble for allowing something to happen to you anyways, and he much rather not have to face the shitty consequences involved with all that.

Turning all the way on his stomach, the male let out air from his nose, this time gaining your attention as you glared over at him after getting out of the lecture as you were done anyway.

"I wish you'd stop making those noises. I'm trying to jot notes that I needed for the class."

This caused Bakugou to raise himself up and look behind him to return the glare as his nose scrunched up, "Not my damn fault you didn't pay attention to your shitty ass class."

"Actually . . ." You started, "It is."

"I think fucking not, girly." He officially sat up to continue glaring down at you, "It's all on you."

You just stared at him for a moment before letting out an annoyed sigh and gathering all your school stuff before neatly placing it on the side edge of your coffee table, only to just stare in front of you, unsure as to what to do and feeling a bit awkward as you were used to being by yourself in your home.

Most days you'd be at the café with your friends. But from practically missing a lecture and with what Bakugou had told you yesterday, you really didn't want to be near your friends.

You had a feeling this was how it was going to be for a long time. After all, you had no intention of giving up your soul for any reason even if it meant risking some of the friendships you had built up to this point.

Besides, you were sure the group wouldn't miss you very much except Yaoyorozu. It wasn't like you contributed much to them anyways, and Yaoyorozu would only do so since you both had known each other for a very long time.

Then again . . . you were still uncertain if what the male had said was even true, still thinking of how it could only be so you'd be more convinced to trade off your soul for a deal that you didn't even want. But, of course, there was also the fact he had yet to lie to you at all which kept the possibility that it was true.

As you were thinking this, your face began to falter slowly. The last thing you wanted to do was put every person you had contact with in danger just because of your own principles. But even so, they were still your principles that you really didn't want to instantly push aside. Looking at the band around your wrist that had⁠—since a few days prior⁠—darkened, you frowned.

Though you were also curious. There were many things you didn't know about the exchange. Straightening yourself up a bit, you soon turned back to looked at the demon male who had, since then, reacquired the position on his stomach as he just mindlessly staring ahead of himself.


The male glanced over at you with a raised brow, "The fuck you want?"

"I'm . . ." You paused as you pondered exactly what you wanted to say and looked down at your lap after you had turned to fully face him.

"You're?" He blinked at you boredly.

Biting your lip, you soon looked up, "I'm curious about . . . about the, uhm . . ." You gripped the hem of your shirt tightly⁠, the words not really wanting to slip from your mouth⁠, as you bit your bottom lip.

"Curious about?" Bakugou turned and sat up as he peered down at you, waiting for you to continue, somewhat annoyed that you weren't just spitting out whatever the hell you wanted to ask though he had a good idea.

"I'm curious about . . . the . . . the deal thing."

The male seemed to slightly perk up (in his own way) of the words that came from your mouth before a smirk started to form, "So you've changed your fucking mind finally?"

"No. I'm . . . I'm just curious is all." You quickly came in and looked to the side almost in a flustered manner, not wanting to give him the wrong idea.

This made the demon frown instantly before he leaned back though he felt this was a small step up from where you and he were the past few shitty days, so he'd take it, "What exactly are you curious about?"

He watched as you looked down for a moment before looking back up, "Everything."

"It's pretty fucking simple." Bakugou grumbled, "Summon a demon, ask for whatever the hell you want . . . or . . . some shitty demons have limits, just depends on their damn age–"

"How old are you?" You blurted with curious eyes and blinked a few times.

His nose scrunched up a bit, "Older than your dumbass, that's for sure. But why don't you take a fucking guess as to wha–"

"Five hundred?" You instantly guessed, honestly a bit curious about this now⁠ even though it kind of steered from your original intent of what you were hoping to actually know.

"No." He mumbled a bit annoyed with you interrupting him but didn't stop you as you continued on naming different ages.

"Six hundred?"


"Six hundred and fifty?"


"Seven hundred?"


"Eight hundred." You looked to the side for a moment before looking back at the male, "Or is it lower than all that I've said so far..?"

"No and no."

This made your eyes slightly widen as you blinked a few times, "Oh . . ." You paused for a moment, "Well . . . nine hundred?"

"No." Bakugou's eye started to twitch as he began to regret even telling you to guess⁠.

With the way you were going, you'd never hit the right number.

"A thousa–"

"No. Just . . . just fucking stop." Bakugou began to rub his temples after he had lowered his head a bit, "God, your voice is so damn annoying."

Choosing to ignore his comment while giving him a slight glare, you questioned him once more, "Well . . . how old are you then..?"

He studied you for a moment before looking to the side with his arms crossed then turning back before speaking, "Tch. Do you really want to know my age that fucking bad?"

You nodded at this which caused him to smirk as he looked at you for a moment before scooting over towards you which made you raise a brow as you just followed him with your eyes.

Once at an even closer distance, he began to lean in towards the side of your face causing you to tilt your head away just a smidge⁠—mostly from habit though not too far as he soon made it to the side of your head—before speaking in your ear, "I'm around ten thousand."

Whipping your head around—just now realizing how close he actually was to your face—your eyes were now wide as you just blinked at him, "Wha-What..?"

"You fucking heard me."

"You're joking . . . right..?" You said as you regained your more calm demeanor, "You . . . you can't really be . . ."

Bakugou rolled his eyes before sitting back up and propping his legs on the counter right in front of you. This made you furrow your brows and scrunch your nose up though you remained silent as you just looked back at him awaiting his reply.

"You fucking asked and I fucking answered. I have no damn motive to lie about my own fucking age to you."

He had a point.


"But . . ." He started, not bothering to let you finish, something somewhat deserved on your end, "That's only how fucking old I am on the human age system."

"Huh?" You tilted your head as you raised a brow.

Human age system?

The male clicked his tongue, "Demons have a different shitty system, so I'm considered younger there." He glanced at you, seeing you just blink, before blowing air from his nose knowing he should explain it to go ahead and get it over with as well as he knew it'd be faster to just do it all in one go.

". . . Every five hundred human years is a year in demon years. Divide ten thousand by five hundred and you have my demon age which is only about twenty." He grumbled out, "Pretty fucking simple in the end."

"I see." You placed your hand to your chin as you went into thought.

So he was about two years older then you it seemed . . . or . . . at least in a sense in his demon age system, he was though in human years he was about nine thousand nine hundred and eighty years older than you which was quite a lot; however, he, by far, didn't look it one bit.

You couldn't help but wonder why the system was like that which soon brought you to another question starting to boil up inside of you...

"So back to the fu–"

"How did demons come to be?"

"Maybe I'd get to that if you'd let me answer your first damn question." Bakugou glared at you earning himself one back though he didn't seem bothered by it at all as he continued, "Answering your first shitty question, as I was starting before you interrupted me, what demons can do and give to some stupid human depends on their ages and general rank in the system . . ."

". . . The older and more higher-ranked demons can do a lot more than that of a newer and lower-ranked demon." He leaned his head back against the couch as he looked to the ceiling, "So doing your damn research on which demon you're summoning is a must if you want to get what you desire without wasting both your guys' fucking time. Though, no matter fucking what, the price is just about always the same for each 'wish' that's granted."

"The . . . person's soul." You mumbled.

This, in turn, caused him the blow air from his nose, "Yeah. It's pretty damn simple." He said, "Of course, there are different summons, but the most common is the pact summon. Which was obviously the one your dumbass did."

"There are more types of summons..?"

"Tch, yeah. There are three in total. Four if you count the one that can summon whatever demon you desire but it doesn't end with either party getting something out of it in the end." Bakugou stated giving you a glance, "I'm guessing you want me to fucking explain them all?"

This earned him a nod as he just looked back up at the ceiling, not really wanting to do this though he knew he should as you seemed like (and obviously were) the type to continuously ask until you got the answer to whatever question you asked.

"The first one and the most common of them all is the fucking pact summon which you already known. So I'm not fucking explaining that one again. The second one is the 'ultimate power' summon. Shitty name if you ask me, but it's mostly for dumbass witches or warlocks into the darker arts and such." He muttered.

"Wait, wait, wait . . . witches, warlocks..?" Your eyes widened a bit.

There couldn't be witches or warlocks . . .

Could there..?

Then again . . . there also shouldn't have been demons either but here there was one in front of you. However, you still couldn't wrap your mind around it as you had yet to see one like you had a demon. That was just how you were, in the end, when it was all said and done.

"Witches and warlocks . . . aren't real."

He smirked at your notion, "Witches are real. Very, very fucking real. They're just not as open or sought after as they used to be back in the days." He stopped before opening his mouth as if to speak some more on it but stopped himself as if recalling something before he subconsciously smirked a bit causing you to raise a brow but you didn't comment on it before he continued on, "Anyways, back on the stupid summon . . ."

". . . Even dumbass humans who want a taste of some power can use it as well, but it's very un-fucking-common. Mostly for the fact humans don't usually know of summoning demons." He muttered while giving you a glare though it was short-lived as he continued, "Only certain demons are able to do this as it requires power transferring as the power isn't just fucking given to them, the person who summoned the demon . . ."

". . . It's not very common anymore mostly for the reasons I already stated, but it was back in the days. Maybe the fucking fifteen hundreds to the late sixteen hundreds. Ya know, when witches and such were very big. Honestly, that summon hasn't been done for quite some damn time. And it probably won't be done ever fucking again."

He muttered something more⁠ though it was more to himself than anything⁠ that you weren't able to catch. But you didn't bother to question about it as you allowed him to continue again, "But who fucking knows? Tch."

". . . The price for this shitty summon is basically the witch or warlock are indebted to the demon who gave them the power for the rest of their lives . . ." He paused for a moment, "It may seem stupid as to why would a witch or warlock be indebted to a demon, but even we have our fucking limits."

His nose scrunched up a bit as he said that line, "Well, those lower demons do anyway. They can do more than them, in fucking general. Especially when it comes to the human world. So having a witch or warlock owing you, that is if they don't end up fucking dead from their own stupidity, has its own shitty advantages . . ."

". . . However, if a dumbass human does it, the price is, of course, their soul." Bakugou went silent for a moment, almost like he was allowing you just a small amount of time to process the information he had given you before starting back up again, "The third and final summon is basically just a shitty protection summon."

"Protection summon..?"

"For fuck's sake you dumbass, let me finish." The ash blonde grunted, earning a small glare which was one of many you had given him so far throughout the day.

Though it wasn't your fault you were like this. Who could blame you? After all, you were still trying to get used to the fact you had a demon present in front of you. Plus, add all this other information you were getting.

"It's basically where a demon gives you complete protection no matter what . . ." He paused for a moment, "Basically what the shitty pact summon turns into if not completed." He bluntly stated with a twitch of his brow, "The price is the same as that summon as well."

Taking notice to your face he frowned, "And before you flip out, I won't get your soul out of a pact summon turned protection summon. Bullshit, if you fucking ask me, but there's nothing I can fucking do about it." He grumbled as your face soon relaxed and continued on with what he was saying.

"But back to what I was saying, the deal is only valid if the said person dies from natural causes, sickness, or old age. Death by any other means makes the protection pact void, and the demon no longer has rights over the human's soul. This also gains them a strike in hell which is also possible through the other summon turned protection."

"A strike..?" You winced a bit when the question subconsciously came out, knowing it'd probably annoy him though it surprisingly only earned you a few seconds of silence as the ash blonde's eyes narrowed for that amount of time before he spoke up.

"Yes. A shitty strike. All demons, even non-summon demons, can get shitty strikes." Bakugou's eye twitched, "Three strikes. You only get three fucking strikes. And that's if the demon council is feeling generous at all as well as your rank. And before you ask. The shitty demon council is a group of beyond powerful demons who outrank all. Whatever the fuck they say goes no matter what . . ."

You tilted your head, "There are ranks for demons?"

He sighed, "The ranking is basically the demon council which includes the first-ever demon who controls everything about Hell, and a few others, the seven demons: the second most powerful group which can almost rival the shitty council itself, special demons which basically mean they have powers that are considered to be beyond that of a basic demon but aren't able to be on par with the seven demons or the council, incubi and succubi, then your basic summonable demons . . ."

". . . And the regular demons who have absolutely no fucking abilities whatsoever, or at least no abilities worth anything, that remain in Hell usually or even stay in the shitty human world since they are of no use in Hell." He frowned.

". . . Lastly, there are also cambions which are human and demon hybrids usually a result of incubi laying with a human. Though regular male demons, on some occasions, do it, too. I'm . . . pretty sure I don't need to explain that shit in further detail on that end." He mumbled while looking to the side for a split second before looking back.

". . . There hasn't actually ever been a known cambion in existence considering humans usually don't possess the ability to maintain a stupid demon child, and succubi are . . . unable to . . . reproduce with a human . . . as their bodies aren't meant for . . . reproduction . . . given their nature . . . at least just with humans."

His voice seemed to get lower and lower as well as a bit jumbled from speeding up as he got closer to the end of the sentence, it seemed he felt awkward about talking of such things.

"Before you fucking ask, demons can . . . reproduce with other demons, even succubi . . . If that's what you want to fucking know. It's just with humans and other things that that shit comes into play."

"I see." Was all you could mutter out as you looked at your hands folded in your lap though you soon looked up at the male before you with a tilt of your head as the question you had asked earlier came back in mind, deciding now was the time, you decided to ask, "So how did demons even come into existence..?"

Bakugou stayed silent a moment before speaking up, "The first-ever demon was once an angel. Yes, shitty angels are real, too. I'm sure you've fucking heard of the damn story about Lucifer?" You nodded in reply as he then continued, "Well, it's somewhat fucking right though the angel's name wasn't 'Lucifer' as you humans fucking put it and the story is a tad bit different in some aspects. However . . ." The male paused for a moment as a frown graced his features.

". . . I don't even know his true fucking name. He isn't really considered a demon as he still is a shitty angel, for the most part, more so he could be referred to as a fallen angel more than anything which, by humans, can be considered a demon. However, he isn't a true demon like the rest of us. He was once part of the angel's council himself. Though after being banished, he then created the demons after a little while through dark means . . ."

". . . Basically, that's about it on that." He looked over at you ready to get this over with as he wasn't much of one to talk for very long, "Any more fucking questions?"

You pondered for a moment, there wasn't really much else you had really wanted to know . . . at least that you would consider a "must know," and you had gotten a lot more than you had originally thought as more facts came into light as he had spoken.

Looking up, you shook your head, "No . . . that's all I wanted to know."


With that, the ash blonde kicked up his feet on the coffee table in front of you before crossing his arms behind his head, and lying back on the couch with a bored expression as he just stared in front of himself.

Still looking at the male, you went into thought. The information you had gotten hadn't helped deter you from your original mindset⁠—not that you had planned it to do so⁠ or wanted it to—no matter how you looked at it, giving up your soul was just not something you wanted to do.

You knew sooner or later that your life was just going to get even more complicated the more you stuck around this demon . . . this Bakugou. That was just inevitable given what you knew so far.

However, you failed to realize exactly how soon it'd actually be.


Momo put her phone down on the table beside the couch after she had texted Ashido she'd be unable to attend the little meets the group always had as she patiently waited for her parents to come home so that she may finally speak with them about the strange occurrences she had been having as of late in hopes to finally relieve this off her chest and maybe even find some answers.

What better way than with family?

She knew her parents were the listening type and wouldn't really judge many things that spewed from anyone's mouth⁠, especially her's, no matter how crazy it may seem, but she was still ready to hear how this was most likely all in her head but in a nicer way since it just wasn't her parent's style to be rude about many things.

With a sigh, she squirmed a bit in her place. Part of her hoped she'd gain some answers from this though—to why she was the way she currently was. But she wasn't holding her breath. She could almost describe it as something supernatural of the sorts. Which made it "being all in her head" in the end the biggest possibility there was.

However, with not being much of a believer in that sort of thing herself, she wasn't all for that idea of it being of such occurrences. More so, there was no way it could . . . or that was what she'd continue to tell herself. But her confronting her family of such a matter already showed she was caving into such a thought.

As if on cue, the sound of the door opening⁠ as well as the butler⁠ that greeted anyone who entered or were present at the door (perks of being on the richer side of things) made its way to her ears.

This instantly causing the girl to snap away from her thoughts before she jolted up, prepared to confront what seemed to just be her mother who entered as the butler had only mentioned "Mrs. Yaoyorozu" for the greeting he had given.

It wasn't like she had expected any less. After all, her parents were well-known doctors and it wasn't unusual for only one to be present at the time while another was not, for them to miss important things, or to just need to randomly leave for whatever reason.

She had fully prepared for all means of ways to address the issue. Be it one on one with either her mother or father or to address them both. However, she still had hoped to discuss it with both if them.

Though it seemed she'd only need the way of purely addressing her mother. Then again . . . the possibility she wouldn't be able to stay for long was also up in the air.

Deciding not to waste any time, Yaoyorozu quickly made her way towards the large lobby though it was unnecessary as before she could do so, she bumped into her mother.

"Oh! Momo, sweety! I didn't expect you to be here." Mrs. Yayorozu stated as she looked at her daughter with a tilt of her head, "Aren't you usually hanging with your friends or at the library to study? Well, no matter, I suppose. But perhaps that's a good thing! Maybe we can spend some time together!"

She clasped her hands together with a smile, "I'm surprisingly off for a few days now. Of course, that's if nothing major comes up, but I know for sure nothing will. Too bad your father still has to work . . . oh well, I'm sure we can–"

Seeing as this would be the perfect time to confront her, Yaoyorozu wasted no time in interrupting her mother, "S-Something has been going on with me!" Though this caused her to stiffen a bit while a light blush made way to her cheeks as that had not been the intended wording she was going for, in the end.

This caused Mrs. Yaoyorozu to stop as she just blinked at her daughter, "What do you mean, are you feeling sick?" She went to place the back of her hand on the girl's head though Yaoyorozu stopped her while vigorously shaking her head.

"N-No. I . . . it's just . . ." Yaoyorozu knitted her brows together as she glanced at the butler who had since made his appearance before removing her hand from her mother's, soon looking down with a frown though she continued, "I've been getting these . . . these weird feelings as of late. And I'm unsure as to what it is . . ." She paused for a moment, "It only ever happens when maybe something bad may occur–"

Mrs. Yaoyorozu's face took to a more serious look as her daughter said those words. She studied Momo as she continued to speak about it all though that sentence was all she really needed to hear to know what was going on . . . to know exactly what her daughter was currently dealing with. In fact, she knew what she was dealing with all too well.

"–I know it sounds silly, but–"

"Not at all."

This caused Yaoyorozu's eyes to widen, "W-Wha–"

Her mother sighed as she looked to the side for a second before looking back at her, "I think it's time we had a talk."

Motioning to her daughter to follow with another sigh escaping her lips, Mrs. Yaoyorozu started on her way back to the lobby and then up the staircase that led to the higher floor.

Yaoyorozu followed quietly behind her as they soon entered one of the many hallways present in the house. The two then went down it before having had taken many different turns while also passing multiple maids on the way.

Waving off all the present maids that were cleaning the narrow hallway who simply gave the woman a nod before going on their way without questioning her motives or actions, Mrs. Yaoyorozu soon opened the door to the room⁠—which was off-limits to everyone, including Momo⁠—once they had completely left from sight⁠, and entered the mostly dark room with only just enough light through the blinds and curtains to somewhat see the interior of it though just barely.

Yaoyorozu couldn't help but wonder why of all the places her mother wanted to talk at, was the room she wasn't even allowed to be in. Yet here her mother was . . . leading her inside with little said between them since she had somewhat mentioned her little ordeal.

"Are . . . you sure it's ok for me to come in here..? I know you sai–"

"Yes, I'm sure." Mrs. Yaoyorozu quickly came in with a serious tone she only ever used at her workplace and with that, her daughter hesitantly entered the dark room behind her.

There appeared to be nothing too special about it. Yaoyorozu had always assumed it was a workroom for paperwork and such that her parents would need to fill out with the utmost privacy, or . . . at least her mother anyway, considering her father never really entered the room and if he did, it was to retrieve her mother.

However, even her mother rarely used it. But it was obvious, by further inspection, that the room was not for work use much less maybe of any use it seemed.

The only furniture present was a table (which had a few candles and such lying on top of it) while the room walls were completely bare of any normal things you'd usually see present in the average room, especially given that this was the Yaoyorozu residence and usually many things were all over the walls and such as her parents really enjoyed to decorate every square inch of their home.

"I'm sure you're wondering why, of all the rooms, I brought you here." This snapped Yaoyorozu from her thoughts as she looked up at her mother whose back was facing her at the moment, "Honestly, after you're sixteenth birthday and you showing no signs . . . I didn't think I'd have to do this, but . . . it seems you were a rare case of what they'd call a late bloomer."

"W-Wait . . . what are yo-"


Mrs. Yaoyorozu turned around to face her daughter, an extremely serious look plastered on her face causing Momo to stop any more words from escaping her mouth as she just looked at her while Mrs. Yaoyorozu seemed to look behind her to make sure there weren't any maids present before she continued.

"You're a witch."

This caused Yaoyorozu's eyes to widen as she tried to process what she had just been told, "A . . . w-what..?"
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