Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

The Beginning of a Problem and Many More to Come

Looking over at the empty seat beside your own, you frowned. Yaoyorozu had yet to show to a class you both shared together. You soon drifted your gaze towards the doorway.

In most cases you wouldn't be worried; however, this was Yaoyorozu you were talking about. There was no way she'd miss or be late for class for anything just about unless she was basically dying.

Plus, add the fact she hadn't returned any of your messages you had sent her the day prior asking for help to the class's homework which, because of that, had to figure it out by yourself (not that you really minded in the end as doing it yourself was better anyway).

You wanted to message her again in hopes she'd reply just to be sure everything was alright though you didn't want to seem like a bother, but you were sure you wouldn't be.

As the room began to fill up as more and more students piled in and made way to their seats, it was obvious she wouldn't be attended today's lecture at all.

With a reluctant sigh, you looked away and towards the front as you awaited for the professor to make their entrance and class to start up.

On another note, you felt a bit better today on your problem riddled end. Mostly for the sheer fact that you didn't have a certain demon force tagging along with you to your class.

To say you were relieved for that fact would be an understatement. Though you also weren't too keen on leaving the said male at your home without supervision.

Who knew what he'd get into?

He was a demon still.

With that thought, you frowned subconsciously though it soon subsided. Honestly, once you thought about it, he didn't seem like the type to really get into things. Though it still didn't help ease you much.

But not too long after that thought-right on the mark of class time⁠-the professor, Miss Kayama, finally entered the room causing everyone⁠-—especially the male students of the class (mostly for the way she held and dressed herself, having very revealing attire, which made you wonder how she got away with it working here though not like you paid much attention to it in the end)—as well as yourself, getting knocked away from your own thoughts, to bring their attention to her while she went to her desk to grab some papers before making way to the podium right in the middle.

Tapping the multiple papers on the bottom on top of the podium to straighten them, she soon looked up with her signature smirk as she scanned the room while she began, "Alright, today-" However, she instantly stopped what she was about to say, her mouth remaining open as if she had froze in her spot.

At first, you figured it was for the fact that Yaoyorozu⁠ wasn't here⁠—mostly because her eyes were trained in your area—though it became apparent that it wasn't the case and, instead, her eyes were glued directly onto you.

Realizing this, you instantly tensed up as you just looked directly at her. Something about her gaze seemed odd. You couldn't lay your finger on it, however. And to add more to it, she soon gave a light smirk as she licked her lips lightly while seemingly looking you up and down.

With this, you quickly broke eye contact as you shrunk down into your seat before looking from side-to-side to see if anyone else had noticed the almost, yet also not, odd behavior she portrayed though it appeared no one else seemed to have nor had they taken notice it was you she had given her complete attention to.

She seemed to realize that everyone in the room was curious at the brief and sudden pause as she quickly composed herself and soon continued on, acting as if nothing had happened with no one questioned the behavior but not without giving you another smirk.

For the rest of the lesson, you stayed slouched in your seat without as much as listening to a single word she uttered (something you'd most likely regret once it came to having to listen to the lecture again through online means), not failing to notice all the random stares she'd constantly give you as time passed by.

Thankfully, the class soon came to a close as Miss Kayama came to an end in her lecturing, "Alright, that's it for today. You all may leave."

With no hesitation, everyone began packing up their things before rushing out except for Mineta Minoru (the biggest pervert known to man at this college)—though it was usually a few more than this, but the others appeared to be absent—who liked to always go up to her desk and ask stupid questions and such in hopes to spend just a little bit longer around her.

Shaking your head, you soon got up yourself not wanting to stay much longer as you were still a bit thrown off by how she looked at you throughout most of the class.

Without any more delay, you quickly gathered all your unused things and placed them all in your (favorite color) backpack before making way through the now almost empty, besides Mineta and the professor, classroom.

"(Last Name). I'd like to speak with you for a moment. If . . . you . . . don't mind."

This made you instantly stop in front of the doorway as you froze for a moment, looking behind you with only your eyes though that didn't do much before looking back in front of you as you furrowed your brows.

Swallowing, you slowly turned around. Though right as you did, you almost bumped into Mineta who was almost mindlessly walking out as if in a daze.

Deciding to not pay him much mind, you slowly made your way towards Miss Kayama who was staring at you with the most intense of eyes.

Soon the distance between the both of you got smaller and smaller until you were directly in front of her desk at which she sat behind.

"Yes..?" You said in an almost hesitant manner.

The woman soon looked directly at you as she tilted her head and placed it on top of the palm of her hand, the almost sadistic-looking smirk she was well known for among the entire university appearing even more so than normal.

"Well, uh . . ." She seemed to pause for a moment as she looked to the side, her face losing her smirk.

It appeared she didn't think she'd come this far into the conversation and had almost absentmindedly called out to you for some reason or another which didn't sit too well with you, especially given what had happened earlier, though she quickly placed a smirk-like smile on her face as she looked back at you.

"Do you know why Yaoyorozu is not present today? I . . ." She paused for a moment as her eyes narrowed a bit before going back to normal, "Find it quite odd." She looked at you expectantly then quickly came back in, "If I recall, you're both pretty close friends, yes? or . . . that's what I take given she's the only one you communicate to or ever pair with during certain things."

You blinked at her before you furrowed your brows while the feeling of this not being the real reason, if any, for calling you to her desk passed through your mind though you decided to answer it anyway since the quicker you do, the shorter you'd have to stay here in this almost uncomfortable setting.

"Uh, well . . . I'm unsure as to why. I haven't been able to get ahold of her for a few days."

Miss Kayama didn't reply as she just studied you for a moment, looking at you up and down as she had when she first entered the classroom. But that was short-lived as she instantly got up from her seat and circled around to where she was behind you and placed her hand on your shoulder.

As she did this, you began to feel somewhat odd. But before you could question why she did such an action, she began to speak once more, "Well, that's all I really wanted to know. How about I walk you out, yes?"

Your face scrunched up in confusion but before you could once again try and ask a question but this time as to why she'd want to do such a thing, she had already begun to forcefully push you towards the exit, her hands grip on your shoulders tightened while you both got closer and closer to exiting the class.

It'd be a lie to say you didn't feel uncomfortable with her body's very odd closeness to your own as she led you towards the exit though you were quickly snapped from your focus on it as Miss Kayama spoke, "I'm sorry to have wasted your time, (Last Name)." She slowly, and seemingly reluctantly, removed her hand from your shoulder.

"That's . . . alright." You mumbled in response.

"Well, I have some paperwork to attend to, so I'll see you next class." With that, she turned around and soon closed her room door behind her.

Turning and looking at the door, you just absentmindedly stared at it for a few seconds. You remained in the position you were in for a moment soon shaking your head as you then gripped the straps of your backpack before going on your way out of the university and on your way home as quickly as you could.

Though without intention and because of the pace you were going at⁠ after you had gotten near the exit of the university⁠, you accidentally bumped into someone causing you to almost fall from the unexpected impact; however, you didn't get the chance to hit the ground as whoever you had bumped into managed to grip your arm, saving you from that fate.

"Ah. S-Sorry about that." An obvious male said as he pulled you back up after having lowered his grip to your hand.

"Oh . . . no. It was completely my fault." You quickly came in as you composed yourself and looked over at the male you had bumped into.

He possessed dark green hair and also appeared to have gone in a daze as he was just mindlessly staring a bit downward though you, yourself, were too busy studying him to really be bothered with it.

With further inspection, it was obvious you had never seen him before. Then again, you never really paid much attention to many people besides the few you usually hung out with though you'd still have recognized him if he was in one of your classes which he obviously wasn't.

Realizing something, you looked down for a moment (where the male's gaze was also at) then up at him again, "My hand."

Eyes widening as he came to from his own daze, he looked down himself before instantly letting go of you, a bright red bkush creeping on his cheeks, "S-Sorry!"

"It's . . . ok."

The male opened his mouth to speak⁠, his brows furrowed, "Uh . . ." Though he paused once his eyes locked to what you assumed to be the clock behind you, his eyes widened as whatever he was going to say obviously changed, "O-Oh shoot, I'm . . . I'm going to be late for my next class! Uh, sorry about that!"

With that, he quickly dashed away with a small wave and without anything more causing you to blink as you just watched as he left and soon disappearing behind a corner. With a sigh, you shook your head and began back on your way unable to help from thinking of how odd he was.

However, what you didn't take notice to⁠—not that you could have anyway⁠—was once he had dashed around the corner, the green haired male stopped in his tracks as he looked down at his hand which had been the one that had grabbed you.

Lost in his own jumbled thoughts, he failed to take notice of a certain brown haired girl making her way towards him with a tilted head though she didn't dare make much noise as she got closer and closer to him until she had completely made it in front of him.

"Midoriya-kun..?" An all too familiar voice called out causing him to snap away from his thoughts as he looked up at the owner of the voice.

"U-Uraraka-chan!" Midoriya jolted up as he slammed his back against the wall.

This caused Uraraka's eyes to widen as she went towards the male hurriedly, "Are . . . are you ok?" She leaned into the male a little as she blinked up at him.

This caused him to flush as he waved his hands in front of his face and backed farther into the wall, "Y-Yes, I . . . I-I . . . I'm ok!"

She studied him for a moment, "Are you sure..?"

Midoriya looked to the side for a moment with furrowed brows then down to the hand that had grabbed your own. Soon clenching it into a fist before he looked back up at Uraraka and placed a strained smile on his face, one he hoped was convincing enough for her.

"Y-Yeah . . . everything's fine. I'm ok."


Going down the cement path that led to your house, it was becoming more apparent you were getting more sluggish as time had passed after you had left the university.

It had become obvious once you had made it halfway to your home. Though, at first, you hadn't thought too much of it. But at this time, you felt as of you'd pass out at any moment and couldn't understand as to why you felt this way.

It was as if your energy had suddenly been drained from within you.

Everything around you had started going fuzzy and your eyes could barely focus on much of anything as your eyes refused to do so. You tried to make it towards your door . . .

It was so close yet so far away.

You were beginning to wonder if you'd even make it. Wouldn't that be something if you just passed out right in front of your house?

Willing your body to go on, you forced it to continued . . . and by some miracle, you had managed to make it in front of your front door though you leaned against it causing it to make a loud noise that had grabbed the attention of a certain ash blonde demon who currently resided on the couch in your living room.

Glancing over at the door, Bakugou just stared at it as he heard the wiggling of the doorknob yet the door wasn't opening. But he wasn't really alarmed by the fact considering he knew it was you as he could sense you.

However, there seemed to be something off about you⁠-—aside from the obvious trouble you seemed to be having with your own damn door—causing him to furrow his brows as he continued to look in the direction.

After maybe a minute and deciding you obviously weren't going to open that damn door on your fucking own while he was starting to get annoyed by the constant fumbling with the knob, he quickly appeared in front of the door and instantly opened it.

Obviously not expecting such an action and from leaning on the door, this caused you to fall forward and soon your cheek made contact with Bakugou's chest. This caused him to tense up a bit as he glared down at you.

"What the he-"

However, he stopped midsentence as his eyes widened slightly, his already red eyes flashing an even brighter red for a second, before furrowing his brows once again and glaring down at you as anger surged through his body.

"Hey, dumbass."

Hearing this, you groggily looked up soon being greeted with an unfocused version of the cause of most of your problems the past few days though that was honestly the last thing on your mind at the moment. And to be perfectly honest, you really had nothing on your mind as just thinking seemed to be overly exhausting at the moment.

Studying your face for a moment, he knew exactly what was wrong with you though⁠—if being completely honest—just by touching you he did.

It was obvious you had been drained of your energy. But given what he could sense, the culprit was determined to be that of either a succubus or an incubus.

It was obviously a very high ranking one at that, one who had been alive for a very long time as the means of taking the energy was obviously not in a . . . "heated" way from what he could tell which was only achievable by ones who had been alive for a while.

"Where the hell did you fucking go today?"

"Where . . . did . . . I . . . go..?" The words came in a strained way, almost slurred, with long pauses as you tried to process what he had asked of you though you couldn't really do so very well as your body practically refused to do anything that required energy of any sort which made your reply unhelpful as you honestly didn't even know exactly what you had replied to.

"I . . . don't . . . know." You mumbled as you titled your head while still looking up at him with tired eyes.

Frowning, it was obvious he wasn't going to get much more out of you in your current state. In all honesty, he was surprised you were still even up at the moment. Most humans would have passed out at the scene of where the energy had been taken and it appeared you had managed not to feel the effects of the action completely until you had gotten back to your home.

Then again, you were already an odd case as was, so maybe it wasn't as odd as he figured.

However, it was obvious you were almost at that point and there was no way you could get around on your own now. Closing the door in reluctance, he looked down at you, towards the stairs that lead to your own room, and then to the living in which he mostly occupied these past few days.

Deciding it'd be better to take you to your room as the living room was basically the only room he was even remotely allowed to come into⁠—and he was basically stuck listening to your dumbass⁠ though not like he particularly minded when it was all said in done (the arrangements anyway)—so placing you there really limited where he could go himself and he didn't want to have to look at you much more than needed, he soon appeared upstairs (perks of being a demon) with you who was still pressed against him as you gave him a weird look, not understanding the situation too well in your current state.

"Which one's your damn room?" He grumbled out after a few seconds of eyeing the two closed doors before looking back at you though the question was useless as you had appeared to finally be out of it.

Frowning, he eyed both doors for a moment then just stared at the one beside the both of you for a few seconds. Not wasting any more time, he quickly opened the door before he basically just appeared in front of your bed, considering he didn't really want to drag you about as it was just unneeded when he could just do that as well as he didn't want to waste time when it could be done quicker this way.

In an ungentle way (a way that could be considered throwing you), he put (threw) you on your bed in which you had just landed on your side while letting out a small groan as you furrowed your brows for a moment though the action hadn't really disturbed you more, and your face soon relaxed.

Bakugou frowned as he looked down at you. He hadn't thought it'd be so damn soon . . . then again . . . He furrowed his brows as he continued to look down at your out cold form. Without any more thought, he appeared back on the couch of the living room as he soon sat down.

He could already tell this whole situation was going to be a pain in the ass, not that he had assumed otherwise before this. It was obvious you were already becoming a target to the demons present around this area. But it'd also only be a matter of time until "word" got out about this as well, especially given the situation.

This was obviously the beginning of a problem and many more. Though it'd soon become apparent that it was not just one that'd affect you, in the end.

These were soon-to-be problems that even he didn't really want to deal with when it was all said and done.

However, this required Bakugou to convince you to make a deal. Something he knew would not be easy as he had already figured that out. Though he knew there had to be a limit to how much of this you could fucking take.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Bakugou frowned.


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