Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

Poor, Poor Soul

Sitting up, you groaned lightly while you gripped your head as you were instantly greeted with a pounding headache, "What?"

You began to groggily look around as you moved your hand a little bit of ways away from your face and instantly took notice that you were currently in your room and on your bed though this wasn't the last place you remembered.

In fact, the last place you remembered was . . .

This caused your eyes to widen and made you instantly snap away from your somewhat sleepy stupor. That was right . . . you had left the university after having stayed back a little bit to talk with Miss Kayama who had been acting rather weird throughout the class time as well as you had bumped into a green haired male you had never met before you had actually left.

After that, you had started on your way home in which, when you were halfway there, you had begun to feel oddly exhausted as if you had done all sorts of strenuous activities. But thankfully by some "unworldly" means, you had actually managed to make it to your front door though you had had trouble and couldn't manage to open it.

You had played with it multiple times though your body refused to work properly; however, from what you could recall, the door had finally budged revealing . . . that was right . . .

More bits and pieces of what you could recall were beginning to come back to you:

From Bakugou opening the door, you falling forward and into him, him having soon asked where the hell you had been to after a brief pause on his end, you unable to really give him an answer, and him soon taking you upstairs though you could assume that was where you had finally passed out as everything from there you had no recollection of and was just a sheet of blackness in your mind.

However, what stood out to you the most of everything in the entire situation that had taken place was the odd feeling of exhaustion that had randomly overtaken you on your way home.

Glancing over at the clock on your nightstand then at your window, it was obvious you had been out for a while. Almost a whole day you'd say.

What had caused you to do that, to be passed out for practically a full twenty-four hours?

Furrowing your brows as you looked down, you couldn't find a possible explanation that seemed "reasonable" to yourself. Then again . . . maybe it was possible that there wasn't actually a "reasonable" explanation behind it, at least not to the average person . . . or, now that you think more about it . . . maybe all that you had been dealing with the past days had finally taken its toll on you.

That was reasonable and possible. But you had a feeling that wasn't the reason behind the sudden feeling.

Placing your legs on the side of the bed, you allowed them to dangle as you just eyed your closed bedroom door while debating if you should leave. If you left, your plan was to question the ash blonde given the facial reaction you could recall he had when he had seen you.

You had a feeling he knew a bit more about the situation than you did. However, part of you didn't really want to know what the exact cause was as you had a feeling you wouldn't like it one bit.

Grabbing the fabric of your sheets tightly, you continued staring at the door for what felt like forever before finally deciding to head downstairs and confront the ash blonde. Hopping off your bed, you went towards your door, opening it, and slowly headed downstairs as quietly as possible.

It didn't take you long to arrive down below. Turning, you faced the entrance of the living room and instantly spotted Bakugou who was, per usual, lounging on your couch with his hands behind his head as he had his eyes closed.

Honestly, you were surprised that⁠—for the past few days that he wasn't bound to you by the thirty-foot rule⁠—he remained inside your house and hadn't really wandered about anywhere other than here.

Slowly you made your way into the living room and quietly made it to in front of where the ash blonde was and stared down at him as he kept his eyes closed, appearing to not notice your arrival.

Was he asleep?

You leaned in a bit and continued to examine his face

"Are you just going to stare all fucking day or do you have something to fucking say?" His voice caused your eyes to widen as his soon opened and looked up at you.

This caused you to jump up and bring your face away from his while he eventually sat up. You quickly composed yourself as you tried to obtain the more confident aura that you usually had. But as you opened your mouth, you were instantly cut off.

"You were fucking drained." Bakugou bluntly grumbled out without much of a care though there seemed to be a hint of anger lacing his words, but it was very subtle, "That's what you wanted to fucking know and why you came down here, right?"

You blinked as you pondered his words for a moment before you furrowed your brows, "Drained..? What do you mean drained?"

"I mean by a fucking succubus or an incubus."

Your eyes widened as his words left his mouth, "That's . . . that's–"

"Don't give me the fucking 'that's not possible' bullshit again." He quickly came in knowing exactly what you were about to say as he stood up in front of you and looked down at you while you now looked up at him, his face lowering towards your own though stopping just enough to leave at least an inch or two of space between the both of you.

". . . You know it's perfectly possible, especially after I explained the majority of the shit to you these past fucking days. You're either fucking ignorant or trying to fool yourself."

You swallowed as you just glared up at him and him down at you, not uttering a word in response to him nor he to you though you soon looked down.

You knew he was right though . . . Or at least about you trying to continuously fool yourself throughout this whole situation you ended up in.

In the end, you weren't even fooling yourself.

"Of course . . ." He soon started, "You could alwa–"

"No." You quickly came in as you glared up at him again which didn't seem to please him, but you honestly didn't really care right now.

"Suit your fucking self." He grunted after a few seconds and moved his face away from your own before he stood up straight and shoved his hands into his pockets, walking past you causing you to raise a brow.

"Where are you going?" You asked once he made it to your front door and you followed only a few feet behind him.

This made him stop in his tracks though he didn't turn around, "None of your damn business." He opened the door which, in all honesty, surprised you considering he probably could appear wherever he wanted though it seemed he wasn't going to do that.

But he stopped once more before looking back at you, "Also. You might want to worry about your fucking self." This caused you to tilt your head, and seeing this, he looked you up and down.

This caused you to knit your brows together though somewhat understanding a bit you turned to look at a small mirror you had in the little area before the front door soon taking notice of your disarrayed appearance of how your hair looked as if it was a rat's nest as well as you were still wearing clothes you had worn the day prior which, now, were wrinkled and, all in all, you just looked⁠ like—for lack of a better term⁠—quite a mess.

Eyes widening, your face lightly flushed as you had totally forgotten to do anything before coming down since you were too preoccupied with your own thoughts to really care and just went down to confront Bakugou.

With this pointed out, you quickly dashed off upstairs without so much as another word almost tripping though managed to go on unharmed or without any accidents.

Seeing this, Bakugou rolled his eyes as he stared where you had disappeared up the stairs, soon hearing your door shut loudly, "Tch." With that, he quickly went back to going on his way to where he had planned on going, soon closing the door behind him as he left the house.

It didn't take him long to arrive at where he wanted to go. After all, you didn't live too far from the place. With his hands shoved in his pockets, he looked up at the all too familiar building as it was bustling with people everywhere on its grounds, not that he had expected otherwise.

Blowing air from his nose, he soon passed the gates that were open as he made way towards the building⁠, passing different people as he did so, while making sure to scan every inch of the area so he wouldn't miss anything that seemed off.

Walking up under a tree as to avoid being in the middle of where people walked as he honestly wasn't too keen on being gone through, he looked around the crowded area.

This wasn't something he wanted to spend his damn time doing, but he knew it'd be better to handle the problem sooner rather than later, especially since he knew things like this could get out of control quickly with the current circumstances in place and it was obvious he wouldn't be getting out of this.

Plus, add that he was basically bound to protect your dumbass from such shitty things like this. He didn't really have much of a choice in the matter. Another slip up like this could get him in even greater trouble making his whole situation even worse than it already was since he had felt something was off before you had arrived though the feeling was so small he hadn't, at the time, thought very much of it. So admittedly, he could have stopped it, or at least have already dealt with the damned problem earlier.

However, he knew even at (and if he had acted on the feeling he had had) the earlier stages of these things, it'd still be a pain in the ass to deal with though as were all succubus and incubus with their energy taking ability, especially when they were older and more experienced with the ability to steal energy merely by touch. Though just like him (but he didn't need life energy to sustain life as they but this applied to other things for him), they were limited.

By that, it meant they were limited in the amount they were allowed to take from a person. But taking from other demons and such allowed them to be excused from the quota applied.

It was obvious, however, that this succubus or incubus in question had taken way more past the initial quota set, and from a single person at that. After all, you had practically been completely drained besides maybe a sliver of your energy which showed it was most likely one who didn't care much for the shitty rules.

A rebel succubus or incubus. This made Bakugou scoff.

His way of dealing with the problem would be pretty simple, it usually worked, especially when ranks came into play which would make it much simpler in the end (even if the demon in question wasn't much of one to follow rules and such); however, there was a slight problem with that. But he also figured that besides a few shitty yet overlookable setbacks when it was all said and done, the problem could and should still be dealt with in the end.

On another note, however, he was unsure where exactly it had happened but the most obvious place was here, at U.A.—the shitty university you attended. Plus, this was naturally perfect for a damned succubus or incubus to reside with all the energy there was to steal around.

Frowning, he tried to remember exactly which classes you attended though he was sure you had a few more he didn't know about since the only day he had gone with you was when he had to for the fact he was limited with the shitty thirty foot rule set in place.

However, now that he thought about it, he doubted it had even happened from the few classes he had attended with you as he didn't sense anything odd from any.

Then again, older and more skilled demons were able to "erase" their ability to be sensed in terms of being considered a demon, even he wasn't able to really bypass that shitty ability very well as much as he hated to admit to that. Plus, add all the other present energy around from the large campus, there was just too much to try and focus on a single one if they didn't even try to bother hiding themselves.

He knew he should have questioned you on it though his "pride" refused to stoop himself that low. He also didn't want to seem as if he cared (which he didn't at all personally, but it was still his job for as long as you refused to make a deal to "protect" you).

After a few seconds, Bakugou soon snorted to himself.



This thought made him smirk. The hilarity of his own thoughts only understandable to himself as he shook his head, soon stopping and regaining a frown as he looked out at the campus.

There wasn't much he could honestly do, mostly for the fact that there were so many people present and any hint of demonic energy would be instantly blocked with all the regular energy as it most definitely overtook it considering there was more of it than the other one. Plus, he didn't want his presence in the human world to be known (at least for the reason he was here).

By confronting whatever demon who had done this, he'd expose himself since word would travel which would end up on him being kept a close eye on by the higher-ups which, in turn, made his "job" even harder.

Of course, he knew he didn't have much longer until it was known about his⁠—may he add the word "crappy⁠"—predicament, especially given the circumstances, but he still wanted to keep as low of a profile as he could for the time being.

On the same note, handling the situation in an " unclean" way (if push came to shove), depending on how well the demon in question was known around here since succubi and incubi tended to reside mostly in the human world and pick up somewhat normal lives, it could arise problems if something were to happen to them in general without an explanation as well—especially if the said demon was a teacher.

Which, obviously, wouldn't be good.

Blowing air from his nose, he leaned against the tree for a moment as he continued to look around the campus grounds. His best bet would be to ask you⁠—⁠something he refused to do—or, once again, start following you (this time on his own accord) which was something he didn't want to do either as it'd make his presence known even quicker considering other demons could see him as well.

After a few moments in thought and soon deciding on the latter, he soon lifted himself off the tree before turning around and heading back out though as he did this, he failed to notice that he had been watched from afar through a window by a certain pair of blue eyes.

The person watching placed a finger to trace their lips as they let out a sigh and frowned as their eyes followed the male as he trudged off of school grounds.

"So that's who . . . interesting." They soon smirked, "Who'd have thought? I know that . . . but . . . I didn't think that low . . . but . . ." They paused and frowned, "It seems I can't continue on. Especially if it's him. Ah."

They placed a hand on their cheek as they continued to watch the ash blonde with an almost pout-like expression. They knew it'd be a risky game to continue their antics. Plus, they had no ill will towards the male⁠—nor you for that matter either⁠—even though they were both, and almost in a sense, competing demons.

However, they knew their boundaries and what they could or couldn't do thoroughly with success. This was something they were sure they wouldn't be able to keep up for long until an unavoidable situation occurred that they were sure they'd lose in the end.

"What a shame . . . her energy . . . I suppose my fun was cut short before it could even really begin." They sighed, a little disappointed, though soon knitted their brows, "But . . . " They paused for a moment, "That leaves the question as to . . . why?" They hummed as they pondered for a moment, not completely understanding the situation.

Sighing, they walked away from the window and towards the door of the room. There was no point in worrying about such things especially when it didn't involve them.

However, it didn't stop them from being beyond curious about it, but they were sure they'd hear the situation sooner or later. After all, news like this always traveled fast though they weren't going to be the one initiating the shove of it.

They soon stopped, however, as they turned slightly and looked out the window once more, "Oh poor, poor (Last Name). What have you gotten yourself into . . . with him of all demons . . ." They paused for a moment, "And your poor, poor soul . . ."

They smirked, "Such a waste."

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