Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

A Witch's Acceptance and a Newcomer..?

Yaoyorozu frowned as she laid in her room, unmoving. It had been a few days since she and her mother had had their little talk . . . About her figuring who she was . . .

A witch.

She hadn't believed it when she was told. She hoped her mother had been joking with her. Even after she had shown her things . . . unexplainable things—things that no ordinary human could do . . .

There was no way . . . no way that she was . . . was a witch.

No way . . .

However, she knew there wasn't anything else to explain what she had been going through along with what her mother had shown her.

During this whole ordeal, she had excused herself to her room⁠—more so she basically ran off⁠—locking herself here for the past few days . . . but had been doing school work and such as she was very serious of school and it did slightly help clear her mind from what she had just learned though very little.

Her mother nor father had bothered forcing her out of her room as well as asked on multiple occasions to enter (mostly her mother in hopes to talk a bit more of the situation). Though they had tried to prompt her a few times, it was always only once and they would instantly leave once she denied them for an hour or so before trying again. As she thought this her phone had vibrated, alerting her she had received a message.

She looked over at where it sat on top of her nightstand though didn't bother to even see who it was. She had a feeling it was you or maybe one of the other three girls from the group. After all, you all had been messaging her the past few days as her disappearance was odd.

She frowned. She felt bad for ignoring you all but she just couldn't bring herself to have the urge or will to communicate with anyone . . . not after what she learned at least . . . What she saw . . . the thought caused her to squeeze her blankets tightly as her brows knitted together.

However, Yaoyorozu knew she couldn't stay in her room and continue to sulk—she had to face this eventually . . . she knew that. But that didn't make this whole ordeal any easier to process or deal with.

Her mind soon drifted to the events that had taken place before she had decided to excuse herself, to run away . . .

"You see . . . the Yaoyorozu's are known to have generations upon generations of magic users. Of course, that is purely my line, you're father is as normal as normal will get out." Her mother started, "In fact, the Yaoyorozu's are one of the longest-running witch and warlock bloodlines besides a few others." As she said those words, she seemed to have an excited tone present.

With that, she soon made way towards the little table that sat in the corner before pulling open one of the drawers and pulled out what appeared to be a piece of rolled-up paper soon unwrapping a band that was around it and unrolling it.

Once she did that, she soon placed it on the small table as she then motioned to Yaoyorozu to come towards her which she slowly did in an unsure manner. Once having made it beside her, Yaoyorozu looked over at the then unrolled paper that seemed to have been a family tree of some sort.

"You see, Momo. This is our whole bloodline, well my side at least."

Her mother started to point at different people, explaining things about them as she went through them one-by-one, but Yaoyorozu just stood wide eyed while she looked over at the paper, not paying attention to whatever her mother had been saying in the slightest.

Seemingly having had taken notice of her not paying much attention nor belief in all this, her mother soon turned to face her, "Momo."

This grabbed Yaoyorozu's attention, causing her to look at her mother with knitted brows as she then proceeded to start digging in her pocket before pulling out a pen she always carried around with her.

Without another word, her mother then placed her other free hand over the item after closing her eyes. It didn't take long until the pen began to rise . . . slowly, but surely . . .

This had caused Yaoyorozu's eyes to widen before she too a few steps back in a clumsy manner while having shakily pressed a hand to her mouth after a gasped escaped from it


After a few more seconds, her mother eventually opened her eyes as she looked at her, a smile playing at her lips, before allowing the item to soon slowly drop down on top of her hand while Yaoyorozu just watched until it fully landed though her eyes didn't dare move away from it.

"I can teach you."

This instantly grabbed Yaoyorozu attention. She snapped her head up and looked at her mother with even wider eyes⁠—if that was even possible⁠—having not believed the words that had slipped from her mouth, "Teach me..? What . . . what do you mean..?"

"Yes." Her mother soon placed the pen back in her pocket before looking back up at her, "I can teach you. Teach you how to control your forming powers. You're a late bloomer after all. They'll no doubt be harder, as they completely begin to form, to control. And more as you aren't limited to just your ability to sense when things are maybe going to go wrong or just purely happen . . . I⁠–"

"If . . ." Yaoyorozu started as she begun to back away from her mother once again while edging closer to the door of the room, "If you'll . . ." She started looking behind her as she continued her escape, "Excuse me . . . I-I . . ." She completely paused once her back had finally hit the door of the room, "I have to go!"

With that, Yaoyorozu quickly turned and opened the door before dashing out of the room—leaving her mother without finishing her sentence soon dashing towards her room before making it inside, locking the door instantly behind her.

Yaoyorozu frowned at the memory. She hated to have had left her mother hanging with little to no explanation though she knew her mother wasn't mad and probably even understood why she had done what she had done.

She knew she couldn't just keep in her room for the rest of her life. As she had thought only some minutes earlier, she'd eventually have to face everything one way or another.

Reluctantly, she eventually sat up on her bed after thinking a bit more. She had already spent a good few days delving into what her mother had said to her before she had left and locked herself in her room. She hadn't been too sure at first. But she knew now. She knew what she wanted to do.

Taking in a deep breath, she swallowed before lifting herself up completely from her bed and walking towards the door, soon opening it and beginning to walk out; however, right as she was about to, she instantly bumped into someone causing her to look up only to see exactly who she wanted to see which made her eyes widen slightly though that quickly subsided as she clenched her fists together and furrowed her brows then proceeded to look down.

Having not expected to run directly into her own daughter given the situation, her mother blinked a few times before deciding to speak up in hopes of trying to reconcile with her as she knew how tough of a situation she was in.

After all, she had been in the same situation before.

"Mo–" Though she was unable to say anymore as Momo had snapped her head up and looked directly at her with a completely confident look plastered on her face.

"I . . . I want you to teach me!"

These words caused her mother's eyes to widen slightly though they soon reverted back to normal as a smile soon made way to her face, "Are you sure..?"

Yaoyorozu squeezed her fists tighter as she looked down, "Yes. I'm . . . I'm sure"

"Very well then . . . Shall we go ahead and start..?"


You frowned as you looked down at yet another message you had sent to your friend for the third time. It had been a few hours and she still had yet to reply to it before placing the phone back to your ear.

"So she didn't even reply back to you still?" Ashido asked over the phone.

She was the one who had urged everyone in the group to text Yaoyorozu in hopes she'd eventually pick up to at least one of you all though everyone else had been unable to, having had called you a few hours after to see if you had had any luck as she hadn't heard from you yet.

You had opted to stay home today after the little . . . incident. You still had felt mildly out of it⁠—per se⁠—and didn't think you'd be up to par to attend your classes to the fullest capability, not that you had been for these past days anyway given your situation you were in.

Hence why she had texted you instead, asking if you were ok yourself as well as if you had heard from Yaoyorozu and if not . . . if you could message her in hopes to get a reply which you agreed.

"No. I already told you she hasn't for the past few days already." You mumbled as you weren't really a big call person but this was a problem dealing with a close friend⁠ as well as you knew they were worried about her, so you could manage⁠, "I'm guessing no luck on yours or Uraraka's and Jirou's end?"

"Nope." Ashido mumbled, "Uraraka-chan, Jirou-chan, and I haven't managed to get through to her either. I'm kind of worried. This isn't like her to just go M.I.A. She'd have at least told us she wouldn't be coming for a few days."

"Yeah. It is odd . . . I guess."

She sighed on the other end, "Well. Sorry to bother you, (Last Name)-chan. But if she does happen to reply back, can you tell me? Or either Uraraka-chan or Jirou-chan?"

"It's no problem. Yeah. Sure."

"Thank you. Well, bye." And with that, Ashido hung up without giving you a chance to say a "goodbye."

With a sigh, you looked down at your phone for a moment before placing it back on top of your nightstand beside your bed as you began to go into thought.

You knew something had seemed a little off with Yaoyorozu as of late. Though you didn't know as to what exactly. It'd be a lie to say you weren't getting mildly more worried as time went by.

You both may not have one of the most "normal" type of relationship given your more anti-social tendencies (which she fully respected), but that didn't mean you didn't care for her. And you did care for her a lot. In your own way at least. You were sure she knew that, too . . . or . . . you hoped she did.

With a sigh, you soon fell back on your bed as you looked at the ceiling. You had even thought about going to her home and checking up on her given that it had been a few days. It'd be nice to see her and her family as well since you hadn't seen them in a while (that was if everything was fine).

But deep down . . . you figured there was really no need to do so or even be worried for that matter. You couldn't really explain the feeling, however. But it was just there—a feeling that everything would be ok . . . or, at least for her.

Though as you were thinking this, in another part of Musutafu, Japan there was a certain dual haired male who was scouring the area. More specifically in a small little forest on the border of it. His white and crimson locks lightly moving in the wind as did the leaves of the trees around him as they copied the motion.

The male peaked from through the forest trees as he looked out at the town. He figured it'd had looked more normal if he had taken a train of some sort though that had been quickly disregarded as he had wanted to get here as speedily as he could. More so he was "requested" to do do.

It had been a good while since he had been here after . . . he furrowed his brows as past thoughts flooded in his mind though he quickly disregarded them as he closed his eyes but soon opened them as he looked back out through the trees.

It appeared this was the right place from what he could sense. He couldn't pick up exactly where since he wasn't fully skilled enough to do so and was mildly more limited because of his age; however, this was absolutely the correct place, just as they had stated, not that he had doubted anything they ever said.

Though before he took care of the situation, he had to meet up with a certain person . . . someone that he hadn't heard anything about before as the previous person who took care of these types of ordeals⁠—as him and they weren't allowed to mess with this world unless absolutely necessary and worked in close relation with them⁠—was no longer active in it.

Though given what he had heard, it would seem he would be the one to be taking complete action in it. After all, the person he was seeing was said to be rather new and still in the learning part of it all and from what he heard, there was no way the original one would be able to do the job while there was no way the "apprentice" could do much in their current state; however, until it was certain they couldn't, he'd still have to wait a while to fully intervene into the situation.

Taking in a deep breath and sighing, he soon exited out from the forest area though made sure to come out in an unsuspicious manner and began on his way to where he needed to go. The place seemed normal, nothing that really stuck out to him, just as it had been when he was here long ago.

It didn't take the male long to make way towards the small little apartment that he assumed was the correct one as he soon walked down through the halls trying to find the exact room before stopping in front of one.

Digging in his pocket, he soon pulled out a small piece of folded paper and unfolding it to see a few words, an address, and three numbers which were the same ones that were currently plastered on the door that he was in front of.

Placing the paper back in his pocket, he soon lifted his gloved hand and lightly knocked on the door a few times. It didn't take long for him to hear some shuffling about⁠—in a clumsy manner may he add⁠—before the door began being messed with from the inside, no doubt from locks and such, before opening to reveal a frazzled green haired male on the other end.

Upon taking notice of the dual haired male, his eyes widened slightly as he had a good idea who this was that was currently outside his front apartment door, "Are . . . are you Todoroki-san?"

"You must be Midoriya. It's . . . nice to finally meet you."

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