Eclipse (Demon Bakugou Katsuki x Reader)

One Problem Seems to No Longer be an Issue, But...

Full Title (cut off): One Problem Seems to No Longer be an Issue, but That Doesn't Mean There Isn't More to Come . . . Though on Another Note, You Smell Rather Nice


Mindlessly, you tapped the pencil in your hand against your cheek lightly as you looked out the window of your very boring math class.

A little over two weeks had passed since the incident and nothing of the sort hadn't happened since. It appeared whatever succubus or incubus who had gotten to you no longer had any intention of messing with you anymore and it was ruled you were safe (or at least safe from whatever demon had done it to you).

However, that probably had something to do with the fact that, since then, Bakugou had been by your side as he had been when the thirty-foot rule had been in place.

You had been surprised at first by his push to go with you to your classes when you had gotten ready to leave some days after the initial incident when you had finally gotten over the little "low on energy" state you had been in though after questioning him he had quickly come in that it was still his "shitty job'" to protect you no matter if he wanted to or not.

This made it quite clear that he was only doing it so he wouldn't get in trouble on his end since if something bad happened to you⁠, from what you have heard him explain—especially if you died from unnatural causes that he could protect you from⁠—he would be in deep, deep trouble. It was obvious that he didn't want to have to deal with it, not that you really blamed him if you were being completely honest . . . in a way at least.

To add on to everything, Miss Kayama had been out of class and had directed assignments online for the time being. The excuse was that she was going on a trip for a few weeks.

It was a bit odd, you had to admit, but you were almost thankful for it given the odd behavior she had displayed two weeks prior to all this.

Yaoyorozu also still had yet to show up to any of the classes you both shared for the past few weeks nor had met at the café with the group (though you couldn't say much on the matter as you had strayed a bit from attending the daily café meetups, especially after the little incident that occurred, yourself).

However, she had messaged you eventually stating for you to not worry about her, that she was fine, and to tell everyone else (Ashido, Uraraka, and Jirou) she was as well and that she'd be back eventually.

This had alleviated some of the worry you had been feeling for your friend as well as it had lessened the worry from everyone else also. Though she had still been pretty vague as to what the entire reason was for her being M.I.A. for the most part and only left the group to have assumptions as to why with most of them deciding to agree about it having had maybe been a death in her family.

However, you had a feeling that that wasn't the case sunce you figured she'd have told you if that was the reason. But you couldn't figure out a better explanation for it.

"(Last Name)."

This quickly snapped you away from your thoughts as you looked towards the front where the voice had come from, Mr. Ecto⁠—which you quickly had figured given the slight muffledness of the voice⁠ from the mask covering his mouth—who was looking at you with a somewhat annoyed look while other students around looked at you curiously seemingly having not understood his call out.

"Yes, sir..?" You looked directly at him, trying your best to remain composed though that had been getting harder and harder as of late.

"I don't usually call out my students, considering this is college after all." Mr. Ecto started, "However, your rank requires you all to keep a certain grade until you're considered unfit and can be moved."

As he said this, he looked all around the room as if he was now talking to the whole class causing everyone to avoid his eyes before looking back at you, "I want you all to pass and the only way to do that in this class is to pay attention . . . simple, really."

"I was . . ." You mumbled though your eyes widen once the words left your mouth and soon regretted them as you saw him raise a brow.

You didn't know why you gave such a blatant lie considering you weren't really a liar⁠-⁠save for a few things, but those were understandable if thought about-and you knew he knew that you weren't paying attention to anything he had been saying, nor anything that ever really went on in this class ever (something you really regretted when it was all said and done since you always had to go home and look up how to do things that were covered in class).

"If that's the case, then why don't you do this problem that I have here, on the board?" He outcasted his hand that held a marker for the whiteboard behind him as he looked at you expectantly as did all the class around you.

Shrinking a bit in your seat, you looked around the room at all the stares you were receiving before getting up and slowly walking towards the professor soon making it in front of him.

You looked up at him, his eyes practically piercing through you, then down at the marker in his extended hand before slowly grabbing it.

It felt like high school all over again.

Giving Mr. Ecto one last look as he gave you one as well, you made way to the whiteboard and stopped in front of the written out problem while not daring to look back at the obvious stares you were getting.

You studied the problem hoping it was at least a decently easy one; however, upon looking at it, it was obviously not one or at least it wasn't one you knew how to do.

Cursing yourself for impulsively saying something in response, you knitted your brows together as you just stared at the problem in hopes, by some miracle, you'd get an idea of at least how to do it.

Of course, with your luck, that appeared to not be the case.

"You're not good at keeping your damn mouth shut, are you?"

Bakugou's voice caused you to tense up though you didn't look back as not to bring any more unneeded attention on yourself (then again . . . you were probably all anyone was looking at).

You had honestly forgotten he had tagged along with you at the moment since your mind was more focused on other matters, math matters that was.

"This problem's pretty fucking simple."

Easy for you, maybe . . . was what you wanted to reply with anyway; however, you knew it'd look bad for you to start replying as it was obvious no one but you could see the said demon currently beside you though you wished he'd shut up so you could at least think just a little bit and at least try it to get the embarrassment over as you didn't really want to say you couldn't do it directly and would much rather try out the problem.

Bakugou's eyes trailed over towards you as you continued to look at the problem with obvious frustration before soon slowly raising your hand with the marker to write something that he figured was going to be completely wrong as it was clear you didn't know what the hell you were doing (or . . . at least about to do).

Without warning, he went behind you and gripped your hand with the marker which caused your eyes to widen; however, you tried to remain as quiet as you could since, no doubt, it'd be odd if you let out any type of noise. Instead, you opted to⁠-as quietly as you could to where only he could hear⁠-whisper, "Wha-"

"Shut the hell up. You're the dumbass who said you could do it, so might as well act like you can."

Before you could question him anymore, he had begun to move your hand for you as he started to solve it or . . . more so write down the obvious work he had apparently done in his head only minutes ago from just looking at it.

As he did this, you silently watched though tried to maintain a look as if you were doing it. But as the ash blonde was solving the problem for you, you couldn't help but have your mind wander to how warm his hand was as it gripped your own.

You also hadn't noticed before (or you had, but it had always been the last thing on your mind given your current circumstances) but he also appeared to have a scent that surrounded him.

Nothing bad, of course, but it was a bit of an ironic scent for someone such as himself to have, to say the least.

It smelled like that of caramel, a very sweet smell, something obviously ironic for a demon as they were the clear opposite of sweet. But you couldn't deny that it actually smelled rather . . . nice. More than nice in fact.

You hadn't noticed, but your body temperature had begun to rise. Which didn't go unnoticed by Bakugou⁠, him being more sensitive to these types of things, especially when in contact with them⁠; however, he chose to ignore it as he figured it had something to do with being embarrassed about being called out by the shitty professor, so he just continued solving the problem while you remained lost in your own thoughts.

Your eyes soon trailed down his arm⁠-⁠still making sure to keep a normal appearance in front of the class-as you looked at the black band around his wrist that was similar to your own though his was a bit harder to see for the fact that his original tattoos, ones that were black as well, pretty much overtook it.

You wouldn't lie. You were mildly curious about them. You had been for a while now though had never really bothered to voice the thoughts as you didn't really want to annoy him as you already figured he wasn't big on explaining things.

What exactly were their importance?

Did they even matter?

Did all demons possess similar markings?

It didn't take long though until he had gotten to the answer, circling it with a somewhat rough jerk of your arm at the bottom which snapped you from your thoughts before quickly letting go of your hand, letting it fall and hit the end of the whiteboard pretty hard as you hadn't been expecting such action.

Acting if nothing had happened out of the ordinary, you turned to face Mr. Ecto who had a weird look on his face with a raised brow before he looked over at the problem that "you" had done, "I suppose I was mistaken, (Last Name). It seems you were paying attention after all . . ." He paused for a moment, "Somehow."

His words were laced with skepticism as he said them. In response, you just closed your eyes and gave him a strained smile and laughed meekly. If only he knew.

Actually . . . it was probably best he didn't.

"Very well. You may sit back down. Though, next time, be sure to not leave me to the assumption you're not paying attention." He instructed as you just gave a single nod and practically zoomed to your seat while feeling the eyes of all the other students on you.

Once you were there, you instantly sunk into your seat and looked towards the front as Mr. Ecto proceeded to go on with whatever he had been talking about before and everyone else started to slowly bring back their attention towards him (no doubt to escape the fate you had been given only seconds earlier).

You pressed a hand to your cheek. Your face felt warm now as the embarrassment was still very present. You couldn't wait to get out of this class.


Once you had finally arrived home after your day at the university, you had instantly gone on the couch⁠-⁠to Bakugou's dismay as it was the one he usually was on—after having thrown your bag at the living room doorway.

"Couldn't have gotten on the recliner or somethin'?" He grunted as he stopped and looked down at you.

This caused you to look up as you gave him a glare, "shut up. It's my house."

He opened his mouth to speak though instantly closed it. What else could he honestly say to that? You were one hundred percent correct as much as he didn't want to admit to that. Nothing he would say could argue with the fact and with that, he blew air from his nose.

Looking at the spot that was empty beside you, he opted to just sit there⁠—you'd move eventually after all—placing his hands behind his head, putting his feet on the coffee table, and then closed his eyes (his normal position if not lying on his stomach).

After a few minutes of silence, you glanced over at the male beside you. It'd be a lie to say you weren't a bit curious about earlier today, "Why did you do that?"

The male took in a deep breath before letting it out though he didn't bother to look over at you, "Do what, stupid girl?"

"You know." You started, choosing to ignore his less than ideal "name-calling" though you were pretty used to it by now, "Help me."

Bakugou flinched a bit at the wording you used. In fact, he was hoping you wouldn't ask about it as he, himself, didn't know the answer to the question.

Why had he gone out of his way to help your sorry ass?

Honestly . . . it was like it had almost been an instinct of his to do so which had felt as of it had begun to get stronger—to help you that was. Even if it was an unimportant matter.

He couldn't quite understand it. However, he assumed it had to do with him being "bound" to you in a sense though he wasn't quite sure of it. After all, he had never been in a situation like this before though he had heard a little about them as demons who were unlucky enough to deal a protection summon, would always come back complaining. Though, unlike him (so far), they had eventually managed to get the summoner to make a deal.

However, there was a big gap between a normal protection summon and a pact summon turned one. He knew there were vast differences as they were initiated differently and it affected both the demon and human in all sorts of ways differently, more so the demon if anything.

But he wasn't completely sure of them as he never paid too much attention to matters that never involved him. After all, he never thought he'd get stuck in a situation like this himself. Honestly, he should have never gotten into this . . .

If only he hadn't–

"Bakugou–" But before you could finish, there was a knock at your door snapping the ash blonde from his thoughts and causing both of you to turn to look over at it from across the living room as the male just rose a brow.

". . . Hold that thought." You mumbled as you got up from the couch and made way towards the door and opening it to soon reveal your indigo haired neighbor.

Your eyes widened, "S-Shinsou..."

"(Last Name)." Shinsou said in an almost sleepy manner while he had one hand on his neck though, per usual of him, his gaze wasn't fully directed towards you and was more to the side, "Uh. Sorry to bother you but . . . have you, by chance, seen Yua?"

Eyes widening once more, you had forgotten all about Yua. You had been meaning to call or go over to Shinsou's house next door to make sure she had made it back. Of course, that was before everything happened. So it had slipped your mind.

"Well, uh . . ." You paused, you knew you had to say something though while leaving out some key details.

"She got out late at night like two weeks ago or so and I haven't seen her since." He stated, "I'm beginning to get a tad bit worried."

"She had gotten into my house a few weeks ago. Uhm, but she was acting . . . strange." Which you knew as to why now, animals have always been said to be more sensitive to supernatural or so you had heard.

As you said this, Bakugou had decided to join the two of you, soon coming up behind you and stopped only inches away from you as he looked to see who was at the door.

His nose scrunched up at the male as he looked him over. Well wasn't he a damn sight with his tired expression and seemingly laziness of dressing.


"She ran off before I could get her. I was going to call you then and there though didn't want to wake you since it was pretty late, and I didn't want to disturb you. The next day I meant to after that, but it slipped my mind." You finished.

"Ah. I see." Shinsou began to rub the back of his neck, "No worries, I have been meaning to contact you earlier myself. I just figured you were busy or, since you didn't, that maybe you hadn't seen her. But I see, thank yo-" He said as he finally looked over to face you though he instantly stopped the rest of his words as he apparently caught eye of something behind you.

This caused you to turn and instantly be greeted by Bakugou's presence though you didn't think much of it considering what the ash blonde had stated a little over a week ago.

You looked back at Shinsou with a tilt of your head, urging him to continue the rest of his sentence with a strained look on his face.

"Uh. Sorry if I was interrupting something."

His words caused both you and Bakugou's eyes to widen. He seemed to not understand the cause of your reactions, or he did . . . though it was totally off from the actual reason that it was.

Without thinking much, you instantly came in, "You can see him..?"

Shinsou raised a brow as he eyed the both of you, "What do you mean, 'you can see him'..?"

This caused your eyes to widen even more (if that was even possible at this point) before waving your hands in front of your face, "Uhh..! I just thought he was in the living room and you can't see that from here. So . . ."

"But you looked behind you. And he was there . . ."


Though this time, it had been yourself to call you names and not the ash blonde who was currently in⁠ a state of shock still and was just staring at Shinsou who seemed to not even understand the situation to the fullest.

"Uhh!" You tried to think up something, "Ah. Nevermind that! I . . . I . . . I meant you weren't interrupting anything. Uhh. We're . . . we're just old friends catching up . . . yeah, old friends."

"So, I was interrupting..?"



This caused you to whip around and give Bakugou a glare as he had synced with the opposite word, but he didn't take notice as his gaze was directed towards the other male, glared. Shinsou just stared back with an indifferent gaze.

Shinsou soon gave a lazy smile to Bakugou before looking over at you, "Don't worry, I'm leaving." He placed his hands in his pockets, "Thanks, (Last Name), sorry to bother you both."

"Uh." You quickly came in, "If I see Yua, I'll tell you!"

With that, he gave one last glance to the ash blonde beside you then turned and started to leave. Once he had made it little ways down, he gave a lazy wave before soon turning towards his home though once he had gone out of sight, you closed the door before glancing over at Bakugou who just stood there and glared at the now-closed door.

"How could⁠–"

"That's what I should be fucking asking."

Bakugou remained as he was. He couldn't understand how your neighbor, this "Shinsou," was able to fucking see him, no problem. He didn't have himself visible to other people, so only you could see him which he couldn't control that for obvious reasons. If he had the choice he'd honestly remain invisible to you, too, just so you wouldn't pester him with questions.

The thought of him being in a seeable stance had crossed his mind; however, he had obviously remained unseeable throughout most of the day given no one was alarmed by his presence when he had tagged along with you, so him accidentally having himself seeable to all was off the table (not that he figured he had made that mistake in the first place).

This "Shinsou" also appeared to be normal as the ash blonde couldn't sense anything out of the ordinary either. His energy read completely human for the most part . . . though he knew that could sometimes be taken with a grain of salt as it was possible to change how your energy is relayed to others who are able to sense it. But that skill usually came with . . . well . . . skill. But one thing he was certain of was that the purple haired freak was in no way a demon.

But that didn't leave very many options. Unless . . . Bakugou gritted his teeth that the thought. There was no fucking way. No . . . As he thought more about it, it wasn't possible. He was sure it wasn't because of that reason given that this meeting wouldn't have been as "friendly" as it had been.

You silently continued to look at the male as he was deep in thought about something. The conversation you were going to try and have with him, now completely removed from your mind as a new problem seemed to have arisen.

It seemed Shinsou could see Bakugou somehow. This was, in a way, bad. However, that left you with the question as to what exactly he was. There was no way he was a demon like Bakugou . . .


No, no . . . You were sure something other than basic communication would have happened if he had been, and they seemed to not have known each other which you were sure they would have if they were of the same species.

Whatever the case . . . this was going to become a problem in the long run. However, that was the last one on the list that both of you had to worry about as something—a few things to be exact⁠.

Beyond either of your guys' knowledge . . . somewhere off in the distance, there was beginning to brew and had been brewing for a few weeks now . . . a problem. Slowly, but it surely was.

However on the same note, you had failed to notice⁠—not that you would have seen them from afar⁠-a pair of mismatched eyes that had caught eye of you when you had been at the door with Shinsou . . . though just your appearance alone hadn't been what had exactly caught his eye.

It was something that made it even more clear as to why they wanted him here and to speedily take care of the situation.
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